The Royal Wedding is over! Is it safe to come out yet?


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Don’t worry, folks, it’s almost at an end. After months of intensive hat speculation, commemorative plate production, cake experts, lip readers, total bludgeoning of the word “fairy-tale,” and Anglophilia bordering on Anglomania, we only have a few more days of stray headlines like “William and Kate’s Honeymoon Suite: Is There an Ice Machine?” and “What Dress Would Have Kate Worn in a Parallel Universe?” before we’re finally rid of this whole royally over-reported dealio.

I’ll admit, as an American male I have absolutely no idea what draws people to wake up at 4 a.m. to watch a rich guy and the girl he likes tie the knot. I mean, what did George Washington and Mel Gibson fight for if Americans are just going to end up fawning over the British monarchy and hand out a bunch of Oscars to The King’s Speech? The ceremony itself was lavish and pretty and occasionally sweet, but mostly twee and long. Even the people at the wedding were getting a little bored. Admittedly, the presence of a horse-drawn carriage and the two evil stepsisters from Cinderella did hint at those fairy-tale aspects everyone on morning television kept talking about, but it didn’t feel as once-in-a-lifetime as once every 20 minutes on Main Street, U.S.A.

Still, it wasn’t really the pomp so much as the circumstances, specifically the fact that every news source in the country (including this one) was pumping out approximately 14 royal wedding stories for each piece of actual news. But now that there’s no more reason to gossip about what kind of underarm deodorant Kate will be using, everyone will thankfully be going back to their regularly scheduled programming. So here’s my question to you: Are you, like me, ecstatic that we’re almost free of the unrelenting and icy grip of nuptial coverage? And is anyone terrified that Prince Harry could surprise us any second by announcing his engagement?

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  • cam

    Right on target. Exactley right. For the last month all the network morning news shows became nothing more than “royal watch hourly” and treated the thing like it was as big a news story as if aliens had landed, when really the whole she-band should have been regulated down to what it is: a human-interest entertainment story. However, I fear the networks and news media don’t know how to ween themselves off this royalty nonsense, and we’ll still be pumbled by these “what did Kate cook for dinner for Will on day 563?” stories from all media outlets endlessly. Here’s hoping not.

    • One of the most underrated shows ever

      I spent the weekend watching “10 things I hate about you” for the first time and all I have to say is, WOW, why did this great show get cancelled. Lindsey Shaw has the prettiest smile I have ever seen!!!

      • One of the most underrated shows ever

        That was my random post because I too was tired of the royal wedding

      • Jessica

        I love that show too, I was totally bummed when it got canceled.

      • Yermama

        I miss that show too. Am tired of wedding as well as the coverage.

      • cindy

        so first of all my mom and dad were like omg the royal wedding and i was like what is the big deal and they yell at me for nothing

    • Mocha

      Just wait until Kate gets pregnant and we’re subjected to hourly installments of Royal Baby Watch. Is it asking for too much to hope they won’t televise her labor?

      • Jean Genie

        And if she’s not pregnant six weeks from now, the media will go bat**** begging for it to happen. Just hope the two can still have privacy on their honeymoon …

      • Kristen

        OMG, “Royal Fertility Watch” leading up to “Royal Baby Watch.”

    • Le HIROSHI

      “The Royal Wedding is over! Is it safe to come out yet?.”

      – –

      That is quite ignorant, Keith S.

      • anonymous

        Sorry some people dont have the same opinion as you Le Hiroshi. Ignorance goes both ways.

      • HTC

        William & Kate would have probably preferred to quietly elope, but they followed protocol, which made many Brits happy & brought in loads of cash in tourism & TV rights to their country. It may not translate to other cultures, but in the end, it was really just a big party. There’s no need to get so “I’m-way-too-cool-for-this” about it.

      • @Le Hiroshi

        Lighten up, Francis.

      • Erin

        No it’s not, many of us were fed up with the constant speculation and reporting well before the vent actually happened.

        There is such thing as too much. And this was it – in abundance (in more ways than one)!

  • Mike

    The coverage was ridiculous, albeit expected. Still, America only has itself to blame for being so interested in an event that had nothing to do with it and never asked America to have anything to do with it.

    • Christine

      RIGHT. Because only AMERICAN events are good enough for Americans.
      Heaven forbid America is for once interested in something that is not directly related to their own glorious self. (To say that it is completely unrelated to America would be totally ignorant) Oh the horror, the shame, the all-encompassing feeling of not being the center of attention.
      We ALL have our moments in the spotlight – is it so terrible that people are interested in this? It’s not like this happens anywhere near often.
      p.s. it sounds like you’re sulking over the fact that Pres. Obama didn’t score an invite: “Still, America only has itself to blame for being so interested in an event that…never asked America to have anything to do with it.” Why? You think he’s entitled to one??

      • talkin’


      • Kat

        LOL what? No one said Obama should have been invited and no one said Americans shouldn’t be interested in world events. The comment was about the excessive news coverage; we have only ourselves to blame for the over-the-top amount of news coverage here. Let’s be real – it’s only a wedding. I watched video of it and enjoyed following some of the coverage but not everyone has to be interested. It’s not like a new monarch was crowned or prime minister elected or some other such significant event with real conseqences. It’s JUST a wedding. A lovely one, of course, but just a wedding. Are you rather sensitive about this topic or something? Your response seemed kind of overly intense. Relax, man. Regardless of whatever stereotypes you may have heard, Americans do follow foreign events.

      • Liza

        I wasn’t interested in this wedding at all for the simple reason that it’s not interesting. I watch the news constantly all day and didn’t feel this event was worth all the coverage it was getting. Would you be interested in a wedding between two rich people who are using taxpayer money to fund their wedding? Would you want to know all about what they are wearing and what they will be doing afterwards? What exactly does the royal family do anyway? Besides wear fancy uncomfortable looking clothing and travel a lot? They have no real power in England yet we are supposed to be so impressed. They seem like a bunch of free loaders who were fortunate to be born incredibly wealthy. I read they took 20 million pounds of tax money from the British people to pay for the wedding. That’s not right, especially when the economy there is still pretty bad. William and Kate should be ashamed of themselves for not having a more tasteful down to earth wedding and leaving the cameras out of it.
        I don’t care one bit that Obama wasn’t invited, he’s trying to run a country here, and it’s not like he knows William and Kate personally so why would he even want to go? Would you want to go to a strangers wedding? Even if they were famous for no reason? Probably not.

      • Mike

        I’m English, Christine. Still, nice little rant there. Gotta make it about Obama somehow, right?

      • Stacy

        Ummm no Americans shouldn’t about a couple of rich people getting married in England. Niether should Germans or Italians or Russians or anyone who does not live in England.

        and guess what?? About 80% of English people DON’T CARE about this stupid wedding!!!!! How about talking about .. Oh I don’t know.. The wars we are currently involved in?

      • @Stacy

        We’re not allowed to multi-task? Care about Japan’s woes as well as a silly royal wedding? I can be aware of both and many more events. Get a grip, girl.

      • Jean Genie

        William & Kate are very much public figures, not a couple of yuppies from Chicago or Miami. Maybe I’m braindead – but I can’t understand why some people find weddings to be so private that we can’t even look at pics of the ceremonies. Remember when Madonna wed Guy Ritchie & we commoners couldn’t see a single pic? Of course, that marriage (along with other ones hidden from the public) didn’t last.

      • coco

        it has nothing to do with ur country. it is important to the brits and the common wealth. we were loyal. we did not rebel against our king and queen

    • mujer

      That’s what the World Cup is for, not a stupid wedding. I went to a Justice of the Peace, that’s how much I could not care about weddings.

      • Liza

        Yeah, she is real down to earth, when she’s taking their money to pay for her extravagant dress and ceremony. What nice girl to think of the people (and their money) and she even let them see her kiss her husband! How kind, that should make up for the money she used for an overally elaborate and unnecessary spectacle.

      • @Liza

        You can’t possibly believe that she paid for her wedding dress. That Burton designer will make millions over from wedding dresses by the Fall.

      • cass

        Good heavens – William is an important figure to many if yoou prefer to watch Simon Cowell go ahead but trying to justify what you agree or not on is ridiculous – we have a fundamental right to like or dislike what we want to..get real people!! Stop being so crass – I wonder how many americans watched Grace Kelly marry!!!! duh!

      • @cass

        Considering there wasn’t any cable TV or internet – probably a whole lot less.

  • carolann

    I realy anjoyed watching the royal wedding and seeing kate’s wedding dress! Will’s mum would be very proud to see her son getting married to a lovely girl who is so down to earth with the public!

    • Liza

      Oops posted this on the wrong comment.
      Yeah, she is real down to earth, when she’s taking their money to pay for her extravagant dress and ceremony. What nice girl to think of the people (and their money) and she even let them see her kiss her husband! How kind, that should make up for the money she used for an overally elaborate and unnecessary spectacle.

    • Mike

      She’s a stalker and her mother put her in that school specifically to hook up with the prince. Ten years later it paid off. Diana would be mortified.

      • cass

        Mike – unfortunately That is Abso-blooming-lutely TRUE – first to that private school and then to St. Andrews! She is nothing in comparison to Diana who was in a class of her own..but the british are desperate..I loved Diana and I hope Kate makes him happy tho, the poor guy has been damaged enough..I really do feel for the boys and I am neither english or european!

      • gem

        All of that may be true, but he wasn’t FORCED TO FALL IN LOVE WITH HER. No one can plan for that.

  • jt

    I always love how the media complains about all the media attention, yet every story continues to be covered ad nauseum. It’s the media who continues to cover such non-newsworthy people such as the Kardashians. Honestly, I can’t name one single person I know who gives a rat’s *** about any of them, but we’re inundated with every single detail of their daily existence. Just stop it already.

    • keith

      Exactly. Sue me for watching the Royal wedding. I should have been watching a marathon of Kardashian nonsense.

      • Bob

        @Keith — either you’re a genius or unwitting — both the British royalty and the Kardashians are paid a lot of money not for talent but cuz they’re famous for no reason … the royalty by accident of birth and still don’t know about K-dash …

      • DebraD

        Oh, gosh-how can you possibly compare the two? Royal wedding:Kardashians. I started watching the K-dash show because of Bruce Jenner, the Olympian! I no longer watch it, however.

      • Tammy

        @Bob – i could not agree more!

  • cam

    I think America really wasn’t as interested as the coverage exemplified. The networks were just playing a game of “who can oversaturate the most” with each other, for mere bragging rights. Honestly, I’m still perplexed on what to make of all the fuss over this, and what it says about America’s collective cultural character. I imagine the founding fathers to be rolling their eyes and shaking their heads at us. But hey, we’re all free to do what we feel I suppose, including obsessing over British blood-line privilage.

    • Jenz

      That’s what’s great about our American culture. People can obsess about whatever they want. There are some things that I have no interest in, but other people go crazy over. I also don’t think that people wanting to watch the royal wedding support monarchy rule. I love that England and other European countries have kept some amazing traditions alive by keeping the presence of the monarchies around. They’re just for show and boy do they know how to put on a show.

      • DebraD

        I agree! It seems that our interest in the British monarchy greatly increased with the marriage of Charles and Diana. To see her sweet, gorgeous little boy marry his true love made for a great story. I, for one, thoroughly enjoyed the coverage. We choose what we read and watch. I truly hope they have a “happily ever after…”

      • Liza

        They are just people, like you or me. They are not more special than anyone else. I don’t understand why so many people fail to understand this. The British monarchy are just a bunch a rich overly entitled people.

    • katie

      You said it exactly right, Cam. Most polls said the vast majority (70+%) of Americans didn’t care at all, but you wouldn’t know it by the media coverage. But, that’s the way it goes. You can care or not care.

    • Tom

      For everyone that is trying to tell the world that the US and her citizens have nothing better to do or that we are intrested in this giant waste of time and money. WE DO!!! I feel for the British tax payers, but think about it like this, us Americans have a president that thought he won the lottery when he won his election. So any one in power will ALWAYS abuse the power that was given to them, and yes the Brits did give the royals the power even of it was a forever ago when they were running things. That is just my 2 cents.

  • Jessica

    I knew it had gone overboard when they started talking t randoms about what they thought of the wedding. Or the hour they spent with the hat maker.

  • Julie

    I didn’t know that being an American meant that i had no interest in anything outside my country. I’m interested in the what goes on in other places. Also happen to like History – American History (us being a very, very young country) and history of Other countries (where all of us can look back and find our ancestors). I enjoyed the Wedding – of course (and we do it here too) where the news can be too much for some..but it does come to an end and in the world with terrible things happening there’s nothing wrong with something Positive.
    As said it Is nice to see England hang on to certain customs. It gives a connection to those who went before.

    • kristine

      this. plus the english have been good friends of ours for a long time now. I don’t think the “well we’ve hated them since the revoluation” thing really applies.

      • DebraD

        They definitely are our friends now, probably our biggest supporter. I love the traditions, the clothes, the funny hats. They are like us in so many ways, but have these cultural differences. The class system seems to be alive and well over there, which isn’t a good thing to we Americans, however.

    • Tammy

      It’s not an issue of nationalism, or elitism of being American. The problem is the oversaturated coverage of ANY event, especially a wedding that has no meaningful value on the lives of human beings!!! It was simply irresponsible for the media to show 24/7 coverage of a “fairy tale” involving two people who have been living together. It’s stupid!

      • kat2

        This is really true. I watched and enjoyed the wedding, but the most interesting contrast was how the news networks handled the tornado crisis in Alabama/South after the wedding was over. Some switched back to focus on these tragic, national events quickly, others kept the focus on the wedding.

      • Tom

        Well said Tammy

    • Tajah

      I’m Canadian and we still have strong ties with England. I love the ceremony and ritual of the Brits, and nobody does it better than them. To me, the monarchy is a living, breathing, link to history.

      The world is in rough shape, there is a lot of pain, loss, death out there. Why not go a little a crazy and enjoy a beautiful wedding of a handsome prince and lovely woman, have a party, and put all those worries aside for a little while? The couple are a representation of hope- they are at the beginning of their relationship with everything ahead of them. The world sometimes needs to be reminded of hope.

      • real fan

        Absolutely! Everyone needs a reality break or we’d lose our minds! Speak to someone who is a caretaker to a terminally ill person; a break is necessary!

      • Jean Genie

        Well said, Tajah!

  • keith

    Sod off.

  • nyc

    Eugenia and Beatrice really did look like Cinderella’s ugly step-sisters. So unfortunate.

  • MWeyer

    I only watched Kathy Griffin’s wonderful mockery of the coverage in her special, great work there.

  • sam

    I also thought that the pre-wedding coverage was way too much. But I found the actual event (at least the highlights, which is what I saw) to be surprisingly enjoyable. Kate is a lovely girl and her dress was beautiful. The little kids were adorable and hilarious. The clergyman doing cartwheels, the convertible ride and the girls’ hats–not stuffy at all. Too much coverage, but not all bad.

    • Katyo

      That’s exactly how I feel, Sam. I hardly paid attention to the pre-wedding madness, but my sister woke me up on Friday morning and we watched the event together, and it was a lot of fun. The pageantry was beautiful, the couple are young and obviously in love, and it was just nice to see something positive and joyful on the news instead of the usual parade of misery.

  • kristine

    you know, I think that “didn’t we fight a war so we wouldn’t have to care?” joke probably got old when charles and diana got married. I didn’t watch all the coverage. I checked it out a little bit. It was nice. I don’t get the hostility. yeah, it was saturating, but no more saturating than the coverage of charlie sheen was a month or so ago, and no more saturating than every detail of the lives of the cast of jersey shore. at least it was something worth celebrating (love/marriage) rather than something else to be appalled at (has snooki been arrested lately?)

    • Robin

      It’s just a wedding. People have weddings every day in every country. This isn’t news.

      • kristine

        neither is lindsay lohan’s latest DUI/stint in jail/broken probation but we hear about it anyway. and we didn’t hear about donald trump ALL day. this was something nice for a change.

      • Jean Genie

        Saying “it’s just a wedding” is just as empty as “We didn’t fight a war for this”.

    • DebraD

      I agree. The media gets carried away by so many non-news items, like the ridiculous Charlie Sheen antics. I agree that the hostility really isn’t there. And, it wasn’t “just a wedding.” It was the wedding of a future king, which did make it a big deal!

      • cass

        Also true Debra D and Kristine..there is so much trash covered by the media i am surprised that peopel are complaining perhaps for the first time in 30 years the women were in charge of who controlled the tv remote!! I loved it btw!

    • Nelson

      I for one disagreed with who the media sent over there. I was looking forward to Hoda Woman and Kathie Lee going over there for the Today show, since KLG&Hoda know how to celebrate and are a lot more interesting than Matt & Meredith. But all the media treated it as an historic event, when really, wasn’t it just a wedding to be *celebrated*? So I was losing my patience with THAT. Kinda turned me off the whole event. Media took it deadly seriously for the most part. Proportion!

      • April

        Well, it is historic as William will be King one day. And I believe that some countries, Canada being one of them, still refers back to the UK when there’s a stalemate

  • JoeC

    I went to my bank yesterday, and the tellers were all watching the ceremony via the bank TV! LOL! I don’t understand why people care so much, but they clearly do

  • sgerbil

    Yes, it was a bit much but it was far less annoying then all the Charlie Sheen coverage a few weeks ago.

    • mags

      I totally agree with sgerbil!

      • Ecem

        - Truly a bumper shots,representation was stnniung.Garden area used as a backdrop gave a unique look and photographer used her creativity to captured all the magical and best shots.Nice work done by photographer.

  • pam

    So. Glad. It’s. Over.

    • LOL

      Such a waste of time. Why would anyone in the USA care about this?

      • DebraD

        Because it’s interesting-why do we care about any celebrities-what they wear, ect. It was a human interest story, one which we could choose to follow or not. I’m happy for Kate. They dated for a very long time, and her patience paid off-she got to marry her prince. If that’s not a fairytale, I don’t know what is!

      • Loch Ness

        You sound like a crazy cat lady.

      • @loch ness

        Nah – LOL’s probably just another selfabsorbed cutie who’d be at home on Sex & The City or with the Kardashians. Definitely too shallow to turn into a cat lady.

      • Josemberg

        Harriet McTurk – Tamara these photos are inclrdibee, even better than we could have imagined. You have captured our day perfectly and bought back memories we didn’t know we had .Thank you so so much favourite is clearly the shoe shoot sorry Dave!! xx

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