'Dancing With the Stars': Eliminated contestant is...

Update: Annie’s recap is live. Don’t click through if you don’t want to know! After a results show featuring Nicki Minaj, James Blunt, and a ballerina phenom, the contestant twirling off the planks and heading home tonight is…. 

Kendra Wilkinson and her professional partner Louis Van Amstel.

Kirstie’s leopard-print bra straps and Maks’ incredible “eff you, Carrie Ann” facial expression encourage DANCMSTRs ’round the world to discuss tonight’s results, check out the Hidden Gems of Week 7, and come back later on for my full elimination recap. Tomorrow afternoon, look for “The Host’s Leaderboard,” my new weekly chat series with high-kick specialist Tom Bergeron, on PopWatch.

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  • Nooooo

    I know a lot people won’t agree with me, but I wanted Kendra to stay. She was hilarious. I knew there was no way that Kirstie would be out, but I really wanted Mark and Chelsea out, (Okay really, I just wanted Mark out!!! Can’t stand him and I don’t want to see Pia anymore!!!!))) :(:(

    • Emma Leigh

      Totally agree!

    • Kris

      I love Chelsea! I really hope she goes all the way.

    • deeannek

      I agree. I didn’t want to see Kendra go either.

    • hey

      I agree too! I am sure the haters will wallow in this. But I wanted Chelsea and Mark to leave. I think both of their egos are huge!! And Kendra was just being fun. Unlike all the people who bash her.

    • stinson

      Mark just always wants to upstage whoever he is working with. Much more than the other pros. Jeez, even Derek let the ‘stars’ shine.

      • james

        are you guys watching the same show — mark is brilliant. and they were not in the bottom 2 — they don’t do bottom 2 anymore. mark and chelsea are so much fun to watch and they deliver exciting dances.

    • Dale

      I just want Kirstie to go away…shes annoying and cant dance.

  • etm

    I don’t watch the show, but I had a feeling they’d leave tonight. Also, her son is gorgeous!!

    • gigi

      Baby Hank is adorable!! I want one for my birthday…lol.

  • Karen


  • Emma Leigh

    Why the hate for Kendra? Ok, I can see that her personality has rubbed some people the wrong way. But I think she is a good dancer, has really improved, and should have stayed. I would like to have seen Chelsea and Mark go, I personally don’t care for them.

    • Nooooo

      I agree with you!!! :)

    • M

      I agree completely! Mark’s arrogance is ASTOUNDING. That hand gesture and the frequent listing of dance moves really rubs me the wrong way. It’s as if he thinks he’s too good to be judged. He gots to go!

      • Kris

        Chelsea and Mark are the best dancers in the competition. The fact that you guys would rather see the weakest dancer stay over the best dancer cause you don’t like her partner shows why the best dancers rarely win DWTS. America is full of idiots.

      • mama

        @Kris I can’t reply to your comment, but I agree. Mark is very competitive and a very good dancer and this is why he cares so much. Kendra is in no way the same league as Chelsea and it was her turn because those better than her left already. Kendra improved and good for her to go out on top.

    • cheryl

      Kendra was stiff and was never able to relax in any of her dances except the samba. She was uncomfortable to watch. She should’ve gone home before Petra but must have a bigger fan base. Too bad.

      • Claire

        Cheryl, that’s exactly how I felt. I certainly did not hate or dislike Kendra, she was just the one whose dancing I least enjoyed watching, after the most obvious–Wendy Williams and Mike Catherwood went home. She was never going to make the final three.

    • Electronic Neko

      I’d have rather seen Mark and Chelsea go home, too. I’m not fond of Kendra but I have no interest in Chelsea, even though I think she’s a better dancer.

      • Captain

        You’re an idiot.

      • @Elec Neko

        People like you are why this show is a joke. The better dancer should go, because you find her uninteresting.

      • jewels

        They set it up as a show with viewer votes because they want it to be about more than just dancing talent. They cast people who’ve danced before (like Chelsea, for one!) knowing that audiences may prefer the ones who grow over the season instead of coming in as pros. That’s the premise of the show. Some people come in with years of dancing classes, while some come in with built-in fanbases or phone banks ready to roll. And some come in with no dancing skills AND no fanbase. Those go first. If they didn’t want popularity to be part of it, they wouldn’t give us the ability to vote. If you don’t like the basic premise of the show, don’t watch. The show has great ratings so I doubt you’ll be missed.

      • Electronic Neko

        If they wanted the show to be based solely on talent, the judges’ scores would have more weight than viewers votes. The show is also viewer engagement and entertainment.

        I can see that Chelsea is a more proficient dancer, but I do not find her routines entertaining because they show so little of her personality. Therefore I like her less than dancers that may be less skillful but have more engaging performances.

      • caryn c

        Yeah! This isn’t the Olympics or some pro dance competition. It’s a freakin’ reality show and people vote based on who they like to watch.

    • Katja

      I strongly dislike Mark’s TV persona, but Chelsea is at least very good and I like watching her dance. I don’t care for Kendra’s attitude on the show, but I don’t hate her or anything. (Nor do I care that she had a playboy past or whatever.) It’s simply a matter of yes, she did improve – but she’s still not at the level of the others. Technically, she might be where Kirstie is….but she’s so uncomfortable on the dance floor that her performance level suffers and I don’t find her enjoyable to watch. Her samba was by far her best dance, but even that had some strangely awkward moments in it. Oh, and now I’ve just read cheryl’s comment and realized that I’ve said some of the same things. I agree, cheryl!

      • wednesday

        Mark is horrible. I like Chelsea and I try to watch her, but it seems like Mark is trying to compete with his own partner. I feel like he is actually trying to steal the spotlight from her. He’s always doing the most bizarre & over the top movements that are so distracting from Chelsea. As much as I like Chelsea, I pray they don’t win. Mark already has the ego the size of Texas!

      • kim

        are you kidding, mark is trying to bring the best out of his partner and he is doing that with chelsea. How could he be competing with his partner when they are on the same team? You wouldn’t be in a competition if you don’t want to win and get high scores — if that’s what you call arrogance — that’s insane. Have you all forgotten how arrogant kendra was a few weeks ago talking back to the judges?

      • Shel

        Mark “competes” with his partner by upstaging her with his choreography. It is just a turn of phrase – no one is actually saying Mark thinks he is going to “beat” Chelsea. I do think Mark is arrogant, however, and often creates choreography to showcase himself, rather than both of them as a couple, or heaven forbid, to showcase the dance itself. Someone needs to explain to him that the judges CAN appreciate the choreography, the dance, the technique, the artistry and STILL not feel he is being true to the spirit of the dance he is supposed to be teaching his partner that week. That is why they are called judges. He can put in all the “Paso” steps, but if the overall effect is not a paso doble, then he failed. If he is that bored being a ballroom dancer, dancing ballroom routines, perhaps he needs a season off like Derek.

  • Benoreno

    Based on yesterday’s show, it should’ve been Kirstie and Maks. Kirstie slopped through the Jive. And the scores they received from the guest judge was laughable.

    • Katja

      He totally overscored them, but I have to say, I’m glad Kirstie stayed and Kendra went. I find Kirstie to be a slightly better dancer (when she remembers her steps), a way better performer (I suppose the acting experience helps), and a far more enjoyable and fun presence on my TV. I like low drama contestants.

    • Shel

      Actually, for me, I thought Romeo had the worst dance Monday night. For the first time, he reminded me of his father…he seemed to be weighted to the floor. I could tell something was wrong through the whole number, so was glad when the judges pointed out that it was the “bounce” that was ruining things for him. Kirstie flubbed her dance midway through, but was fine before that. And Kendra was greatly improved this week – IMO.

      • MaggieJane

        I was really worried about Romeo this week. I’m no dancer, and can’t tell you when moves are ‘wrong’ technically, but he just looked like he was dancing flat-footed in his solo Monday. His team dance went well, but the samba party was a bust.
        Glad his fan base pulled him through, and look forward to seeing him get back to dancing the way he did last week.

  • Mean Girls fan

    bring wendy williams back!

    • tae

      Aaaaaaaah no just no

  • gigi

    Awwww…Kendra is out! I know there was a lot of Kendra hate out there, but she was probably the most improved dancer on the show and she really could move. I was really hoping she’d make it to the final 3. Oh well…best of luck to Kendra. Let’s go Hines and Kirstie…and Romeo…and Ralph…and Chelsea. Oh…I just can’t pick a favorite this season!

  • ST

    Glad Kendra is gone. Her dancing wasn’t the worst but she just looked stiff & like she was counting out the steps. Her personality was just too brash too.

  • brenda

    Kendra needed a good talking to about her attitude. Had she been more humble, she’d still be around. I wonder if Mark and Chelsea will be next. He is overstepping with his behavior and the Pia fauxmance.

  • CookieGirl89

    You’re dreaming. Just cause she shook her butt, didn’t mean she could dance. Too little, too late.

  • Jiji Moran

    If the elimination had to do with how they performed on Monday, Kirstie should’ve been the one booted off tonight. She missplaced ALL her steps, she had to be dragged by Maxs in order to keep up, she stumbled a few times… and her behavior is that of a 2 year old, instead of a 60 year old.


    I liked Kirstie in the beginning, but she has NOT improved. Kendra, on the other handd, did improve and she did way better than both Kirstie and Romeo last night.


    I wish Kendra good luck in her life, and I hope she knows that not everyone is judging her for anything she’s done in the past, and not everyone has a “thing” against her.

    • zee

      Thought Kirstie showed promise in the beginning but now shw just looks lazy. Don’t really care for Kendra, but her dance was thoroughly enjoyable and GOOD. C’est la vie…

  • !

    I’m sorry to see her go. She was becoming softer and more open with Louie, and seemed grateful for the experience. Kirstie should have gone home. I admire her for trying this, but she’s not improving.

  • Jiji Moran

    MODERATOR: why aren’t my messages showing? Thanks.

    • shaye

      patience, jiji, patience

  • Ron

    It’s now turned into a popularity contest. Kirstie should have been voted off long ago — she was by far the worst of the remaining dancers. I’ve watched my last episode. I hope Kirstie wins simply to show what a joke the public voters are.

    • Captain

      Kirstie was atleast as good, if not, better than Kendra.

    • caryn c

      Now? This show has always been a popularity contest, just sometimes it happens that the best dancer becomes popular too. It’s just a fun show, no seriousness needed. Enjoy the ridiculata!!

    • kim

      i hate that people have to say if there person doesn’t win they are not gonna watch anymore — you know what you don’t need to announce to the world — just DON”T WATCH, like it’s some threat that we are all supposed to shiver. There is many a season on both idol and dancing have not matched my pick — case in point — Casey Abrams just getting booted off and leaving 5 boring singers left or when Mario Lopez lost or Lil Kim not getting to the finals.

  • Captain

    SO glad Kendra is gone! Her attitude was horrible and I hated how she talked back to the judges all the time. She was the weakest dancer yet thought she deserved the best scores.

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