'No Ordinary Family' season finale: Where did this show go wrong? (Answer: When it turned into 'Heroes.')


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No Ordinary Family debuted last fall with high expectations. It had a catchy concept: Typical sitcom-ready family — adorably lunkheaded loser dad, way-out-of-his-league brilliant wife, two perpetually annoyed teenaged children — get superpowers, and shenanigans ensue. It wasn’t the most original idea, but with a good cast and a lighthearted tone, Family‘s early episodes had a fun vibe that didn’t really feel like anything else on television. The superpowered special effects drama felt secondary to the character drama — i.e., the kids discovered that having the power of telepathy and super-intelligence didn’t necessarily make high school any less hellish. But the show took a serious wrong turn somewhere, and watching the season finale last night, I realized exactly what happened to No Ordinary Family: It became Heroes. And not good-exciting season-1 Heroes, or even silly-messy season-2 Heroes. No Ordinary Family took a swan-dive straight into season-3 Heroes territory, and the show never really recovered.

Season 3 of Heroes, you’ll recall, featured various shadowy figures working for a blandly evil Very Big Corporation of America. On Heroes the Big Bad was Robert Forster; on No Ordinary Family, it was Lucy Lawless. They were essentially after the same thing: Reducing the protagonists’ special abilities into an easily-injectable formula. They even had a similar endgame in mind: As we learned on last night’s finale, Lucy Lawless’ big plan was to build an army of supers, just like Forster, although Lawless decided to use convicted criminals, perhaps as an homage to Con Air.

The problem with this story, which formed the backbone of the first half of the season and then basically took over the show’s frontbone in the last few episodes, is that it pushed aside the most interesting part of Family: the actual family. I think Chiklis, Benz, Kay Panabaker, and Jimmy Bennett all worked great together, but by the season finale, they were mostly just there as super-powered fill-ins. No Ordinary Family could have been a fun, incisive family dramedy — Modern Family with super-strength — but it decided to become a full-on sci-fi mythology/adventure.

The problem is that, here again, Family opted to imitate Heroes‘ worst instincts. There was a plotline about amnesia. There was an episode about time travel. There was a shapeshifter who could basically pop up anywhere at any time. Said shapeshifter was actually brought back to life by some magical serum, which meant that death was basically meaningless in the Familyverse. (This was proven again last night, when Chiklis’ Jim was shot three times and left to die … but, look at that, the cinoxate power-blocking serum wore off, and he was a-okay. Hooray for plot contrivances!) And there were sci-fi moments that simply didn’t pass the test: On last night’s episode, a man who could shoot electric bolts out of his hands was somehow electrified, which seems roughly comparable to killing the Human Torch with a zippo lighter.

There was a lot to like about the show. Romany Malco and Autumn Reeser were so good as superhero sidekicks that they practically seemed to be starring in their own show. Whenever the show cut through the bargain-X-Men plotting and focused on the main foursome, it really did seem to find its footing. Unfortunately, the show has had pretty low ratings, and the cast is already looking for other work, so it seems like last night’s episode might be the last we’ll see of No Ordinary Family.

I kind of like how the show went off on a huge, huge cliffhanger — with superpowered convicts racing into the world (oooh, a man with cats’ eyes! Good power!) and a man from the NSA telling Jim and Stephanie, “The government needs your family’s help.” But I’m intrigued to see what Family fans felt about the ending. Cheated? Frustrated? Am I being too hard on the show’s mythology? And if you think so, can we at least agree that Global Tech sounds like an SNL sketch?

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  • Ames

    The most interesting plot of the show was to watch how a good concept and great actors where squandered so badly. I would’ve liked to be a fly on the wall in script meetings and hear the actors say something like, “Why am I doing this when I said just 5 minutes ago I would not do this?” Then hear the suits’ illogical response. I had to stop watching after the girl lost her memory.

    • Flip

      If this show had started producing episodes as good as the finale earlier in the season, it wouldn’t be in danger of cancellation now.

      • Kenn

        Yes. The last two episodes were riveting and huge in editing. The writers shouldve stuck to the ‘Incredibles’-esque concept and viewers wouldve been delighted. Its always a delight and a positive encouragements to see family working together despite the dangers. I still hope for anothwr season….

    • Hiro Kitty

      Meh, it was ALWAYS a terrible show.

      • atlanta

        Always terrible…we tried to watch at the beginning and gave up. Then we tried the finale because of Lucy Lawless and it was still just awful.

      • danny ynnad

        that is so not true i enjoyed the show and the twists and turns were awesome, the shouldn’t have ended it and i hope they don’t if i’m wrong.

      • trip up

        honistly ya i get the point its kind of like heroes but who the f*** cares its fun to watch and it still has somthing to build on they may have gone away from the family aspect but if they spent the entire series having father daughter talks it would just repete its self and what kind of show that can actualy call itself a show would do somthing as stupid as that!

      • bob

        r u kiddin me this was one of the greatist tv shows out there abc never gave it a chance

      • ezy danfield

        that show was really a typical one…….it waz just wow

      • rene

        always terrible you say one of the best tv shows ive watched and i still cant understand why they took it off can someone please explain?

    • Loch Ness

      I gave up on it at the Christmas break and never came back. The actors deserved so much better.

    • AlexLOGIC

      I get queasy when I ready such judgemental, condescending reviews of shows such as No Ordinary Family. Yippee, lets watch more reality tv shoes, dancing shows, and dieting shows instead.

      Shows like No Ordinary Family will do well in syndication if given the chance to come back for a few more seasons, and that should count for more than what the ratings may be right now.

      • Remz

        I agre! I really love the show…

      • Midge

        I agree totally! I’m sick of reality programming. And the method to determine ratings don’t capture everything. Maybe ABC could have put it on a better night.

      • Marcellus

        I thought NOF was brilliant. I loved The Incredibles, and the fact that the idea was expanded in NOF, I think, was a good step. But people seem to only be interested in yet ANOTHER reality, talent, cop, NCIS spinoff instead of quality shows like No Ordinary Family or Legend of the Seeker. ABC keeps shooting itself in the foot.

      • Hunter

        Agreed. They need more time for people to get into them and things to develop. Personally, I enjoyed No Ordinary Family from the first to the last episode. I’m very particular about what I will watch on tv or I won’t watch at all. Seems like all the shows that I have enjoyed or would enjoy on television are cancelled in favor of more garbage that I have no interest in watching.

      • kimberly

        i love the show . my brothers and i watch it every week

      • Johndoe

        I completely agree. Why is it that people prefer garbage programming?

      • Chris

        This show actually reminds me alot of charmed…starts off simple and fun then they discover a role they play with the abilities they have and as things get more serious they begin to have 2-3 catastrophic battles a season…..The Triad, The Source, 4 horseman, Billie and Cristy, Avatars, Gideon after the baby, Belthazor, Zankou….If you like watching people with abilities use them with purpose and find themselves in life threatening situations u like it….if you wanna just see a family with powers using them every episode in everyday life it gets meaningless……giving them solo paths and group journeys makes for a show, for people who have a taste for it, to enjoy

      • Nobot

        This show was good. I hope that the word ‘was’ turns out to be wrong. If the writer of the article was a bit more open-minded, maybe they would have been able to get what was going on. The electricity scene was an overload of powers…simple. I hope the show comes back. Good concept…. & not too over the edge.

      • Dark Maiden

        Thank you.

        See the problem ppl like the Op, if it’s not some convoluted story like Heros, or Lost, where the plot is so scattered they actually think they are working their brains, when, in actuality, all they are doing is running in circles only to find there is nothing to find.

        This show has a lot of heart, and thy are trying to maintain that heart, while being engaging. Personally I can’t wait to see how the family deals with this new swerve in their lives. From the Gov’t showing up at their door. To the daughter dealing with losing her boyfriend because of her powers. The show has layers, but they are layers that make sense.

      • Kris

        I like it too, ya whiners. Seriously what are you watching instead, CSI Mexico or Dancing with American Idol’s. Eh?

      • Blakerson

        I agree! I loved No Ordinary Family! I hope it doesn’t get canceled but if it doesn’t I’d like to see them act less like season 3 Heroes and more like The Incredibles. Oh well it’s over.

      • Missy

        I agree also!!! For once, there’s a tv show that I can watch with my 12 and 10 year old boys, AND my 19 year old daughter and we ALL enjoy it. It’s our 1 hour of family time every week!! Why is it every time they put on a decent family show, it gets taken of the air to make room for more stupid reality shows!!!!

      • Tamu

        Couldn’t agree more. We really enjoy NOF! One reviewer said it’s too “ABC Family” – well, duh; it’s one of the few shows we can watch as a family. Um, yeah, there’s still a want for that kind of programming.

      • Binh Vu

        OMG WTF They’re gonna cancel this show? I love this show, I watched it on hulu every Friday night with my family….that’s about all the TV my family watched and they’re gonna take it off…ABC is so smart….note the sarcasm. People who say the show is horrible are idiots, it’s one of my favorites and my family is going to be pissed that we won’t get to see what happens after the plane full of murderers crashed…

      • Tracy

        I really like this show.. I felt like the last show was a cliff hanger with the plane crash and creepy bad guys. I watched all the shows and liked them all for the most part, I think the last couple shows were the best. Some of the shows were a little slow but I think they were needed to introduce new characters (bad guys).

      • llw

        I really like NOF. I like the premise of a family working together to rid the world of evil by doing it as a unit. That’s what I didn’t like Heros after 1 1/2 seasons because the people never came together as a group to fight the bad in the world. I liked the season finale because it showed how having those ablilies as a family unit work together. And they can still learn about themselves and grow as individual characters.

      • Alice

        I thought it was a great show, with the real world going down in the family zone all the time it was nice to see a family that has had hard time and then something amazing happens and they learn what it means to be a family. I loved the show and I really wished and hoped that it comes back.

      • trip up

        hell yes mine is short but cudose and well agreed! let it live on!!!

      • Andrew DeLozier

        Regarding Marcellus’ Comment: I thought NOF was brilliant. I loved The Incredibles, and the fact that the idea was expanded in NOF, I think, was a good step. But people seem to only be interested in yet ANOTHER reality, talent, cop, NCIS spinoff instead of quality shows like No Ordinary Family or Legend of the Seeker. ABC keeps shooting itself in the foot.

        I agree but to add: Why would ABC care about it’s viewers? Oh yea, they don’t. Their actions prove that their attitudes are more for money right then and right now than actually trying to improve on an amazing and high quality product. Just proves modern Corporate Television is too lazy to push themselves to make something better with some hard work.

        Good Job ABC… we all keep losing interest in your ill-mannered choices.

      • Dombi

        I can’t belive their canceling another great show for what??? Another show based around violence and bloody gutts, or sex???? WE dont need anymore crap on tv, which their probaly going to replace it with!!!

      • April

        I don’t know about you guys…I am so sick and tired of watching reality TV..at least this show is so much better….I hope they bring this show back..I can’t wait to see what happens next..

      • DJElam

        Not to to be rude, but I stopped really watching any TV sides maybe the history channel cause none of the programing is any good. No Ordinary Family makes me want to watch it. It kept me on my toes going ‘cool cool’ the whole time. Who are these people that want to cancel it for some lame brain show with everyday people making fools of themselves. I don’t fine that fun to watch.
        This show is great. I couldn’t tell what the family was going to do next never mind the bad guys. Even the one time characters were well thought out.

      • joe

        me my sister my friends my parents and half of my neighborhood always sat down for this show i finally got netflix and watched them all again and i seriously want to see more its probably my favorite show ever and if its gone for good then screw tv. im sick of crappy shows and this one was not crappy at all

      • Tom

        I agree.. This was a great family show and yeah maybe went a bit too far with the finally but they had a great opportunity to make this into something special and they cut it short. Seinfeld wasn’t a hit straight away… C’mon. bring it BACK!

      • A H M E D

        I agree! I really love this show.

      • rene

        i tottaly agree abc should have given them a try!

    • p.oed.

      i guess if you are someone who does not like this show then you could use a dose of jj’s intellegence turn off american crapol and shut up and actually pay attention to the show then maybe you could enjoy this show.

      • danny ynnad

        i couldn’t agree more
        i loved the incredibles when they fought as a family and the fact that this show nof has live characters wow
        the effects are cool and i watch it every day!!!!!!

    • DeVaughn

      I really liked this show, and when i saw the finally I was like they can’t cancel the show now. I mean with everything that is happening; Joshua being back and having a special child, what happens to George, and the other new mutants, and how do the powells become Team America? C’mon Son you have to bring it back!!!

      • Sugar

        I Agree this show was AMAZING Good clean fun kept you wanting to watch the next one every week I wanted MORE Yes it seams every time there’s a darn good show it gets canceled maybe we should make a Petition to save this show My husband just showed me a show that got canceled after one Freaking AWESOME Season called “FireFly” and wow that’s another show that shocked me it was good damn good. Like I wish it had 5 more seasons and I’ll watch them all in under a week Good if u haven’t seen it check it out there is so many shows I hope to see more of like legend of the seeker, The gates, Lost Girl, no ordinary family an many more

      • laura

        I love the show! :) BRING IT BACK! I watched all of season 1 and then was about to watch season to and i found there wasn’t one. I was so disappointed :(

    • Marianne

      I agree with those who wrote that NOF was well cast, that the writers went off track with too many other super heroes ( the family’s activities were the most interesting ), and that it is not too late to save the show. It still has great potential and should be brought back. Hey ABC… This is Marcel!…Wanna get my attention? Bring back No Ordinary Family and put it back on track.

    • Marianne

      I agree with those who wrote that NOF was well cast, that the writers went off track with too many other super heroes ( the family’s activities were the most interesting ), and that it is not too late to save the show. It still has great potential and should be brought back. Hey ABC… This is Marcel!…Wanna get my attention? Bring back No Ordinary Family and put it back on track.

  • Dort

    Loved the show in the beginning. But it got choppy and confusing. Stopped watching weeks ago.

    • Big Walt

      My biggest problem with Heros was that after a couple of seasons there were more people with super powers than without. I stopped watching this for much the same reason. To many supers. The specialness and uniqueness of being super powered was part of the draw for me.

      • Big Walt

        Sorry, TOO many supers.

      • Dicazi

        Yeah, when Nohinder, who had NEVER shown any desire for powers before, suddenly developed a serum to give himself powers….that was the beginning of the ned for me.

      • Brian

        My issue with “Heroes” was that everyone except Sylar, Elle, and Hiro (who acted like a 5 year old for most of the later seasons) hated their abilities. It was like to be a good guy on that show, you had to be depressed that you had powers. Completely ridiculous.

      • Marie

        I agree with Big Walt about why I got tired of Heroes. Plus the writers kept faking out by “killing” a main character and only to have them come back to life – that was used too often. Although the worst was probably Ali Larter: kill one off, and she’s replaced by another one that looks, talk and act like the last one. Why bother in the first place?

      • Dorris Charles

        Too many supers. Come on. Is that why Smallville has had such great success and now they’re ending it with season 10 at the top of their game. Too many supers. I don’t think so. What the problem is, is that people don’t like seeing family type shows. They’d rather watch, as AlexLOGIC put it, is ” more reality tv shoes, dancing shows, and dieting shows”. The movie The Incredibles did great, and No Ordinary Family had the right idea. Problem is, that America would rather watch live action gladiator style shows. My final thought is that, from this point out, America will not want to see real quality programming. And that’s too bad.

    • Annie

      The season finale was so full of plot holes. It was insulting. I felt like I was watching a soap opera. And now the US Govt needs their help? Like where were the feds when all of this hit the fan by episode 8? Or when supers were all in one town? Or raid the stupid biotech company that is creating all of the supers? ‘Doy.

      • dominique

        THANK YOU!!! I keep seeing comments on here about how the last episode was “the best one ever”. WAS I WATCHING THE SAME FINALE AS THESE PEOPLE?!?! Or how about the last THREE EPISODES?! There were so many plot twists that the screen writers got confused and failed to reasonably and logically explain them all!! EXAMPLE- Stephanie develops future-jumping abilities that hinder her normal super-speed. But then in the very next episode after these special powers develop, she is back to her normal self. No explanation given. That is insulting to me and asking too much of the viewer. And I agree with the blogger here- this show lost its “family footing” and went the “Heroes” route. But unfortunately, the route it took was the watered-down, poorly explained crappy version where the viewer is left going WTH- THIS is CRAP!!! If your show IS going to be canceled, in my opinion you should end on as high a note as possible, not slap some total garbage together and try to convince people it’s good. SO DISAPPOINTING.

      • Binh Vu

        You guys need to realize that this is a TV show, it doesn’t have to make logical sense 100% of the time…and dominique, the serum’s effects only last for a while…if you haven’t noticed from the other supers who needed reinjections…I guess it was their mistake to think that the viewers had a brain and could put two and two together…

      • danny ynnad

        i dont get how the dad never got cought fighting crime, it was still good and hope for another season, they need more scenes where the family work together more, or atleast like in the incredibles when the mom and dad worked together and the daughter and son did

      • shaun

        they would have been killed dumbass see i hate when people do understand a show and pay attention. the gov could have been watching everything she did knew what the convicts were doing and choose to wait and find a safer way to bring them down. hell without powers they might have died

    • Ted

      I enjoyed the show. in fact, i sent an email to abc and tld them how sick and tired I was of finally finding a family show and then having ABC cancel it. I told them that if they didn’t bring it back that I was going to block ABC from my tv. Lets boycot ABC and let them know that if they don’t stop dropping the good shows like No Ordinary Family, we will block them from out television channel line up. Bring back No Ordinary Family or feel the loss of ratings on all of ABC.

      • SeeGu

        I completely agree. This was a weekly family bonding show for us. We enjoyed everything about it and the boys loved it. Keep it on ABC!!

      • danny ynnad

        nobody wants to see crap like jamie olivers food revilution or dancing with the stars its totally insane and kills me when my favorite show dosn’t come on

      • Oregon Mom

        I agree. Our family enjoyed getting together every week to watch this show. I have 2 kids 7 and 15 and they both are disappointed that the show is not on. There aren’t many shows that my 7 year old LOVES, that the whole family can enjoy (or even tolerate!). I hope if they do away with this show, that they will come up with another show that is appropriate for younger kids to watch.

      • sally

        I agree, bring it back please ABC, my family loves watching it together, can’t think of another one we watch together except Psych. Please bring it back!

  • Cygnus

    I thought the first 4 or 5 eps were so drawn out with the family not even fully understanding that each one had their own powers. I think with increased superpowers came decreased intelligence. “Gee our son sure is overachieving all of a sudden. That couldnt have anything to do with that crash that also gave the rest of us superpowers.”

    • jj

      agreed. that turned me off too. i hate tv shows and movies that make the parents idiots. and this was a classic example of it. especially considering the mother was this really brainy scientist. i get that she wasn’t aware of what was going on with her family at first, but her super speed supposedly gave her more time to focus on her family. she should’ve picked up on it much faster. it also turned me off that they didn’t want him to use his powers on the football field. why not? sure he’s super analytical, but he’s still a little weakling. everyone else was using their talents of strength, etc.. on the field, why couldn’t he? i had high hopes but just grew frustrated and bored by ep 4 or 5 and just checked out.

      • Jill

        Totally, totally agree on the football thing. Just when they were giving his character a little fun, they took it away.

      • isabella

        I also don’t get why they took footbal away from him… I thought it was really interesting how he went from a total loser (not even good at school) into this really intelligent guy who was getting new friends and I don’t know, it was just dissapointing….
        BUT I LOVEEE this showw! I just saw the finale today and I really hope it continues… I want to see what happens next!



  • berds

    I think its a little unrealistic for people to think that a show about people who superpowers can just have them running around cracking jokes using their power for whatever they thought entertaining. If thats the case you might as well make a movie and not trying to create a series. Heroes need villains, wake up.

    • Chris

      Finally, someone gets it! I’m going to keep watching this show. I love having something on the air other than boring pre-canned comedies.

      • danny ynnad

        the only show i know thats live super heros and its good

    • Binh Vu

      Exactly! People are stupid and expect them to just run around having fun, they don’t realize that, that’s not how it works. That would be like having an episode of House where no one is sick and they’re all just talking having fun. Of course time passes by, while they wait for new patients, there aren’t critical patients coming in with a brand new disease every day…same with No Ordinary Family. People think that these villains come every day…but in reality they don’t show their boring normal family life stuff because well…that’d be boring…lols the only thing dumb about the show, was the viewers who didn’t understand what they were watching, a great TV family show!!!

    • budsue

      its a tv show not real life but it was good to watch gutted at yet annouther us show that i like has been axed not all viewers who watch the show are in usa

  • kremzeek!

    the problem is tv can’t make up its own superheroes.remember the misfits of science?manimal?wonder woman was good,the incredble hulk,the flash.those worked because the heavy lifting(creating something original)had been done for them,but when tv people try to make their own superheroes,they drop the ball because they’re just copying what came before.like jeff golblum said in jurassic park “you just followed what others had done.you didn’t earn any of it yourselves and before you knew what you had(in this case what would work),you packaged it,marketted it…”heroes,the cape,no ordinary family,they get old after the premise is done with.like,everybody knows superman’s origin,but you can get into that character at any point and be entertained.even smallville fumbled once they mucked around with the continuity(everybody that clark would eventually meet in metropolis passing through town?).in short,tv just can’t get it right.

    • Brian

      I agree that these TV-made hero shows are taking the easy way out by borrowing plots from established superheroes, but I think TV is also the best place to do superhero stuff. There’s just too much material to cover in a trilogy movie series for the established heroes, so a well-plotted TV show would be much better IMO. You could get into all the villains and provide for a lot more character development than movies can provide.
      And I disagree about Smallville–the continuity has changed every 20 years in the comics anyway (not to mention the other tv shows, movies, and cartoons that have their own continuities), so Clark meeting people from his adult years on SV never bothered me. It actually made most of those characters better for the translation (Perry, Bizarro, Lex, Doomsday, etc). BTW, Clark did meet a whole lot of people before getting to Metropolis, including Perry White and Aquaman, back in the Silver Age comics. I never understood why SV gets so much hate for changing things when every single retelling and the comics change things too.

      • Brian

        I do think NOF has the potential to correct itself if it gets to come back for a second season though.

    • Dkuzny

      The only ‘super’ hero show that did it right was Buffy but more importantly Angel. Yes, both series in the realm of fantasy but because they had supernatural powers I call them superheroes. And Angel was totally an invention of Joss Whedon that did extremely well. I think the problem with No Ordinary Family was balance. The engaging plotlines they used later on in the season could’ve helped a long way in the first half. That’s why so many people didn’t come back for it after the hiatus. They gave up on it before the ‘real’ story even began.

  • watcher

    I agree with the writer. Not enough time was spent with the family, they needed to have a balance. There were too many people with powers and I never knew who was doing what.

  • scytherius

    Very unfortunate.

    And how Heroes lasted more than 2 Seasons is beyond me.

    • jj

      NBC had very very bad programming and didnt develop anything else interesting.

      • Mr. Holloway

        HAD? Past tense?? (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

    • Nanny Ogg

      Actually it had a strong international following. They are not marketing stuff just for America, you know.. It also had the dubious honor of being the most pirated scripted show 3 years in a row, so obviously lots of ppl were watching, but not generating income for NBC.

  • Kat Mars

    The show definitely showed promise in the beginning but like the reviewer and it seems other posters here something got lost about midway through the season. I didn’t like some of the different directions it seemed to go. I agree though that the Family in No Ordinary Family just didn’t receive enough attention. Shame to see the show go.

    • Brian

      I disagree…I thought it was really cheesy writing-wise at the beginning and stopped watching, but they pulled me back in with the second half of the season.
      Sure there are dropped plot threads (Stephanie pretending to be that shape-shifter? Daphne agreeing to mind-wipe her boyfriend when it was completely traumatic when it happened to her?), but on the whole I think it’s improving and hope that last night wasn’t the series finale. I thought the last scene with the agent asking the family for help was one of the best scenes in the series and I want to see where it goes from here.

      • Venjamin

        It’s been approved for Season 2 according to some news sources. As it stands – I really enjoyed the beginning, and the character development. Yeah, they had to throw some stupid at the characters to get some plots to fly – but I liked that they were legitimately an ordinary family, suddenly dealing with this new addition. Now the government, and a large group of villains? I’ll keep watching, even though I’ve seen it all before on various other shows.

        I still like the characters as characters. I’d just like the characters to stay true to themselves.

    • clinton b

      i liked the concept and watched it all was better then most the junk out there so i say give another season less supers is a good idea getting out of control

    • warnabro

      i think the show has some problems but i feel like there have been some really good parts especially like the very end of the season finale after the plane crash and these are the parts that keep people watching

  • majamababe

    I liked the show – especially the interaction between the family members at the end of the day. The season (or series) finale ended the way I would have suspected. No one could hide super powers like that and not be found out somehow. Look at how George found out about the shapeshifter – through the parking garage cameras. So, the ending was pretty inevitable. So much for watching ABC on Tuesday nights.

  • MikeB

    Sure they need villains, but let just have them trying to take over the world using sharks with lasers on their heads or something. The idea of a villain trying to steal their powers has been done to death and wasn’t all that great to being with. As a one episode story it could work, but as the main thrust of the story it don’t.

    • Playos

      Part of the mythology of comics is the nemesis… they never really had a visible enemy for more than a few episodes and when they did they turned one him into a whinny love sick puppy.

      Streching the enemies over multiple episodes would have allowed a lot more of the “discovery” comedy and family interaction to shine through…

      I rarely say this for a 20 episode scripted season, but they needed to slow down a little and decentralize the villains… have some natural ones, or competing interests (hero villain team ups being another open plot line)

  • Skiking226

    I stop watching last year, didn’t like the daughter and her bad attitude towards her parents

    • Just sayin

      That is a stupid reason.

      • who cares

        nuh uh you are

    • Devo

      The daughter was totally annoying. As a character, she ruined a teacher’s career jumping to conclusions and possibly ruined her ex’s brother’s scholarship. I didn’t stop watching, but all that along with how long she “pushed” people at a criminal’s demand made me sour.



  • Brian

    It wasn’t really any good ever. Not that it was the worst thing on TV, but the bland show the writer seems to be pining for was just as boring as the way the series went, it just had more bad jokes. To be fair to the cast and writers, I don’t really think this idea could have sustained itself no matter what tone they went after.

    • Big Walt

      I just hope Autumn Reeser gets another show quickly. She is pleasant to look at.

      • Howard

        Pleasant to look at, yes. But her character was so incredibly annoying that I wanted to fast forward through almost all of her scenes.

    • Venjamin

      A bit rough, don’t you think? The story was -great- in the beginning, because it wasn’t focusing on the “Zomgz we’re superheroes!” part of the story. It was focusing on them as a family, and it as a coping mechanism. I really liked that.

  • Iakovos

    I, too, liked it at the start but the high concept was not nurtured and developed as I had hoped. What happened to FAMILY first? The series lost its way. It may have had a shot of a low-viewership night like Friday or Saturday if ABC wanted to go that route.

  • steph

    I disagree with all of your I love the show and hope it’s has a second season ..I especially can’t wait to see what happens with katie and joshuas baby …and with the people on the plane ..u all are reading to much into it just relax and enjoy the mystery lol

    • Crystal

      I AGREE!!! i love this show. I dont care what anyone says about it. This is something different to watch not like the same ol’ crime scene shows or criminal. This is fun and the possibilities are endless. It would be a damn shame if this show was canceled then Id be back to flipping channels of boring shows allll day.

    • ty

      sorry steph, but I think most of the main cast have already signed on to other pilots. It is very doubtful that it will be coming back.

    • Daniel

      I liked it as well- definitely something fun and different to watch- but I have to admit that it was a little annoying for everyone to have superpowers. What happened to them being ‘No Ordinary’ Family? I still hope there will be a second season so I can find out about Joshua and Katie, but I also heard about many of the cast signing on elsewhere, and it just wouldn’t be the same with a whole bunch of new people trying to pick up where this season left off. Oh, well.

      • Venjamin

        ABC ordered a whole second season, but of course, that doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed to come back. I want to see it, too.

      • danny ynnad

        omg you are so right

  • HatAttack

    While I agree that the show seemed to work better when focused on the family, the silliness involved sometimes made me groan in annoyance. Mom is getting dressed really fast! Mom is making dinner really fast! Mom can pack school lunches really fast! Beyond that, any time the kinds were using their powers at school got really annoying, even though it’s completely believable that kids would use their powers to skip school and impress girls.

    • anthonypresley

      i would like to see a season 2 of this this desperate housewifes and off the map are the best on tv this year for abc and house and lie to me for fox

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