'NCIS' begins Port-to-Port Killer arc: Are we whimpering already?


And so it begins: Last night, NCIS started its season-ending serial killer arc (watch), and if the creepy talking baby wasn’t unnerving enough at the top of the episode (that was David McCallum voicing it, CBS confirms), how about that ending? SPOILER ALERT: I was thinking that drink would have come from Ray (Enrique Murciano), Ziva’s boyfriend, who would have coincidentally been drowning his sorrows at the same bar and overheard Tony having his back and telling Ziva that Ray had to keep her in the dark about being the CIA liaison to NCIS on the P2P Killer case. (I didn’t think that omission was that big of a deal myself, but I don’t have Ziva’s track record and trust issues).

But no, it came from the unseen killer who likes to leave behind clues leading to his next victim. I’m a bit confused about how the ice cube-encased eyeball would have gotten into the glass. Don’t most people sending a drink over to someone just place the order with the bartender, who delivers it directly to the recipient? It seems like one rule of bartending should be never to hand a customer a drink that someone else had time alone with. And what was the killer carrying the eyecube in to keep it from melting before he could make the drop? Regardless, it was awesome, because now we’ve seen that the killer knows who’s investigating him, and NCIS is at its best when things get personal, the team could be in danger, and Gibbs gets protective. (I’m already picturing him hugging Abby.)

NCIS loves to rattle the team at the close of a season, and E.J. is definitely succeeding. It’s nice to see Tony excited about someone. The look on Ziva’s face when he told her, “I understand this one, Ziva. I understand her. That’s why it’s working” was even more gutting than the look on Tony’s when Ray told him Ziva thinks of him as a brother. I am, however, as of now, hoping E.J. bites it. I loved Sarah Jane Morris on Brothers & Sisters, and have a total girl crush on her hair, but I hate seeing Gibbs manhandle or bulldoze any woman (however annoying, disrespectful, and up Vance’s butt she may be), and she brings it out in him. That interrogation scene was flat-out painful to watch. And when he told her to “Stay,” like she was a dog? That is not my Gibbs. He doesn’t trust E.J. and told her to stop sleeping with Tony. Do you think she’ll succeed in driving a wedge between them?

Your turn. Where do you think the P2P Killer case is headed?

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  • dublin

    Somebody’s twitter hinted that the eyeball belonged to someone we know.

    • port 2 potty


      • rick

        is it Snooki’s?

      • Stef

        Pauley Perrette tweeted during the show.

      • Znachki

        Quick guess M. Allison Hart or Colonel Bell. As I remember, his head was missing. Of course if P2P sticks to the Navy/Marine victims, it could be Werth – the “super soldier” guy.

      • Cydney

        It belongs to Ray (Ziva’s new guy).I think EJ is the P2P killer and Vance moved her under Gibbs to prove it.

    • celiaclady

      the regulars on the show that have Blue eyes are Gibbs and Ducky—now NCIS would not be the show without Gibbs but he was a Marine and the killer could dress him up as a Navy guy??? Doubt this though the other main charcter is Ducky—the actor is getting older and they have killed off a main charcter before!?! Oh, I hope not

  • mary ellen wofford

    Guess 1: EJ is trying to undermine Gibbs and take over the MCRT. She thinks Vance likes her best.

    Guess 2: Neither Ray nor EJ will be around for next season. For some reason though I don’t think either will be dead.

    Weird hypothesis that just popped into my head when watching the babydoll scene: Could EJ be the PTP killer? Really seemed unlike a male killer would come up with the babydoll angle but then I might be being prejudiced. Hope not.

    Guess 3: No matter what happens, Tony and Ziva will never be together until the final show of the final season, if both of them are still on board by that time.

    • Nic.

      I’m thinking EJ is the PTP killer, too.

      • Caroline

        You don’t know if she was in the other ports at the time of those killings.

  • Lorie

    When Ray told Tony that Ziva thought of him as a brother, I had to rewind this scene several times. His reaction was very telling!

    E.J. sure brings out the worst in Gibbs. I don’t think she’ll mess up the team, but b/c I can’t stand her, I hope she’s gone pronto!

    The final scene was awesome. Can’t wait to see how this storyline ends.

    • kayla

      i very much dislike e.j too id rather have kate back but shes dead. and i didn’t like her either lol. but i have a feeling shes gonna be sticking around cause of tony

    • Erin

      How was it telling though? I read the conflicted look various ways. 1# She compared him to her brother – Ziva killed her traitorous brother.
      2# Rivkin pretty much said the same thing which is rather ominous, dum duh dum. Is CIRay the the PTP killer? Will Tony be killing him too? Will Ray try to kill him?
      3# He doesn’t know how he feels about Ziva and realised that there may just be something extra there.

      • Unhinged

        If this whole thing ends with Tony killing Ray look for Kate or some other character that has died to suddenly come alive. Screams soap opera.

      • Kelly

        I’m glad I’m not the only one that thought that, Erin. “She thinks of him like a brother? She *killed* her brother! This? Is not a good person to be likened to!”

      • RON

        I would like to see tony and ziba together. I think they would make a great couple.

    • Jim

      Just remember Ziva killed her brother.

  • fay

    I did see it and it was great! Especially the creepy baby! I wonder if that’s how the killer gets everyone? (I think your spoiler alert is a bit unnecessary since you have a picture of the eyeball next to it!)

  • Anna

    I loved all the looks that Tony and Ziva shared in this episode. While i’m guessing that nothing will happen between them until the series finale i liked that they both had signifcant others but you could still tell they had feelings for eachother.

    • Sue1

      I like that too. You know the feelings are there, THEY know the feelings are there, but they’re trying to move on.

    • Lyn

      =Groan= If only the shippers would be satisfied w/ “feelings” of loyal co-workers instead of clamoring for romance1

      • Sue1

        **rolls eyes** If only people who don’t agree with me would let me have my own opinion.

      • Unhinged

        **Pulls hair out** If only the shippers watched for the show and not the pairing.

  • Jason

    This may be going out on a limb….but for some reason I think the P2P Killer is Ray. Just seems like a twist that they would throw at us. Then Ziva will be all torn up inside and lead us to wonder if her and Tony will connect next season…just a thought.

    And Gibbs is going to eat EJ for breakfast. Vance knows who his home run hitter is, why do you think he brought the case to Gibbs.

    • valerie

      I had the same thought about Ray. (I personally hope Tony and Ziva NEVER get together, though. I’m not a Ziva fan, let alone a Tiva fan.)

    • Carmen

      I’m with you. I think that the P2P Killer is CI-Ray too. It would be the perfect twist like you said and it helps in setting up for Tiva next season. I think that EJ is another possibility. Whether she is or isn’t, I would also love to see her bite it.

    • Susan

      I thought of that also, but then I can’t see them doing that to her twice (remember Michael, killed by Tony?).

      • Kate

        I agree. I think it’s a little too weird for Ziva to end up with another killer/staged relationship. Plus I’m fairly certain she would never date again if that happened. If they were really going to go that route of having it be someone involved in the case I would rather have it be EJ.

  • Dopple

    I thought EJ deserved to be put in her place. I’m very glad that we had “Bastard” Gibbs to tell her that: she was disrespectful and not a team player. She forgot the main purpose, which is to catch a killer, not to promote her carreer.

    • Kate

      I liked it too! I love that Gibbs isn’t afraid to put someone in their place- man or woman! Her weird flirty interrogation style was inappropriate, not to mention ineffective. I’m glad that even though Tony is involved with her that he stuck up for Gibbs. I am a little worried though that there will division among the team as Tony favors EJ and Ziva with Ray. I kind of feel like what Ray told Ziva will blow up in their faces somehow.

    • Erin

      I felt sorry for her. I’m not a big EJ fan but Gibbs was a right bastard to her. Vance – their boss, made her in charge of the case. She is just doing her job. The disrespect he showed when she was updating them on the history of the case in the squad room, and then in the interrogation room, was uncalled for. Plus I love how this situation has brought out one of Tony’s admirable traits – being conflicted but having no hesitation in backing Gibbs whilst still not actually being rude towards EJ either. That loyal St Bernard!

  • Teresa

    Maybe Gibbs is jealous because he wants to sleep with Tony.

    • Znachki

      Tons of Fanfic about that….

    • Abby/Ziva/Gibbs fan

      You CANNOT be serious–just moronic

  • Lucy

    What if there was no one there??
    Could it have been the bartender who put the ice, with the eye, in the glass?

    • chattypatra

      That’s what I thought!

    • Q

      Great thought, but the P2P took over the identity of an older white guy to fly from hub to hub while the bartender was a younger African-American.

  • Jess

    I don’t think the P2P killer is any “guest star” I think it’s someone we haven’t met before. It would be too obvious for it to be EJ or Ray. If finding out who the killer is for the season finale it’s going to be someone out of left field and probably someone we haven’t met yet. I think in the end EJ will be transferred out and Ziva will end it for good with Ray and he’ll go back to Miami. But that’s just my theory. I also think that Tony and Ziva will either never end up together or they’re going to wait until middle or end of the final season because with shows like this when 2 main characters get together it kills the show!

  • Sara Black

    Enrique was wonderful!! I love Ray, and I hope Ziva could forgive him one day. I ship Zivray now, too. It was painful to watch how Ziva felt it was a Rivkin-retold story.

    I love the last scene between Tony and Ziva too, how they stop plays and tell each other what they know and what they think about their relationships. At the end, of course, I’m a tiva. So, I don’t see much future to Ray around here, but I love to have him in the show at least one episode!

  • Cosmo

    Another bad review by another bad EW writer. Mandi (with an “I”) should go to grad school.

    • kelly

      Dear Cosmo (a dog name), it isn’t a review.

  • AB

    I thought it was great to see Tony excited about someone, too. I just don’t see TIVA – too forced.

  • Kathy

    That actress that plays EJ stinks. The Ray guy is softer and fine but Morris whatever from the soap opera Brothers and Sisters that was fired is just plain bad.I can not watch her. Please let Gibbs slug her. Makes me think less of Tony.

  • Sal

    Please kill off Ej before I stop watching!!!!Ray I think just signed of for his own show on CBS. Hopefully this is the last we ever see of this EJ actress. Her lips bother me.

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