Denise Richards talks Charlie Sheen on 'Watch What Happens Live': 'I don't know if he's sober or not.'

As we know, Denise Richards life is (colon) complicated. Of course, the fact that she’s still associated with ex-husband Charlie Sheen — with whom she has two children — doesn’t help simplify matters. So it’s no surprise Andy Cohen asked Richards about Sheen during Thursday night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live. Among topics discussed, Cohen asked Richards about Sheen’s “Violent Torpedo of Truth” tour, during which Sheen has repeatedly insulted the actress. Said Richards, “I think for me it’s really sad to see him on this path … I’ve heard he’s chosen to use me in part of his tour, and that’s hurtful, but that’s his choice.” Indeed, Richards has remained quite diplomatic discussing Sheen (“This is his lifestyle, and I’ve accepted it”), even offering to care for his children with estranged wife Brooke Mueller. Cohen also asked Richards whether or not she thinks Sheen is sober. Her answer: “I’m not with him … I don’t know if he’s sober or not.” See the interview embedded after the jump.

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  • Emma

    Actress? Not this decade. Now she’s a professional Sheen ex-wife/ reality star. Get it right, EW.

    • Menchy

      To be fair, she is on Blue Mountain State on Spike… Hardly acting, I know, but she’s on it.

      • Mary Sue

        But what is she doing on Bravo?

      • Mike

        Inside the Actors Studio

  • Daily

    Who knew that after all this time she was right…Sheen is insane.

    • Jill

      I feel bad for thinking she was such a b*tch during the divorce and not believing Charlie was as horrible as she implied.

      • JackieB

        As soon as I heard she divorced him while she was 6 months pregnant, I KNEW he must’ve been a major jerk. For any pregnant woman to divorce a rich rich man, while she has all those hormones and carrying his child, he must’ve really been awful.

      • llisa

        They are both ridiculous! She is only playing the diplomat to stay close to that death benefit payout. She needs Sheens money after he crashes and burns.

      • Lois

        How would Denise Richards get a “death benefit payout” if Charlie Sheen dies? She’s not his wife. She’s not even his most recent wife. Her kids might inherit something, probably in a trust. But Denise won’t get anything.

    • katie

      Seriously – I think people have new respect for her with Charlie’s craziness, and she’s been pretty class about the whole thing lately.

      BTW, she looked amazing last night. She really should keep her hair that dark – it looks so much better on her than blonde.

    • LOL

      Free Denise!

  • GeeMoney

    The best thing she can do for her career is keep quiet, say nice things and watch Charlie Sheen implode and continue to eff up his career. I would like to see her on the RH of Bevely Hills though. I think that she would make a great addition to the cast!

    • tf5623

      I was thinking the same thing – I think she would make a great addition to the BH Housewives – if only to see the interaction between her and Camille. BTW – anyone know when the BH Housewives coming back, they were fun!

      • katie

        I think she would be great on RHOBH too. She said last night on WWHL that she might be featured in an episode bc she and Kyle (and Lisa Rinna) have a supper club.

        I know they are filming RHOBH currently, but I doubt it will be back until fall or winter.

  • Brett

    I like Charlie Sheen’s work but he sure is an idiot for divorcing Denise. Seriously, waking up next to her every morning? It’s proof, he’s insane.

    • Jay

      For every smoking hot woman, there is a man that is tired of putting up with her sh!t

      • Cathy in San Diego

        Yes, because living with Charlie seems like it would be just an absolute pleasure. I give her credit for putting up with his sh!t as you put it, for as long as she did.

    • Lois

      Denise left Charlie.

  • LisaMama

    She is putting her children first, and bad-mouthing their father is only going to hurt the kids. Good for her.

    • Shania

      You must be as drug-addled as Sheen. What bad-mouthing? He’s the one ragging on her. She’s been nothing but classy. You are a moron.

      • Shania

        Sorry LisaMama, my reply popped up in the wrong place. It wasn’t in reference to your post, but Jay’s.

  • Tricia

    I’m glad to hear that her kids have never met “the godesses”, I think that further proves what a good and protective mother she is. I know Brooke Mueler obviously had her own stuff going on,but if I saw all over interviews 2 random girls who were admitted recent drug users holding my kids and saying they took care of them, like they said on 20/20 or whatever I’d freak out, which I guess she did,but I think it was a little too late. But yeah I love Denise Richards, I bet E! Wishes they had renewed her reality show, they’d sure have complicated stuff now.

  • SLB

    Boy, she’s trying to keep herself relevant ins’t she?

  • Chris

    She doesn’t even have to work. She collects that big fat check of child support (maybe alimony too?) from Charlie every month.

    • E

      Yeah, because she AND her daughters deserve every penny of it and more. Actually his daughters deserve a dad too, but at this point he isn’t up to the job.

  • hda

    i think denise richards is actually a decent, genuinely nice human being. nothing about what she’s said or done seems self serving or trying to come across a certain way (i.e. make herself look good). She is putting the interests of her kids/his kids above her own. If it were me, it would be very hard for me not to come down on sheen like a hammer and spread all his dirty secrets. She has been classy and you know what? I would rather spend 100 hours w/ Denise richards than 1 minute with any of the housewives. Here’s to Denise Richards. You earned everything you got in the divorce settlement and more. Wish there were more people like you out there!

    • Lois

      I agree. After all the press slamming Denise after she left Charlie, I’m glad to find out that she’s actually a decent person. She’s putting the children first, both hers and Brooke’s. Nice that she wants to help with Brooke & Charlie’s boys; I guess because they are her children’s siblings. It would be nice if Charlie grew up and put his children first.

    • Mina

      I agree with both of you!! She is the one “Winning” in this mess. She has been classy and decent, and Charlie has shown his true colors. He is a loony and a DB!

  • jethro

    I think that Ms. Richards is handling the situation concerning charlie sheen’s public antics with restraint and class. Idon’t think anyone would blame her if she went off on Sheen’s idiodic rants. but she took the high road instead.

  • Yeah

    Denise Richards deserves a medal for 1) surviving Charlie Sheen and 2) not becoming just another Sheen-related freak show. The woman is doing a great job raising her kids despite the maniac she once married.

  • Randi

    I actually really like her. People can be mean all they want, if you have ever watched her show, she seems a lot more genuine that a lot of actresses out there.

  • steve Thomas

    I think that Ms. Richards is handling the public rants of her ex-husband with restraint and class, no one would blame her if she went off on Charlie concerning his “odd” behavior in a public forum.

  • sam

    I have always had respect for the way that she handled herself and I have even more respect for her now. Charlie is the father of her children and even though she needs to protect them, she knows that they love him. I wish that more people would act the way that she has acted, even offering to care for the half-siblings of her children. Good for her.

  • Missy

    Obviously no one deserves to be abused – physically or emotionally – by a spouse – but I can’t help but feel like Denise kinda had things coming to her. She knew he had such a horrid reputation with the Kelly Preston shooting incident and the “Madam” situation. Not to mention his own dad had to have him arrested.

    Plus I wonder how classy she is if, not long after having her 2nd child, she started dating her best friend’s ex-husband when the ink was still fresh on their divorce papers – with the possibility that she was seeing him before they separated (i.e. being a homewrecker).

    Not that Charlie’s so great – what I am getting at is that they sort of deserved each other……

    • Lois

      No one has abuse, physical or emotional, “coming to her.” Shame on you for writing that
      When Denise married Charlie he was sober. He was attending AA sessions on a regular basis. Did you know that AA sessions are held on a regular basis on the set of Two and a Half Men? Charlie used to attend them, and so did Chuck Lorre who is a recovering alcoholic.
      All that stuff you mentioned was before Denise, and Charlie had cleaned up his act.
      The court papers regarding his job termination claim that he was a perfect worker for a few years. Then he started partying, and that’s when Denise left
      BTW, we do know she started dating a friend’s ex after their divorce. Since they were both single, what’s the problem? The “possibility” of Denise being a “homewrecker” is just gossip sold by rags that aren’t known for being truthful. Considering that neither Heather nor Denise has ever said they were “best friends,” it seems like the tabloids exaggerated the matter.

      • Cathy in San Diego

        Couldn’t have said it better, Lois.

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