'DWTS': Maks and Kirstie take a spill: Watch! (Because you are a bad person)

It’s not about how you fall, it’s about how you get up, as Tom Bergeron would say. On last night’s Dancing With the Stars, Maksim Chmerkovskiy’ thigh gave out during an intimate hold, and he and Kirstie Alley hit the dance floor, literally. The judges awarded them straight 7s, though, because they continued on with their excellent rumba to “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” Plus, having to go on when life knocks you down is the story Kirstie was trying to tell: Their dance was inspired by the loss of her mother (and near loss of her father) right as she landed her big break in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

In my eyes, the spill on the dance floor was worth it — if Maks is fine — because it made him, shirt open as usual, extra touchy-feely in the kiss-and-cry area. And seeing a concerned Cheryl Burke and Tony Dovolani dart off after Maks left the backstage interview early to get ice was a reminder that these are professional dancers, and to them, an injury risks more than the loss of the mirrorball. Watch it below.

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  • Mr. Holloway

    I noticed Cheryl and Tony running off after Maks was done with his interview as well, and I loved it.

    I did ballroom dancing for a few years, and I saw a couple of injuries and accidents, so I thought it was really cool seeing Our Pros band together like that.

    • dally

      It also scared me…. hopefully it’s just a strain and he’ll be back next week!

      • nc

        It totally freaked me out…I panicked…I’m still shaking. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to eat a dozen donuts again without thinking of Kirstie Alley.

    • mama

      This is why I love this show outside of the dancing… the friendships. Hopefully Maks is good to go.

  • blue

    would be nice if you used a video service that a person out side of the USA can view. HULU not availbe outside of USA.

    • banana

      or a service that can play on android…

      • Portia

        OR…since this was shown on network television, you two could quite easily find the show on your medium of choice and fast forward to the appropriate section. Sheesh.

      • Nan

        Easy Portia! No need to get pissy!

      • Tom Strong

        Get a real phone. Android is a joke.

      • nc

        I would just like to agree that androids are a jok, except for that one on Star Trek Next Generation even though his eyes freaked me out (but I think they may have been contact lenses).

      • Shannon

        Or a service that can play on iPad.

    • Joey

      Boohoo. You’re on an American website.

      • CarrieBell

        Seriously. There are all kinds of stuff I can’t access when I’m looking at Canadian and European sites and I don’t whine about it.

      • davey

        Just like Americans – always thinking of themselves!

      • JoeE

        Oh, shut up Davey. It’s a friggin’ video from “Dancing with the Stars;” is it really so important that the entire planet have easy access to it? I’m sure there are videos from UK television shows on BBC’s website that won’t play on my computer. Waaaah! Waaah!

    • Kat

      What video service has legal DWTS clips and is available internationally? I’m pretty sure that the two legitimate places to find TV clips are the network’s own site, and Hulu…and Hulu allows you to select a certain amount of the video to show rather than the whole episode. I don’t mean to be rude, but it always strikes me as very strange when people outside of the US complain about EW’s use of videos that are only available in the US, because it happens a lot. But I wouldn’t go to the website of a French publication and expect to be able to view videos of a French TV show. I’d hope to be able to see them, of course, but it makes sense to me that I wouldn’t be able to. So I’d just find another source to view the video, if possible. I understand that it’s frustrating, but this is an American publication, and I think they’re limited by the legal video options available in this country. I’m sure this particular clip is or will soon be available on youtube if you want to see it, but it would be arguably unprofessional of EW to post a youtube clip if there are more official ways to post the same video.

  • gazmo

    Of COURSE his thigh gave out!!
    She’s a freaking elephant!
    I’m surprised his leg didn’t break clean through.

    • FromChicago

      I hate to second your comment, but I too thought — these so-called stars are too big. The women are just too doggone big, and that includes Wendy.

    • Meli

      @gazmo and @fromChicago–if you two have been watching during rehearsal footage, he’s had no problems lifting her and spinning her around off her feet in rehearsals. But if you want to continue to show yourselves as ignorant haters because someone isn’t a size zero, go right ahead.

      • Barney

        During rehearsals he was was using an old magician’s trick that involves a hidden forklift.

      • gazmo

        Any show that helps promote the idea that obesity is OK deserves scorn. Overeaters (and smokers) and their enablers and supporters have doubled the cost of health care in this country with their self-destructive, self-indulgent habits!!

      • Michelle

        gazmo- You obviously know nothing about Kirstie Alley as she’s been sharing her struggle to lose weight and get healthy for a while now. She’s on a show where working out for hours a day is a REQUIREMENT and you think this promotes obesity? You’re an idiot.

      • Nicole

        Gazmo – I don’t think Dancing is saying it’s ok to be obese. If anything, stars have talked about how fit they get and how much weight they lose by participating in this show. I say Kudos to Kirstie for doing something active like ballroom dancing!

      • nc

        Great discussion about DTSW (that’s Dancing With the Stars to you newbys) I agree that it’s hard to say whether it is more about fat people or crappy dancers (it may be a little about both, but that’s just my opinion).

      • Vince from NYC

        Gazmo has a point. Maybe she should have lost some weight before she went on a competition show that requires athleticism to compete. You don’t need to be a size zero but comon, she’s like 250lbs, perhaps celebrity apprentice would be more suitible for a woman of her talents..

    • rlindzy

      The idiot speaks.

    • Carla

      Screw you gazmo! Get bent you ignorant fool! Max’s foot placing was off, he wasn’t planted right, and that contributed to the problem.

      • gazmo

        No, my dear, screw YOU (as if anyone would – oink oink)!!

      • nc

        I totally agree. Jeez gazmo get it together!

      • gazmo

        Hey nc, I HAVE it together. I’m 6’2″ tall and I weigh 185. I eat a low calorie, low fat, high fiber diet and I have the restraint to avoid all the health problems that accompany obesity.

      • In Other Words…

        gazmo is a self-righteous a$$.

      • MissMel

        So that explains why you’re so miserable, gazmo. Maybe if you ate a burger once in awhile you could stop criticizing others to make yourself feel superior.

      • Fit as a Fiddle

        Add I’m sure you’re a treat to be around Gazmo. The worst flaws are more than superficial.

      • gazmo

        Actually, people find me delightful, much to your chagrin.

      • Uh huh

        Were these people using air quotes when they called you “delightful”, gazmo?

    • South Side

      She’s as big as a cow! The human body can only hold up so much weight ya know.

      • Meli

        As opposed to the skeleton showing through your bulimic skin?

    • Jiji Moran




      • LA

        Come on! This isn’t a YouTube comment section. Grow up already.

      • Meli

        Occasionally turning off the caplock on your keyboard separates children from adults, you know

    • Sheila

      This has nothing to do with weight!!!! Maks know what he can handle if not he would not do it!Next thing Kirstie has loss weight sent she has been on DWTS!!

      • gazmo

        Lift the cow, get a paycheck.
        Refuse to lift the cow, don’t get paid.
        You can only lift the cow so many times before your body HAS to give out.

      • Sandy

        I absolutely agree with you. Dancers know what they can and cannot do. Additionally, this happened during a step where more weight has to be cast forward by his partner, so there may have been a balance issue as well as a misplaced step. It happens whether you are petite or large.

    • Joanna Banana

      Ouch. That was nasty…

  • Harry the Hephalump

    Kind of amazing that no matter what the post on EW is about, the hate just comes flooding in; about the post, the other comment’s, the time of day, the color blue, etc.

    • Mr. Holloway

      Honestly though…is there anything worse in this world than the color blue?!?! Ugh!!!

      • Harry the Hephalump

        No way- blue rules! Just don’t get me started on yellow. I mean, what a disgusting, fat color!!! Only the socialist loving media elite likes it!! Booooooooo!

      • Claire

        And orange?!? What a HO!! It used to come across as a caring color, maybe a bit loud now and then but with aaaall those other colors in the box? SOMEone had to try to keep everything organized…and purple was of NO help. Now O is just a high heel wearing, fake boob having, “career” above all else selfish beeyotch.

      • Lisa Simpson

        Hey, quit the hatin’ on blue! What’s it ever done to you! If you don’t like it, don’t read about it! I like to use exclamation points! HEY, I FOUND THE CAPS LOCK BUTTON! I DON’T KNOW HOW TO TURN IT OFF! HELP ME, OBI-WAN KENOBI!

      • JMB in FL

        Blue is a socialist color and it’s Obama’s fault! I like the red crayons because they taste the best! #WINNING!

      • bkwurm1


      • Meli

        Hey, you’re going after blue when GREEN is so much worse? And don’t even get me started on fuscia!

      • elr

        to all the replys before mine HILARIOUS!!!!! But you are all wrong the best color in the world is green.

  • Barack Palin

    Poor Maks. It takes the strength of several oxen to lift Kirstie. I feel your pain, Buddy. And now I know that earthquake I felt at 6:40 PM PDT was Kirstie falling. I wonder what her fall registered on the Richter scale. How eerily psychic Sugar Ray Leonard is with his comment about “The bigger they are, the harder they fall.” Good thing Wendy Williams didn’t fall-that would have triggered a tsunami in California. The Pacific Tectonic plate can only take so much pressure.

    • gazmo

      I think your teacher is mad you are playing on the computer in class. I think it is paint time for you.

      • The REAL gazmo

        Oh NO!!

        It’s the attack of the clones!!

        Please show your ID government issued and submit to a full cavity search before posting any further comments . . .

      • gazmo

        Please grow up and come up with your own name. I am the number one troll on this site.

      • 100% certified USDA Grade A authenticated gazmo

        That last gazmo is CLEARLY an imposter.

      • gazmo

        Come on, people! I only support MY free speech!

    • Joanna Banana

      Grow up, will you please! You people need to stop being nasty to Kirstie, she’s a beautiful lady with more class than all you haters put together. Get a life.

  • shawn

    More like “Dancing with the Steers”

    • nc

      Now THAT’S funny! Everyone take their cues from Shawn.

  • Natalie Davis

    Wow, the hate and ignorance makes me want to avoid this site altogether. Maks said Kirstie had nothing to do with his injury. What has he done to make you distrust what he says?

  • Lin

    Over weight and over 60 years old and she still has more class than some of you jerks who take an unfortunate incident and stretchs it to an issue that was not the problem and serves no purpose except to show your ignorance and attitude. If the male dancer was SOOoo concerned about his partners weight he would not have put one foot on the dance floor.

    • Cathy

      Ditto!! She’s not only classy, she’s very brave. She put herself out there for these jerks to talk down to her.

    • Melvin

      Thank You Lin, my daughter keeps telling me do not encourage the trolls by commenting on their messages, but sometimes it so hard not too. I think some people are so bored and unhappy they have to put other people down.

    • Knows Dance

      It wouldn’t matter to Maks how much his partner weighed. He gets paid big bucks to do a job. He’ll do the job whether she weighs 90 lbs, or 290 lbs. It all pays the same. He just took some risk with some of the moves and they failed. But you can’t win if you don’t try.

  • Beth

    c,mon did he hafta lift her at all, really, his hip, duh?



    • JMB in FL


    • madalice

      Walmart has a ballgown section where you can find the exact same dress! Good luck!

  • jojofmfrisco

    I agree with Natalie Davis to avoid this site….unfortunately freedom of speech allows idiots like Gazmo and Barak Palin to have their say.

    • gazmo

      God Bless Fee Speech!!

      • gazmo

        But only when I judge and criticize other people.

    • another gazmo

      Buy 1 speech, get 1 free

  • mrbill

    wow, what moooo-ving comments. Maybe I should “steer” clear of the udderly caustic comments about Kirstie and talk about a real work of eye-candy: Anna Tre-bun-skya!!

    • Knows Dance

      Yea Anna is one of my favs.

  • eleng peter

    i love dis can i get to dis pls tll me becos if it’s nics i wll do it

    • gazmo

      You, Sir, are a prophet.

  • Lorie

    Their recovery was amazing and inspiring!

  • Sheila

    Unbelievable. Life sure has a way of threwing you a curve ball, I hope those who a spewing out venom get ready to catch it. Ubelievable.

    • LOL

      Too many Big “Maks” and look what happens.

      • gazmo

        LOL – you made me LOL!!

      • gazmo

        See? Hey, everybody look! See what I did! I made a pun! I’m so clever! Look at me, people!

      • the 1st gazmo

        Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

        COME ON!! EVERYBODY post as Gazmo!!

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