Lindsay Lohan receives standing ovation on 'Tonight Show' -- VIDEO

Days after spending a few hours behind bars after a judge ruled she stole a designer necklace and violated her probation, Lindsay Lohan was embraced by the audience of The Tonight Show with a standing ovation. Lohan taped an interview with Jay Leno after yesterday’s show, and the segment will air tonight. According to the Associated Press, the host reportedly asked Lohan about her legal troubles, her time in jail, and what she’s learned from it all, as well as her role in an upcoming John Gotti film.

But about that standing ovation. What does it represent exactly? Is she truly beloved despite all her mistakes? (Or because of them?) Or is a standing ovation just something you do when a celebrity graces you with his or her presence? Watch a short ovation-free clip below.

There’s no denying that many people are still rooting for Lohan: among the herd of celebrities whose troubled personal lives overshadow their work, Lohan is one with actual talent. So maybe that standing ovation was just the fans’ way of saying that they like her, they really really like her, and that they hope she can get her legal woes behind her and get back to work. (Last week, a judge reduced Lohan’s charge from felony grand theft to a misdemeanor and sentenced her to 120 days in jail and 480 hours of community service. She appealed the ruling and posted $75,000 bail. A pretrial hearing has been set for May 11.)

That said, last night’s reception has to go down as one of the cheapest standing ovations since the last presidential State of the Union address. Even Charlie Sheen had to exhort Jimmy Kimmel audience to get up, and he came with free t-shirts.

So does a standing ovation mean anything anymore? And do you think Lohan’s warm welcome represented anything more than reverence for an ailing celebrity?

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  • Ken

    Maybe fearing a string of boos, the producers just flashed the ‘standing ovation’ sign when she came on and dealt with control that way

    • sakara

      EXACTLY—-that’s the way such nonsense works, INCLUDING grabbing people off the streets when there are empty chairs in the studio….all talk shows are bs.

    • TorontoTom

      Pop Cculture anymore is strictly about humiliation, trash talk and rewarding BAD BEHAVIOUR. Jersey Shore. The Kardashian Tramps. Charlie Sheen. So, why not give LiLo a standing ovation? She’s like the Queen of what’s wrong with pop culture today. Pretty discouraging…

    • Jane

      I’m thinking it’s more like herd mentality. Some boob whose a big fan for her stood up, then everyone else felt obliged not to leave the moron hanging. I like Lindsay and I think that if she can get her head together, she can have a real future, but pandering to her and giving her a standing ovation for nothing more than showing up lucid is inappropriate. Save the standing O’s for legends or to reward phenomenal performance. Don’t do them because everyone else is doing it.

    • MC

      I’ve been to the Tonight Show before, and, at least from my experience, every guest gets a standing ovation.

      • Melissa

        So MC – what you’re telling me is that 82 people wasted their time posting on an article that means nothing. Obviously it’s a slow news day.

    • Le HIROSHI

      I’m LILO’s hesitant fan. And I’m still rootin’ for her.

      – –

      But I agree with JEFF LABRECQUE that this might go down as one of the cheapest standing ovations. Hoping the audience was genuine a fan base who’d come because they really wanted to see and support her, I can’t help but thinking it sounded like a work or at least some people trying to catch up with the herd.

      – –

      Re the upcoming John Gotti movie, IMV, ironically she may have been relatively the best casting decision so far factoring in the other two major stars – Travolta and Pesci.

  • Ms. Chanandler Bong

    A standing ovation means nothing. Just like rushing the court after a college basketball game, it happens way to frequently now. And seriously, what the what?

    • Matt

      Sad but true. Every stinkfest theater show gets a standing ovation at the end, not just the outstanding ones anymore. It’s horrible.

      • maryb889

        @Matt: So true. I attend a lot of theatre and refuse to stand unless the show actually deserves it. I’m often the only one seated but at least my personal standing ovations mean something (not that anyone on stage would actually care … but I do).

  • Louigi

    Give me a break: “There’s no denying that many people are rooting for Lohan: among the herd of “stars” whose troubled personal lives have overshadowed their work, Lohan is the rare one with actual talent.”

    I realize she was good in “Mean Girls,” but to what other talent, besides media manipulation, is this referring? She’s had WAAAAAY too many chances. I wish she would retire.

    • SaraS

      Yes!! WHY do people keep saying she has actual talent!? She was horrific in Georgia Rule and many others. The only movie in which her character was believable was Mean Girls, in which she had the benefit of Tina Fey’s script and basically acted like all her other roles.

      • Kris

        She was actually quite good in Georgia Rule and Mean Girls and Prairie Home Companion and Bobby. People are sick of hearing about her personal life so they pretend that she’s a talentless Paris Hilton reject and if that’s what you need to do to live with your hate, go ahead but know that she is a talented girl who could have done a lot more in this business if her personal life hadn’t overshadowed her career. I’m not a fan of hers but even I can recognize the girl is talented.

      • Tara Reid

        Yes Kris, you’re right. She should have won an Oscar for “I Know Who Killed Me.” What talent

      • Dave B

        Kris is actually correct. Why not admit she does have some talent for acting? If the goal of the actor is to make you forget you are watching an actor, then she more often than not succeeds where others fail.

    • Levi Johnson

      Actually she wasn’t very good in Mean Girls either

      • Nicole

        I’ve been saying this forever. Mean Girls is great, but it’s great because of the script, direction and very excellent supporting cast, namely the ‘mean girls’, teachers, parents and Janis and Damian. Lohan’s role could have been played by pretty much any actress who was the right age at the time. I seriously don’t understand why so many people keep talking about what a special talent she used to be. She was no Emma Stone.

        As for the standing ovation, what it means is that Charlie Sheen fans had nothing better to do that night. Also, it was Leno which has to make you question the audience to begin with.

      • jk

        WORD. I’ve thought that for a long time too. “Mean Girls” was really good thanks to essentially everyone in the cast except Lindsay – maybe even in spite of her. I actually did think she was really good in “The Parent Trap” though; it’s sad that whatever she had then seems to be lost now.

    • Hilary Duff

      Compare all the film/TV work Rachel McAdams and Amanda Seyfried have done since “Mean Girls.” Just saying….

      • Kris

        Yes, but to be fair, Rachel McAdams and Amanda Seyfried are both stable, well-adjusted adults. Lindsay Lohan was pushed into this business by her parents when she was a child and was exposed to a lot at a young age. Some people can handle that life, some people can’t. Lindsay has made her bed but her parents have played a huge role in how her life turned out. If I was in that world and I didn’t have any real friends or a stable family member who could support me, I’d be a mess too. It’s also worth noting Rachel McAdams chose this profession and starting acting as a teenager.

      • Percy Hilton

        McAdams & Seyfried also have the advantage of being talented actresses

      • Bristol Myers Palin

        They also have the advantage of not looking like they are in their late 40’s/early 50’s. Maybe Lindsay could play their mother in the sequel… it could be the big ‘comeback’ everyone is allegedly clamoring for

      • Carrie Prejean

        What does having terrible parents/enablers have to do with being a talentless actress? Charlie Sheen seems to be a junkie mess too but he continued to do consistent good work on a successful (albeit crappy) sit-com for years

    • Jane

      I don’t think Meryl Streep or Kate Winslet have a run for their money, but she is likeable. I still love seeing her in The Parent Trap and I once had to watch that Love Bug movie with my nephew and she seemed pretty cool. I want to see her in more stuff, but not the way she is now. Clean it up girl! Maybe if you’re good, you can be Drew Barrymore one day.

      • Guido Supasta

        Go see ‘I Know Who Killed Me’ or ‘Just My Luck’ (or anything else she’s done in the last 8 yrs), then comment on how ‘likeable’ she is…. I just dropped a deuce that has more appeal & talent

  • crispy

    It’s Jay Leno’s audience. Enough said.

    • Cygnus

      You hit the nail on the head. Why Leno is even still around after 20 years still perplexes me. I guess those gag headlines have carried him all this time.

    • Shadow

      And Crispy’s comment is all that really needs to really be said. Good call.

      • CMS

        My thoughts exactly. Anyone who chooses to be in Leno’s audience is not a judge for good taste.

  • D’s Advocate

    My experience is that audiences are like sheep when it comes to standing ovations. All it takes is two or three people near the front of the house to get on their feet, and within seconds you’ll generally have most of the rest of the audience following.

  • fabe

    hope she gets better. loved her in Mean Girls.

  • SLB

    Why are we still giving this trashy drug addict any attention?

  • millie

    I’ll vote for the standing ovation sign being flashed. Unless we’re now giving stand ovations for drug use, drunk driving, theft, etc.

    • vaporland

      Well, looks who’s running the country these days. They’re thieves, crooks and liars. Drug use and drunk driving are paltry crimes compared to running the country into the ground, looting the treasury, etc etc etc.

      • Shawn

        Nobody feed the troll.

  • whatevs

    So that’s how you get a standing ovation, huh? I’m surprised more people don’t go her route since apparently it makes people like you.

  • Caffeinated Joe (Wings)

    What the hell does she deserve a standing ovation for??? Wrong message sent, audience.

    • sakara

      maybe a lot of HEROIN ADDICTS were in the audience and clapping for HEROIN DEALERS AND USERS.

  • MWeyer

    Well, these people choose to go see Jay Leno so their judgement is already off…

  • Morris

    Her “people” obviously insisted on allowing plants in the audience who got the whole thing started.

    • Sam

      Oh conspiracy theories…so sad.

  • mc

    maybe they were just testing the sign to see if it still works ?

  • jimlouie13

    Let’s just give everyone a standing ovation who makes a mockery of the law. Is this really what our country is turning into???

  • sakara

    lindsey is a total zero, and a million standing ovations from nutcase hicks who flew in from pigsknuckle arkansas won’t help her get a job in hollyweird.

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