'Parks and Recreation': I now pronounce you man and... wait, seriously?


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Oh! Well… okay, then! On one level, I should have seen the events of this episode coming. After “Ron & Tammy: Part Two,” NBC ran a promo inviting viewers to check out April and Andy’s wedding registry. The next day, the network apologized, saying that it had messed up — the spot was supposed to feature the names “Ron” and “Tammy” instead of “April” and “Andy.” As it turns out, though, that mea culpa was a total red herring. Andrew Maxwell Dwyer and April Roberta (!) Ludgate did, in fact, tie the knot in tonight’s installment of Parks and Recreation. And I don’t know whether to feel elated or totally confused.

I love Andy (like, Love-love). I love April. I love the two of them together even more. I also understand that if any couple on this show were to impulsively decide to get married, it’d be these two young knuckleheads. Still, I can’t help feeling cheated because of the way the wedding went down. I wish there had been more of a buildup — remember, they only said “I love you” to each other two episodes ago — to this moment, and I also wish there had been a little more tension. Why did nobody but Leslie voice objections to their union? Don’t April’s parents care that their little Zuzu only just turned old enough to drink?

The nagging feeling that all was not right prevented me from enjoying April and Andy’s Wacky Wedding Adventure unreservedly. But since I’m not made of stone, I also found plenty to love about this plot: Tom’s desire to become the Best Man, then the Best Best Man; the fact that Andy chose to get married while wearing his beloved Reggie Wayne jersey; Jean-Ralphio’s smooth suggestion that his buddy incorporate a quote from Fred Claus into his toast; and the sweet, note-perfect ceremony itself (best touch: April’s ex-boyfriend and his gay boyfriend were the flower-men). The couple’s vows were especially nicely done. (April: “I guess I kind of hate most things. But I never really seemed to hate you. So I want to spend the rest of my life with you, is that cool?” Andy: “I vow to protect you from dangers. I don’t care if I have to fight an ultimate fighter, or a bear, or him….I would take him down. I’m getting mad right now from thinking about it!”) Oh, and the moment when April took Leslie aside and told her that she loves her — I think that made my heart grow three sizes.

The episode’s B-plot, in which Donna taught Ann how to rock a singles mixer, was also a home run. I’d love to see these characters get more storylines together — Donna’s matter-of-fact attitude makes her a great foil for an off-her-game Ann. I wonder if Jean-Ralphio stopped by Mezze after Tom no longer needed his services?

Other highlights from “April and Andy’s Fancy Party”:

-I’m incredibly glad that Ron didn’t actually pull out his own tooth in front of his department. Besides being very, very gross, I think that might also have been too over-the-top, even for a macho specimen like Swanson.

– Andy has asked Ben to bring Avatar, 50 pairs of 3D glasses, and a 3D-capable TV to the “dinner party.”

– Oh, and speaking of Ben: Obviously he was going to stay in Pawnee. He and Leslie are so destined to have tons of idealistic, socially impaired babies together. Do you think these two crazy kids will actually become a couple before the end of the season?

– The shirt Mr. Gergich wore to the party: Such a Jerry.

– At the beginning of the party, April emerges wearing a grey hoodie over her white dress. After the nuptials, her sullen sister Natalie asks the guests if anyone’s seen her grey hoodie.

– Donna, giving Ann some straight talk at the mixer: “We’re in the jungle. There are no friends here!” And later, chastising her for not knowing how to flirt: “That was the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Are you Nell? From the movie Nell?”

– Another great cinematic reference came when Leslie asks A&A why they’re in such a rush to get married: “Is this like that movie, A Walk to Remember?”

– Ben, to April’s black-nailed friend Oren: “No, Oren, I do not know how I’m going to die. Wait. Are you asking me, or telling me?”

– Ron forgot about his drunken second marriage to Tammy. It’s effigy burnin’ time!

– I really wish I had caught more of the lyrics to Mouse Rat’s wedding song.

– This about sums it up: “We are in love, so we didn’t over-think it! I cannot overemphasize how little we thought about this!”

Are you in favor of Andy and April’s hasty marriage, or against it? And what was your favorite part of tonight’s episode?

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  • Dave

    This episode was definitely awesomesauce! Loved it! It was slightly weird that Andy and April actually got married (I agree about how it was strange that April’s parents were okay with it…and as Leslie pointed out, where are they going to live?), but in the end it kind of seemed to work for me. Jerry’s shirt was hilarious, as was April’s hesitation to give him an invitation at the beginning of the episode.
    And Ann and Donna were fantastic. I laughed so hard when Ann giggled and said “Yeah” to that guy because she didn’t hear what he had said, and he called her out on it.
    And who would bemoan the return of Jean-Ralphio?

    • Samantha

      For God’s sake, this quack EW writer repeated the entire episode in highlight list.
      Would be nice to have a critic rather than a lapdog.

      • Isembard

        Actually, as this is a recap and not a critique, the writer did her job appropriately.

      • Elizabeth

        Ken Tucker’s the fella you’re lookin for if you want critiques… most of us check these out to “discuss” the episodes.

      • Rob

        Recap. Not a critique

    • court

      There’s a deleted scene from the episode that shows Leslie talking to April’s parents about the wedding.

      The wedding caught me totally off guard (even though I saw that Ron & Tammy commercial), yet I loved it. For most of the episode I was waiting for them to say it was a joke, but KNOPE! I can’t wait for the unconventional marriage that will follow.
      Baby steps for Leslie and Ben, which is nice. It’d like to see there relationship dragged out longer. Maybe with the return of Louie CK?

  • Marie

    Easily one of the best episodes of the series, not just the season. I actually think that the surprise wedding is very much in character for April and Andy; sometimes building up things like wedding episodes only lead to disappointments. This was perfect. I even teared up a bit, something I didn’t expect to happen; what did it for me was seeing Andy tearing up when April entered the room and the song “April Come She Will” by Simon & Garfunkel playing as she walked down the aisle.

    • Rachael

      I definitely teared up. It was so sweet with “April” playing, and their vows were so true to them.

      The episode was more emotional then usual, but in a good way. The character’s were held true to themselve’s while also moving ahead with the storyline.

      LOVED IT!

    • Rock Golf

      Personal highlights:
      1) The look on Andy’s face as April entered and throughout the ceremony. Awestruck love.
      2) April’s sister. Just seeing her in the crowd, the Rockgolf family surmised it was her sister, and when she gave her speech, man, she was exactly on tone. Nailed it. Who was that?
      3) Tom’s alternating pride and frustration. I swear they must just turn to Aziz in the writer’s conference each week and say “Az, whatcha wanna do? Cuz we know it’ll be hilarious.”

      • Mae

        yes! andy’s face when april walked down the aisle was perfect. i wanted to marry him in that moment (but only in that moment)

      • shakes

        I was laughing so hard when Tom passed out after Ron pulled his tooth out. Love Ron!

      • Mr. Holloway

        @ Mae

        Don’t overthink it…just go for it!

    • DTO

      I like that they didn’t hype it forever, like Pam and Jim. It came out of nowhere and was naturally goofy. Pam and Jim’s wedding on THE OFFICE, while mostly entertaining, bugged me a bit (i.e. that Internet dance down the aisle, for starters).

      • Melly

        Yes, ITA @DTO about The J&P wedding. A&A’s wedding made for an awesome(sauce) episode that I loved every minute of!

      • jk

        It always bugged me that Jim and Pam’s wedding totally copied Marshall and Lily’s wedding on How I Met Your Mother, with the “secret” wedding first. Plus Lily and Marshall are just way cooler than Jim and Pam.

    • Mr. Holloway

      Yeah, I may still be on a bit of a high since this episode aired last night, but I think this may be the best episode in the show’s entire run.

      – Andy and April’s wedding was as unfussy and out-of-nowhere as it should’ve been. It was hilarious and it definitely filled its “awww” quota.
      – Every.single.cast member got moments (plural!) where they absolutely shined. I LOVE that Ann Perkins is actually quite hysterical now…finally!
      – Loved seeing the return of secondary characters like April’s friends, her sister, Jean Ralphio (who, it turns out, is not Tom’s boyfriend.

      – Jerry’s shirt. Maybe I should’ve led with that, because that in itself made this ep an all-time classic. Such a terrible shirt.

      • JLC

        The Jean Ralphio cameo came completely out of left field and, as such, was utterly perfect. He is my favorite properly-underused character on TV.

      • Mr. Holloway

        I think “Best Properly Underused Character on TV” should be an official list.

        I nominate Barb from “Cougar Town” and Magnitude (pop, pop!) from “Community.”

      • JLC

        Excellent choices!

      • Mark

        Mr. Holloway, does Alex on “Modern Family” meet the minimal screen to be considered “underused”? If so, I’d like to put her on this list.

      • Mr. Holloway

        @ Mark

        I was thinking more of non full-time cast members who pop in here and there…but who wouldn’t be as effective if they showed up all the time.

        Alex may be underused (especially this season), but she’s still a full-time member of the “Family.”

      • Jeremy

        Creed from the office, while a regular, is devastatingly properly underused.

      • Mr. Holloway

        @ Jeremy

        You’re forcing me to slightly break my own rule: Creed IS technically a full-time cast member…but he’s also absolutely PERFECT for the list! He brings just the right amount of hilariously creepy/clueless in his apperances.

      • Mark

        Having (sort of) clarified the rules, I’d now like to nominate Stuart of “The Big Bang Theory” (this IS just for sitcoms, right?). Stuart is the “Gunther” of BBT: he works at the gang’s hangout, is hopelessly in love with one of them, and can be counted on for a good quip or two on his occasional appearances. But he’d overstay his welcome if he was on more than once in a while.

      • JLC

        I think Stuart works, especially when he’s making cracks about living in the store. Definitely better then Kripke.
        Trying to think of one for Modern Family, but drawing a blank. I’d say Pepper Salzman, but cameos (especially celebrity cameos) shouldn’t count.

      • Mark

        Dylan isn’t considered a regular on MF, is he (we can bend the rules a bit for Dylan, can’t we Mr. Holloway?)

      • Mr. Holloway

        Now Dylan ABSOLUTELY works! (And kudos, because I was trying to think of one for MF when you mentioned Alex, and I couldn’t.)

        Dylan’s hilarious when he’s on, but I don’t know if I want to see him every single episode (wait, maybe I would). Either way, we have to let him go off every once in a while so he can work on his music.

        I also nominate Dr. Leo Spaceman from “30 Rock.” (I’ll take you guys’ word on Stuart, since I don’t watch BBT.)

      • JLC

        Dr. Spa-chee-man is also an excellent choice. Good thinking, folks!

      • lisaP

        mr. holloway – do you/could you have your own blog? i have read your comments before. this list idea is great.

      • tina

        the interaction between rob lowe’s character and oren was fantastic. some jackwagon wants to get all gloomy on people and along comes someone like rob lowe to rain on his gloom parade.

      • Jen

        For 30 Rock I’d have to go with Banks over Spaceman.

    • Rob

      I agree. It was exactly in character for those two!

  • Jobless

    Seriously an awesome episode! Of course their wedding was completly insane, but it works because it’s April and Andy. The wedding scene itself was actually really touching too.

    • Ina

      I agree. I liked this episode. I was half expecting a gotcha moment though. As someone who really wanted April and Andy to just stop messing around and get together I’m really happy that they made it official. I hope they make it work those crazy kids.

    • Karate Pants

      My first instinct, upon realizing that April and Andy were ACTUALLY going to marry, was profound disappointment. But you’re right – for Andy and April it works.
      What a STELLAR episode, I laughed, I cried, I laughed til I cried…Parks and Rec is EASILY one of the top 3 comedies out there, and I’d rank it among the top 10 of all time. Seriously.

  • Lauren

    April’s parents call her Zuzu, not Zazoo.

    • b

      Zazoo was that Boston teen character that Rachel Dratch did with Jimmy Fallon on SNL back in the day lol.

      • Kat

        And Zazu was Mufasa’s right hand bird!

      • Tom Bergeron

        I love everything about both of these comments.

  • Greg Marcus

    Surprised there has been no mention of: “So not only does this exist, but now you have deprived everyone of cake!”
    re: The Veggie Loaf

    • Dave

      Haha! Almost forgot about that! Seriously, Ron Swanson is so awesome.

    • Olivia

      Definitely my favourite Ron Swanson moment of the episode.

      • J

        I loved when Tom mentioned Julia Roberts and Ron referred to her Mystic Pizza movie! Hahaha!!!!!

    • Alexia

      I loved the way Ron’s jaw twitched even before he said anything, just looking at the loaf.

      • mae

        i loved all the ron moments. especially the effigy description!

      • Heidi

        When Ron yells about throwing it from a safe distance I lost it. So funny!

  • Snsetblaze

    I cracked up when Chris creeped out the creepy Oren.

    • Mark

      “I have to go now.” LOL!

    • WhataFriday

      Loved this part – how everyone else was trying to avoid him but Chris just chatted him up til he left.

    • jones

      That was one of my favorite parts of the episode.

    • Soup

      What about Chris’s insane dancing?! It was like an energetic version of the Elaine!

      • tfs

        I’m laughing just thinking about Chris’s dancing.

      • Blame Leno

        I’ve been chuckling reading all these comments but this memory made me literally LOL!! I could watch him dance and April’s reaction to him dance over and over!

  • LOL

    “Home Run” is right. This was awesome (sauce). What a great show!

    • chancey

      This show is excelling on every level this season!

  • Lee Harvey

    Get a link to this on the EW front page!

  • Johnification

    I think Ron re: The Veggie Loaf may be my new favorite Ron quote.

    • Jeremy

      OK, timeout. You think that beats “It’s a whole new meat delivery system” or “It’s the same liberty that gives me the right to fart in my own car. Are you going to tell a man that he can’t fart in his own car?”

      Don’t get me wrong, the line was a classic, but it’s stiff competition for favorite Ron Swanson quotes.

      • ErinSF

        Or, “You had me at Meat Tornado”

      • California

        Don’t forget “Fishing relaxes me. It’s like yoga, but I still get to kill something.”

  • LP

    Great episode, and a complete surprise.

  • Terry

    After watching the terrible Paul Reiser show, and the big letdown of the Will Ferrell Office appearance, it was great to see such a funny episode of Parks. An instant classic. The other NBC shows (except 30 Rock) should take note.

  • Flyer

    There were so many things to love about this episode, but my favorite moment had to be the use of “April Come She Will” as the song for when April entered and walked down the aisle (so to speak). It made me want to have a daughter and name her April just so we could use that song when SHE gets married someday.

  • Flyer

    I also loved the whole Veggie Loaf fiasco and how apathetically similar April and her sister are. There’s no mistaking the fact that THEY’RE related.

    • Isembard

      But wasn’t April’s sister a little more normal, ie, not like April, when we saw her before? She was in the episode where April has Andy running errands to earn her possible forgiveness for the Ann kiss. I remember her sister being different than she was tonight.

      • elena

        No, I’m pretty sure she was still endearingly creepy. She called the cops on Andy, remember? That’s some crazyness. Not so normal…

      • JLC

        She also had a nice creepy moment when Ron went to April’s house after she quit over the 99 meetings debacle. Almost like an April doppelganger in that episode.

  • Chris

    Best episode of the season so far and there have been a lot of great ones. 30 Rock and Parks & Recreation continue to be the two best shows on tv.

    • jamie

      I really loved tonights episode. I thought Rob had a couple of great scenes tonight; the scene with oren, and the hilariously awful dancing. I also like donna telling Ann to adjust her attitude and not worrying about a guy she didn’t want to marry anyway.

      • Ina

        OMG Rob Lowe thrashing about while “dancing” was quite possibly the best thing ever.

      • silsont

        Ina, I think you mean quite “literally.” Lol!

  • hannah

    Julia Roberts will from now on be forever known to me as ‘That toothy girl from ‘Mystic Pizza’

    • Tom Bergeron

      Love the fact that is the movie Ron knows Julia Roberts is from.

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