Elisabeth Hasselbeck refuses to politicize bin Laden assassination (sorry, Barbara and Joy)

The women of The View invited ABC News’ chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross on the show with them today to break down the Navy Seal assault that led to the death of Osama bin Laden. Watch the discussion below, which includes some exclusive ABC News footage from inside the mansion. It’s respectfully coherent until the very end, when, after praising President Obama, Barbara Walters says, “I would hate now to be a Republican candidate thinking of running.” Then, they start talking over one another while Ross just smiles: “As Elisabeth always says, ‘Skip the next election,'” adds Joy Behar. Elisabeth Hasselbeck, to her credit, refuses to play: “Wait a minute, I think it’s insane to politicize this event right now, and I refuse to partake in that, at all,” she says. Walters thanked her for taking that stance. 

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  • Jim

    What? Hasselpuck kept her idiot trap shut for once? History was made twice in the last 24 hours….

    • Ruby

      Dude, they’re ALL idiots

      • Elizabeth


      • Samantha

        Yeah, Jim.
        You’re an unemployed waste of space who watches women’s shows and trolls on EW threads.
        But Elizabeth is the idiot, not you.


      • Kathy

        Chill Samantha.

      • @Samantha

        You must remove the large stick from your equally large ass before you post. Are you always this big of a jerk?

    • LoveBug68

      Because what could she say? If Bush hadn’t of run us into two unecessary wars destablizing the entire region as we’ve seen recently, and even had to get involved in, and actually got OBL she would have been singing a different story. I’m so proud hearing over and over again how PATIENCE and PLANNING resulted in this successful mission with minimum lives lost. Thank you Mr. President. Elizabeth the Hateful can suck it!

      • @ LoveBug68

        Bush’s tactics and standing firm on Gitmo, despite the popular calls to shut it down, helped in this whole affair. Both Presidents did their part.

      • RealAmerican

        @LoveBug68 – You’re a typical sh!t-headed liberal who forgets that CLINTON WAS HANDED FOUR OPPORTUNITIES TO KILL BIN LADEN AND PASSED!!! Clinton is just as responsible for murdering 3000+ Americans on 9/11 – and in the ensuing wars – as Bin Laden was. So STFU about Bush, and go back to sucking Obaaaaaaaaama’s d!ck, you stupid sheep.

      • Philip

        I stopped reading when you inferred that going into Afghanistan after 9/11 was unnecessary. I refuse to continue.

      • LoveBug68

        Oh yes, a real american telling someone who says something they don’t like to shut up. Hilarious! Were you in the CIA in teh 90’s and privy to those four exclusive chances? Laughable lies. Eight years to the day since Bush declared Mission Accomplished. I wonder if he kept the sign? ha

        Going into Afghanistan after the Iraq mess was a bad decision. WE had no real leadership with any real plan.

      • jen

        oh i’m sory LoveBug since you’ve debunked RealAmerican since they weren’t in the CIA in the 90’s I guess you’ve been deeply involved in the military planning that has happened both during the Bush era and the Obama era to know so completely that the US had no business doing what they have done so far in regards to Afghanistan. Fact is NO ONE outside of top military leaders and government has any clue what actually happens and what opportunities exist. Just another chance for both sides to jump on their hate wagons against the other party, when really both sides should keep their judgmental traps shut.

    • stu

      This will be long foregotten by the next election. High gas prices,defict,people out of work…will still be here.
      Obama did not shoot/find Bin laden!

      • Addison

        This is for real american. It is you who should refraim form saying anything more. Your rudeness was unnecessary and your language is a turn off. If you can’t something with class, why say anything at all.

      • Llesamb

        Fish says, Tremendous controversy silrws around Obama’s origins. I bet the swirling controversy tonight centers in Chez Hudak, as they man the phones trying to explain to birthers near and far how their man was mischaracterized. Given that, I wonder if there’s a manhunt underway to find the miscreant who tacked that scurrilous poster to the tree out front. Another mischaracterization, no doubt.

    • Addison

      Praise th lord!!!!!

    • marc

      well said samantha

    • Cygnus

      “oh look at the cute, little green men with their little toy guns. How cute!” – Hasselbeck

  • RK


    “Then, they start talking over one another”

    Honestly, I was wondering how FoxNews would spin this.

    • Ruby

      Fox? This is Entertainment Weekly… No Fox involved here

      • Katie

        I think RK was referring to Elizabeth having nothing to say about it, since she’s just a mouthpiece for their talking points.

  • LOL

    Obama was re-elected last night. Elizabeth has nothing to say. It’s good that she kept her trap shut.

    • Bueller

      Not by a long shot. Americans’ memories are short, and by the time election day rolls around, this will be old news. Voters care about the economy. Period.

      • Jay

        Well, any voter who really cares about the economy will already be voting for Obama, so yeah….. he won his re-election yesterday

      • Kathy

        Not all voters only care about the economy. Intelligent voters capable of considering complex ideas tend to consider multiple issues at once. If the economy is booming, that doesn’t mean anything if everything else is a mess. Basically, if you are moronic enough to consider one issue the only basis for a vote, that’s fine, but speak for yourself.

    • tessa

      I totally agree. But everyone I’ve talked to completely shuts me down. Which super sucks!!! Obama kicks so much ass right now!!!!

    • Angie France

      You think this will get him elected a YEAR from now. You have got to be joking.

      • Addison

        This is not what is going to get him re elected. But,it helps.I see a PRESIDENT WHO IS TRYING TO BE HONEST AND GET US BACK ON TRACK. Why not ask the car dealerships nwho the republicans didn’t want to help. Ask, your self when you don’t get a social security check because the republicans want to take it away. What I don’t understand is how we as Americans have blamed him for the recession and th wars when in fact these things existed before he was elected. It makes me wonder if there is some truth to tjhe racial thing. we didn’t say anything when we allowed the republicans to spend money and approve the wars. We didn’t say anything, when we foubnd out the wars were not truly depicted.We as americans should be ashamed. But we to self absorbed to see it.

    • katie

      Obama did the right thing by authorizing the mission. BUT, there’s a lot more to his re-election than this. The economy will still be #1 and things aren’t looking great on that front.

    • Erin

      Totally agree

    • Jeremy

      I love how everyone is saying Obama did this. Because I’m sure that everything it took for this to take place happened in the last 4 years.

      • Chandrika

        I’m also not sure where Obama was born. I provided a link to Factcheck.Org eielarr that should have cleared all of that up for you. The birth certificate provided by the State of Hawaii proves him to be a citizen for every single known purpose, beyond any reasonable doubt.However, in that (as you noted above) your burden of proof relies on being in the maternity ward with his mother as she was giving birth, then I’m not sure I can be of any additional help. In the absence of strong Republican leadership, some find the Birther theory a compelling, if desperate, solution. Yet it is ultimately a self-destructive one not just because it is almost certainly false, but because it contradicts the essential spirit of the conservative movement. – Joel B. Pollak

    • Fridge

      No way. The American public is fickle. Unless the economy recovers big time and gas prices fall I wouldn’t be so quick to say Obama has it in the bag.

    • Samantha

      Bueller = lying disingenuous trash.

      He votes auto Republican regardless of how the economy is doing.
      He is a lying simpleton, typical of this thread full of shills, idiots, degenerates, and fools.

      • swthompson

        Don’t hold back. Tell us how you really stereotype.

    • Tom

      Don’t be too sure that re-election is already wraped up. Bush 41 had a 90% approval rating after the Gulf War, yet lost his re-election less than 2 years later. The reason – “It’s the Economy,Stupid.”

    • Luana

      Dan’s obsession with Bill Hudak leads me to bevile that Hudak is a very viable candidate.Again Dan, you arrogantly expect people to fall in line with your opinion that Obama was born here, as if he were Uncle Sam himself. Were you in the maternity ward in Honolulu?Tremendous controversy swirls around Obama’s origins. Insulting those who focus on the discrepancies is the elitist brand of politics that brought down Coakley. I have no idea if Hudak will win (I hope so and just sent him a check) but liberals use the birther issue as a smear to their peril. Next thing they’ll be calling him REPUBLICAN Bill Hudak.

  • e4ia

    I’m an Obama supporter but even I refuse to give him full credit for this (although he does deserve some credit for making the correct decisions). This has been in the work for many years. He just happened to be in the White House when the big break came last September which lead to Osama’s known whereabouts. Obama’s true test will be how he takes this event and helps the nation move forward.

    • Dal

      I’m glad to see that someone has some sense. People act like Obama was the one there pulling the trigger.

      • @Dal

        Stupid much??

      • @ @Dal

        Stupid and senseless retort.

    • Buffy Freak

      I don’t know if you feel this way, but so many others that want to give Bush and Cheney any credit for laying the groundwork for this had better stop going into convulsions when people mention they are to blame for the mess Obama inherited. And Bush/Cheney had a whole lot more to do with the latter than the former…

      • Bob

        So… all the voters are going to forget about government waste / spending, inflation, $14 trillion owed, and $5 a gallon gas too?

        Im glad Osama is gone but I will not be forgetting everything else come election time…

    • LoveBug68

      Well if the right is so interested in taking some credit for this victory then when will they step up and take some credit for the failures of this country??? It cuts both ways. And no, I will never believe that Bush would have had the patience and mindset to do this job right. He would have sent bombs in killing many, and never confirming the death of OBL. Rock on Mr. President. While Navy Seal team 6 are the real ROCK STARS…Mr. Obama is a hell of a band manager!

    • Anne

      I totally agree. And in fact, I was just talking about this with an Afghanistan war vet I know, and he was saying that we’ve known for YEARS that Bin Laden was in Pakistan, and the Pakistan government absolutely knew where Bin Laden was hiding – and at times, the US knew where Bin Laden was as well – but the army was never allowed to go after him because of political red tape with the Pakistan government, which frustrated soldiers to no end. He thinks the only reason we were finally able to go in and get him was because of all the citizen uprisings in the Middle East in the past few months, especially Libya, which (he thinks) scared the Pakistan government into giving Bin Laden up in order to ensure that the U.S. would ally with the government if there was an uprising in Pakistan. It’s all politics.

    • katie

      I’m not an Obama supporter, but I totally agree with you, e4ia. He deserves credit for authorizing the mission for sure. But, it’s the result of years of intelligence and military work. They deserve the real credit. And GWB deserves credit for making it a priority (considering the intelligence of the courier’s name was from post 9/11 detainees).

    • bac

      And begins the comments from the folks who do not know they are recists but cannot stand having a Black President. President Obama chose how this would play out, he alone signed off understanding that if it failed he would only be a one term President.Stop and think, the mastermind behind 9/11 is dead, and before putting down President Obama, remember that day and the horror as those towers fell. The heroes are endless, but today the heroes are the President, the Navy Seals, and the very few who knew of the plan. They deserve thanks and appreciation. God Bless America!

      • Tom

        I’m not an Obama fan, but neither was I a fan of Clinton, Gore, Carter, etc. So I guess you can call me a “party-ist”.

      • katie

        You’re an idiot if you think the only reason that people don’t like Obama is because he’s black. The vast majority of people do not care that he is black. This is not the time or the place for the lame race card crap.

    • Jessica

      And I am not an Obama supporter but I concede he does deserve credit for making the right calls and listening to his advisors. But this was the culmination of years’ worth of efforts by many people who will likely go unrecognized by the general public. I applaud those heroes as much as the White House for making this happen.

    • Manasareddy

      My 13 year old son likes to run around in the woods with his aofisrt rifle so every other weekend he goes out in the woods for these aofisrt games where they wear protective gear and shoot plastic pellets at each other lots of fun, right? I like the idea of him being out in the fresh air with men of ages 12 to 60 forming brigades and playing soldier great stuff.This past weekend I was disappointed to hear that the organizers put a man in a suit and Obama mask as a target to play a round of Kill Obama . He ran around and all the guts n glory guys took shots at him for fun. At first I was disappointed then I thought I’d lodge a complaint (I mean this is my president, right?), in the end I just decided that my son is old enough to make up his own mind about what kind of person he wants to be. His half-brother Junie is black and his best little brother.What’s wrong with America? I can’t fix people, but I can damn sure help to create a great man my son. This weekend he’s back at it again with his rifle learning from the stupid adults.

  • Complex simpleton

    Hasselbeck can’t grasp all the complexities of this issue. Just as a human being, this action taken by Obama was the correct thing to do. After the Muersk (sp?) piracy rescue, I knew he had the guts to order lethal remedies to protect Americans.

    • Angie France

      You have got to be kidding lol! Liberals are so gullible.

      • @Angie France

        You suck.

  • Karate Pants

    If there are two things I’m sick of on this site, it’s political banter and The View. While it might be hugely excessive, at least the Twilight/Glee/Superhero-movie-of-the-moment coverage is actually entertainment-related.

    • kate middleton

      Yeah….I was just thinking, what does this have to do with entertainment?

    • RK

      You aren’t sick of Glee? Or Twilight?

  • mikeman

    please, if that mission had gone bad hasslebeck would have been the first one to criticize obama for not planning it out right or whatever. why are republicans trying to become the party of crazies.

  • B

    Does Elizabeth always do the show w/ that stick up her ass??

    • Joetheplumber

      Yes she does – usually it’s longer and wider.

    • bac

      Yes 24/7

  • Coni

    This show is still on the air???

  • Joe

    She is so ugly, its sad.

    • Angie France

      Are you serious? She is Cinderella among the ugly sisters! You liberals are blind to the truth. Even your eyes are bad.

      • @Angie France

        Are you her agent? Explains why you are so stupid.

  • Chele

    Are you kidding me!?! As soon as gas prices hit $5 gallon, nobody is going to care about Osama and will want Obama out!

  • Angie France

    Obama didn’t catch him, the military caught him. And they got the info from a detainee at Gitmo using methods that Obama was against. It happened because of policies put in place by Bush! Get your facts straight. But I guess if you actually watch this show, you don’t care much for facts.

    • @Angie France

      Stupid much?

    • Joetheplumber

      How’s the kool aid?

    • @Angie France

      You are exhibit of a scary, stupid, brainwashed republican.

    • bac

      The Presidents actions and approval of this plan made it successful. Even elected Republicans are saying awesome things about our President! God Bless America, and God Bless the naive.

    • Buffy Freak

      Yes give Bush all the credit…but I bet you want to let Bush off the hook for all the failed attempts to get him right? And you also want to let Bush off the hook for the mess he left Obama with the economy. I’ve heard so mnay times on FOX News how these are Obama’s wars…sorry no backsies…

    • Hannah

      If people are really interested, the Atlantic monthly website has a synopsis of changes put in place by Obama and the military in order to streamline intelligence & military operations.

  • Joetheplumber

    Can we drop kick her off an aircraft carrier please, bin laden style (yeah, I said it)? Actually, I’d take any one of them getting kicked off but Hasselbeck has to go first.

  • Kate

    1. The View is ridiculous as is each woman on that panel, including Barbara Walters, who used to be, many years ago, someone with a respectable career.
    2. Give Obama and his team credit for making the right call and getting the guy. Well done. If Rush Limbaugh can stomach giving him his props, so should everyone else, no matter how big a partisan hack they are.
    3. While I agree, at this point in time, Obama’s re-election chances got better, if, in one year, unemployment remains at 9% and gas remains at or over $4 a gallon, this day will be a distant memory and worth very little in terms of the 2012 election.

    • katie

      ^^^ Well said, Kate.

  • Jam

    I think we can go back to arguing politics another time- not now – enjoying this too much – the country needed this boost and think she was just echoing that ….however the bigger q for everyone here…WHAT ABOUT THE REWARD MONEY? WHO SHOULD GET IT? SHOULD THE TROOPS INVOLVED WITH THIS MISSION GET THIS MONEY OR THE ONE WHO PULLED THE TRIGGER ON HIM? 25 MIL IS A LOT OF MONEY..

    • Buffy Freak

      The troops aren’t allowed to get the money. If somebody gave US Intelligence information on where to find him, they will get the money.

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