Glenn Beck will do it his way, but not in New York, New York


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Where in the world is Glenn Beck? On Saturday, the answer was Albany, where he told a live audience that his future plans did not include New York City. He’s sold his Connecticut home and intends to build a new media empire that will “deliver news directly to the youth of America,” according to “I’m going to make sure that Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart don’t occupy the space of comedy alone.” Though Beck seems intent on starting fresh in a new metropolis, a source with knowledge of the situation says that Beck’s Mercury Radio Arts and its 50 employees will remain in New York. Still, that probably won’t prevent Jon Stewart from gleefully bidding Beck adieu, as he once did for Rush Limbaugh.

But where will Beck anchor the base of his future venture? Beck’s camp isn’t ready to announce that detail, but there’s no reason we can’t speculate. My suggestion: Independence, Mo. It’s subtle. Beck likes subtle.

Where would you recommend Beck base his new operation? Vote below.

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  • LOL

    In Hell, of course.

    • Suzanne

      I think he would love Texas, no state income tax and the people are friendly yet feisty! Prices overall are more reasonable than a lot of places, certainly a lot more space than NYC.

      • @Suzanne

        So Texas IS hell, then?

    • Cat


  • true

    Under ground. I can’t stand that FUMLPOS!!!!

  • Crystal

    “I’m going to make sure that Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart don’t occupy the space of comedy alone.” Is he saying he’s going to try to be funny on his new show? This will be great . . .

    • Katja

      Seriously. I look forward to seeing the results of Beckian attempts at comedy parodied with actual comedic talent on The Daily Show and Colbert Report. And though I do appreciate that he wants to try to go the comedy route, hopefully instead of the OMG-buy-food-insurance-or-you-will-die route…I don’t think he has enough trust among today’s youth to successfully pull it off. I guess we’ll see.

    • Fiveagainstone

      If he was funny to begin with, he wouldn’t be making that statement. Glenn Beck and comedy is equivalent to Megan Fox and acting.

  • Brewcity

    If there is a God in Heaven, don’t let it be Independence. The area’s not big enough to absorb that much hate and craziness.

    • Skip182

      As someone who lives one state over from Missouri, please, for the love of god, NOT Independence.

  • PN

    I think Las Vegas. It’s more laid back. A little more conservative to match with his conservative stance and views. He can do his radio shows in Las Vegas and go to his home that he’ll move to in nearby Henderson, Nevada. I don’t think he likes New York and the crowdedness and traffic. He sounded uncomfortable with the surroundings when he did his Fox show in New York.

  • Karate Pants

    Bald Knob, Arkansas? Fort D!ck, California? Blue Ball, Delaware? Roachtown, Illinois? Gas City, Indiana? Boring, Maryland? Hell, Michigan? Nimrod, Minnesota? Chunky, Mississippi? Idiotville, Oregon? Big Be@ver, Pennsylvania? Short Pump, Virginia

    • Katja

      LOL I used to live near Short Pump. That place and Glenn Beck deserve each other. It’s an overdeveloped, overcrowded, sprawling hellhole of traffic and shopping centers and overpriced housing.

      • Katja

        But there are plenty of other lovely places in Virginia, and I’d like to move back and live in one of them some day, so I do hope he stays away. Even DC would be a bit too close for comfort. My sincere apologies to Californians, but I hope he moves out there.

  • Alana

    Glenn! Please come to Ohio and live with me!

  • bac

    Leaving the country sounds like a great plan that the United States. We do not keed him…..

  • Jerry

    LOL at the hate from the dumb libs. How’s that hope and change coming?

    • @Jerry

      Frankly Jerry, we’re too busy laughing at the way you dance to care. You’re a terrrrible dancer.

    • Jon

      I find it interesting that you think anyone critical of Beck *must* be liberal.
      Can you really not comprehend the idea of a conservative disliking the overly theatrical pablum Beck serves to his willing victims?
      The anti-intellectualism that has destroyed the conservative movement’s credibility would break the hearts of Buckley and Goldwater.
      I am a Libertarian by nature, but that position has been challenged by the current conservative movement. I think people by and large should be left to their own devices, but the popularity of Fox News and its talking heads like Beck makes me reconsider letting the American people choose their own toothpaste much less the way the country should operate.

      • K

        Thank you, Jon. I’m neither conservative nor Libertarian (nor liberal, for that matter), but it always bugs me that so many conservatives feel the need to defend people like Beck who do their level best to dumb down the national discussion and turn it into hysteria and dramatic overreaction. When I criticize him, I’m not usually attacking conservative principles. I don’t loathe Beck because he’s a conservative. I loathe his style, which I find morally abhorrent, particularly when people like my own mother get sucked into what he has to say to the point where they attack anyone who questions his methods. (Seriously, all I wanted was an intellectually engaging and rational debate because I find them interesting and fun, and my mother apparently felt that this was not possible where Beck and Sarah Palin were concerned, and essentially questioned my intelligence and accused me of elitism instead.) So anyways, it’s nice to actually see a post from someone who subscribes to some conservative values but doesn’t care for Beck.

    • James

      I find it interesting how people say beck lies and overreacts blah blah blah but never gives FACTS to disprove what he says. Oh yeah and how everything he says comes about. Glenn, come to Texas! Where freedom of speech isn’t attacked but embraced. No matter the side.

      • Jon

        Really? Everything he says comes about? Such as how President Obama is a racist? Or how we will need a supply of emergency food that expires to quickly to do any good?
        I find it interesting that you think nobody “gives FACTS to disprove what he says.” You seem to misunderstand how the process works.
        Beck actually has to provide supporting facts for his allegations and propositions before they can be even considered, much less analyzed. Until he does so, there is no reason to dignify his inanity by addressing it.
        Of course, that assumes that the people who believe Beck would accept facts presented that contradict Beck. If history is any indication, they would offer straw man arguments, ad hominem attacks, and other logically invalid responses while refusing to consider the new information.
        K, this is the problem with assertions that are not derived from facts or rational debate. Ideas drawn strictly from belief or conviction cannot be debated intellectually or rationally because the conclusions were not drawn from and cannot be supported by rational thinking or researched facts.
        Until people realize that the rhetorical tricks and logically insupportable methods used to debate most issues are devoid of any value other than riling up the base, our political process and the media that supports it will be stuck in the “us vs. them” paradigm, and our country will continue to be governed in the same short-sighted method supported by wishful thinking and confirmation bias.

  • Buffy Freak

    Perhaps he could broadcast from his home planet. And regarding his comment about Colbert and Stewart, is Beck saying his show on FOX wasn’t a comedy?

    • crystal

      They don’t want him back on his home planet. That’s how we ended up with him from the beginning.

  • kbee

    I Love Glenn…he is trying to get the country to wake up and keep our U.S. soil OUR soil…Do you all buy only American Made? No! you don’t!

    • Jon

      Do you buy only American-made? Considering the reduction of the manufacturing base, I seriously doubt you do. In fact, it would be nearly impossible to live even a moderately modern life without buying products at least partially composed of foreign-made materials.
      Today’s economy is global, whether you like it or not. Based on your xenophobic rhetoric, I would imagine the latter.

  • kbee

    I Love Glenn! He is trying to wake up America before it is the Former USA. Do you all buy American Made? No you don’t! It’s made in China! Guess who owns your property!

    • will g alvira

      Thanks mostly to the patriotic republicans of course.

  • brownp

    I think he will go to Utah, take in a “sister wife”, and start a reality show. Comedy is extremely difficult for the unfunny. Glenn….I’m talking about you.

  • will g alvira

    Oh ,I see. How nice of him. He,wants to deliver news to the youth of America? The same way Adolf Hitler did ?

    • will g alvira

      For Germany?

      • will g alvira

        I think Beck is better qualified to shine Sean Hannity’s shoes .

  • Anthony


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