'Cougar Town': Adventures in babysitting



It’s like Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate) in April with TWO new episodes of Cul-De-Sac Crew…umm Cougar City…I mean Cougar Town this week. So let’s pound grape and dive right into it!

In Wednesday’s “Baby’s A Rock ‘N’ Roller,” we were reminded of baby Stan. That’s right. Ellie and Andy have a kid. Really, they do! I’m not making it up. And thus a plot was born: In order to prove that it’s a lot harder to raise a baby in your 40s than in your 20s, Ellie gets Jules (and Grayson by association) to babysit Stan. Team Ellie pointed out when Jules had Travis, she was young, had a lot of energy, and was too dumb to worry about screwing him up. Team Jules seemed to think that with a devoted husband and nanny, Ellie had it easy peasy. So Jules put all of her dangerous items in the pantry and her babysitting duties began.

We all knew where this was going. After just a few hours with Stan, Jules was hiding in the pantry with a pacifier and Big Carl. Then, true exhaustion set in. Grayson and Jules locked Stan into an inescapable fort/baby prison/Alcatraz. But Houdini got out! Kids are smart like that. Stan went straight to the pantry of danger/safe room and locked himself inside. Call 911! We may have an emergency.

False alarm! Stan didn’t consume anything on his allergy of death list, and Grasyon didn’t have to stab a baby (with an EpiPen). Ellie came to the rescue with the trick of motherhood: Bait your child with a goldfish cracker. That noise you hear is her eating a big bite of “I was right” steak.

Meanwhile, Laurie was still off her game after her breakup with Smith. Since their split, she hadn’t had a single walk of shame (a.k.a. walk of awesome). The crew convinced her it was time to get back out there. She needed to hit it and quit it, toot it and boot it, whip it and skip it, wax it and tax it, mother it and smother it, bop it and drop it, and chuck it and re-chuck it! So with Andy as her wingman and the ground rules established — promote ass worship because it’s contagious — she went out to find Mr. Right for tonight. Unfortunately, she realized she might be growing up. The sticky floors, shiny shirts, and weird rich Russian dudes who say “you want to make dance with me” just weren’t cutting it anymore. Yes, it might have reduced the odds of her being randomly murdered by like half. But where’s the fun in that? But in the end, Laurie got her walk of awesome (complete with judgmental looks) after a night with a cute coffee shop guy. It was a total Mary Tyler Mooreyou’re gonna make it after all” moment. But instead of throwing her hat in the air, she threw her one remaining shoe.

And no surprise here, but Penny Can founder Bobby Cobb and mornings just do not get along. While training for the PGA tournament, he could play golf for free as long as he made it on the course before 6 a.m. Which was no easy task for a man who needed an alarm and dog Travis to wake him up in the morning. (In his defense, we all know how hard it is to pull yourself out of a good dog spoon.) His failure to wake up “shows how I blow all my chances for a better life” just like Gary Busey. So human Travis vowed to help Bobby make it to the course on time. And they made it! Well, they fell asleep while driving the golf cart, but baby steps.

Speaking of baby steps, at the end of the episode Grayson dropped this bomb: “I can’t wait to have a kid!” Eeek! Jules had just told Ellie she was glad to be done with her child rearing years. I’m guessing she’ll pound a lot of grape before she has to have that conversation with Grayson.

Other “Baby’s a Rock ‘N’ Roller” highlights:

++ Jules’ waking up questions: Why do you eat some many carbs? What’s an aardvark? Do you think we’ll ever live in London? Where are you going? Should I learn to play golf? Do we do enough together? We don’t we ever use my Jacuzzi? Are you tired of Florida? Should we live in London? What is a flat?

++ Trav’s sleepwalking frisky business

++ “It’s so on. If Ellie says it’s on…It may not be on.” –Andy of his wingman duties

++ A reference to Laurie’s friend, Nezzie. (Don’t worry. The county paid for her to have metal legs after she was trampled.)

++ “I’m great with kids. My son almost made honor roll. Twice. I’m a bit of a Mary Poppins.” –Jules

++ Ellie knowing something was wrong because Jules would never make a roast

++ Grayson and baby Stan’s matching pajamas

What did you think of last night’s episode? Do you wake up happy, swinging, and/or asking questions? I hope I’ve caught you during the seven minutes of the day that you are in a good mood. Time to pour yourself a big bowl of “we can do this” and comment!

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  • rox

    Really great episode of Cougartown. I am so so glad it is back.

    • AJ

      Me too! I missed it while ABC tried out one lame new pilot after another. Bring out Big Carl and fill him up, everyone, Cougar is back!

  • tracy bluth

    Yet another awesome episode! My favorite parts were when Grayson seemed so genuinely upset both times Jules knocked over his imaginary “We can do this” bowl.

    • Flyer

      Yes! I liked when he was picking imaginary cereal off his shirt and putting it back in the imaginary bowl.

    • Mr. Holloway

      Imaginary hook hands…sorry, I don’t know what we’re doing. (I know it was Monday’s episode, but I love that gag. So far, we’ve had Laurie, Grayson and Jules…Bobby HAS to be next, right?)

      • JLC

        Since we’re on the subject, I’m going to throw in a shout-out to the ghost truck.

      • Eva

        Yes! I really like Monday’s ep. I wasn’t so fond of this one. Imaginary hook hands was the best. The end with Jules driving the truck out of the garage had me cracking up.

      • Strepsi

        My all-time favorite of that gag is when Ellie gives a tip of the hat to Laurie.
        Ellie: “Tiny hat….”
        Laurie: “Tiny opera gloves….. what are we doing?”

      • HD

        Bobby might not be next with the imaginary hat but I bet he will be the one who finally gets it!

  • Amy

    I sooo missed this show. Both Monday and Wednesday were great episodes.

  • Growler

    If you’re talkin’ about funny lines, Laurie’s “I’ll get jury-duty drunk” tops ‘em all!
    Very funny episode tonight!

  • abigail miller

    does anyone know the song playing when Laurie was on her walk of awesome?

    • Jeff in Brooklyn

      God Made Man by Young the Giant

  • mae

    i want a husband as hot as greyson and a cute baby to wear matching pajamas and just hang out at my house with me. adorable. i also LOVED lorie’s top at the end of the episode.

    • Strepsi

      They’re totally cute on TV, but honey in reality both pairs of pajamas have skid-marks in them.

      • Margie


      • ugh

        ain’t that the truth!

  • NinaV

    I know it’s normal to break up the couple everyone loves on a show, but I’ll be annoyed if they break up Jules & Greyson over the baby issue. This show does not need heavy drama, and come on, there could be so much potential in Jules & Greyson trying to have a baby and then raising one.

    • Flyer

      Yes, but this isn’t coming out of nowhere. Grayson’s marriage broke up because he wanted a kid and she didn’t. So when Jules shrugs and says she’ll just have to talk Grayson out of it, I don’t think she realizes that this actually could be a relationship deal-breaker. If they DO stay together over the course of the series, one of them is going to have to make a huge sacrifice for the other.

      • NinaV

        True, Greyson has always said he wanted children, but back in the first episode of the season, Jules has already named the baby they’d adopt together.

      • frommtlwithlove

        Good point NinaV. I had forgotten about that. Gotta love “convenient tv-shows rewrites”. I hope as well that they do not break up Grules. But hey!, at least it is a “grown-up” problem. It could be worse like “I wanna break up because you cheated on me with Ellie (can you imagine?!?!?!)” or “I wanna break up with you because you chew with your mouth open” or “I wanna break up because you wear white after labor day”.

      • jk

        I don’t think it’s a convenient re-write so much as they had Jules baby-sit Stan, which made her realize she’s done with kids. At least it’s not totally out of the blue.

      • frommtlwithlove

        Yeah maybe you’re right JK… … she thought she did she does not.. yeah, makes sense. maybe im just too cynical (or cinycal, or cinical)

  • Elle

    I think what Grayson was trying to say is “f–k it and chuck it.” But it’s a PG show so he had to censor himself.

    • Flyer

      Yep, that’s exactly right. Just writers being clever and writing around the censors.

    • Mark

      Does no one use “hump it and dump it” any more?

      • Morris

        I would like to add “lick it and flick it” to the list.

      • David K

        I thought it was “lick it and stick it”

      • Flyer

        I hadn’t heard either, but “flick it” makes more sense, since the idea is that you’re eventually getting rid of it.

  • Flyer

    I was a little confused by what I thought was a mixed message in Laurie’s storyline. First, she realizes that the club scene isn’t doing it for her anymore, and seems to actually accept that as a result of her serious “love” relationship with Smith, she’s grown up a bit. But then on her Walk of Shame/Awesomeness, she seems happy and yells out, “I’m back!” At that point, I had already accepted – and liked – the idea that Laurie was growing more mature in her dating habits, so I was a bit disapopinted when she seemed to happily slide back into skankiness.

    • JLC

      I had the exact same reaction. Maybe they were trying to show she’s taking baby steps. No more wild clubs, but if she can get a classy hookup, she’ll take it. And maybe the coffee shop guy isn’t done on the show yet.

      • BLM

        Ugh, I hope that coffee shop guy is just a one-nighter because he was a really bad actor.

        What, no mention of Travis humping inanimate objects in his sleep? I loved when he woke up in his dorm room and his roommate said he should at least buy his laundry basket breakfast. This show is so funny and I’m so glad it’s back!

    • Morris

      I miss Smith.

      • Eva

        I even breathe his name. Haha! I miss Smith too.

      • McProphet

        Ditto. Even though the actor is now on Brothers & Sisters as Calista’s love interest, I still call him “Smith” even though his character’s name is “Seth.” BRING SMITH BACK TO THE CUL-DE-SAC CREW!!!

  • Ed

    Love Cougar Town, but I have to add that I watched the new show Happy Endings right afterwards… Normally I’m so skeptical of these couples/friends comedies, but this one was really hilarious, the 10:30 ep especially. Is anyone else watching or do I have to be worried about it already?

    • Strepsi

      YES: COUGAR TOWN + HAPPY ENDINGS is a winning combination, and just times right to a bottle of Merlot.

      Max and Penny on Happy Endings are hilarious.

      • bluebonnetbelle

        Happy Endings has been an unexpected surprise. I was hoping for interaction between Eliza Coupe and Michael Mosely in the first episode last night b/c they were my fav part of the Scrubs reboot.
        Back to CT I thought it was funny how Jules never actually looked after Stan, she just kept handing him off to others. Awesomeness.

    • Penny

      I really enjoyed it. Damon Wayans Jr is fantastic.

    • Tom in STL

      I loved when Penny and Alex were at the bar waiting for the blind dates and Penny referenced the cougar trap from 24!

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  • Mr. Holloway

    So where is exactly is this wine bar that suddenly turns into a club? I was very impressed by the acoustics in there.

  • Penny

    The whole “harder to raise a baby in your 40s” argument was dumb. Having Jules watch Ellie’s kid for one night proves nothing. Watching a kid that isn’t yours is hard no matter what your age. And an enclosure made of cushions is hardly “escape-proof”.

    • Jen

      um.. its a television show – a comedy for that matter.

      Laugh a little Penny.

    • BLM

      Penny… CAAAAN!

  • JLC

    “How do you do that? You were asleep for like a tenth of a second!”

  • Pacey

    Why is the case of Cougar Town referred to as the Cul de Sac Crew?

    • Jeff in Brooklyn

      Because, much like the characters on Desperate Housewives, they live on a cul-de-sac (dead-end street with only one inlet/outlet).

      • JLC

        Also, it’s been mentioned by a lot of people as an alternate title they could use to try to attract new viewers who think the show is still about 40-somethings on the prowl for younger men.

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