Pia Toscano isn't dating Mark Ballas (wink) and we totally believe her (wink, wink)

Ah, the old “we’re just friends” song-and-dance routine. Only this time it’s with people who do actual song and dance routines. It’s so literal!

Recently booted American Idol contestant Pia Toscano stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show (the episode airs today on NBC, check local listings) to continue her “Maybe someone will please explain to me how the hell I got kicked off?!” tour, to which host and fellow former short-lived Idol resident Ellen DeGeneres had no answers, only sympathy: “You have the most beautiful voice … I hope everybody is looking at this going, ‘We got to vote for people,’ because I think that people thought you had it made.”

But, there was a far more pressing matter at hand: Is Pia dating Dancing with the Stars‘ dancing star Mark Ballas?

DeGeneres, never one to shy away from asking her guests about their rumored romances, not-so-subtly slipped the Ballas gossip into their chat. After telling Toscano, “You have such a beautiful voice,” she added, “now you have a very handsome boyfriend.” Well played, DeGeneres, well played. When she asked, “How is that going?”, Toscano gave the time-honored response, given by celebrities playing coy the world over, “I’m really just focusing right now on my music.”

She continued, “I just met [Ballas] … he’s a very sweet guy … we’re just friends.” To which DeGeneres replied on behalf of everyone, “Uh huh, whatever.” Watch the clip below.

Still, you’ve got to give the girl credit: For someone relatively new to the fame scene, she’s got the lingo down pat. Not to mention the fact that she’s got legions of fans hoping that she actually is going to focus on her music career, rather than become, say, a tabloid fixture.

And, hey, we could be totally wrong and Toscano and Ballas — perhaps they really are just friends. But, oh, think of the double dating possibilities! Fellow AI/DWTS crossover couple Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough could join them for dinner, during which they could delve into deep discussions about the reality television lifestyle and how really, really ridiculously good-looking they are. And Toscano and Hough would probably chat, too.

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  • Jenn

    Here’s the thing – there is a WIDE gap between starting to date someone and calling them your “boyfriend.” Nobody seems to allow celebrities (or even semi-celebrities) that ambiguity. Announcing you’re dating someone on national television could kill the relationship right then and there. It’s not as simple as “I’m being artfully mysterious.” Dating is awkward as it is. Adding fame makes it dang-near impossible.

    • Sara

      Ooh, “I’m being artfully mysterious” could totally replace “I’m just really focusing on my ____ right now.”

    • Megan

      Mark clearly used it as publicity to sell his new CD. He’s a total famewh*re. Just a few days before that there was a video of him on youtube caressing Chelsie Hightower’s face before rehearsal with Chelsea Kane, and he kissed her nose at the end of their pro dance to generate buzz last week. He just loves the attention he gets for his dating life, and he uses it to promote his music.

      • ren

        you watch too much tv!

  • GMB

    Their date was also clearly a publicity stunt. They may end up actually liking each other, but I imagine being forced on a date would only make things more awkward when you have to talk about it.

    • ren

      how do you know?

      • GMB

        I find it hard to believe that anyone would want to go on a first date with a person less than 24 hours after they had one of the hardest nights of their life. I hadn’t even gotten over the news yet, I doubt Pia had. I’m thinking her publicist wanted to get her name out there in a post-idol way as soon as possible.

  • LOL

    Pia is the biggest star to come out of A.I. this season. None of the remaining singers will eclipse her.

    • joli

      I don`t even like the girl but i agree! I`m not sure if the winner will get the kind of media coverage Pia got! Shock effect is the most important thing for American Idol every season and that is gone with Pias elimination!

  • Nath

    I know it is one thing to start dating. Another thing to call him your boyfriend. Poor girl, she liked Ballas wanting to get to know him. Have gone out on 1 date and they already marry her. But thats Hollywood, they are so cute together tough. I watch when TMZ catch them they were so adorable. Not mean, not showing off at the same time. Well dressed for a first date, really cute. Love them already. But, please can you guys give them a little time to get to know each other. Can’t even go on a 2nd date, cameras will be all over. That’s ok, she is very mature about it.

    • jj

      I appreciate what you’re saying about giving them some time and your concern about cameras being all over them…but I do hope you realize that by watching TMZ’s coverage of them, you’re contributing to the …well I don’t want to say “invasion of privacy” but you know, TMZ wouldn’t be following them around and having cameras everywhere if people chose not to support that kind of “journalism.” So it’s just something to think about if you do want them to have their privacy and time to get comfortable with each other and all that, and you can decide whether you think they should get privacy or whether you think that’s just the price of fame. Sorry to sound so preachy!

  • Anon

    Pia Toscano and Julianne Hough… I’d be set for the next 3 months lmao

  • oldmanbob

    Pia Toscano is the singer I have seen since Barbara Streisand.She is a class act and will become a super megastar.I’ve seen many artists over the past 70 years and folks, to me Pia Toscano rates right at the top

    • ren

      I agree!

  • fan

    For 9 years all I heard was AI is a singing competition no a popularity contest. Now all of a sudden you have to be an entertainer. Don’t matter if you can sing or not. That Casey is a idiot….. If anyone thinks Pia cannot sing they will get educated when she starts making millions!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Seda

    Is Mark Ballas Armenian,because his last name comes from very popullar Armeninan last name roots Ballasanyan, thats why he has those eyes.

    • Neya

      He’s part English (mother) and part Greek-Hispanic (father).

  • fan

    James Durbin should have been around 35 years ago he would have fit in good with KISS. I have heard enough of that d__n screaming he does and all that eye twitching bs. He needs to go and take Casey with him.

    • …is a moron

      Ok, i agree with the screaming, but SERIOUSLY. James has tourettes, he cant help the “eye twitching bs”. You are such a dbag.

  • Brittany

    I still can’t believe she got voted off the show. She’s such an amazing singer. She’ll definitely have the biggest career off of this year’s idol. Some of those kids may be fun to watch on the show, but they are not Kelly, Carrie’s or even Pia’s lol.

  • Mama Pia

    Old Man Slezak has a great interview with Pia at his new web site, TVLine.com. Girl is a total class act.

  • will g alvira

    What Pia needs is what every girl needs, a prince. Just like that frog who turns into a prince after being kissed.

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