James Franco seeking ANOTHER PhD at University of Houston


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Only 11 more until he matches Stephen Hawking.

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  • whatevs

    In all fairness, University of Houston isn’t a real school.

    • Kendra

      Excuse you, douche.

    • missm613

      The University of Houston IS a real school and you ARE a real dumbas$

    • Ace

      Wow. Really?

    • whatevs

      Please. The requirements to get in are a joke.

      • abc

        I think the University of Texas is a joke… bunch of stuck up liberals who think they are getting an ivy league education.

    • Fender

      its a tier one school, please do some research before you post.

      • whatevs

        Regardless of what tier it is, like I said, getting in is embarrassingly easy.

    • AC

      i live in Houston and yes University of Houston IS a real school and its NO joke so…stfu k

  • Beauty Franco

    He’s brilliant. Good for him!

  • brittany

    wow and i think i never have time to do anything

  • Maserda

    PhD in what?

    • Mr. Holloway

      in “Horribleness.”

      • Skip182

        Is that the new catchphrase?

  • Jake

    I’m sure he’s a very smart boy, but I find it impossible to believe that he’s able to put in all the time and effort it takes to earn a PhD, on top of his neverending appearances in movies and TV. It would seem that earning a PhD in English isn’t nearly as hard as we’ve been led to believe.
    On top of that, it does bother me that there are students who are seriously looking to dedicate their careers to literature who’s places at these universities have been co-opted by this actor who seems to do everything as a lark, “because he can.”

    • Ke

      Firt – He isn’t doing everyting as a lark. He plans on getting into teaching at universities as well as doing movies.
      2nd – He isn’t in nearly every movie and tv show. It just seems that way because of the award season for his film and also him hosting the oscars. It wouldn’t be difficult for him to go to school during fall, winter and spring and film movies during the summer. He can work his schedule around his films. He already had to turn down a lot of work because it would get in the way of his school work.
      3rd – Your whole comment is a huge assumption on how James Franco views his life. He isn’t doing all this “because he can.” Your implying that he doesn’t care. Have you considered he’s doing all this because he wants too? You obviously think very little of him and the universities who admit him for study.

      • dan

        PERFECTLY SAID!!!..agree 100%

      • kala25

        Agree! Also, U of H has a very respected graduate Creative Writing program. The undergrad may be a differnt story though…

  • JR

    I honestly can’t imagine how someone could have their academic ambitions stacked so high, yet are able to film movies and do press tours. I think the guy is just throwing money around. Either that, or, a masters program in the States is considerably lighter than the ones in Canada … which [clears throat] wouldn’t exactly shock me. I guess when your education system ranks 3rd in the world, whilst the American system ranks 21st, you’re able to be a stoner movie star and get into a doctorate program. I guess it is really the American dream.

    • jamie

      You’re conflating the American public school systems with American universities, which are internationally ranked higher than Canadian universities, although it all has to do with the specific institution. I’m glad the Canadian school system has taught you well.

      • JR

        How is it logically possible that an American public school system that ranks 21st is going to have stronger university curricula and scores over the institutions in a country that is in 3rd place? American universities are ranked higher? I don’t think so. It took an 87 percentile to get me into UBC, and it takes a 90 something to get into McGill. Your “Ivy League” schools are notorious for taking cash over brains; one of your “top universities” produced your last president.

    • realsugarbaker

      JR–how is that different from any other overpriveleged legacy who attends university? IMO, he is more legit than frat boy who drinks his way through…

    • jase

      Your wrong. Academia is in of itself its own reward.
      He chooses to be accomplished.
      You a needless blogger adding dribllish fodder.
      I choose his career path

  • anonymous

    Let’s get real, for elite Canadian students the goals are the same as elite American students: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, etc, or schools in the U.K. You’re using a higher ranking for your primary/secondary public school system and claiming it’s a comparison of university systems. Fortunately I learned better at my American public school.

    • JR

      You seriously couldn’t name one Canadian university? No, Canadian student’s goals are not your Ivy League schools which we know are full of D.A.R.s and donor’s kids. The plum school here is McGill, and in the name of all that is holy, never compare your Ivy League schools to Canada’s McGill or Britain’s Oxford.

      • annie

        Yeah, because McGill is a real household name

  • Elizabeth

    God love him… but should we be holding an intervention?

    • Anne

      My thoughts exactly.

  • Reddy

    I’ve been working on my Ph.D. for five years and my family is constantly asking me, “When are you going to finish?” There’s a general misconception about what goes into the doctorate — for me, 3 years of course work, an oral exam comprised of 250 books and then a 300 page dissertation. There is barely enough time in my life to teach one class and work on the dissertation (fyi: the average Ph.D. in the Humanities takes 9.3 years to complete), so to watch James Franco “prepare for the Oscars” while taking classes at Columbia, NYU, Yale, the Rhode Island School of Design, Brooklyn College, AND Warren Wilson College, not to mention making movies and showing at LA art galleries, strains credulity at best. And I recognize that his “teaching” at NYU is actually done remotely (how wonderful for the students) and is basically a way of getting other students to help him edit a project that’s going to be submitted for another class, but come on. Enough already. If you’ve ever been a grad student, I’m sure you’ll understand.

    • Kat

      THIS. And I’m not even working on a Ph.D. (just a lowly, lowly M.A.) but I have many friends who have earned or are working towards their Ph.D.s and they simply live and breathe school and nothing else. There’s just NOT time. I’m very confused as to how James Franco is managing this. I’m sure he’s very intelligent, and I’m sure he works very hard, but I just don’t understand how anyone can be in a Ph.D. program and have time for anything but academia.

  • NL

    The Princeton Review has named UH as one of America’s best colleges.

    UH is also one of only three public Carnegie-designated Tier One research universities in Texas

    It will be good to read more about UH and James on Wikipedia for starters. . .

    Take care

    • carly

      Did anybody from the Princeton Review attend UH? I went there and hated it. The classes were huge, the staff was rude, and it’s in a bad part of town.

      • Dave

        Ha! UH can’t make everyone happy. I hope you find a new home “school”. 8P

  • hmmm

    This is maybe a far reaching assumption perhaps me reading too far into something I obviously could have no direct knowledge of, but I’m begining to think he may be bipolar or something. Its hard to believe someone who is thinking logically would pursue this many degrees at once while also having a full career. Something about it seems off and extreme. But again this is a huge assumption based on nothing more than what I’ve read in tabloids etc.

  • jase

    Name one historical significant leader to come from Canada? What gives here JR? Your country wanted to sell itself to the US for many years. And no Jim Carey and the band Rush don’t qualify as world leaders.
    You basically have Oscar Peterson as a musical genius and a list of entertainers. Nothing academic ,economic or financially super to give any one a second thought.

    • ctsots

      Oh, come now. Charles Taylor, a total genius and a Canadian through-and-through, went to McGill for his undergrad and is arguably the most important English-speaking philosopher alive.

      If the name only brings to mind an ex-dictator accused of war crimes, please see wikipedia’s disambiguation page.

  • jase

    Bell, Alexander Graham (1847-1922) – born in Scotland, invented the telephone in Canada and developed it in the United States. Thats about it JR. Yet it does figures that Canada…was just a passer by in his life As with everyone in Canada…they can’t really succeed in Canada at whatever they do. Hockey is a factor I suppose..unless you lose. Then you have to riot…because you are so “well educated”. I guess.

  • Christine m Nava

    Hands off James Franco! He’s a handsome genious who has goals and ambitions like no other person I’ve ever known. He’s teaching kids, by his example, to follow your dream, do what your heart and brain desire, and, if the going gets rough, re-prioritize and don’t feel bad that something’s gotta give and, somebody’s gonna complain. But, that’s life! He should be admired! People need to stop being jealous of him because he has the means to do what he wants. I wish I had the means to do what I want, but, I don’t. But, that doesn’t mean that I’m going to attack somebody who does. James Franco should be commended. If anything, he’s, also, letting celebrities know that they have more options than most other people, and, they shouldn’t hesitate to take advantage of them. You go, James! I think you’re rad!

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