Ben Affleck out of 'The Great Gatsby'... so who will be in?


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EW has confirmed that Ben Affleck will not be joining the all-star cast of The Great Gatsby after all. Affleck had recently been in talks with Gatsby director Baz Luhrmann about playing the part of Tom Buchanan in the much-anticipated, 3-D adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s literary classic. But sources tell EW that Affleck had to pass due to a scheduling conflict with Argo, the Iran hostage thriller he plans to direct next.

Affleck would have joined an A-list cast that includes Leonardo DiCaprio as the dashing title character Jay Gatsby, Tobey Maguire as the story’s narrator Nick Carraway, and Carey Mulligan as the object of Gatsby’s affection Daisy Buchanan. Recent reports have also claimed that Isla Fisher may join the film as Myrtle, the floozy with whom Tom Buchanan cheats on his wife Daisy.

With Affleck out, that means that the dizzy, busy Gatsby casting carousel will heat up once again, as Luhrmann searches for another actor to play Tom Buchanan and also fill the still-vacant role of Jordan Baker. Then again, Luhrmann may not have to look very hard for Affleck’s replacement — last week Bradley Cooper told The New York Times that he would be interested in playing Tom Buchanan, calling him “the best character in the book”.

A bit of history: When Hollywood last adapted Fitzgerald’s prized literary property in 1974, Gatsby was played by Robert Redford. The other main roles were played by Mia Farrow (Daisy), Sam Waterston (Nick), Karen Black (Myrtle), Bruce Dern (Tom), and Lois Chiles (Jordan).

So now let’s turn it over to you. What do you think of the Gatsby cast so far, and who would you like to see play Tom and Jordan?

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  • Angela

    Well, that’s it. He was perfect for Tom Buchanan, but honestly, if it’s between this and Argo, I’m glad he chose Argo. As much as I still like the cast members involved, I don’t think this project is going to be very good.

    • Adwina Lambert

      dicap is sooo yuck with a huge head!! tee-hee!

  • Brett

    DiCaprio’s Gatsby? Yeesh. I had reservations when I heard Luhrmann was directing, got a little queasy when I heard he was doing it in 3D, but now that I know DiCaprio has been cast as Gatsby, I’ll probably skip this one even on cable.

    • Camilla

      Agree completely. I view Di Caprio as Scorcese’s dark character guy. But a period piece in 3-D? Is Baz gonna change it into a musical? We get to see 1920’s automobiles driving toward us and duck? My head hurts.

      • Greta

        You do remember that Dicaprio starred in Baz Luhrmann’s phantasmagorical “Romeo + Juliet,” right? Whether the project is any good is one thing, but Dicaprio has already proved that he understands and can work well with Luhrmann’s colorful, over the top sensibilities.

    • Camilla

      I thought the question was whether I could see him as Gatsby, and I can’t. Having read the book, etc. I imagined Gatsby as having slightly aristocratic features. As DiCaprio gets older his boyish looks are becoming a bit gritty and care-worn. IMO, if you’re gonna make an operatic (uh, just a guess) 3D version of a classic, the grounding has to be in recognizable characters. Altho, now that I think about it, in completely unrelated news, Helen Mirren wants to play “Hamlet”. So, WTF do I know? LOL.

  • Liza

    This does look like a good cast and I would love to see Bradley Cooper as Tom. But, Carey Mulligan as Daisy? She’s not the right age at all. They couldn’t find someone more Leo’s age? I think Emily Blunt, January Jones or maybe Reese Witherspoon would be better choices for Daisy. Even if Carey is’t that young she still looks like she’s 12 years old and that makes me uncomfortable.

    • Strepsi

      January Jones looks fantastic for the part, but has all the acting range of a piece of wet cardboard.

      Carey Mulligan is so alive in the eyes.

      I’d rather keep Mulligan and replace DiCaprio with Andrew Garfield, her co-star in Never Let me Go. Now THAT’s chemistry!!!

      • Mel

        Agreed, Strepsi. January Jones is completely vapid.

      • tracy bluth

        I agree completely, Strepsi.

      • daisy

        Jones was considered for both Peggy and Betty – two very different characters. I don’t think we’ve seen all that she can do because she’s playing such a vapid character.

      • tracy bluth

        @daisy did you see Unknown? January Jones gave the same vapid performance in that as she has given in Mad Men, American Wedding, SNL…

    • tessa

      I completely agree. I don’t like Carey Mulligan at all either. She’s not a very good actress and she’s not right for the part of Daisy. Daisy is supposed to be every guy’s dream and Carey Mulligan is NOT every guy’s dream. Can we please get someone a little more convincing for the part of Daisy? And is it true that they’re making this into 3D? When will it end? Oh, please tell me! When will it end?!

      • tracy bluth

        Carey Mulligan isn’t a very good actress? Are you KIDDING me?! She should have won the Oscar for An Education. She was amazing in Never Let Me Go, Doctor Who, etc. Clearly you’ve never seen her in anything.

      • Liza

        I agree that Carey is a talented actress and she seems to be on track for a wonderful career. She’s just way too young to have someone as mature as Leonardo Dicaprio chasing after her. It’s just a little unsettling, especially when there are so many great actresses out there who are the right age. Actually I just thought of another one, Rachel McAdams is in her early 30’s and she’s gorgeous and talented. I just hate seeing obviously older men being matched up with much young women in movies when it’s no necessary.

      • jk

        I like Carey Mullligan a lot and think she’s a great actress – but not for Daisy. Especially since sh’s British and this is a quintessentially American story. It’s like all those people who wanted to boycott the “Harry Potter” films if the main actors weren’t played by Brits; it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal but it kind of is.

  • Jackie

    That is a VERY good picture of Ben Affleck!

  • Katie

    I think Jon Hamm would be a great Tom. He hasn’t made the leap to A-list movie star yet, but I think he would be perfect.

    • sassyfras

      WINNING! From your lips to god’s ears…

  • Brock

    This one has bomb written all over it. Carey Mulligan as Daisy is one of the worst casting decisions in recent memory.

    • Liz Lemon

      She’s talented, so I think she can pull it off. We’ll have to see.

      • Ed

        I wonder who they will cast as Wilson, Myrtle’s husband? Afterall, his role is vital to the script. It would have to be someone who looks gritty and can look sad in a pair of dingy overhauls. I agree that Reese Witherspoon would be a GREAT Daisy. She looks the part. And, since Daisy is supposed to be from Louisville, she could pull off the aristocratic southern drawl too. Tobey is a good choice for Nick. Why do I feel that Robert Pattinson should be cast in here somewhere? As Gatsby, perhaps?

  • Greta

    Ben Affleck would have been wonderful as Tom Buchanan — but so would Bradley Cooper, who has better acting chops than he’s been able to show on the big screen so far. I like the Jon Hamm idea as well, and hey, with “Mad Men” not filming again for a while, he’s free.

    Carey Mulligan — I think they should’ve gone with an actress roughly the same age as the guys. Daisy was supposed to be their contemporary. That said, I do think CM is enormously talented.

    • G

      Actually I think Daisy’s supposed to be a good 5 – 6 years younger than the guys, and none of them are supposed to be over 30.

  • Amy

    Ugh, please don’t cast Bradley Cooper.

  • Terry

    I could see Ashley Greene as Jordan.

    • Liz Lemon

      You joking?

      • TatyRod

        The Great Gatsy was well done in the 1970’s, it was perfect!… I am excited about it being done again, I mean with all of the the new technology and special affects what else are they going to add on to it? the 20’s were all about parties and flappers, and cars.. why go 3D??? Leo Di Caprio is perfect for the role as Gatsby, it would have been perfect if BPitt was younger, it has his name all over it, but he’s too old now. Ithink Isla fisher would be perfect as Daisy! Rachel McAdams as Jordan, Bradley cooper as Tom. Anywho… is 3D necessary for this film?!

  • K

    I think Patrick Wilson would be a good Tom. He has a lot of range.
    Carey would have been a much better Jordan. Jordan casting I could get behind: Kate Mara, Olivia Wilde, Michelle Dockery, or if we can go a tad older, Maggie Gyllenhaal or Mireille Enos.

    • Gatsby

      K – I agree: Patrick Wilson would BE GREAT as Tom. I also like the choice of Jon Hamm for the role, as well. But I prefer Patrick Wilson – a seasoned actor with great range and looks right for the part.
      As for Carey Mulligan, I really love her work as an actress but think she is miscast as Daisy. I think perhaps Abbie Cornish (has the chops – see: Bright Star), Emily Blunt, or Marion Cotlliard.

  • jk

    Wait … 3D? That’s some bulls**t.

  • Lisa Simpson

    No matter who’s in it, with Baz Luhrmann directing, and with it being filmed in completely superfluous 3-D, this movie is going to be terrible.

  • Sunny

    Maybe Sam Rockwell

    • tessa

      Sam Rockwell would never do a movie like this, it falls under unnecessary remakes and Rockwell is too good of an actor to get on a sinking ship like this.

  • Sara

    Neither movie is going to be done o.k

  • noam

    on nymag, they were saying neil patrick harris had had a meeting about a role. i’m assuming it was tom buchanan, but it wasn’t specified…i don’t think it matters at this point. i can’t see any of these actors having great chemistry with each other, and the fact that it’s in 3d is just obnoxious.

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