'Bones': Is the Finder someone you'd watch every week (if he's shirtless)?


Last night’s episode of Bones introduced “The Finder” Walter Sherman (Geoff Stults), a former military policeman who did two tours in Iraq and returned with brain damage that made him suspicious of everything and everyone — but also able to find anything and anyone because of it (or so he believes). The character could front a new Fox show this fall, alongside his legal adviser/bodyguard Leo (Michael Clarke Duncan) and bartender/pilot/systems analyst Ike (Saffron Burrows). Are you rooting for him?

The concept borrows heavily from other shows, but it definitely has its own spin on things: As with Burn Notice, you’ve got a loyal trio in Florida with a badass chick and they’re not affiliated with the cops. But Ike wears more clothes than Fiona, presumably hasn’t slept with Walter, and needs to tone down her accent; Leo is there to tell Walter what charges he could face before doing whatever he’s about to do and to rescue him when someone comes after him (unless it’s Walter’s fault); and the only weapon we saw any of them wield in this hour was Leo’s book of poetry. Like Psych‘s Shawn Spencer, Walter is incredibly observant and his gift is often doubted, but Walter isn’t actually hiding anything from anyone, nor does he make pop culture references or say something to a large tattooed biker like, “Hey, are you in charge of meth distribution in all of southern Florida or just this county?” just to be a smartass. He has no filter, so Walter asks whatever question he wants answered. Similar to Adrian on Monk, Walter could receive help for the issue that keeps him from enjoying life the way others do, but he runs the risk of losing the trait that may be the reason he’s so good at his job. In Walter’s case, it’s the ability to see connections that make him ask those questions that sound crazy/rude, but are actually little epiphanies. And just like Patrick Jane on The Mentalist, Walter has traditional leading man looks, but even though I don’t watch that show, something tells me Simon Baker has never stripped down to his briefs in a victim’s home to profile him and ended up on the toilet. Watch the scene below.

The lengthy toilet shot felt a bit like payback for being allowed to enjoy shirtless Stults as long as we did, but it shows he’s not going to be a suave lady magnet or take himself too seriously. He might lure you in with a hairy chest or by being able to tell a woman he just met she’s beautiful in a way that doesn’t sound like a line (because he means it), but you never know when he’s going to screw it up. We know he falls hard for women quickly, but judging from what Ike said, even if something does start, it doesn’t last. How many people screamed at their TV when he had the nerve to save Brennan might be “the one?”

I also like the wide range of cases “The Finder” could take. It doesn’t have to be a part of a murder investigation, like the stolen treasure map with ink that was only visible when it came in contact with blood, semen, or breast milk was. (How did Booth find that factoid boring?) It could be something personal: To prove himself to Brennan, Walter found the medal she won for winning her 7th grade science fair. It was nice to see Brennan get that emotional again over her mother, who was pictured with 11-year-old Tempe in the accompanying newspaper clipping, wasn’t it?

Your turn. What are your thoughts on “The Finder” as a potential series? Are you glad the show would be set in Florida so Stults may have to do a lot of his profiling in boxers? And who’s hoping Walter has to go scuba-diving a lot so we see Hart Hanson’s face on his tank again?

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  • Kathleen

    I was annoyed that I was watching an episode of Bones that didn’t have them in it! It made me resent the new people. Can’t they just make a regular old pilot like they used to instead of forcing this kind of thing on us? Freaking annoying.

    • Jenni


    • indeed

      I completely agree

    • Vicky

      Yeah we forwarded through most of the episode.

    • Jeckel

      Yea, exactly.

      This finder show may or may not be good, but it is off to a bad start by tricking loyal Bones fans into watching this “pilot” and denying us our dose of Booth and Bones.

      Maybe I’ll watch the spinoff, maybe I won’t, but this was a horrible bones episode.

      • allie

        I don’t know that anyone was really “tricked” into watching this…. articles have made it clear for over a month that “The Finder” was going to be a spin-off pilot with George Stults. I understand wishing that they hadn’t taken so much time away from the regular cast, but it was hardly a surprise. Just sayin’.

      • lab

        @allie – i don’t usually read articles on bones, so i was tricked. and annoyed. i’m only reading this article now cuz i was trying to figure out what this spinoff was going to be called/about beyond the episode last night. just sayin.

      • calistoga

        I’m with Allie! Get over yourselves. This is how most spin-offs started. Whether it’s called “The Finder” or “The Locator” is irrelevant. The episode was unique, fast paced, drama/comedy (like Bones), and the 3 leads were “FUN”. I am so looking forward to this new Fox series!

    • Andre

      I agree completely, but spin-offs aren’t a new thing. Remember that Laverne & Shirley happened to know Fonzie (spin off from Happy Days) and Mork arrived on Happy Days as well before transitioning into Mork & Mindy. Take a successful show, introduce a character and spin it off into it’s own show with the theory that the audience from the original program will wonder what happened to that new character.

      Nothing from “The Finder” was particularly compelling to me. I can’t see myself watching it.

      • Nicole

        And NCIS was pilot-ed as a two part JAG episode, and look at how successful it is now. It even had its own similar spin-off pilot style with NCIS: LA.

      • Alainna

        well the lone gumne wasnt as succsessful, and it seems to be a sci fi counterpart of this being a spin off of thhe x files

    • Elsie

      I totally agree. This is the worse Bones episode ever. What a waste of my time. And the show they are trying to spin off is like a mirror image of Burn Notice. Been there done that. Give me Brennan and Booth!

      • MrSquid

        I was thinking the same thing. The Burn Notice vibe is very strong. I like the characters (I was a bit annoyed they ran this as a Bones episode though) but it reminded me so much of Burn Notice.

      • Irishgirl

        You know I didn’t think about it, but you’re right. It’s like Burn Notice, only without the ‘spy being burned’ twist. Oh and a likable lead character. I like Michael Weston. Stultz’s character annoyed the hell out of me. And could we put a more ridiculous accent on Saffron Burrows? I was so annoyed with the lead and her accent that I went to clean my kitchen during the episode. That’s right….I mopped floors rather than watch it while they were on screen.

      • AT

        Fiona’s accent in the Burn Notice pilot was pretty awful as well. It got a lot better after that.

    • katrazi

      To answer the question in the title: NO.
      But I would definitely watch even more BONES if David Boreanaz would be shirtless every week.

      • Joy

        Totally agree there! Love Bones and David! Missed them this week. Didn’t like Finder so much.

    • alexis

      I totally agree!! If I’d seen this show by itself I might’ve been interested in watching. Even if they introduced the characters into a “normal” Bones episode…. That would’ve been ok. But it was NOT a Bones episode. The style was totally different. Why on earth is this considered a Bones spinoff??

      On Criminal Minds they introduced new characters for a spinoff, but they kept the format the same and gave you at least half the episode with characters you knew. It was worth watching, and I liked the new cast.

      If a spinoff is nothing like the original show and has none of the same characters, it’s not a spinoff. Just a different show they’re trying to push on existing viewers. Lame.

      • tvfan

        Are you guys crazy or what, you are complaining because guy who is a finder (and my get his own show) couldn’t fit the standard formula for a bones episode? They had all the cast in the episode. I agree that if we were to see how a guy who claims to be a finder really works, then he will not be in a lab examining evidence, so the show mixed standard Bones procedures mixed with the finder techniques. I thought it was interesting.

    • Samantha

      Agreed! I wouldn’t have minded them being in it but it was 99% finder and had no real tie in to Bones. The tie in was pretty weak at best.

      • Hi

        I agree. I liked the characters and think I’ll probably like the show but would rather have seen it as it’s own pilot featuring BONES stars…not a BONES episode featuring BONES stars and having 99% finder characters.

        Also, I have NO idea why it’s a “BONES spin-off” except to highten awareness and excitement. It has NO relation to BONES at all. BONES is about murder, FBI, heavy lab work…Finder has nothing to do w/ any of those.

    • Katie G.

      For a moment I thought I was watching another station — thought hubby had changed the channel. Agree that I’d rather have them do a pilot, perhaps with the “Bones” cast helping them. That would probably have peaked our interest instead of forcing it on us and leaving us a little annoyed that we were forced / coerced into watching something else. Not impressed.

    • Nightmare

      I liked it, but I smelled a spin off from the git go. I think it is a great way to introduce new shows, I may not have watched it otherwise, and I can almost be sure I will watch the show when it actually starts.

      I think it was great. I hope they have some crossover episodes, but if they don’t that is fine also.

      • Jade

        So agree!! I really liked it! I’m in Aus and if this does spin off… We probs won’t get it for like three years… Now I know it (might) exists, I can watch it!!
        Also… Reminded me more of psych (which I find hillarious and witty) than burn notice… Except for the Florida part. There’s no trying to kill people or them being shot at or tied up… Just fun solving puzzles with an (HOT!) odd character as the lead.
        You had me at boxer shorts ;0)

      • mo

        I agree, I am not a big Bones fan. I will watch occasional episodes, but I watched this ep. just for the sneak peak at “The Finder”…I liked it, except for Saffron Burrows crazy accent.

      • teekay

        Agreed. I haven’t followed Bones in a while but happened to be at my Mom’s when it was on and she wanted to watch it. As soon as I saw the list of guest stars, I figured something was up. My mother was just confused; I had to keep explaining to her that they were going to spin off the new characters into their own show. Anyway, I didn’t mind The Finder; the guy is kind of funny and easy on the eyes. I’d give it a chance.

      • bobbi

        Like you. I smelled a spinoff. I do like the three stars, and the premise of the “finder”.
        I will watch the show in the faLL.

      • Quarryman32

        Same here. I’m looking forward to the new series and probably wouldn’t without the exposure of this episode of Bones. And it was a refreshing break from the formulaic plotlines we often get.

    • trina

      I totally agree… I was sooooo annoyed. I always look forward to the Bones episode every Thursday and was frustrated that I didn’t get to see them. Ugh!

    • christine

      one of the most boring “bones” episodes ever. Won’t be watching the damn thing if it’s a new series

    • Erinn

      Exactly, this is why I don’t watch Private Practice (that, and the characters are insufferable) and won’t be watching the Finder if it is a show in the Fall.

      • Mara

        Well, that was different-Addison was already a main character in Grey’s.

    • love bug

      bones is starting to get old and boring the same sh!t every week its time for it to go away and put this new show on

    • Barb

      I knew what to expect, and I’m not a big enough Bones fan to care, but frankly, I just didn’t like the new show. I won’t watch it.

    • Kay

      It wasn’t a secret that “The Finder” was a backdoor pilot, which meant we’d be watching the new team. In fact, I was surprised and pleased they inserted the Bones crew as much as they did.

    • Leslie


    • llw

      I feel the same way. I was actually hoping for some sort of spin-off of Bones. “The Finder” has nothing to with the work that goes on in the lives of the people that work with Bones. I thought the episode about the slave ship was a good one. How did that all come about? Maybe that could be a spin-off. How are interesting things discovered at the Jeffersonium?

    • chery

      agreed. I tuned in to watch Bones…NOT the Finder. I will find something else to watch when that show is on.

    • Beth

      Totally agree! I may watch The Finder. But I wanted to watch Bones on Thursday and I didn’t. But to answer the question the article posed, Finder was rough and forced a lot into that hour but it has potential. I would give it a show or two.

    • j

      I turned it off halfway through. If they want to SHOW a pilot of a new show then HAVE IT BE ITS OWN PILOT! Boring, badly acted and, NOT AN EPISODE OF BONES. Which is the SHOW I WATCH ON FOX AT 9 PM ON THURSDAYS, not some other ish. Ugh so annoying.

    • Yermama

      Completely agree. I was livid and turned it off.

    • matt

      Yeah, I didn’t mind The Finder being guests on an Episode of Bones, but it was more like the Bones crew being a guest on the Finder.. That was wrong.. They made it a practical pilot. I thought it was pretty bad even though I wanted to like it. I like Stults and Duncan, but Duncan’s acting was poor, Stults too comicy, and the chick WAY over the top

    • Penny

      I thought it was a cool way to intro a new potential series. I look forward to watching a the new series that I probably wouldn’t have started watching otherwise.

      • Carrie

        The “Finder” reminds me of a character in a James Hall book called thorn. He lives in the Keys, ex military type, helps his friends, a rebel of sorts. I’m not sure I like it but I’ll give it another try.

    • jan

      Give it a chance people, Pilot episodes need a lot of fine tuning. The first episode of Bones was no cherry either!!

  • Judi

    I actually thought this episode was the worst I’ve seen in a long time. The exposition was heavy-handed and sloppy and the characters felt very broadly drawn and forced. If it’s a new show, I won’t be watching.

    • dally


    • Ambee

      I really tried to like it because I would like a spin off of theirs to do well, but I came to the same conclusions you did. I went to bed during the last 15 minutes because I was just so bored despite my best efforts.

    • Merrilee Heffernan

      Agreed. I was really bored. It is a not so hot ripoff of Burn Notice.

  • ggny

    Geoff was great and the show has got potential just based on the Geoff playing that role…MCD needs to be more involved and the chick just needs to go away

    It would be a great companion show for Bones before AI comes back in the Winter

    • Alice

      I agree that I liked the lead but the supporting characters didn’t do much for me.

  • kaydevo

    This could work if the writers do some tweaking. I liked the Finder guy (nice physique, to), and Duncan is always good. But Saffron Burrows was atrocious. Her voice and ridiculous accent were painfully grating (and the mispronunciation of words – WTH?), and I’m not sure I want to watch if that continues. And of course, the writing is paramount. Last night wasn’t great in that respect, but we’ll see what happens there if it becomes a show.

    • DeilaMiah

      kaydevo~ I agree with you 100%. I think the characters were broadly drawn simply to see how they would *work*. Although aired during Bones, I think it was a terrific idea so that the network could pretty much *guarantee* people would watch it.

      Lead and MCD were FAB!!! Loved their interaction with each other. I feel the MCD character (Leo) could use a bit more *spiritual* tweaks. The chick definitely needs to be changed or have her funky accent toned down a LOT… and the mispronounced words were just friggin asinine. You really can’t have 3 *off* characters… one has to hold the group together with their *normalicy* (<~~ See? Dumb right?!?)

      If this becomes a show, I would definitely give it a shot. I've seen Burn Notice and I didn't feel it was anything like that. Although both *shows* carry a trio, Michael (BN)is very suave and serious whereas Walter (TF) is seriously a Gomer *aw shucks maam* kinda guys.

      Those of you who are tee*d off by missing a Bones episode, don't rain all over the possible new show. Take your comments to the network because they are the ones who did it and they won't change if WE don't make them change.

    • Kay

      I agree – would totally watch this show if it wasn’t for the terrible girl character. Brits do NOT talk like that! The two male actors were great though – would definitely tune in for them.

      • Josh

        The weird thing is the actress IS British. Why couldn’t she just do her own accent instead of that horrible one?

      • Jak

        You know, there is more than one “British accent”. Great Britian has multiple accents just like the different regions of the USA have different accents. Maybe she really was using her own accent.

      • Diana

        Have you ever watched Lie To Me? Dr. Lighman’s accent is EXACTLY like this, and it’s genuine. Not all British accents are the same.

    • marianne

      I love the idea of it.

      I will watch it

    • Sue1

      I agree, it wasn’t perfect but it wasn’t THAT bad. The bartender’s accent has to go, but the show had possibilities. As far as the spin-off consrpt, it’s been around forever, they gave us ample warning, and it was only one night.

      • sue

        I think I’d watch this show, atleast to see where it leads. I don’t mind Saffron Burrows as the formula needs some kind of female presence, but like on Burn Notice, the accent needs to be toned down(Fiona’s accent changes from Irish to American).

      • Nightmare

        They could always get a local Florida Girl to play the part, How bad would you ripe on the Southern Yankee Redneck accent. Trust me that Is EXACTLY what it is, but y’all would probably say it was totally fake and unbelievable. Just shows what you know.

    • Hali

      The only thing that really annoyed me was the Finder guy saying “I’ma risk it” every five seconds… it’s too early for him to have a trademark phrase, especially one that annoying.

  • kate

    I would probably watch The Finder, but I didn’t like being forced to watch The Finder while I was supposed to be watching Bones. I didn’t mind them being there when Booth and Brennan were around and involved in the plot, but all the excess Finder stuff felt forced. I’d probably give the show another chance as long as I could still watch 44 minutes of Bones just being Bones.

    • Peggy Cioffi

      I agree with Kate, I tuned in to see Bones!!

      • Richard

        I hope this becomes a real show, as for complainers that Bones was not in the episode enough, lighten up. Just her face when he gave her the medal and newspaper clip was priceless.

    • Forced?

      Really? You couldn’t change the channel?

      • Kate

        Well of course I could change the channel. I wanted to watch Bones though, and I was for about 5 minutes. I just wished there was a little more Jeffersonian and a little less Finder.

  • Billi

    I have watched Bones since it first started. I love the show. But last night, with the “Finder”….I absoloutly LOVED it. Yes, it is kind of like Burn Notice. But it is different also. I saygive them their own show! i will watch it! And everybody I know that watches Bones said that they would too!

    • Chuck

      Thank God for a sane person in this wretched mix. Like you, I have watched “Bones” since its premiere but, until a week ago, had really overdosed on the “poozy-woozyness” of the cutesy-wutesy verbal/sexual interplay going on between Tempe, Booth, Angela, etc. The last straw was the intro of the reporter girlfriend for Booth. Made me wish for a return of the reluctantly-cannibalistic (now institutionalized) lab assistant. (Show had started sagging/shark-jumping with intro of whole cannibal theme.)
      I actually watched this show twice, back-to-back, BECAUSE (for once) there were some wonderfully wacky NEW characters who weren’t poozey-woozey.
      Don’t get me wrong: big fan of Kathy Reichs’ novels; have liked David B. since “Buffy”; and Ms. Deschanel is almost too beautiful to exist in real life, buttttt what the frack is wrong with intro’ing a new (possible spinoff) character in an up-to-now really sagging show? Also, what’s with the digs at Saffron Burrows’ Aussie accent? Can/does no one in this country watch BBC America or anything that requires not texting/web surfing while viewing a show? (Hello! Anyone heard of closed captioning until the “gawdawful” accent is “learned”???)
      Jeez, people………get yourselves lives outside of dreary primetime t.v. and Facebook!!
      Go “Locator”!! If Fox (or FX, where it could be TV-MA, and for grown-ups) don’t want it, flog same to USA or TNT. I’d follow it anywhere. Also going to try to find “The Locator” novels – just in case.
      Sorry for the ladies upset by such a “radical change” in their heretofore borrrrring viewing habits.
      Repeating: Folks, GAL!!

      • Jam

        Chuck – that was definately not an Aussie accent. She’s British.

        I would probably give the spin-off a go but I think they targeted the wrong audience by trying to weave this into Bones. The shows really have nothing in common.

      • Michael

        Re the locator novels. The first is
        The know land retribution

      • Michael

        Sorry, I accidentally left an incomplete message

        The Knowland Retribution by Richard Greener. Just downloaded it for my Kindle

      • GenericUsername

        Thank you.

      • b

        Amen Chuck!! Thought I would vomit if I read anymore hate / bashing of a unique spin off idea. Thought the show was great (could do w/o Burrows annoying accent), and can’t wait to see it on its own. Have been watching Bones from start of season #1 and in the last two months stopped because of everything you described and more.

      • Rich

        The fact that anyone could mistake it for an Aussie accent just goes to show how bad her accent really was!!

    • Diana

      Agreed… I thought it was great!

  • Larry

    I think It was interesting even if not a typical episode the production was different. I think I would give “The Finder” a chance as its own show.

  • Stormy

    Didn’t care for it. He’s a cross between Josh Duhamel and Matt Passmore from The Glades and lacks the charm of either one. Pass.

  • JenR

    As soon as I realized they were introducing spin-off characters, I turned it to NBC.

  • Ace

    I liked Stults a lot — and I did appreciate the not-overly-manscaped shirtlessness — and I will always find Duncan charming, but I was quite distracted by Saffron Burrows. Is the wretchedly fake accent really necessary? If the show is going to work, that character needs to be recast or replaced.

    • steve

      Accent is very genuine London accent. Kind Regards from London, England.

      • KT

        It was an exaggeration of a genuine London accent, and an old London accent at that. It was forced, far from genuine.

        Kind regards from non-deaf London, England

  • Simm Fan

    The hour flew by! Mainly because, after the first 15 minutes, I FFed through the show until at least one member of the Bones crew was on the screen.

    It might have been wiser to have presented this episode as a pilot for The Finder (or whatever it might be called) that followed a regular episode of Bones. That way, we’d appreciate the addition of the Bones cast, instead of The Finder highjacking a Bones episode.

    • Jade

      Now that would have been a good idea!

    • Bree

      Then you totally missed out on a great show.

    • NIKKI


  • frank

    bad bad bad,i would not even give it one star. made you realize just how good bones is. what a mess this was.

  • mec

    this is not for me.i was annoyed that
    i didn’t get to see a new Bones, which is rare as the show is always
    moved or put on the back burner, which is so bad cause this is a very good show and great case and a joy to watch each week if we viewers are lucky.

  • Jon

    It wasn’t necessarily bad, but it was distracting that Stultz kept doing a Garret Dillahunt impression. Stultz just seemed to be taking stuff from Dillahunt performances and shoe-horning them into this episode.
    I am a former Bones regular watcher who tuned in again specifically to see the potential spin-off.
    Unless big changes are at hand, the new show will be hampered by the same things that made me stop watching Bones in the first place: wildly inconsistent tone (moment to moment, not just episode to episode), inconsistent characterization, and too much self-indulgent quirk for quirk’s sake.

    • JHF

      Yes! I was thinking the same thing throughout the ep, and found it distracting.

  • marilyn nason

    Had I been warned I would have watched something else. I like Bones but don’t like this pilot trio at all, especially the overdone accent. Keep Bones as Bones and ditch this awkward, uninteresting trio who intruded on an hour of Bones.

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