'The Celebrity Apprentice' poll: Does Gary Busey deserve to still be on the show?


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If you’ve been watching The Celebrity Apprentice this season, then you’ve probably noticed that human trainwreck Gary Busey has become The Donald’s trump card. Busey is clearly inept, as well as inappropriate (hello, Big Wednesday) — in last week’s episode, every member of his team cited the actor as the group’s weakest link. Yet somehow, almost halfway through the season, Busey still hasn’t been kicked out of the boardroom once and for all. The guy just can’t be eliminated; he’s like the Robin Swallows of reality TV.

The reason behind this, as Celebrity Apprentice expert Dalton Ross has pointed out, is easy enough to understand: Busey’s antics make for great TV. That means Trump is going to go out of his way to justify keeping Busey on the show for as long as he can, regardless of how well the wannabe Apprentice actually performs. Though that strategy makes sense — who would want to watch a series about a bunch of boring, competent people? — it’s also sort of indefensible when the guy being kept around just for kicks is Gary Busey.

Do you think Busey’s overstayed his welcome, or are you glad he’s still livening up this season of The Celebrity Apprentice? Vote in the poll below to let us know.

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  • Jeff

    All you haters who want GB gone are just expressing FEAR:

    • Acronyms Are Us

      TRUMP = Television Ratings Usurp Masterful Players.

      • Long Island Guido

        Trump would make the perfect politician, he’s full of crap and everyone already knows it…

    • brett

      Very funny, but the evidence doesn’t seem very false. Even though Gary claims everything they say didn’t happen.

    • angie

      Thumbs. Up. They just can’t handle his SPIRIT.

    • JK

      hahah cracked me up

  • kele64

    Watching this season reminds me of elementary school kids picking on the slow kid. Gary Busey is for all intents a mentally challenged kid. It’s sad to see how he’s being handled. They talk around him almost like he isn’t there. He should have gone home for his own sake.

    • mojo

      I am in total agreement. There is something unseemly about this whole thing. Donald Trump would pretty much do anything for money. Gary suffered a traumatic brain injury years ago–ALL of the personality traits others are focusing on are directly related to that. He literally cannot help it. I wish his teammates would show some compassion. I wish the producers/Trump would stop playing this for laughs. Shameful. He seems a very sweet man with no impulse control or insight.

      • JonG

        Except that he is also very dishonest and self-serving. He’s more like an unruly, conniving child than a sweet man.

      • tnsmoke

        Sorry, Gary Busey was a tool long before his motorcycle accident…

      • Elie

        I think Mojo is right about the word ‘unseemly’. Busey is brain damaged and it affects his behavior. Some behavioral retraining could help that but the fact is he is not “eccentric” or “a genius” or any of those other patronizing things they say – he has brain damage. And to put him and his behavior on display for amusement is just creepy. It is like putting the kid who has a stutter or who is mentally challenged or anything else on display because of their disability. Just awful.

  • Shelby

    It’s not based on who is the best businessman or who would be best in a corporate environment. They want to get good ratings, and get that by keeping Gary Busey on to continue his ramblings of nonsense.

    • Rachel

      You mean his brain injury nonsense?

    • carole

      I got a little upset with The Donald. I’ve known for a few years that it all about the ratings. He always keeps the attention getters around longer. I quit watching the show for awhile. Someone got me interested in it this year. I may not watch it after last night.

      • em

        If mr trump continues to keep celebrities on who blatently lie to him in the conf. room,not once, not twice but at least three times what does this tell you about the kind of people he would surround himself with if he ran for president. Have mercy on the USA if this happens.

  • Mr. Holloway

    This is nothing new on this show.

    My favorite example was when Gene Simmons was on this show, lost a task as project manager, but Trump was CLEARLY trying to find any reason in the world he could to keep him. Gene Simmons being Gene Simmons stuck to his guns and to his slogan (“It’s a Kodak world…”) and was fired.

    That being said, even though I enjoy the fact that he has an acronym for every word in the English dictionary, if a man with brain damage is being kept around JUST for ratings, then that’s more than mildly disgusting. Personally, I don’t think he’s done anything overtly fire-able yet, so I’m ok with him stickign around…he mostly seems like a load for his teammates to wrangle.

  • Disb3li3f

    If Gary’s castmates are to stupid or inept to get him booted – then he DESERVES to still be there.

  • BoumtjeBoumtje

    The fact they booted Lisa Rinna in week 2 is mind boggling. Her and Star Jones going at each other’s throat all season long would have been must see TV. There was a seething hatred between those two, yet they booted her to keep Dionne Warwick around for no apparent reason.

    Lisa vs. Star would have been much more entertaining than the Busey trainwreck.

    • sharon

      true that

    • Mr. Holloway

      I’d agree with you, except that Lisa COMPLETELY rolled over in the boardroom.

      I say that with total annoyance because I expected Lisa Rinna to be strong on this show, and except she let herself get thoroughly dominated and played by Star (and Dionne).

  • Here & There

    NeNe & Star Jones should have been gone long ago. The Donald loves drama. Joan Rivers was hardly ever there during the regular challenges & never contributed much during those challenges, but Joan was loud and Donald loves loud. The men’s team is bland except for Gary. Donald doesn’t like bland. The Apprentice less Busey would mean less viewers, hence less money.

  • Gisi

    Gary Busey is the most intelligent and creative person of the “lot”. Just because the others are jealous of his knowledge they’re want to get rid of him. Better keep him.
    Gary, we love you !!!!!!!!

    • Just sayin

      You are as insane as Gary Busey if you believe any of what you have written.

      • Rachel

        So you do believe that he’s mentally challenged?

      • Mellissa

        He had a traumatic brain injury. He was a completely different person before he hit his head. I do believe he’s mentally challenged, due to him hitting his head. I don’t believe he’s stupid, but they don’t call it a brain injury because it’s fun.

  • buzmeg

    Busey clearly lies to Trump in the boardroom. I don’t understand why they don’t review the tapes when there’s a “he said” or “he did” situation that needs resolution.

    In the latest episode Busey outright lied a number of times; OR is he that far in outer space that he truly believes he didn’t?

    • orville

      I think he truly believes that he didn’t say those things. Either he’s so far out in space while he’s saying inappropriate things that it doesn’t register to whatever part is left of his sane brain, or he just doesn’t remember. They really do need to give him a recap video of all his inappropriate behavior followed by his boardroom denials of said behavior. Which they’ll probably do at the finale reunion, but he truly does need to see it now.

  • Dumbledore Fluffernutter

    Why is his face crooked? It loks like it’s made out of Silly Putty.

    • Mellissa

      Perhaps because he fell on his head, and the way his head/face hit the pavement shifted it?

    • Vicky

      He had a BAD motorcycle accident years ago. He crushed his face and had brain damage. (which, when you think about it, makes sense as to why he acts the way he does)

    • skg

      He had some kind of tumor in his sinuses years ago and they had to peel his face up and to get at it and put his face back. He’s talked about it before in interviews….

  • whatever

    Yes he deserves to be out . But Trump had no choice to fire Mark because he put himself on the chopping block and then didn’t bring 2 people to the boardroom with him . The other person could have helped him fight Busey. If you haven’t missed a show like me , you would know that this is just standard procedure . You have to stand up for yourself in the boardroom , especially if you are project manager . Mark completely screwed this up . All he had to do was not put himself up for elimination and attack Busey more forcefully and Busey would be going home .

    • Sam

      Agreed. Mark clearly had many chances to argue his case (Donald gave him several opportunities) yet he continued to say the same thing over and over again–if they lost cause of the concept, he should be fired. He could have said almost anything to put the blame on Gary, and he should have brought in someone to help gang up on Gary, but Mark didn’t. For that reason he did deserve to go home.

      People can argue that Trump is keeping Gary for the ratings but Mark put his head on the chopping block and refused to change his mind.

    • etm

      Whatever and Sam you are 100% right.

    • PJ

      First, stop with the “no choice” language that Trump uses. He has a choice, and he makes it every week. Also, Mark had a good point. If they lost SOLELY on concept, he deserved to be fired, but if there were other factors, such as Gary screwing things up, then it wasn’t necessarily all his fault. Unfortunately for Mark, Trump wants to keep Gary for ratings so he chose to ignore the other factors.

      • GoddessLu

        Mark made the cardinal mistake of saying he was solely responsible for the concept. Anytime someone puts their neck out, Trump chops it, its that simple. He was a dumba$$ if he wanted to stay because he kept saying it over and over. Its like catnip to La Donald–you own up, you leave. Duh.

      • whatever

        It was solely on the concept . You then have to be able to demonstrate how much of a factor was Busey’s behavior , which Mark was not doing . Trump and his kids actually tried to help him but he wasn’t helping himself .

      • karla

        I agree, if the task was lost solely on the concept, then he would have deserved to go but Gary played a part in the team losing.

  • mangagirl

    Trump wants those ratings, getting rid of Busey would be like letting go of the stuff he uses on his hair. Now, Lil John on the other hand…has he ever taken off those sunglasses? I’m sorry I haven’t been watching from the beginning of the season.

    • whatever

      Has never been without the glasses on the show .

      • dragonheart9

        Gary was fine until he knowingly lied in the board room — no excuses. NeNe was much more inappropriate than Gary — shame on you NeNe, you big bully, you’re lucky Latoya is above name calling. Mark, u r The Man and DJ and Ivanka deserve Emmy’s! The Donald warned Gary but clearly wants to shake things up for another week. I’m sure next week’s task will be designed to ratchet up the friction in both teams. Of course, I wouldn’t miss it!!

      • dragonheart9

        P.S. Here’s why it was the right decision to let Mark take responsibility: Gary spoke up right in the beginning saying “his intuition was telling him the pirate theme was a bad idea”. He might be random but he’s usually right.

  • Reality? It’s TV

    I love this show but come on folks – it’s totally scripted just like all the other “reality” shows. Enjoy it for what it is – an amusing comedy with a ridiculous cast of characters delivering the scripts they are given.

  • Betty

    I am fully aware that this is a tv show and Trump is after ratings, but the fact that he fired Mark over Gary is absolutely ridiculous. There is no way I could ever take a Trump presidential run seriously now… not that I would have before.

    • Reality? It’s TV

      It would be ridiculous if it wasn’t all planned from the beginning. The “celebrities” know exactly the order they will be sent home as well as who will “win” at the end.

  • kathyo

    We all know that the boardroom is “scripted” to keep the most interesting combination in the mix. And then it’s edited so that the outcome makes some kind of damn sense to the viewer. That means that it will be Meatloaf vs. Busey and LaYoya vs. NeNe for at least one more show. Trump has nothing to do with selections – it’s all about theatrics. They don’t even pretend anymore. This year, they may have crossed the line because Busey clearly has brain damage, and that’s exactly how the team treats him. He drives them nuts but they try to be compassionate. Can’t image how bad he comes off prior to editing.

    • LOL

      Busey’s act is tiresome.

      • hope

        nene ghetto need`s a course in manner`s.she attacked latoya after saying “I DIDN`T SAY I DONT LIKE YOU” sounded personal,an alot jealous.nene is so outclassed an she know`s it,so she goes ghetto.

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