Jennifer Lopez named 'People' magazine's Most Beautiful Person

What a difference a year makes: In 2010, Jennifer Lopez was making headlines for the critically reviled catsuit she wore while celebrating New Year’s, just months after she fell onstage at the American Music Awards while singing “Louboutins.” But now, thanks to her judging stint on American Idol, Lopez has reinvented herself as a media and audience darling after proving to be kind, attentive, and, yes, extremely shiny (The sequins! The eyeshadow!) on the Fox reality TV show. So, in turn, People has named the multi-hyphenate 2011’s Most Beautiful Person.

In the issue — which also includes celebrities like Mila Kunis, Ryan Reynolds, Jennifer Hudson, Reese Witherspoon, Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Lawrence, and The Office stars Mindy Kaling and Ellie Kemper — Lopez talks about how she survives life in front of unforgiving HD cameras. And according to the Idol judge, it’s not easy: Lopez follows a portion-controlled diet and even ran a triathlon just months after giving birth to 3-year-old twins Emme and Max. “The thing is, it’s part of my job,” she tells People. “I don’t want anybody thinking it’s easy.” More nuggets from Lopez: Both her son and daughter enjoy painting their nails and she didn’t mind her former “diva” label — as long as fans knew she was still Jenny from the Block. “I kind of like it,” she says. “We’ve kind of owned it now. But I certainly don’t like and I’ve never been a person who has what they call ‘diva behavior,’ which is something they tried to pin on me for a long time.”

Check out a sneak peek of People‘s Most Beautiful issue here. A fan and cup of cold water required.

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  • District 12

    well she does photograph well…

    • Cygnus

      Airbrushing can make anyone look like the most beautiful. Interesting that People would go with a has-been from a sinking reality show.

      • Tiff

        She’s not airbrushed on Idol – in high-definition live TV she is still stunning.

      • kevin

        NAH… I have never been a huge fan of hers, but I have caught Idol a few times this year and I am often shocked by her beauty; she is stunning, almost literally.

      • shela88

        Jennifer looks BETTER in person..I have seen her up close at Idol Rehearsals on Wed afternoons and she is perfectly gorgeous and nice to everyone…so there!

      • shela88

        shame on you EW for refusing my pro J-Lo post stating that I have seen her at Idol rehearsals and she is gorgeous and very nice also. What do you have against her?

      • zoom5

        lol at shela88. faaaail.

    • gary

      She is also narcissistic, cruel, a bad actress, and she relies on voice synthesizers when she sings.

      • Lily

        x 2

      • Liz Lemon

        I think she’s a good actress. Loved her in Out of Sight and Selena. She’s also a great performer. She’s just facing the problem every female over the age of 40 faces in Hollywood: discrimination.

      • Mona

        Her last box office hit was Maid in Manhattan, and she was 32 when that film came out. People have been turned off by her egostistical, diva-like attitude and that is why they have not supported her films. Do not blame her career woes on the “Hollywood has a problem with women over 40″ excuse, because many actresses have successful careers in their 40’s and even 50’s. Nobody is going to spend $14 on a movie ticket to see a mediocre actress who acts like her shiz doesn’t stink.

      • tickles

        I can’t see her as being a cruel person. I think she is very, very pretty. And as far as slamming her for using a voice synthesizer name me one popular artist today who doesn’t? Unfortunately there are not many true singers out there today and 2 of the best came from AI. Carri and Kelly.

    • Tom

      Personality isn’t everything guys.

    • TorontoTom

      Was Stephen Tyler the runner-up?

      • Mrs. Crabtree

        I peed my panties on that one!

      • EZA

        He should have taken the crown!….lol

    • Liz Lemon

      She is a very beautiful woman. No one can deny that. And I’m glad they gave the title to someone whose considered a minority in Hollywood.

      • Sheisnostick

        Couldn’t have said it better. Hollywood always picks boring woman. Finally an exotic puertorican woman

      • etm

        I’m just glad they didn’t pick Julia Roberts for the millionth time.

  • Chris


  • car

    What a load of crap. These lists are always about who has the best publicist.

    • David

      Yep, I have a feeling the majority of the voters who have a certain ethnicity that are into the big booty’s. The fact she’s on American Idol probably had nothing to do with this either (sarcastic).

    • dee

      agree. she’s hot for sure, pretty yeah but not what I’d call beautiful.

    • TorontoTom

      It’s ALL about the publicist, baby! Buy it and sell it.

    • Liz Lemon

      This is true. I’m shocked that they chose J-Lo, but she is beautiful.
      But the rest of the list is quite pathetic with the exception of a few.

  • notme


  • pola

    Well she is not THE most beautiful woman but she is a gorgeous woman for sure!

  • A

    AGREE ! She deserves the the front cover!

    • Max

      Yep. Gorgeous inside and out.

      • Mrs. Crabtree

        You know her inside from experience?

      • Max

        Yes, she has a gorgeous spleen.

      • Mrs. Crabtree


  • Jay

    J. Lo is no doubt a very attractive woman. However, the “most beautiful” title belongs to someone younger. I personally can think of several celebrities that are easily more beautiful than her.

    • Mia

      Why someone younger? Older women are beautiful as well.

      • Jay

        Did you read my entire post? Sure older women can be neautiful, and I clearly stated that J. Lo IS beatiful.
        But lets face it, she was prettier when she was younger, and there are many celebrities (that are currently younger than her) that beat her out, hands down.

        Its just the way it is… dont even try and deny it

      • me

        such as?

      • yawn

        I think she looks prettier now than before. Gorgeous woman. In fact, I didn’t think she was all that until she was on American Idol. Then I understood what the fuss was about.

      • etm

        You know who I think looks better now? Courtney Cox and Halle Berry.

    • Tiff

      ageist much?

      • Jay

        I just speak the truth. If it hurts, you’re too old

      • Tiff

        Jay, you’re a jerk.

      • Truth Hurts

        Poor Jay. All that hostility because he’s incapable of pleasing a woman, young or not so young, not that any woman would give him the opportunity anyway. So sad. Pitiful, really.

    • Anonymous

      We’re all so lucky to have you to tell us all what the “truth” is. Thank you all knowing and all seeing anonymous internet guy–what would we do without you?

    • kimmy

      i feel like it should be someone who is more relevant. i mean, other than idol jlo has nothing going on.

      • KP

        A current top 10 single is nothing?

      • datruth82

        Being a L’oreal spokesperson/model is also nothing? Being a Gilette spokesperson is nothing? Being the face of a designer (believe it’s Gucci)is nothing? What have you done today? How much would people pay you to represent their products?

      • Jesus

        kimmy is right. Her career was going downhill long before her gig on Idol, so she better thank her lucky stars that she saved what was left of it. Being the spokesperson for a razor brand is not that prestigious, nor is her contract with L’Oreal (which she got nine years after Beyonce, by the way). And you’re right, she has ONE hit in the top ten, all thanks to the heavy promotion on Idol. She’s no longer a draw at the box office so her team is trying to get her on as many drug store products as possible in order to keep her relevant. Let’s face it, she’s a B-list celebrity now. Her days as a powerful Hollywood A -list star are long gone.

      • just saying…

        @Jesus: the L’Oreal contract isn’t prestigious…so, you have one, then? Safe to assume the same thing for the Gucci contract, then, too? When can I see your ads? Plus, the woman is one of the most famous people and faces in the WORLD. You can go to places as disparate as South America to Africa, India to Russia, and people know and love this woman. Many American stars are only famous in America. You cross borders, and their star power diminishes or disappears. In Jennifer Lopez’ case, her star may be a little less in the USA now, but it’s larger than ever worldwide. With over 6 billion people on the earth, the 350 million or so in the USA and Hollywood’s perception of a star only goes so far in determining how ‘A list’ they really are.

    • Brett

      You’re just flat out wrong, Jay. Youth does not necessarily mean more beautiful, which is the position you’re clearly advocating. J.Lo was no better looking in her 20’s than she is now. I agree with you that there are women far more deserving of the title of “most beautiful” than Ms. Lopez, but it has nothing to do with their age.

  • Mia

    J-Lo is definitely NOT the most beautiful woman in the world. Shes not even in the top 20.

    • Mrs. Crabtree

      You have to understand, People Magazine has very low standards.

      • Miss Talk

        And lower and lower sales probably… that may explain a lot of things.

    • jeff pratt

      THANK YOU!!!! not even top 50

    • Sheisnostick

      Clearly you are blind or racist

      • just saying…

        Agreed. If she were the typical white, bony, no-shape, flat-behind, white actress that’s seen week after week on interchangeable magazine covers, 1/2 the comments on this board would disappear. She’s got curves, high cheekbones, tans to a gorgeous golden color, beautiful almond-shaped eyes and a great smile. Yeah, nothing beautiful there (sacrasm).

  • Michell Jones

    Look at her Pic.of High school !!!None of her FEATURES LOOK THE SAME!!!! her jaw her, hire line… Her hips and belly are obvious reshaped by plastic surgery.She doesn’t look Latino anymore like in early years. What is the message to normal people, to change their identities physically –(to be the most beautiful people). Shame to All Media for applauding this attitude especially the magazine who put that pic.on the cover. Don’t alter etnicity of people through plastic surgery and call that beauty. Beauty is natural not make up and so, so…

    • just saying…

      It’s called growing up and losing the baby fat. And, I’ve seen her high school and dancing pics, from before she made it as an actress. The proportions of her shape, stomach, etc. are all exactly the same. She’s just lost weight as she’s grown older, so everything is tighter and more pronounced. Believe it or not Michell, there are women who really look like this in the world – especially among other ethnicities. This is kind of the norm among women of African, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, and West Indian/Caribbean descent.

    • Monica

      Practically every white person in Hollywood has altered their appearance with plastic surgery…what should we glean from this?

  • Brett

    It’s been an ugly year.

  • mari

    J.Lo is attractive but to give her the cover for the Beautiful issue — ehh. Mila Kunis or Natalie Portman should have gotten that cover. If they want a musician on the cover then they should have gone with Adele. She may not be a size 0 but she is beautiful and quite talented too.

    • B-

      Mila Kunis looks like a little boy below the neck. Most Beautiful? No. Can’t argue with Portman. She’s hot. But she has an Oscar. Can we let Jenny Lo have her moment? When Damon was chosen the “Sexiest Man Alive” no one cried even though he’s old now and there are way hotter guys.

    • Jane

      I have a tendency to believe these “titles” are whose publicist promises an interview. No interview, no cover. Some of her photos in the spread are photoshopped and airbrushed so much she is not recognizeable. But, others do it too, so not a surprise. But her quote “being beautiful is part of my job” is just dreadful.

      Even though I like him, have to agree about Damon. Cute yes, talented, yes, sexiest man alive–No.

  • S

    Her? Really?

  • MrNiceGuy

    Anybody can look good after a couple of hours in the makeup chair.

    • Mrs. Crabtree

      And that’s Mr. Nice Guy being nice but keeping it real. I agree! To everyone else, ask all the people from the block how beautiful Mrs. Marc Anthony really is.

      • B-

        That is true of 95% of celebrities. This is not news.

    • Madeline

      Hours? try half a day

  • Lauren

    If you take her singing and her acting out of the equation, she is pretty darned good looking!

  • Chris

    Not a big fan of Jennifer Lopez’ music, but she is drop-dead, jaw-dropping gorgeous. I have no argument with People’s giving her the title this year.

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