Rush Limbaugh praises (and praises) Obama for Osama bin Laden takedown


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If it’s bad business to criticize your enemy, what do you do? According to conservative radio pundit Rush Limbaugh, you praise him. And praise him. And praise him until it’s clear you’re being disingenuous. “Ladies and gentlemen, we need to open the program today by congratulating President Obama,” Limbaugh began today’s show. “In fact, it may be that President Obama single-handedly came up with the technique in order to pull this off … Thank God for President Obama. If he had not been there, who knows what woulda happened.”

As his monologue continued, Limbaugh reverted to form, and the faint praise grew even fainter. “We’ve all seen President Obama last night on television announcing his single-handed involvement in securing the death of Osama bin Laden,” Limbaugh said. “We know that it was Obama who called off the bombing, insisted on the Special Forces. In fact, it was Obama who assembled the team. He said so. ‘I,’ ‘me,’ ‘my’ were three of the most used words in President Obama’s media appearance last night.

“Not a single intelligence advisor, not a single national security advisor or military advisor came up with the idea. Not one of them — not one of them, according to Obama — had the ability to understand the need to get DNA. This was Obama’s message last night. He said, quote, ‘I assembled the team.’ He refused to give the team the green light for the last three months, ’cause the team wanted to go in and create mayhem, and Obama alone — Barack Obama alone — knew the right way to do this.”

As Limbaugh proved, just because you have to say something nice, doesn’t mean you have to say it nicely.

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  • Sharon

    I’m glad to see you get sarcasm. I can’t tell you how many of my liberal friends are posting this thinking it’s great. It’s clear he is making fun of Obama and those who think he single-handedly took Osama out.


      Meh. So what? The CRIMINAL One-Termer from Chicago will be in prison come January of 2013 for his crimes against our nation. FACT!

      • CJL


      • MsThing

        I think your meds are wearing off…tell your nurse it’s time for a new dose.

      • Dicazi


      • gypzyjedi

        Hmmm…just because you say the word “fact” after you spout off an opinion, does not make it an actual fact. I have to point it out to you, because you ditto heads are not encouraged touch base with reality, outside of you Fox echo chamber . However, just in case you all are right and I am wrong- “I’m rich!”

      • damyankeedem

        I want to know what crime Our President has committed?I know, he is black and a Democrat. The rethugs have sold us down the river by giving our country away to their rich buddies.Obama has proven time and again that the right has no idea how to fix the mess they left us in. Obama has started and will continue to fix our country.Obama 2012!!

      • efrain

        President bush should be in prison 4 knowing about 9/11 yet doing nothing!


        For one thing he committed fraud when he pretended to be a foreign citizen to get a Fulbright Scholarship to study at Columbia.

      • Dwight K Schrute

        Keep digging a hole for yourself, you racist birther morons.

      • Rock Golf

        @I’m Peach: “Pretended to be a foreign citizen”? Then you concede he was born in the States? PROGRESS!!!

      • Alyssa

        WTF???how..what. Tell me exactly how you pretend to be a foreign citizen unless you are some little kid being cute/naive pulling your eyes back saying ” LOOK ma ma, Im from China”. Um, my last question to you is how is life in the locked unite of the ward and please tell me your nurse&doctor’s names are: Dr.Lecter and Nurse Ratched

      • The Troll Hunter

        Learn to spot your trolls.

      • MrTemecula

        Conservatives hate Obama so much, they can’t celebrate a great victory. A pitiful bitter bunch.

      • Peter

        I thought you were nuts, but then you said “FACT!”, so now I believe you.


        Obama never had a Fulbright Scholarship.

      • Mikey

        Do you mean for invading a Iraq under false pretenses? Oh wait…that was Bush. How about water boarding suspects completely disregarding a simple law of our land “innocent until proven guilty “… Oh wait…that was Bush too. What did Obama do? Deregulating the banks, borrowing billions from the Chinese over 8 years while cutting the taxes on the rich meaning that everyone else is going to be forced to pay off with high interest rates, allowing the oil industry to be so relaxed and unregulated it lead to the BP oil spill, chipping away at the clean water act? Nope… All Bush.

      • Mikey

        Forgive my spelling errors… Autocorrect on the iPad stinks.

      • andy


      • yenta

        In jail??? you need custodial care

      • Bob

        If they didn’t arrest Bush and Cheney, then Obama should feel safe and secure.

      • Brenna

        Idiot…you’re an absolute idiot. Get the Hell out of this country and take all of the other idiots that think like you with you. Jerk!!!

      • Lari

        You obviously drank the kool-aid and went back for seconds.

      • buddahpest

        WOW, I was just about to unleash on this idiot (Impeach Obama) and tell everyone how I just KNEW that all the republiCAN’TS would jump on the band wagon to discredit Obama’s efforts and successes. But that is NOT the case…I’m so happy to see all of these like-minded people commenting on what this mouthy moron spewed out of his pie hole….

        Regarding what the other idiot said (Rush Limbaugh), Of course Obama did not do it alone, but if he hadn’t caught Bin’dover Laden then they’d all be talking about how HE didn’t do HIS job, and how it’s no one else’s fault but HIS….then they’d proceed to try to put palin’s non-educated ass in the white house so yet another VICE pres could be in control (*simulated sneeze* ha chaney…)

        I’m just glad to see that even on a republiCAN’T website there are actually people making sense! Kudos to those of you that are not reproductive rejects and actually have a functioning brain!

      • bob

        Innocent until proven guilty is an American Right, not the right of an enemy combatent.

      • deborah

        you are an idiot to make a statement like that as are a criminal against our nation .you better put your mommy’s computer up and go night night ! stupid ugh!

      • Yermama

        If it was so easy, why didn’t Bush do it?
        Hmmmm, I thought so.

      • Fancy Pants

        OK, Dwight Schrute!

    • somet

      Since Obama is a muslim he knew the best way to get him. (and they only have one letter different in thier names)

      • etm

        Wow, you are a great thinker aren’t you?

      • Timothy Espinoza

        Obama is a Christian…FYI Bin Laden was not Muslim. Get your facts straight please….There is nothing wrong with being Muslim. 1.5 billion people are muslim. They believe in God….You are stereotyping a religious group, when most are peaceful. ….Just because there are horrible people in this world does not make all Muslims evil.

      • Janie

        And there are only 3 letter different between your name and “idiot”.

      • Mocha


      • Addison

        Your comment is an insult and racist. President Obama is NOT a muslim, but it ignorant people like you who continue to embarce that mentality. But the bottom line is, Bin Laden is dead, without help from people like you!

      • somet

        @TimothyEspinoza – Timmy, where did I say there was something wrong with being muslim. Please don’t read your prejudice into my statement.

      • Mocha

        @somet: You implied that Obama knew how to “get” bin Laden because he was somehow similar to him. If you don’t think there’s anything wrong with being Muslim, why did you even bring it up? Both Obama’s name and his religion are utterly irrelevant to the subject.

      • Rock Golf

        @Somet: And your first name is Askhole?

      • Rock Golf

        Somet doesn’t tell kids about Santa because “Santa” has the same letters as “Satan”.
        Well, isn’t that conveiiiiinient?

      • Cat

        I think somet is joking…

      • The Troll Hunter

        Trolls, folks. Don’t feed ‘em.

      • Lee

        That’s right. Not all Muslims are bad people just people some of them are terrorists. If that was the case, then I suppose all Catholics are bad people because of the IRA. Go back to school and open your mind.

      • dapearl

        WOW!! SMH!!! LOl and THAT is so PITIFUL!!!!

      • HistoryMomma

        Are you serious with the “there’s only one letter different in their names??” You know I come from redneckville, but honey, you could be the mayor of it with that ignorant comment.

      • kremzeek!

        somet,from latin meaning:moronic j*goff.

      • justjack

        Janie FTW.

      • deborah

        @ Somet…I hope you are trying to be funny? other wise you sound real stupid..i know someone with the last name Nitler..does that mean they are related to Hitler…Jesus is scary what people come up with..

    • Addison

      The liberals don’t think it’s great. It’s the conservatives who think it’s great. Oh and Donald trump!!!

      • @Addison

        Are you saying that liberals aren’t glad that Osama bin Laden was caught? Please stop watching Fox News, as it warps the mind.

      • Lois

        I think Addison was saying that liberals aren’t fooled by Rush’s supposedly pro-Obama statements, and don’t think they’re great. But I may be wrong.

    • Cygnus

      Limbaugh is such a putz. He failed to mention that the president was speaking as Commander in Chief, and taking responsibility for allowing the operation.

    • Why can’t we keep politics out of this fantastic achievement from the Navy SEALS

      In the speech I was listening to, Obama said “We” most of the time.

      • Art

        Yes, but you were listening with your ears and not your ideology.

    • Happy Hippo

      Wow, might have thought Mr. Limbaugh could’ve been a decent person and acted like an American citizen for once.

      Guess not.

      Had any member of the GOP been president who would have said the same thing, only it would not have been sarcastic.

      Unbelievable, Mr. Limbaugh. Simply unbelievable. How greedy can you get to put your own profits above your own country?

      • kremzeek!

        let’s see…rush limbaugh is a drug addict who was so chickensh*t that he’d send his maid to cop his dope for him.yeah,he should be listened,sean hannity is his prison b*tch-type lover.true.

    • Levelheaded

      What’s even funnier is how so many people believe he single-handedly destroyed our economy.

      If you can place the blame solely on him for the bad, you can place the glory solely on him for the good.

      • Ashley

        Thank you. Hypocrites abound, and Rush is just one of them.

      • Jerry

        Goit to hand it to Rush, He knows how to targeta the dumbest of us and he has made millions calling conservities stupid. Got to hand it to him

    • Mary Kay Hyduk

      Hey Rush….what in the hell have you ever done, besides admit that you are a drug addict. You are a joke…truly a joke!!

      ….Just a typical

      • c medi

        The fact that Obama used the words I,me,my was used to remove all blame from any member of his cabinet or the military. This was done to indicate he is the responsible one whether the outcome of short or long term effects be good or bad. Heck of a gamble on his part but truly a sign of a great leader

  • Crystal

    It’s funny how he never said any of that and frequently referenced the specials operation team members who did the raid . . . knew the conservatives would find something to b**ch about.

    • Kelly

      I’m not a Republican by any means, but there was a whole lot of “I” and “my” in that speech! My husband, an Afghanistan war veteran, was pissed!!

      • Z

        by my count he said I nine times in a nine minute speech, 4 of which were referring to the buildup and planning on the operation. What did you think he was going to speak in the third person? He’s the commander in Chief, he says I because he’s taking responsibility for an operation which was carried out by his order. Just like every other president. I know you cant stand him but every now and then you can give a guy credit for a job well done.

      • Kat

        I too was rather surprised by how much the speech discussed Obama’s own role…but I agree with Z. The man DID assemble a team and he DID give the order to go in. Yes, he’s got advisors, but in the end, he’s also got the sole responsibility of making the decision. I think it’s reasonable that he took some of the credit for decision-making and authorization.

      • Ashley

        OMG he only said “I” when saying he gave the order! And why shouldn’t he? He’s the President, he DID give the order. He went on about the brave troops and other people involved. Some people will latch onto anything to criticize.

      • Lee

        Kelly, maybe President Obama did that because he knew the Republicans would not give him any credit. And after watching FOX News–he was right!

      • @Kelly

        You’re not a Republican? Sure. And I’m sure your Afghanistan war veteran husband only thought about how many times the President said “I” or “My” instead of the news about Osama bin Laden.

      • Doug

        Turtles can breathe out of their butt, which is incredible, considering most Republican / Tea Bagger humans can only talk out of theirs.

    • Art

      Yes, but those are facts that he didn’t take the full credit. What matters are the Republican Talking Points, which today, instruct them to go forth and pretend that the president took full credit without acknowledging anyone else. Because the angle of taking down the opponent is always more important than “facts” or “what’s best for the country.”

      • shelnate

        You’re an idiot!

      • @shelnate

        Art isn’t an idiot. You are the idiot.

      • andy

        yes @shelnate you are a GOP troll

  • LOL

    The Pig Man only matters to the knuckle-draggers. Obama was re-elected last night. The GOP has nothing to offer America.

    • Brett

      LOL, wrong the man didn’t catch Osama any more than Bush captured Sadaam. Obama lost my vote coz he hasn’t improved the economy that’s what matters to America. You are a moron to think Obama’s change speech will work again. He’s had his chance and failed capturing Bin Laden or not. LOL that.

      • Loch Ness

        The economy is still struggling, but it’s in better shape that it was 3 years ago. The private sector has been adding jobs each quarter. Look a little closer.

      • Shane

        Wait. He hasn’t improved the economy? Where have I been the last few months? Oh right, I was sitting in my office (not my couch) as the stock market improved, as the job market improved, as both the business and private sector improved. You’re right in that the economy isn’t completely back to where it was yet, but to say it hasn’t improved is like Charlie Sheen hasn’t messed up his life at all.

      • Jon Mitchell

        Obama never had your vote – and after last night, he doesn’t need it, and the right minded people in this country don’t need your crap. Just do us all a favor and take a long walk off a short pier.

      • Steve

        Loch Ness- Why don’t you back up that statement. Our country is beyond broke after Obama’s spending spree. The preivate sector hasn’t added enough jobs to effect any type of change at all. Obama spent more money than every president before him combined in his first two years. Then, when the Chinese wanted their monthly loan payment, Obama gave them one of our banks. Our current President was the biggest mistake to ever happen to Democrats and black people. He’s set both of them back a hundred years. Pretty soon, we’ll all be speaking Chinese and you will have him to thank.

      • kevin

        the ecomony is recovering, slowly but surely. I agree with the statement that Obama secured a second term with this recent victory. Truth is, this country will get nowhere with a one term president, regardless of party; America knows this.

      • Truthiness

        Holy crap, Steve, you sound like you have a screw loose! Too much Hannity and Limbaugh? Almost everything you said was wrong.

      • @Shane

        Yes where have you been?
        You think $14 trillion in debt, $5 a gallon gas, inflation, falling home prices, and the government paying more to entitlement programs than ever before is a good thing?

      • Addison

        What amazes me is that President Obama has only been in office for over 2 years. He inherited a War and the economy. Yet you want to forget that and put the peeple who got us in this mess back in control. It doesn’t matter who you vote for, but vote for the right reason and take responsibility for your part as well.

      • Vince from NYC

        @@Shane.. I like they way you throw out 14trillion in debt like it was all Obama.. Like 11 trillion of it wasn’t built up from two wars and 8 years worth of failed policies. People forget about Wall Street reform, saving the US Auto Industry and improving the world’s opinion of the US. And that is just to name a few accomplishments of President Obama.

      • @Vince

        @ Vince. Yes clearly the man walks on water in your small bubble world. Please explain to me how $5 a gallon gas can possibly be good. Why are two failed multitrillion dollar stimuls bills good for the country? Why is the country paying more in entitlements than bringing in a good thing? Grow up.

      • jim

        Addison, Obama gets blame for the US still being in the Middle East. He promised that we would start to back out by now.

        @Vince, $5 gas may be a good thing if it forces us to make cars that don’t run on gas, reducing our dependancy on oil.

        ..and the ecomony is slowly recovering because Obama kept the Bush tax cuts. If those went away the economy’s momentum would have stalled.

      • @Jim

        “$5 gas may be a good thing if it forces us to make cars that don’t run on gas, reducing our dependancy on oil.”

        Liberals have been saying this for 20 years and guess what we are still dependant on oil because no econmically viable solution has been found. $5 a gallon is never a good thing. How you can say it is is mind boggling stupid. Every aspect of your life is more costly because of these prices (and this president). Food, commuting, rent, travel, household goods. Everything. And you know what else? There is a TON of oil located in the US but we cant use because of liberals and treehuggers.

        Please leave your bubble and join the real world.

        By the way I voted for Obama the first time. I will not this time.

        This is not the change I wanted

      • Lee

        @Vince & @Jim: How did President Obama have anything to do with gas costing $5 a gallon? If anything, he wants to correct it by implementng an investigation into all this. If you want to blame someone–blame the stupid speculators who raised the cost of crude oil. Or, if you’re still in the mood to blame someone else–then why don’t you blame Libya for its Civil War. Grow up. This is the world in which we live, and the President of the U.S.A. can’t control everything–including the wars in the Middle East, the speculators, and gas prices.

      • get a clue

        Brett, @Vince, @Jim, Steve – who lit the fuse on your tampon? Get a life. The readers of thie site aren’t interested in your petty politics. We are glad the POS is dead. Now go away.

      • @ Lee

        Please dont be that stupid. What can President do about oil prices? Really?

        For immediate relief:
        1) Regulate oil speculators
        2) Open oil reserves

        For long term relief?
        1) Stop ban on drilling in US. US has tons of oil reserves.
        2) Continue on your “alternative energy source” theory

        Problem solved. Stop being stupid and acting like Obama is helpless.

      • @ get a clue

        You commented on this topic so you clearly read and cared enough to comment.

        You fail. Thanks for trying though. Next time put on the big boy pants before you jump into this conversation.

      • get a clue

        I didn’t say I didn’t care. I merely pointed out that you are a moron.

      • @@ Get a clue

        Or if you dont like political articles / discussions in your EW, you dont have to read them and then scroll through the countless postings and find one to troll.

        Go back to those Glee articles or put on those big boy pants and quit crying / namecalling.

        QQ moar

      • TeraU

        ^ winner

    • Addison

      Yes, they do. No social security checks and a guarantee that the rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer.

    • candaceTX

      If Obama made the same call and it all went horribly wrong and resulted in the death of those brave SEALS instead of the terrorist…these same people would be (rightfully) blaming it all on the President. Their vitriol is so cemented that it does not matter what he does.

      • candaceTX

        ugh… my point is: If it had failed he gets the blame; but now that it succeeded, they want to give him none of the credit.

  • AltDave

    Obviously Rush was not watching Obama’s actual talk last night as nothing he is saying is true. Typical Rush BS.

    • dmac2498

      What do you expect from Rush? As he was popping Oxycontin and cursing the TV, it clear that he (like most Republicans) realized that Obama did in two years what the previous administration couldn’t do in seven!

      • MikeM

        Destroy the American way of life?

      • Bob

        So by continuing Bush’s policies of staying in Afghan and leaving open Gitmo (both of which Obama campaigned against) – Obama received intell on the courier system Bin Laden used and that led to the kill. Get your facts straight before you automatically Bush bash.

      • @Bob

        If Bush was so intent on getting bin Laden, then why did he waste so much time, money and American soldiers’ lives trying to get Hussein instead? Why don’t you get your facts straight.

      • @@ Bob

        He was in two wars. Iraq and Afghan. Both wars were/are costly with money and lives. Your point makes zero sense.

        I know what I am talking about and I do have my facts straight son. Do you?

      • @@@ Bob

        Bush went to war in Afghanistan to get bin Laden. When he had him cornered to an area in Afghanistan, Bush pulled our troops out of that area and started a 2nd war in Iraq.

        If Bush was so intent on getting Osama bin Laden, why did he do this?

      • Bob

        Your ramblings again have zero to do with my original comment and all to do with random offtopic Bush bashing.

        The info which knocked off OBL came from Gitmo intell which is a continuation of Bush policy. Staying in Afghan is a continuation of Bush policy. FACTS. That is all I have said.

        Maybe reply and stay on topic this time?

      • candaceTX

        13 consecutive months of job growth. FACT!

      • Anna

        Yes the economy is clearly booming Candace…. get your head out of your butt and look around some.
        Inflation, high unemployment, huge debt, plummeting home prices, etc..

        But go ahead with your rose colored glasses. Make me laugh!

    • pam c

      Seriously, the president mentioned his role as the roles of his security team and special ops forces. But Rush has to find something to complain about I guess.

      • sri1

        Ooh Lord, I thank thee for sparing me the sight of a grinning, gloating moron or a stiff, old, light haired idiot smiling away to glory.
        Thanks for a measured Presidential speech, Mr. President. I and proud today to salute you!

      • sri1

        Ooh Lord, I thank thee for sparing me the sight of a grinning, gloating moron abroad Air Force One or a stiff, old, light haired idiot smiling and bragging away to glory.
        Thanks for a measured Presidential speech, Mr. President. I am proud today and I salute you!

  • DiW

    I guess you don’t have any smart liberal friends Sharon … OR you’re a liar or maybe just a Troll. Trust me, everyone with half a brain can see through that moron Rush. You just keep drinkin’ the kool-aid.

    • Sharon

      Check the comments on Huffington Post. A ton of liberals are posting shock that they finally agree with Rush or can’t believe he’s finally showing some decency. Listen, I’m a lib myself so that’s why I’m flinching at how badly they aren’t getting the joke

  • Jeff

    like anybody cares what this pill popping, lard ass, bag of hot air thinks anyway!

    • Bob

      Clearly you care if you found time to write this hate filled statement…

      • wakeforce

        What about that statement is hate filled? Was Rush not popping OxyContin and getting a doctor to write fact prescriptions? Isn’t Rush obese? If you are disputing that, then you Bob, are an idiot. (There’s your hate-filled statement!)

      • Jeff

        Bob: Blow me.

      • @ Wakeforce

        Typical liberal “arguement”. No reasoning. No civility. Just piss and vinegar and namecalling. Umadbro?

      • Bob

        Jeff – you are a class act. I am sure your mother is proud.

    • kremzeek!

      you tell ‘em,jeff!

  • whytheh8

    Wow such racist hate. Please be quiet and come out the closet you bigot.

    • Tanya

      Please reference the examples of racism.

    • Ambient Lite

      This post is hilarious.

    • sec

      I believe the last time i heard about rush limbaugh, he was being charged with illegal possession. I wonder whatever happened to his case?

  • pjm

    Rush can say all he wants, but Obama’s the Commander in Chief. If you give him the blame when things go wrong, you have to give him the credit when things go right.

    • @PJM

      Republicans can’t do that.They are the embodiment of the word hypocrite. Rush is a drug addict w/ a drug addled brain and a big mouth. He has zero credibility and zero intelligence. Represents republicans perfectly!!

      • Bob

        I can give him credit for pulling the trigger and I also can blame him for $14 trillion in debt, massive overspending, $5 a gallon gas, and an overall crappy economy.

        Weird I can do both. Again, liberals have no idea what they are talking about

      • Vince from NYC

        BOB, 14 trillion is the current debt, but it was nowhere close to 0 when President Obama was elected. Most of this 14 trillion came from two wars. Guess who DIDN’T start them? OBAMA!

      • Bob

        VINCE – correct. It wasnt 0 when Obama started but he has added more to that number than any other president. Including Bush. And some of it came from two wars (now three – why are we in Libya again?) but most came from wasteful spending and two failed stimulus bills, and blowing up the size of the government. Those are Obama’s own policies and failures. Cant really blame those on others can you?

      • Ashley

        Gas prices raising again is not a reason to vote against someone, sorry. Gas prices went way up during Bush’s presidency too. And Obama has been saddled with a lot of his mistakes. People started criticizing him straight after he took office. Flip flopping between parties will do this country no good, especially if someone like Bush gets elected again who will probably just make the situation worse.

      • @Ashley

        Ashley – maybe read everything before you mouth off. $5 gas is one reason i mentioned. The others you failed to mention:
        wasteful spending, two failed stimulus bills, blowing up the size of the government. I can also add high unemployment, bad leadership, high inflation, terrible foreign policy, etc.

        Dont tell me how to vote. I dont need mouth breathers like you telling me what to do and think.

      • vinmac

        TARP Started under Bush morons.

    • Levelheaded

      @pjm – Exactly you can’t have it both ways – blame him solely for all bad things and give him no credit for all good things.

      That makes no logical sense.

    • andy

      no that would be too logical for Rush and his GOP autobots

  • Hope

    I’m surprised rush would turn on his own party like this. Sounds like he’s praising O for something OUR men did while our fearless leader was at a dinner party. Have I lost this much faith in humanity? As of now..a lot.

    • Hope

      Read through it again. Way to go Rush for sarcasm. I me and my HAH! Classic.

      • @Hope

        You are really, really dumb. Go play and let the grown-ups talk.

      • Hope

        Why? Is it because I responded to myself after reading through it again? I’m not the dumb one.

      • Mike B

        Yea, you are all stupid! Lets keep fighting amongst ourselves while both parties keep screwing us! OMG, wake up!

    • Ashley

      A dinner party? Really? All the former Presidents have a White House Correspondence Dinner…why should Obama be criticized for it?? The mission was already ordered by then. Do expect the President to go do it himself?

  • Necro

    Rush Limbaugh just continues to prove he’s a pig, as does Trump and all those who continue to bash President Obama all the while he’s doing an incredible job. Bush/Cheney broke down our country and President Obama is building it back up. That’s what I want. That’s what I vote for.

    • jim

      Talk about Kool-Aid drinking. Obama is harding doing “an incredible job.” That, both sides can agree on.

      • olivia

        Er, no they can’t. The Tea bag right may hate him, but the Left certainly doesn’t. We have complaints but at the end of the day, he’s our president. I think the vast majority of us will vote him in 2012.

  • Brett

    Bush captured Sadaam like Obama caught Osama

    • Lee

      Bush made things worse by capturing Hussein. What are you talking about? Iraq went from being Sunni-dominated to Shiite dominated. In case you don’t know, Iran is Shiite dominated. So what Bush did was not only strengthen the terrorists but also Iran. And to top all that off–we never did find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The whole war in Iraq was a waste of time, money and lives. You can thank Bush for that. (Like Limbaugh, I’m being sarcastic.)

    • Kick-A55

      It’s so nice to see some people swallow their pride, and give credit where it is due..Great job, President Obama..

  • OMGosh

    The sad thing is a lot of people do care what Rush thinks. Just as Osama had his looney followers, so does Rush.

  • Barb

    This fat ass needs to shut up. When will he OD and put us all out of our misery? He contributes nothing but negative, racist rants. What morons find him credible?

    • Tanya

      You wish an overdose on someone that you accuse of negativity and racism…classic!

      • @Tanya

        Stupid much??

      • Tanya

        LOL Thanks for proving my point! Namecalling…again, classic… No, really…that made me laugh out loud…

      • @Tanya

        Off your meds again?

      • Tanya

        Put down the shovel…the hole you’re digging is getting pretty deep! I swear you must have a checklist at hand of how to argue like a liberal…call them: negative, followed by racist, stupid, mention that they must be off their meds, bring it around the bend with tea bagger, knuckle dragger, make a statement about their trailer, and enter the home stretch with tin foil hat, Nazi, and win by a nose with a reference to their pointed hat wardrobe. You’re so predictable…what a pity. Oh, I forgot to add “kick your dog much?”. That’s always LOL worthy…

      • Tanya

        Oh yeah…”moron”. How could I forget “moron”?!

      • MikeM

        I LOVE you Tanya. You’re just so damn logical! Well done…

      • @Tanya

        Wow, you are Off your meds.. call Rush, maybe he will share.

      • Tanya

        Dang Barb! You disappointed me…we had a betting pool going and you came back with the “meds”. Oh well…gotta go take my kids to dinner and a movie. Have a nice life!

  • And…

    …I praise Rush Limbaugh on his swift takedown on that bucket of fried chicken situation. Way to go, lard@$$.

    • Tanner A.

      I want to slap him in the chins.

    • @And

      Wow, are you always a racist a hole?

      • at@and

        Since when is fat a race?

      • Lee


    • Jon Mitchell

      Racist. Say what you like, you’re a low-life racist and you know what we’re talking about. Or, you could just go on playing dumb, you do that so well.

  • The Donald

    The ironic thing is that Rush’s usual listeners won’t pick up on the sarcastic tone, and thnk that he actually is praising Obama.

    • @The Donald

      A lot of people aren’t picking up the sarcastic tone. Stupidity isn’t a partisan trait; it’s a human trait.

      • LOL

        While it’s true that not all Republicans are stupid, it is true that all stupid people are Republicans.

      • Sharon

        I think sarcasm is very tough to translate

      • jim

        “While it’s true that not all Republicans are stupid, it is true that all stupid people are Republicans.”

        That’s what my really smart, tree-hugging, pot dealer says.

      • Ed H

        Left, right middle- come on …being a republican or democrat means that is the company you work for and the goal is to keep your job- period. We are the morons who pay them. Now if you voted independent, even communist or write in , you are not a moron.

    • whit

      No, it’s just us hopeful independents that thought that perhaps sanity had returned to the airwaves. Oh well, I guess the name-calling and finger-pointing will continue. And people wonder why this country is in the crapper.

      • Sharon

        UPDATE: Later in his broadcast, Limbaugh read out one of the reports about his comments which suggested he was praising Obama. While he read the report, from The Hill, Limbaugh laughed heartily before moving onto a caller.

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