'Game of Thrones': Viewer outrage over cute character's death

Game of Thrones viewers are howling in protest over the shocking ending of the show’s second episode.

“My girlfriend swears she is done watching [Thrones] after what happened to___,” wrote one viewer on EW’s recap. “[They can] sleep with as many people as they want, but don’t kill ____. Or I’m done!” threatened another. “People on my Facebook wall are posting that they won’t watch anymore after what they did to___” wrote a third.

And the dead character was (spoiler below) …

A cute furry direwolf. Who spent the episode just sort of standing there. But still, it was really adorable looking, and didn’t do anything to deserve being dead, and what’s more, it was stabbed by the show’s main character, the good guy, Eddard Stark, who was forced to execute Lady to appease a tense situation which could have gone much worse for his daughters. (The actress who plays Sansa, Sophie Turner, adopted the dog who played Lady after the show wrapped).

Meanwhile those who’ve read the books are practically biting off their tongues to respond to the viewer outrage since Thrones, well, let’s just say this isn’t the most gentle story…

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  • Brady

    Gimme a break, people! A Song of Ice and Fire is a pretty brutal story, and I’ll just tell you now, if you’re gonna freak out over a direwolf pup getting killed, then this is not the story for you. Go find something else.

    • SteveStrifeX

      Agreed. I won’t spoil anything, but… things get worse. Much worse.

      • Samantha

        What a horrible and simplistic review.
        This EW writer is a twit.

      • chessguy99

        When promoting the series, HBO conveniently left out the brutality of the books, and sold the political intrigue and mystery.

      • Heidi

        Samantha the recaps have been awesome. This is just a quick little question to let viewers know a hint about the future. Look at the recaps which are much longer and actually very well written.

      • joe the dirt

        Whay is everyone saying about how it gets much worse, can you see the future or something? It’s a new show, people, get over yourselves, let’s just see what happens.

      • Erasure25

        @joe the dirt
        This show is based on a book series. Those of us who have read Book 1 know everything that is going to happen. Those of us who have also read Books 2, 3, and 4 also know what’s in store for future seasons.

      • Mike

        Umm maybe a little late to respond to this but Samantha? This was not a review…it was a commentary on viewer reaction. James even links to his “review” (aka Recap) at the end of the “commentary”. And that recap is probably where most of the reactions came in the first place.

      • Mateach

        joe the dirt: It’s based on a series of books. And most people here have probably read it. Including me. So yeah, we CAN see the future (of this show) and we KNOW what’s gonna happen.

      • joe the dirt

        What are the books called?

      • crispy

        The series is called A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin. Book 1 is named Game of Thrones.

      • Sylvie

        To us who have read the books, we know what is going to happen even though it’s a new show. The books are brutal, but brilliant, can’t wait to read the next installment, and I hope the show will follow all books. For those of faint heart, give up now!

      • tarc

        Yeah, it’s pretty hard at times to continue reading the books because it’s… brutal. I literally have quit reading a book, or stopped reading the series for a long while because it gets so ugly. This is not a story where the Starks live anything close to a OK life, let alone a grim one. I found the killing of Lady to be particularly heinous in several ways. And, since the TV series has cut SO MUCH of the symbology (gods and magic), you really don’t understand WHY it’s happening – viewers won’t get the point.

      • Kris

        @tarc the first part of game of thrones did not really deal with much of the magic, and religion was very lacking.

    • Fingerlakes Dave

      They beheaded a guy in the first 10-15 minutes of the first episode. Now THAT was OK. But kill an animal….. *sigh*

      • Ryan


        These same people had no issue with a child being thrown from a window, but kill a direwolf on screen, you know something that doesn’t even exist in the real world, and all hell breaks loose.

        If this stuff upsets you, find a new show. This is a BRUTAL world and a puppy being killed is the least of the messed up stuff coming, so run now if this is too much for you.

        Oh and keep in mind that this show is A) FICTION, meaning no dire wolf pups were really killed and B) It is based on a series of books that have been around for quite some time, and they are being pretty faithful.

      • Jenn

        lol, just like on The X-Files. People were killed nearly every week… yet the episode where Scully’s little dog Queequeg was killed – there was an uproar.

        kind of silly, lol

      • JREO

        You are absolutely correct! I don’t care about the humans when I see them get beheaded and the like, but when it’s a cute, furry, little animal who didn’t do anything wrong (most of the humans in the series are due their punishments) I turn to complete mush. Even when Arya (sp?)threw the stones at her direwolf I whimpered and turned my eyes (and I teared up when I read that chapter in book 1). It happens regardless of the tv show or movie.

      • JREO

        and just to clarify— yes I’m a chick, yes I’m a sappy animal lover who turns away from those “help the animals” commericials with Sarah Mc. playing in the backgroun. But I’m loving the books so far and I think the show has so far stayed appropriately true to the book and is cinematically beautiful. So, yes, I will continue to watch the show. But I do understand the initial gut wrenching feeling when something so cute (even if imaginary) gets hurt.

      • Kalie

        I haven’t watched the show, but I heard a child was thrown out of a window and I’m surprised people weren’t more outraged about that. Stabbing an innocent puppy is also brutal and not something I’d want to see. People are understandably sensitive when it comes to children and cute animals.

    • Schisma Tism

      I couldn’t agree more. It just goes to show, with this type of outrage and the outrage and debate on whether Game of Thrones is misogynistic and sexist, there are far too many people who are incapable of dealing with the nasty side of reality and the fact their medieval fantasies in a more realistic setting would mirror our own history: it’s a bloody, disgusting, patriarchal history we rightly should be ashamed of to a point.

      Too many people forget their fantasy worlds include the nasty bits; most writers simply forget to mention those. They’re crap writers for it, too. That’s what makes this series so great. It’s as dirty and realistic as a fantasy story SHOULD be.

      And, wow… a dog dies. Let’s forget and ignore the little boy, the butcher’s boy, who was run down and practically cut in half by Sandor Clegane.

      • Cailin

        AMEN to all of this!

      • um, what?

        people can be bothered by what happened to the kids too, sheesh, just because they’re more vocal about the dog being killed doesn’t mean they automatically don’t give a crap about the kids. Geez.

      • Mo

        Well, the fact that they are more vocal about the dog than about the boy means that they care MORE about the dog than about the boy, I think. That’s screwed-up.

      • joe the dirt

        That boy deserved to die.

      • lawrencetokill

        sansa HATES this show.

      • tarc

        I object to the idea that the killing of the dog is less important than the killing of a person. Human life DOES NOT automatically have a premium over that of other animals – particularly endangered, highly intellgent, or companion animals.

      • Chris R

        The boy, Mycah, launched a sudden and unprovoked attack on brave Prince Joffrey, and beat him with a stick. Being cut down by the Hound was too good for him.

    • Dave Morrow

      Let em know Brady, buncha twits. Just so everyone knows, they didn’t REALLY kill the dog. It was not supposed to be an uplifting scene.

    • Cygnus

      Underage young women are getting raped. People are getting gorily beheaded. Direwolves are ripping people’s throats out. Twins are having incestuous encounters. Yes, all these whack jobs can complain about is a dog getting knifed (unseen). I’m actually more grateful thinking these people are no longer watching, so I don’t have to see their comments on these boards any longer.

      • snapcracklepop

        actually, i don’t like anything about this show. it’s trite and violent. i got stuck watching one episode only because my husband was hosting cousins whose geeked-out male teen had read the books. i gave it a chance, but it’s just another fake world where unpleasant people do ultra-violent things and that’s supposed to keep our attention. the only people who could like this have got to be young males who need new dream scenarios where they star as heroes in some imaginary pseudo/medieval world. yawn.

      • hoberto


        your opinion amounts to a pile of sh!t. no one cares why you watched it or the fact that you are simple minded and cant comprehend a layered show. please stick to greys anatomy and leave the heavy stuff to the adults.


      • Sally

        Hoberto, I am liking the show so far as well but just because snapcracklepop doesn’t like the show doesn’t mean her opinion is a pile of sh!t. Not everyone is going to like everything. Doesn’t make their opinion any more or less valid.

        And Snap – I like the show and I am not a young male or in need of a new dream scenario.

      • tarc

        Sorry, Sally, but opinions based on garbage are garbage, and ARE worth (much, much) less than an informed opinion. Everyone HAS an opinion, but most of those opinions are worthless.

      • yay!

        snapcracklepop = rude.
        Making fun of your husband’s teen cousin = rotten.
        Therefore your opinion means nothing to me.

    • BFD

      Reading the first book now and if you think killing a wolf off camera is awful, how did you get through the first 15 minutes with the dead girl hanging from the tree?

    • Ern

      Yeah, get used to it, people. It’s game of thrones

      • joe the dirt

        You tell ‘em Big Ern. This is GoT, people. Either get on the bus or get off and shut up.

      • banana

        For those of us who’ve read it….um, can you imagine the outrage that’s going to come after The — ——-?!?!? Ya’ll haven’t seen anything yet.

      • joe the dirt

        There’s two kinds of people in this world. Those who have read it, and those who haven’t. And after the — ——-, those who haven’t read it are going to be picking their faces up off the ground. Hope you’re ready to be outraged, non-readers!!!

      • Kimmy

        guys, don’t say that. there are reasons for everything here. but it’s a hard, brutal world.

    • Daniel

      I’ve not read the books, though my husband has. I was shocked at the death of the furry character, but it fit the evil manipulation of the queen and prince that I’m starting to pick up on. I am glad that it wasn’t explicitly shown, and I’m glad it was at the hands of a man who I actually respect as a character, and I truly feel the pain he felt as he was forced to take the action. I have three dogs and my heart broke at the scene. But it won’t stop me for taking on episode 3.

      • MultiPass

        What about the incest, the kid dying, the beheading of a man in the first 10 minutes? those are all ok, but killing a DOG got you upset? You are ridiculous and that is completely f()cked up.

      • ks

        Eddard took no joy in killing the Direwolf-I agree with you, people who have not read the books missed out on quite a bit last night.

    • sarah

      Agreed. The axe falls many times. That said, it was hard to watch and I knew what was coming. You SHOULD be outraged. You SHOULD be upset. And you should not forget that it is the Lannisters’ brutality and King Robert’s passive decision that are to blame.

    • nate

      come on people. Thats the story. thats what happens sometimes. Its not a cute cudily story. There are lots of sex and deaths in the story. Deal with it. As much as a hated them having to kill the poor wolf who didnt do any wrong thats the story and its a good one. I cant wait to see what happens next!!!

    • Paula Maher

      Warning! I am going to make a statement further in this post that will possibly spoil it for some people if you haven’t read the books! I can understand some people being outraged about an innocent pup being killed (as I was), but HBO is doing a very good job following the storyline in the books. Unfortunately, it does get worse and I was truly upset with George RR Martin about killing off some off my favorite characters. My only criticism is, I really did not like the interpretation of Daenerys wedding night. In the book, Drogo was much more considerate so I am looking forward to his falling for her. Keep up the good work HBO!!

      • UnclScrewtape

        Paula: Drogo was considerate? I never really got that initial impression about him. Later maybe, but certainly not on their wedding night

      • Jade

        I agree Paula. He was far less brutal and was very considerate, taking his time and going slow so that she actually enjoyed it. I was bummed they left that part out of the show, I thought it was kind of an integral part to leave out.

      • Lolita

        Drogo was considerate in the book. Even though the marriage had to be consummated, he did not force himself on her like the TV show showed. In the book, he kept saying “No?” as a question, basically asking her if she wanted to do this? If she was comfortable or scared. He’d touch her arm and ask “No?” Its the only word he really knew. He was gentle with her, and took the time to seduce her. Dany responded to this because it was the opposite of what she expected of him. Their consummation ended up being very passionate. All the TV showed was the Khal raping her, thats not how it happened. I didnt like that at all. Theres more to his character than that.

      • tarc

        Yeah, they have cut so very much, Drogo got the shaft in the Tv version. Sure, their culture IS very different, and the marriage HAD do be consummated immediately as per their culture. Danerys would have never been safe with them otherwise. And as we wull see, Danerys truly becomes Dothraki, Drogo is actually kind of admirable in his own way, and her marriage (and thereby her womanhood/queenliness) is essential to much of the rest of the entire series. *spoiler* Danerys truly mourns Drogo later on, and the results of that change the whole course of the history of the kingdoms.

    • Tuttle

      They are staying true to the books unlike most tv shows

    • Rebecca Staton

      Right on, Brady – that was NOTHING, compared to what’s comin down the pike…

    • Benny

      They didn’t show the boy being killed, just a limp body on a horse. They did show a puppy staring innocently into his owners eyes before panning up to see Ned stab the puppy and hearing a horrible whine.

      This was an on-screen (you could see Ned do it) act of cruelty against an innocent, lovable creature. There is no comparison to the brutal death of a would-be assassin. Yes, the death of the boy was bad, but there is less outcry because it happened off-screen.

      I know, it’s in the book. And it only gets worse. But reading something and actually seeing it happen are two different things. I am not surprised that people are ready to boycott a show that has brutality for brutality’s sake.

      • SeanShawn

        You don’t understand what you said “brutalities sake” is doing something pointlessly, for the mere effect of shocking. The death was needless but it wasn’t pointless.

        There are consequences to actions, sometimes these consequences encase innocents, as is often a fact. Lady was an innocent, her death should be shown fully, it should not be made easy to consume.

  • Josh

    A child’s death is aokay just don’t kill the cute dog?

    Geesh I just don’t get people.

    • Gagan Sharma

      Agreed ………..

    • whatevs

      Dogs are innocent. People are not.

      • Schisma Tism

        Say what? The butcher’s boy wasn’t innocent? Bran wasn’t innocent? What horrible sins did they commit that makes their lives worth less than a dog?

        For the high and lofty moral platitude you espouse, you are inhuman.

      • Ern

        how judgmental….

      • Melissa

        Stupidest comment ever.

      • Josh

        Yeah I agree with what everyone else said…huh? How are Bran and the Butcher’s people not innocent?

      • ‘Lish

        AMEN! And for all you sadistic ~!@#’s that are ok with a depiction of a wolf being stabbed to death are SICK.

      • Jo

        Ummm….TV show people…it’s just a TV show.

      • tarc

        And Bran didn’t die, and the ‘greater picture’ point of his falling was also completely skipped. Bran couldn’t leave because he has… other adventures to have. *spoiler* If I remember correctly, there is a lot of implication that Bran is chosen by the Old Gods and eventually becomes a Merlin-like figure…

    • harry

      Thank you!

    • Benny

      On-screen vs off-screen.

      Imagine the scenes were reversed. A wolf is hunted down in the forest, it’s limp body brought back to camp. And then Ned walks out into the courtyard, pats a chubby little kid on the head, brings a knife to his neck, and the camera pans up as you see Ned jerk and hear the boy cry out and then gurgle.

      That is the difference.

  • Zturk

    The moment is powerful and unfair much like the series.Dont stop watching!

  • Heroine Addict

    Game of Thrones is epic storytelling at its finest because it doesn’t pull punches. GRRM’s huge following stems from his refusal to tell safe and tidy stories. He revolutionized the fantasy genre with his faithful rendition of gritty reality.

    A Song of Ice and Fire isn’t a bedtime story, and I’m heartily grateful HBO isn’t treating it as such.

    • Bill G

      I’m not sure anything in the books is actually based on “gritty reality.” Just saying.

      • Dave Morrow

        The gritty reality is the utter disregard for the humanity of the non-lords, as illustrated by the death of the butcher’s boy.

      • Adam

        AGoT is based on the ‘gritty reality’ of the War of the Roses. York = Stark. Lancaster = Lannister.

      • @Adam

        While I’m not sure I totally see the York parallel to the Starks, I definitely see the Lancasters in the Lannisters and Baratheons. Robert is a Henry VI type, happily oblivious, with a scheming wife (Cersei = Margaret of Anjou) and a sociopath son (Joffrey = Edward of Lancaster).
        I guess the Starks are Yorkist in that they suffered one indignation too many and it led to war …

      • Kelsey

        Don’t forget too that a lot of people suspected that Margaret of Anjou had Edward of Lancaster with someone other than Henry VI — Cersei had her children with Jaime.
        Danaerys seems kind of like a Henry VII type: growing up in exile and biding her time.

    • Bobby’s Robot

      I don’t think he revolutionized anything. Maybe it’s just the HBO version, but they’re rolling out every cliche under the sun. The evil prince is every Mordred that’s ever been filmed, standing next to his sneering, look-how-evil-I-am Wicked Queen mother and that’s just one scene. I admit I haven’t read the books, but I was looking forward to the series. I hope it gets better because I want to enjoy it. I also hope it does go somewhere that every other medieval fantasy hasn’t gone before.

      • psyche

        Trust me, there is nothing typical about Joffrey or Cersei’s storyline. Heroes and Villains both get screwed over and redeemed, fall-from-grace and rise to power without prejudice. If you can call *anything* about where the story is going based on two episodes, you are machiavellian.

      • Bobby’s Robot

        Well, I hoped I made it clear that I was commenting only on the episodes I’ve already seen, and that I was sticking with it in hopes that it will proceed in a way that I will eventually enjoy it as much as everyone else seems to. As for the the label of Machiavellian, I’m not quite sure that I’m being manipulative or deceptive, but it does remind that I’m enjoying the Borgias more than GoT.

      • psyche

        I only meant that you would have to have a mind as “Twisted” as GRRM’s. Because I’ve been reading since the beginning, and that man is an evil genius.

    • Peltast

      Thanks for the spoilers, you guys.

      • Quisling

        Really? You’re reading the comment section of an article that has a spoiler. The article is about how brutal the series is/gets.

        Get over yourself, if you don’t want spoilers get off internet articles referencing the series.

  • MM

    At the end of episode 1, a small boy gets tossed out of a high window. At the end of episode 2, a direwolf is slain. And there is outrage over the death of the animal but not the cruelty to the boy? Huh?

    • tarc

      Because the boy needs to 1) see the twins, and 2) fall for the story to unfold properly. I wouldn’t weep for Bran… unfortunately other than a bit of direwolf whimpering, they left out the whole implication that in the fall, the Old Gods have chosen him for other things…

  • KT Chong

    Not enough scenes with direwolves.

  • Piper

    What about the poor butcher’s boy? Isn’t that worse?

    • Chris

      Really good point. Already there’s been one child murder and an attempted child murder, yet people are up in arms over a wolf’s death. Get your priorities straight, people (not that I don’t feel bad for the wolf, I do, but I feel worse for Mycah, the butcher’s boy).

      • Zturk

        Its becuase many people(thank god) have not had to deal with the death of a child but many people have pets and have experienced that loss which strikes at a more personal level. In my opinion I think great shows are able to effect people with moments like this.

    • Kelly

      IKR? Poor Mycah

  • DefunctOnlinedotcom

    What kind of sick world do we live in where people get “outraged” over the death of a fictional character. Better yet, a direwolf! For pete’s sake, Mycah, the butcher’s boy, was also killed this episode, and Bran was pushed from a window last episode. But the death of a direwolf causes “outrage”. Damn PETA!

    • Heroine Addict

      There is nothing sick about deep feeling and compassion.

      GRRM’s storytelling evokes different emotions in different people, this is the highest goal of art and writing in a post modern era.

      • tiff

        I agree, and love your user name!

    • whatevs

      It’s more emotional for a lot of people because animals are mistreated exponentially more than kids are in the world. People are allowed to care about whatever makes them the most emotional.

      • DefunctOnlinedotcom

        You have got to be kidding me. Animals are mistreated more than kids? I don’t think so.

      • DiMi

        You are delusional. BOTH animals and children are mistreated because both groups are powerless relative to adults.

    • Mychele

      Like someone said above, most of us have pets and identify with them, but also we are treated to a much longer scene with the dierewolf death, the knife shown, the yelp of the dog, the clear acknowledgment of death. With Bran, those who haven’t read the books especially, and the fact that the episode ended right there, were not asked to really digest his fall and the implications- death or paralysation. Same with Mykah, the butcher’s boy. We didn’t see him again right before death. We just saw a prop on a horse basically, and we knew what Ned Stark was going to do. I’m not surprised people are up in arms over the dog thing, but they should put it in perspective. There’s karma in King’s Landing too. AND it’s just a story.

  • barock

    That crazy Spartacus thing an Starz makes this look a children’s movie.
    Thrones is as stupid however.

    • AC

      I wish I could take you seriously but you can’t spell so your opinion is irrelevant.

    • Brian

      You honestly might be retarded.

    • Schisma Tism

      Not enough penis for you?

      • Get A Q


      • BHM1304

        “Spartacus” is at least as good if not better than “Game of Thrones”. The story for “Spartacus” is just simpler to tell. People that just insult “Spartacus” without ever having seen it by making d%ck jokes can just stick it. It had one of the best freshman series of any show in recent memory and a finale that should be handed out as instruction on how to make a season finale. The acting was just as good or better than “GOT”. It was better than overrated shows like “Boardwalk Empire” and “The Walking Dead” yet went completely ignored at awards season. Its star, Andy Whitfield, may never be able to act again but his one season of work should have been recognized because he was brilliant. John Hannah and Lucy Lawless are just as good if not better than Sean Bean and Michelle Fairley or Lena Headey for that matter. Stop throwing criticism at something unless you’ve seen it.

    • DiMi

      I like both shows. They both have terrific acting, but Spartacus is more of a graphic novel-style melodrama, and GOT is more about world-building.

    • Troll h8ter


      you can’t spell.

      Nice cut, however a huge swing and a miss. Brush up on your grammar and retake that 7th grade English course.

    • Troll h8ter

      you can’t spell.
      Nice cut, however a huge swing and a miss. Brush up on your grammar and retake that 7th grade English course.

  • Bek

    Posted this over on winter-is-coming.net:

    It -shouldn’t- be easier to see people hurting each other, than it is to see an animal hurt. But it is. People are awful creatures. The fact that it is easier is indicative of that. It’s a huge philosophical debate, really.

    Basically, I think the outrage comes down to the fact that an animal is dependent on people, and lacks the ability to choose the situation. Now, people often are in similar situations, but generally there is the assumption that the other person has reason and free will. It’s complicated and a lot of it is illogical when you get down to the actual points. But a lot of people are hardwired to be protective of animals, and let people fend for themselves.

    I just hope people don’t stop watching because of it! That would be an injustice to Lady’s forced sacrifice!

    • Melissa

      “I think the outrage comes down to the fact that an animal is dependent on people, and lacks the ability to choose the situation.” This also describes children, who have very little free will and the adult capacity for reason. But, still, the outrage is over a fictional animal and not the children who are raped, killed and abused. I don’t care how animal lovers try to justify it, caring more for the plight of animals than humans is wrong.

      • Julia

        Melissa, who are you to say what’s right and wrong? Maybe you should climb off that high horse of yours. Animals are generally at the mercy of their masters and the humans around them. Lady did nothing wrong yet she was killed to appease a couple of lowlives. Being upset over an animal’s death isn’t wrong, it just means people have compassion. There was more focus on the scene with the wolf than there was over the butcher boy’s death (which was also tragic). The fact that the show focused more on the wolf’s death if why people are more affected by it.

      • Melissa

        Julia – You are assuming I wasn’t upset by the direwolf’s death. I was. My point, which you seem determined to ignore, is that children are at the mercy of the adults around them and have no power as well. But, instead of lamenting the treatment of the children, you focus on an animal. If valuing a human being’s life, in this particular instance, a child’s life, over an animal is somehow haughty and wrong, then I’m happy to be wrong.

    • Pushindazees

      I’m not really sure why its okay to kill “just an animal” and not a human. Humans ARE “just another animal”. Some humans are civilized and some humans are more savage and cruel than the most savage four legged animal. And in general animals are not intentionally cruel in their kills while humans very well can be.

      • Melissa

        I don’t think anyone is saying it is okay to kill or mistreat animals but that the outrage over the animal’s death is considered out of proportion to the outrage about the horrible things done to the humans, especially the children (rape, abuse, murder).

      • Kate

        Thank you. I would venture to say that well over 90% of humans will do anything, say anything, and believe anything that helps them continue the delusion that they are not animals.

      • tarc

        The reaction is most likely based in the guilt we humans have over causing the current sixth great global extinction… we all know it and try to ignore it, but we all know it’s wrong but don’t know how to stop it. Therefore, the reaction – something we CAN comment on that’s of realistic scale.

    • DodgeThisFox

      I am a total animal lover, but yet still know fact from fiction. I still cringed. And yes, I think this stems from the fact we see SO much human violence every day, its a little hard to see an animal in a violent situation.

  • Mya

    Agree with many here. If ever there’s a clearer example of the perverse outrage of some tv viewers this is it. Not a peep out of the peanut gallery when the child sat there watching the grownups having sex and then got killed horrifically by the girl’s lover, but this direwolf dies and suddenly there’s calls to boycott the show. If it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck, its a duck. And this is the most shining example of perverse morality taking a foothold in entertainment that Ive seen in a while. No wonder I can’t agree with, let alone watch half the things that come on tv and at the movie theater anymore. More and more, people’s acceptance of garbage behavior, immoral behavior, and the glorification of it just stuns me. I do know one thing. As much as I like some of the specials and programs on HBO, I want that garbage out of my house as soon as our contract expires.

    • Anne

      I think this is a bit of an overstatement…a few comments do not a “call for boycott” make; I think the point of this article was just to bring up this interesting reaction by some viewers. I think its perfectly normal to be upset about an innocent animal getting killed, and its not something you normally see on TV, which is part of what makes it shocking. I trully doubt anyone will actually stop watching the show because of it though.

    • Kate

      As someone intelligently noted above- the scene of the dogs death was aesthetically designed and narratively contextualized to raise strong emotions. The near death of Bran and the death of Mycha were not- they were fast and we were not meant to dwell on them for an extended period of time… they were shocking but you weren’t given time to process the events.

      It is also worth noting that part of what made the dog’s “murder,” as it were, upsetting was the way it reflected on and affected the human parties involved, including the three young children Sansa, Arya and Geoffrey whose reactions/actions toward the sentence of death on Lady were indicators of their, in some cases flailing, humanity.

      I would also second what @Anne has already said, which is that people are hardly calling for a genuine boycott of the show– the “I’m going to stop watching” threat is merely a way of indicating that you are already seriously invested in the outcomes of the characters (yes, even the dogs) on the show…

    • cynicaldog

      Call me redundant, but as others have said, some of us were emotionally affected by the death of Lady because we’ve had our own beloved dogs die and are empathizing with Sansa. Of course I care that children are abused and murdered on GoT, but I’ve never had a child of my own and I’ve never known any person (child or adult) who died a violent death, so those scenes don’t revive personal experiences/memories. Seeing the lead up to Lady’s killing reminds me of driving my dog to the vet for the last time, of sitting with her for a final few minutes to say goodbye, etc.

      It bears repeating that most of us can care about a vast number of subjects and issues, even if we only talk about them one at a time.

    • tarc

      Bran didn’t die. For the vast, vast majority of human history, human children have seen adults and animlas having sex from birth. (Only in the last few years have human put on their prudish airs.) The twincest is supposed to be VILE – and sets up a whole lot of great plot. And frankly, jabbering like a fundy loon over ‘perverse morality’ shows just what an ignorant, brainwashed, self-rghteous dipstick might say.

  • gary

    If viewers are upset over the off-screen death of an animal and not the incest, murder, attempted murder, prostitution and cursing that has been depicted so far… stop watching, because this is the happy part.

    • Josh

      lmao. Terrific post.

    • Bill G

      lol. Yes, this is the happy part! omg!

    • Cin Salvatore

      LOL. Agreed.

    • DiMi

      Hahaha! So true, and please don’t forget the rape and torture, which are, also, part of the story.

  • Antwain

    I feel sorry for the butchers boy who got killed. If people want to be faux upset do towards Sansa who should have told the truth and the wolf would still be alive. With all that being said it was another really good episode.

    • Cailin

      Agreed. I’ve always blamed Sansa for Lady’s death and hated her since. She has me back a LITTLE in book 4 but I still mostly hate her.

    • G

      I was under the impression that something bad would happen to Sansa if she told the truth. So it was either dog or daughter.

      • Alice

        In the book it’s a little clearer, she chose to lie because she wanted Joffrey to like her, not out of fear of repercussions. After all, her father was right there. If she had told the truth about what was going on to make Nymeria bite, there would be less of a case that the wolves were dangerously unpredictable enough to warrant killing Lady. But then, we can’t have our characters constantly protected from harm by supernatural-ish wolves or nothing would ever happen.

  • Tyla

    I can’t believe that there is an UPROAR about an animal being killed on a tv show? I love animals, have 4 dogs, 1 cat and even 7 fishes….and let me tell you…ITS a TV SHOW. Don’t get mistaken, I was torn and got teary eyed when the direwolf had to die…but it’s a TV show and reminded me, if a show can make me have such emotion, then it is a good show.

    Now, for those of you who can’t get your mind that these things showing on TV is fantasy…Just turn it off and go see a shrink. Just don’t broadcast and boycott to the world how much you don’t realize it’s…. TV.

    • Prometheus

      First of all,I’ve been watching the show and honestly, besides the first 15 min of ep 1 and tonight’s assassin scene, I think the show is boring, so far. I was hoping it would have more action and creatures.

      Anyway, the fact people are soo upset and want the show boycotted, because an animal is killed off-screen on a scripted TV show, is ridiculous! How many movies and shows have had animals die to have emotional impacts to the stories? That’s the whole point! Those medevil times were brutal.Its just a TV show, people! Get over it or watch something else!

      • Kevin

        Stay in there Prometheus… they dont call it “Game” of Thrones for nothing… think of it like a Chess game… all the pieces are being moved into position and when check mate comes then I guarantee you’ll see whole episodes full of action… as for the creatures.. unlike other fantasy genre the creatures and magic are slowly introduced so by season 3 or 4 your not just numb to the whole idea.. thats what makes this story so great

    • cynicaldog

      Is there really an uproar? I see EW claiming there’s an uproar about Lady’s death, but this article’s only got 178 comments (most that aren’t by the outraged), and the only link in the article is to another column published on EW. I think EW’s just trying to create conflict where none exists. If they want to write columns related to GoT, maybe they should write about all the elements in the books that are (so far) different from the TV show, or about details which have been left out. I don’t see the appeal of writing a column in an attempt to get people to argue about fiction. Discussing and debating can be fun, but EW seems to be aiming for discord.

      • DiMi

        I agree. I’m not sure I buy this claim of outrage.Also, direwolves are fictional creatures so this was the death of a fantasy animal.

  • tracy bluth

    Yes, it’s sad that they killed Lady off…but they didn’t kill her in real life and didn’t show it onscreen. Personally I was more shocked last week.

    • G

      Agreed! Where’s all the rape outrage? First episode, anyone??

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