Paris Hilton says new reality series will show true self: Too late?


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Promoting her upcoming Oxygen reality series The World According to Paris debuting in June, Paris Hilton today revealed to reporters that she was just playing a character on The Simple Life. Shocking, we know. She also said, "I would never have done a show like [The World According to Paris]

five, ten years ago. I wasn’t really comfortable with myself,” Reuters reports. “I have been through so much. I have nothing to hide. It’s like, what else can happen? I was ready to show myself.”

Is it too late, or is the perfect time for Paris to return? In the “too late” column, you have the arguments that she’s been eclipsed by the Kardashians; that we don’t trust that we’ll see the true Paris even with an all-access pass to her friends, house, and business; and that even if we were to, would anything surprise us at this point? Arguments for this being the right time for Paris to show her true colors is that we’d all be fascinated to see how Lindsay Lohan exists, but peeking on Paris makes us feel less guilty; it would be nice to know how exactly she fills a day; and there is always the chance that we’ll see her as a real person like we did Jessica Simpson when Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica first began. That’s really the goal here, right? Let’s take it to a vote after the jump. 

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  • Drew

    Jessica Simpson has a likable personality. I’m not so sure Paris does.
    The Simple Life was cute- but Nicole was always the highlight of that show.

    • Maxinpains

      Did you just wrote Jessica Simpson has a Likable personality?
      Well, Excuse me, But you are TOTALLY LYING TO YOURSELF OR YOU DON’T KNOW WHO REALLY IS JESSICA SIMPSON. you have not met her . I’d take it as The Simpson catoons has #1 hit.

  • Jim

    Is the show called Spoiled Biach?

    • Maxinpains

      Jim? You really don’t wanna go against Paris. If you have a family & friends I swear…. Don’t even interact with Paris H.

  • Chris

    I find it difficult to believe that Paris Hilton (or any other reality celebrity for that matter)does not act somewhat diffrently with a camera on them. Though I don’t advocate recording or videotaping people without their knowledge or consent, much like the recent Hugh Grant tape, that’s how you get the truth.

  • Douglas

    Like the vast majority of above vote casters, I voted “Can’t say I would ever have cared.” Honestly. YAWN! I don’t care if she shows “the real Paris Hilton” or not. Who on earth cares about this bubble-brained, overpriviledged, brainless bimbo?

    • Color Me Impressed

      Although I completely agree with your sentiment, I’m a bit confused by your choice of insults; how can she be both “bubble-brained” AND “brainless”? Which one is it? Her brain can either be “bubbled” or “non-existent”, but obviously not both.

      • Curtis

        why not be both. You can be stupid and dumb at the same time. Stupidity comes has many nuances, and PH’s stupidity is very nuanced. Besides that, she’s a spoiled brat.

    • Maxinpains

      Nah. As far as i know She really isn’t as you think it is. Really.

  • Jake Ryan

    They disconnected my cable so I’ve already seen the show. It’s called White Noise.

    • Maxinpains

      If you write something good about Paris Hilton you never know she might give you a free entertaiment set in your house. Well, I have some experience with writing about Paris once & She did really helped me out hell of a lot. Now, I’m making 6 figures ..Well, I don’t wanna brag…lol P.S. I was a carpet cleaner before this…LOL

    • Henry Hislop

      White noise is being kind. This “Lady” doesn’t deserve to be associated the Physics of audio and video frequency alocation!

  • DB

    remember all the devoting herself to charity and women’s causes and changed woman crap she said she’ll do when she first got out of jail? well…ya…we all know who you really are already.

  • Haha

    I love how she wasn’t comfortable being herself on camera, but sloppy bjs and doggy style on camera came as second nature to her.

  • mon

    Even when she gave a recent interview talking about how much how she’s grown and humbled, she still said “Everything bad that could happen to a person has happened to me.” Really? I doubt she can understand the plight of thousands of Americans who have lost their jobs and homes during the recession, or the struggles of being a single parent, etc. That statement alone reveals how sheltered and of touch with reality she still is.

    • ann

      What does “understanding the plight of thousands of Americans who have lost their jobs”, etc., have anything to do with being in touch with “reality”? Absolutely nothing is what! Reality is different for various human beings. Heck, most people commenting here don’t know a hill-of-beans about the “reality” of running a large business, having to worry about complying with environmental, tax, employment, and maritime law(s) do they? So just because someone can’t relate to YOUR reality, doesn’t mean that they’re out-of-touch. You don’t know squat about amortizing millions of dollars in costs do you? No you don’t- so what “reality” are you out of touch with? I’ll tell you, the very reality that runs this nation is what.

      I don’t give a rats butt about Paris. But Before you start yip yapping about people being out of touch, check yourself first. Lastly, if you don’t want to “struggle” as a single parent- keep your freaking legs shut until you have a career. If most single parents did that, they would’ve never ‘struggled’ in the first place would they. No, they wouldn’t have.

  • brian emmet

    Could Mandi, author of the article, explain what this tortured sentence actually means? “Arguments for this being the right time for Paris to show her true colors is that is that we’d all be fascinated to see how Lindsay Lohan exists…”
    Say WHAT??

  • juicycoutureoutlet

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