'American Idol': Who will go home tonight? Will Scotty, James, or Lauren land in the bottom three?


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With just six contestants left on American Idol, the contestant’s ability to deliver sock-it-to-ya performances each week is becoming increasingly vital to their chances of sticking around. Of the six, two have been in the bottom three a total of six times (Haley and Jacob); one hasn’t been in the bottom three since the week he was saved by the judges (Casey); and three have never once known the particular shame of sitting on the silver stools of doom (Scotty, James, and Lauren). Could last night’s performances from the Carole King songbook shake up the competition and send someone from that latter trio into danger? Could Randy deliver a single critique last night without coming off like a inane twerp?¬†

Which is to say, the smart money is still definitely on Jacob, Haley, and Casey hitting the bottom three (although at this stage, the producers occasionally only go with a bottom two). But who do you think will be in the bottom, and will be sent home? Vote in the polls below, and then defend your choice in the comments!

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  • Jethro

    Scotty needs to go home, we all know this whole voting is rigged. Our votes don’t count and we are being charged for texting. The mature adult-minded viewer doesn’t vote anyway. Scotty needs to go home because he continues week after week to be dull and boring, the same tone in his voice, no animation, no liveliness and if we don’t see this, we are enabling this show for all the wrong reasons. He has not shown us any range in his choices, continues to make all music sound country, we get it. He’s the male Carrie, but when she did her thing, she moved around in the different genres, Scotty continues to make everything country, I wouldn’t be surprised he turns Madonna’s “Vogue” into country.

    • Templar

      The voting is likely going to be extremely skewed due to the south being swept with tornados last night. It would be no surprise to me if they sent no one home tonight and sent two home next week.

      • Comment

        There is a bunch of states that voted, so the show is NOT going to do that. Scotty will be safe because country music people from every state in the country love him. Lauren might be leaving because I have a feeling that most of her votes come from the south where the tornadoes are

      • Sollo

        They did that a few years ago when a storm went through some region.

      • Max

        I agree, Templar. I live in B’ham, Alabama and the majority of the state is still without power. Our priority is getting everyone help right now. The right thing would be to not send anyone home tonight so that voting could be more accurate next week.

      • Betty

        I think people in the tornado ravaged areas have other things on their mind beside who goes or who stays on a television show. There are plenty of other regions unaffected that still voted, and I think it may surprise folks to know that some of us outside of the south support Scotty.

      • Dan M

        I was thinking that but then it may seem to make idol seem to important if they did something like that
        and i doubt it affect the votes that much anyway unless results were super-tght for bottom two.

      • Nena

        Jacob and Haley are next to go.

    • Emily Nagan

      Scotty needs to go home. ABSOLUTELY! He has the weakest voice of the group. But it will probably be Jacob.

      • Fingerlakes Dave

        > Scotty needs to go home. ABSOLUTELY!
        IMHO he has done well, and did very well last night.

      • Casey “ManBearPig” needs to go home

        Jazz doesn’t sell…and Casey one FUGLY HOG. His type of music is not a big seller.

      • Nena

        weakest voice really? Scotty is here to stay he migt not win but he has a good chance.

    • Jim Kersting

      I agree Scotty should go but do you know how many country fans there are out there? Bi-freakin-zillions. Contry has the biggest fan base of all types of music. It’ll be tough to get rid of that hick…

      • The Man

        Michael Scott goes home tonight. Nothing else matters, especially not this total crap show.

      • Squishmar

        Is there not some “The Office” blog somewhere you can go to commiserate with like-minded people rather than being a total boor on a blog about a show which you care nothing about?

      • Ann Pickens


    • yawn

      Possibly the first time in the bottom three for Scotty. Jacob and Lauren rounding it out.

    • AI Fan

      I would love to hear Scotty do a country version of Mondanna’s Vogue. That would be so cool.

    • brad

      this is the toughest year yet. So, instead of crying about the show, why don’t you enjoy it everyone or just stop watching it.All these kids are good even though I have my favorite.

      • Nettie Gamble

        you are so right brad. I do think James has proved himself worthy. I don’t like heavy metal but he is different and is versatile. Hope he wins.

    • PN

      I think Scotty is good, but he needs to step it up in the later weeks if he stays in. Those next weeks are going to be rigorous with the songs and the themes. I don’t know if his simple kind of image will match with the much harder theme weeks. Even some of the best finalists faded when there were 5, 4 or 3 left.

      • agreed

        You are so right about finalists fading when there were 5,4, or 3 left. Jason Castro lost his frickin mind. During the top 4 he forgot the lyrics for the song Mr Tambourine Man. Poor guy was going crazy!!!!!

    • Kelsey

      just because you guys don’t like country music, doesn’t mean they aren’t amazing!

      I don’t like heavy metal music, but is James Durbin my favorite? Yes!

      All of the contestants deserve to be there. Jacob is definitely good, but he’s not American Idol material, he won’t ever win american idol because not enough people like the genre he’s in. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t worthy of it. They are ALL worthy of it. They are ALL doing great.

      Right now, it will really depend on who is more of the ideal american idol with the right voice. It won’t be Haley or Casey for sure. Probably not Scotty either.

      This is the era of pop music and James and Alaina are the closest to that, so I’m sure on of them will be the one to win.

      • Artie

        If I hear one more “amazing” description by JLO I’m going to throw up.

    • Anastasia

      Well Jethro, not sure where to start with that one. First of all, if you don’t vote by text you won’t be charged for texts, it’s sort of a no-brainer there. I vote via dialing a toll free number, doesn’t cost me a penny. I am a “mature adult-minded” viewer and I vote every week, sometimes even for more than one contestant. I also recognize that this is a tv show, and watch it for entertainment value and nothing more. Yes, I vote, that’s part of the fun of the entire experience. If it’s rigged it’s rigged, only the producers know for sure. Lastly, we get it, you don’t like Scotty. That’s your opinion, but a lot of people do like him and recognize that he is a great talent and has a long and successful career ahead of him.

      • Keepin’ It Real

        Great post, Anastasia. I couldn’t have said it better!

      • Elissa


      • Squishmar

        No, Elissa, but I can ‘C’ a lot from your post about ‘U’…. and it’s a little disturbing.

    • Supyo

      He can do country if he wants! We all have our own music that we like!

    • Casey “ManBearPig” needs to go home



      Casey is OUT!!11

    • Nena

      Scotty will be the next American Idol

    • Ann Pickens

      no your an idiot screeming songs every freaking week doesnt make you an idol . scotty is awsome you just dont like country

      • Elissa


    • Ann Pickens

      i bet scotty has a bigger career then james

  • Templar

    Casey needs to go.

    • LOL

      The bottom 3 should be fused into a HUMANCENTiPAD like on South Park.

    • jrbear

      the upside down results based upon fan bases: bottom 3
      Jacob (going home)
      Haley (next week)
      Casey (the week after)
      top 3 finalists:
      Scotty, Lauren, James.
      Shocking Surprise winner: Lauren

      • Templar

        Yeah, that’ll happen. LOL

      • Fingerlakes Dave

        Lauren winning would not be a surprise. James winning would be!

      • Hugh

        Lauren won’t win; this isn’t a 4H prize pig contest.

      • Kelsey

        This is exactly what will happen. We’re in the pop era and Lauren really does have the pop-country to her voice, just as Taylor Swift does. I’m putting bets that she’ll win, also.

      • me

        Hmmm…does 4H have a prize jackass contest? If so, Hugh just Grand Champion!

      • pam

        Thats what im thinking to, but Scotty needs to step it up, Im a country fan but am bored with Scotty, sorry Scotty, But voting for James he does a little of everything and is good at it .

      • Nena


  • dipshat

    LMFAO, Jacob’s winning with nearly 90 % of the vote!

    Anyway, bottom three:
    Jacob (going home)
    (it would be smart to say Casey instead of Lauren, but i think she’ll sneak in there.)

    • katie

      My exact vote too. I think the smart money would be on Casey being in the bottom with Jacob and Haley. But, I kinda think Lauren might be in there. She’s been coasting and I don’t think she has the support that Scotty or James do.

      Jacob is definitely going home – he went first and I am tired of him.

  • Mary

    Bottom 3, Casey, Haley, and Jacob, going home hopefully Haley. She is so annoying, Jacob next week.

    • Michelle

      Mary..you are annoying!

    • picasso007

      Mary’s upset her man pays more attention to Haley than her.

    • poshma

      I agree; Haley should’ve been gone a long time ago but I think Jacob will go first. They must know by now that they have no chance of winning this and eventually they’ll be going home…my money’s on James w/ Lauren a close second. Scotty’s running on fumes and Casey is killing his chances by being Casey.

    • Nettie Gamble

      Mary, I have been trying to express why I don’t care for Haley. Annoying is the word. She’s good but I still can’t vote for her.

    • James too

      Haley shouldn’t be sent home she has the best voice and can sing any and all genres. I think she singing Joplin better than Joplin. Jacob should go home, or maybe Casey. Tim would still be in the competition if he had been allowed to play the piano, but apparently instruments are/were reserved for those with favored status.

      • Larry Page

        Tim is the best this year, IMO.

      • John

        She sounded nothing like Janis Joplin. Get real.

      • Fernando

        My problem with Haley has been her pitchy-ness and her awkward performances. She also overdoes the growling and may not always understand what she’s singing about. Early in the competition, she had an annoying habit of putting on a sex face when she performed — even if the song was not about that at all. It looked amateurish. I think a big problem this year is that they found lots of teens with great voices, but who aren’t great performers yet. I wish they weren’t so obsessed with getting kids on the show. Soon, they’ll drop the age to 9.

      • Steve

        pitchy-ness? Haley, of all the contestants if the one you get on for pitchy-ness??

      • Anonymous

        I totally agree. I don’t understand all of the extreme dislike for her. Yeah, I didn’t really like her the first few weeks because of her facial expressions and growling, but she has grown so much since then. I mean, there can only be one Adam Lambert. All of the other successful contestants on this show have gotten better as the weeks progressed (see Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, etc.) Stop picking on Haley!

  • kj

    Jacob and Casey both need to go.
    James is an incredible performer – the best.

    • Sandy

      kj: You are right on!

    • Fingerlakes Dave

      Casey is an incredible performer also. You just have to appreciate jazz.

      • Kat

        I agree. Casey is the best performer on the show, however, based off the fan base, I am sure he won’t make it as far as he should.

      • S. Lee Stack

        I DO appreciate jazz; however, what Casey does is not jazz…its more like Jack Black doing an impersonation of a lounge singer

      • Sarah

        I’m a jazz musician. Casey sucks. I feel terrible that he’s some sort of representation of the genre.

  • Quantos

    James needs to go home. Same old squealing and screaming. He should never had made it onto the show. The votes are obviously rigged

    • texasgranny

      Totally agree with Santos!!! Why Jennifer could sit there and say he’s so awesome is beyond me! and Jethro this is a singing contest not a jump and squeal very loudly contest,,,then James would win hands down!!!

      • Jethro

        Texasgranny: I never said it was a jump and squeal contest, if you read my entry it says he is the same sounding Scotty week after week, he never gives us a variety. The Judges always criticize other contestants about variety, but never tell him to do the same!

        And to Quantos, your real statement means nothing!

    • Maureen

      I agree with Quantos. I think it was rude of Randy to announce James as the next American Idol, wonder how it made the others feel. Is it the voters who pick the idol or the judges. If its the judges then why have the program.

      • Dave

        The judges have made declarations like that every year. Get over it.

      • CanuckJen

        I seem to recall Simon predicting Carrie Underwood would win it all…and that was during the original auditions! Sometimes they are just right.

      • picasso007

        Maureen I agree. If I could slap Randy I would…right in his trout mouth.

      • PN

        I thought Randy’s early prediction of James winning American Idol was really unfair to the other 5 people backstage. Didn’t he think about the other finalists that also want to win it. I think Randy got so charged up after James’ performance that he wants James to be the winner right now, end the season last night on April 27th-28th and not this long 26 or 27 days to May 25th.

      • S. Lee Stack

        and about this time last year Simon, Randy, etc were on talk-shows proclaiming Bowersox the winner…the judges are merely pawns of the producers and pimp who they are told to pimp…

    • twylia parker

      james should go home. I Am not for him a all. I think it would a shame for him to win the idol

    • Jim Kersting

      Boy are you off! James has never done anything the same twice in a row. He’s gone from heavy metal to love ballads (Maybe I’m Amazed) from hillbilly rock to love songs, from burning pianos and drum corps to singing acapella. I don’t know if he’ll win but he’s the most diverse, best singer, and by far the best performer. Every theatrical thing he’s come up with has been copied by the others.

      • Petra

        I think both James and Haley have versatile singing and have done complete performances. Both are tied, IMO, with “weeks they had the best performance” – with 3 each.

        Hate Jacob.
        Like Scotty a lot, but he hasn’t had the performance levels of James and Haley. But Scotty is 17 and he is about the closest thing for “sure shot” for commercial success since Lambert, Daughtry, David Cook.

        Lauren just hasn’t made any real effort so far to show she belongs.
        Complacent in her humongous fan base.
        And I thing Casey’s ‘genius’ reputation has masked the obvious – the guy just isn’t that good a singer or performer.

    • patty

      James isa the Best never had a bad week!

  • Quantos

    For a real comment, instead of a stupid response to Jethro.

    1 Scotty (always great)
    2 James (best last night)
    3 Lauren
    4 Haley
    5 Casey
    6 Jacob

    • Captain

      Completely agree

    • picasso007

      Quantos..Scotty is just ok. He always plays it safe and that makes his performances ok and not great.

    • Jim Kersting

      The only people that like Scotty are country-only fans. Scotty can sing nothing else and sounds ridiculous when he tries. Cut him from Idol and let him compete on the CMT channel where he belongs.

      • Quantos

        I will not listen to country by choice. I would rather listen to the worst Rene Fleming record than the best country record and still I would put Scotty as the best. He does some strange scooping with his voice, even for a country singer, and does not always keep his ending consonances clean and does that funny thing with his microphone, but overall, still the best.

      • annie

        I have waaaay more rock and indie on my ipod than country, but I firmly believe that Scotty is consistantly the best singer. I don’t judge a singer by their genre. I just prefer a good singer. I do not like to listen to the cowardly lion sing (Jacob) or a growling bear (Haley).

    • poshma

      There’s no doubt Scotty is a great country singer; his duets with Lauren are amazing and he could possibly win the whole thing but he does need to expand his repertoire a bit like Lauren and James have been doing if he wants to stay in contention.

      • Lee Wilder

        Being a mother of an 17 yr old boy with Autism (high function as James), James is someone this boys can look up too. He is a great role model. Everytime he is on tv, I tell my son, “You can do anything you want, if he can do it, so can you”

    • Hilda

      I could live with your choice, although James Durbin might get the better of clean cut lovable Scotty.

  • opus

    Once again a Scotty hater gets in first to proclaim how dull he is. I have never found Scotty dulland thought his rendition of “You’ve Got a Friend” was beautiful and the least “countrified” of any song he has sung. By the way, I am neither a country music fan nor a teenage girl. GO SCOTTY!!!!!

    • Jim Kersting

      Oh my God! That was the easiest song in the world to sing and he butchered it! Any singer on the planet could have done better. Stick with James Taylor, Carole King, Michael Jackson, Celine, or Shanaia if you want to hear decent versions of it…

    • avonjax

      The same people praising Scotty, are probably the same people who trashed Pia for being boring. The difference is, Pia was a GREAT singer, Scotty is just ok and although I liked him at first, now he bores for crap out of me.

  • Gina

    I hope that next year rules are put in place to stop the judges from influenceing the minds of the voters. The last two weeks the judges have consistently told Jacob “if you make it next week). They never said that to anyone else except Stefano. Jennifer keeps refering to the girls. If this is truly the votes of the people, let the people make up their minds without your comments. I believe Jacob will be sent home tonight and he can thank 2 judges, Jennifer and Randy. Seems like the push is to get a country singer this year. You can see the writing on the wall.

    • Jim

      Careful what you wish for. There are more country fans than all others put together, it’s the biggest selling type of music.

    • Templar

      Relax, Gina. At this stage of the game the viewers have already made up their minds who they will pay $$ to see in concert and which performer’s songs they’ll buy. All of them get the tour money and most will get record deals. It’s all good.

    • Betty

      The judges don’t influence jack for me, I have a brain and can form an opinion all by myself. If people vote based on the critiques the judges give (or don’t as the case may be) that’s just sad. Come to think of it, that would explain a lot about the mindless sheep we have living in this country eating up whatever line is fed to them.

  • MK

    Jacob Lusk had his best performance of this season and without a doubt one of the best from all the AI seasons. He’s a shoe in to be here next week…not even in the bottom three for sure.

    • Michelle

      LOL!!!!! Are you drunk?

      • Roylyn

        No fair, half of the south could not vote this week. Didnt anyone tell you about the tornados and storms, we couldnt watch the show.

    • picasso007

      MK…just hush up. you’re in denial

    • Fingerlakes Dave

      Not what I hear, or saw. And he had problems with the vocals.
      I can see in the bottom 3, and possibly home tonight.
      And with a record deal within the month, and album of ‘covers’ within a year.

    • Fernando

      perhaps even a “shoo-in”

  • chris

    Saw Pia on tv Tues nite. Judges should have saved their save for someone like her. Time for Casey to go.

    • MC


  • Sallie Lynn

    We are fortunate that we live in a free country and are blessed to have TV’s,computers to view American Idol. Great singers this season, but a person should only be allowed one vote, this would definitely be better. Some of these singers need to choose better songs if they want to continue.

  • eric

    Jacob needs to go and he should have gone weeks ago. He has a decent voice but his type of music will never ever sell CDS and no one would want to spend money to see him in concert.

    • marty

      You have heard of the R&B charts or the BET channel, right? not to mention the millions of white people like myself that enjoy soul music? Luther, Anita Baker, Whitney Houston, etc always sold out their concerts and sold millions.He wont win this and probably will leave tonight but I’m almost sure a record company will pick him up and he will sell millions of records. The best performance ever in AI was his rendition of “all I need to get by” simply amazing. I think is a shame that Scotty, while a nice guy, keeps getting votes simply because he is cute and because rednecks keep voting for him over and over again. We should have AI that is only for country music.

      • Flynn

        I like Anita Baker, Luther, Whitney (when she had her voice) and lets not forget Aretha! But you can’t seriously put Jacob in that class…not seriously.

    • PN

      I’d go to see Jacob perform. He’s more of an R&B singer with gospel voice leanings. I like his voice. Sometimes he tries too hard when he does mainstream songs outside his circle. I don’t think he’ll win it either. Maybe 3rd or 4th place, but I’ll definitely get his album. There are record companies that still like his vocal style of music and not the collaboration with R&B singers or rappers trend so common in R&B/urban circles. That collaboration thing wouldn’t work for Jacob.

  • Oma

    We all have our favorites but is it fair for the judges to predict James is the winner already ? This can make the contestants give up and stop trying. they are all exceptionally talented or they wouldn’t be where they are. A true talent is not one who uses gimics and tricks to show talent. Judges, you are there to encourage, not DIS-COURAGE. Yes, you are also to give them pointers and professional advice but please be fair. This is the best group of young adults I have seen on the show. They all should have earned your admiration by this time. Not just “one” cotestant.

    • Squishmar

      All of the contestants HAVE earned the judges’ admiration. How many times have we heard Jennifer say how good everyone is? That said, by this time in the season, there is always someone who pulls ahead of the pack and the judges have always made proclamations such as this in the past. Simon was most famous for that… saying what a frontrunner someone was or saying “that may just have put you in the final two.”

  • LOL

    If Lady GaGa and the cast of Glee recorded a song for the Twilight soundtrack and performed it on American Idol, EW would explode.

    • Dave

      LMAO! So true.

    • Cathy

      But they’d need to mention how much they miss Lost, too!

    • S. Lee Stack

      good one!

    • Squishmar

      And they could perform it wearing Hogwarts robes.

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