'Transformers' Bumblebee cake Buddy's best work?

Emile Wamsteker/General Motors

Today, ‘Cake Boss’ Buddy Valastro presented a seriously detailed creation for Chevrolet at the New York International Auto Show. That’s Transformers: Dark of the Moon star Bumblebee straddling a Chevy Camaro. We’ll find out how Buddy pulled it off — not to mention transported it — on the June 20 episode of TLC’s Cake Boss. That’s some nice integrated marketing for the Michael Bay film, which opens July 1. Check out another shot, with pyrotechnics (natch), below. 

Emile Wamsteker/General Motors

One question: What part would you want to eat first?

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  • Brad

    Absolutely none. That looks like plastic. It must be weeks old by the time its finished.

    • Mr Spock

      The fondant (icing) is steamed to make it look shiny.

      • christine

        Actually it can be glazed now a days.

    • Heather

      It doesn’t take weeks to make his cakes. And whenever they have to stop it ALL goes in the fridge. You obviously don’t know what you’re talking about.

      • kate

        god leave brad alone the cake does look gross its all fondant nd little cake i agree with u brad. looks months old

    • Erin

      um Brad u obviously dont watch Cake Boss……. GET UR FACTS STRAIGHT!

      • Jess

        exactly Brad! watch Cake Boss before u begin to talk bout his cakes!

      • Jill

        I agree TAKE A CAKE CLASS LOSER(brad)

    • Amanda

      have you ever watched cake boss before… Most cakes made by them are ready within a week. and like Heather said it all goes into the fridge, it doesn’t just sit there to rot.

    • Jaclyn

      acutally he works faster than that. Its all fresh cake.

    • tara

      have yo uever even seen the show???? LOL wekks old, obviously not1

    • Jordan

      Brad…..Before start tlking crap about Buddy’s cakes…Actually watch the show before criticizing his work….

    • Joe

      Buddy’s cakes are fresh and delicious. One visit to Carlo’s and you’ll be hooked.

    • kate


  • sara

    Maybe if Bumblebee was a Dodge Neon it might be a good representaion, but that is no Camaro. Duff would have done a much better job!

    • justzani

      Yea? But it would have tasted like crap. I’ve had his cakes; they look okay but taste horrible. I’ll take Buddy’s cakes any day of the week!

    • justzani

      Yea? But it would have tasted like caca. I’ve had his cakes; they look okay but taste horrible. I’ll take Buddy’s cakes any day of the week!

      • Claire

        too right,Buddy’s any day of the week. I watched a few episodes of ace of cakes, and unless I am really missing something, there seems to be more support structure and styrofoam than actual cake going on with his. Buddy all the way!

      • Evelyn Harwell

        Come on don’t be a Hater

    • Mom1

      Are you blind? Looks almost exactly like the car. And Duff’s cakes may look really good – but I have also had some and they tend to be dry….Carlo’s Bakery items are fantastic, especially the cakes!

    • jodipo

      I am with you Sara… and Duff’s cakes would be made with less screaming and sexism. That Cake Boss guy is a total douche

    • Lynn

      Duff is great at hiring great people to do great work, but Buddy actually WORKS in the business decorating and managing. Duff shows up to deliver.

    • Pdiddle

      Emmmm, lets review the facts, one Charm citys cakes are nasty tasting and carlos are delicious, I live right between the 2 and have tasted both cakes there really is no comparison flavor wise. 2nd, Buddy has had 3 different shows on TV and is still going strong, his bakery has been around for YEARS and is not going anywhere anytime soon. Duff from Charm city on the other handed was booted by food network and no longer has a show, due to too many complaints of the cakes being over priced and tasting like, well you know. And 3rd Duff rarely gets in there and makes the cakes on the show, he hires people to do it for him, how many of the cake competitions that he has entered has he actually won, 1? And in how many of those did he actually win the prize for best tasting cake???? 0. When it comes down to it, Duff could never do what Buddy does….end of story!!!!

      • Cassi Phillips

        I like! Great points! I’d take Buddy any day!

      • Anya

        Excellent facts! Thank you.

      • Joe


    • Rob

      yeah looks like a Neon

  • Marie

    Is the car a piece of cake too? because if it is, i would want to eat the tire first, it looks yummy!!

  • Laura

    Buddy and his co-workers at Carlo’s are fantastic artists. I’d love to see his cakes in person. I just would have a problem cutting into one – it’d be like slicing up a museum piece!

    • dominic

      i now right i dont think i cuold cuoght in to one

    • bethefrizz

      yeah we always are stunned that the cakes get demolished, they are so beautiful and clever, it is such a terrible waste, but then they are cakes, and i’d also liove to try them!

  • chooch

    Buddy decorates circles around Duff and 90+% of his cake IS edible & fresh.

  • freak

    Brad the plastic look is when they heat it up to leave it looking glossy. I Buddy cakes better than Duff anyday.

    • tara

      who is duff?

    • chris

      i am from Sydney Australia Cake Boss is the best this cake is amazing

  • Sammie

    They should have hired Duff to do it – this don’t look so great.

    • Colin

      I think Duff and his staff at Charm City approach their jobs as they should – dedicated yet loveable. Buddy on Cake Boss and his crew seem so serious and dramatic. There’s a time for it, but not all the time.

      • tara

        uts called work,

    • Mom1

      This cake looks FANTASTIC. And I don’t think Charm City could have done any better. They’re good, granted, and I love their stuff…but I much prefer Carlo’s Bakery for their decorated cakes and the taste is fantastic.

  • Dominic

    the car first then the transformer

  • robert vera

    thats amazing!!!

    • miki

      yup i wanna eat it

  • Reggie

    Let’s see u ppl hating on this if u can even make a one layer cake!!?

    • jodipo

      yes, I can. Oh, and since when do you have to be an expert in something to have an opinion? Do you have no opinion about the cake?? or is it just if the opinion is different than yours? Pathetic peon

      • Candy

        Trolling much

      • DD

        no need to be rude & call names.

      • hailey

        u may be able to but it probally looks like a 3 yr old did it and even if u can lets see you make any thing close to what buddy makes so shut ur mouth unless u can make something equally or more amazing than buddy ok thanks

    • Jess

      hahah bet they cant haha

  • tonilynn

    I think it looks awesome. And I’m a much bigger fan of Buddy than Duff.

  • cakebosslover!

    ok buddys cakes are all edible with a support system or else it will fall. you try even doing it HALF as good as him and you will fail! i hope you meant it looks like pastic as a compliment thta it looks so real

  • Terri

    If you are a fan of the show you know that Buddy’s cakes are almost all cake and he does a fabulous job. I would eat Buddy’s over Duff’s anyday.

  • ks

    I think it is very cool, but yes, it does look like a neon

  • sherly grullon

    Buddy the cake looks great,you are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!keep up the good work.

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