'Mobbed': I'd accept a flash mob proposal, but about that wedding...


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If you were hiding from the Grey’s Anatomy “Musical Event” last night, you were probably watching Mobbed. (My apologies to the male demographic — it just wasn’t your night for TV.) Admittedly, I didn’t watch it until this morning, but I rather enjoyed it. Proposals, dancing… what’s not to like? Oh, wait. There’s one thing: That awkward, insta-wedding!

Let me back up. This Howie Mandel-hosted show aims to use flash mobs like people once used blimps — to communicate messages in a bold way. In this episode, a guy enlists Mandel and his team to propose to his jealous girlfriend. (Run, man! Run!) And after a cheating fake-out — a woman walked up to the boyfriend and threw a drink in his face to elicit accusations of cheating from his girlfriend — the man excused himself to go change his clothes. That’s when the action started!

A security guard started singing. Everyone in the fancy restaurant started swaying. And before she knew it, she was outside in front of hundreds of flash mobbers being proposed to. It was a great moment, and yeah, I cried. It’s such a grand gesture of love — and I’m a sucker for that kind of thing.

The only misstep — and it was a big one — was that the boyfriend and Howie had planned the wedding for her. Horrifying! Yes, they flew in her best friends and family. But they also stuck her in a frump of a dress that went OVER her clothes, a cheap-looking tiara, and had the ceremony in the middle of a crowd of strangers. I don’t know a single girl who would have wanted that for her wedding day. And from the look on the girl’s face, I don’t think she really wanted it either. She gets points for playing along, though.

I need to go calm down now. The idea of a hijacked wedding just riles me up too much. Can’t. Handle.

What did you think, PopWatchers? Did you watch Mobbed? What did you think?

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  • Kristi

    I couldn’t believe no one bothered to button the back of her wedding dress

    • Kate

      Me too! That and her t shirt was hanging out. Not to mention dad didn’t even get to walk her down the aisle. I’m almost positive the wedding isn’t legal though since CA requires both people to apply for a license so hopefully she got to do the wedding right later!

      • Stephanie T.

        I thought so. In NY it is the same thing. The Wedding was staged for theatrical purposes and of course they had the real wedding once all of the legal details were sorted out.

    • rsmp

      I thought maybe the dress didn’t fit so the buttons wouldn’t button?
      Whatever,it looked awful.

  • John Berggren

    Completely agree. The proposal was nice – though the cheating fake-out was in poor taste. The wedding was a bad idea. That dress was tragic – they didn’t even bother to zip it up for her.
    Further – can we stop using that Chris Brown song? It was sweet on youtube, and made sense for the Office – but now I just call copycat.
    I think this would be a better series with more mobs per episode, less behind the scenes per episode, and no manufactured drama moments.

    • dharma swan

      I agree about the cheating fake-out being in poor taste – really what did that accomplish other than upsetting the girlfriend? I guess it was their way of getting the boyfriend out of there to change into a tux but if they had put more thought into it they could have come up with something better. And I agree the wedding was as bad idea and I felt they put her on the spot. They should have left it with just the proposal, which was big enough.

    • Amy

      John, let’s hope Howie takes your suggestion. More Mobs, less scenes would make it much more enjoyable for the viewers.

  • Vicky

    “But they also stuck her in a frump of a dress that went OVER her clothes, a cheap-looking tiara, and had the ceremony in the middle of a crowd of strangers.” Just discovered that all the executive producers of this show are men. All makes sense now.

    • John Berggren

      This is probably true. They need a few good women and a few good gay men to prevent this in the future.

      • Bergie

        Get over yourself. It was a TV show. For entertainment. You guys get too worked up over entertainment. And as a heterosexual with style…..cut the gay jokes. You’re showing a very sexist side.

    • Jeremy

      Tabitha tried to talk them out of the cheating/other girl idea, but was out-voted. I wonder if she disagreed on the wedding idea, too.

      • John Berggren

        This must have been in the 2/3 of the show I fast-forwarded through.

  • Joe

    The whole idea was great right up until the rushed wedding ceremony. What girl doesn’t want to plan a wedding and enjoy the whole routine right up to the big day? She will hold this against him, and their marriage will sadly fall apart after the dust settles.

    • John Berggren

      I don’t think the marriage will fall apart. I do think that he should have turned to her as soon as the camera crew left and said “ok seriously, lets plan a wedding for you”.

  • April

    I just watched it too and I totally agree…the proposal great….but getting married on the spot not so much!! And the girl with the water was not cool either!!

  • Leslie

    I was mortified that they didn’t button the back of her dress, but it seems they were attempting to—maybe there was just too much going on to properly close it up (all those teeny buttons) She did have it on later and it looked good—but I can’t imagine that she’ll love watching that back with her dress undone and her mascara smeared. I thought it was great, though, i was on the edge of my seat!

  • Rebecca

    I wish Bones had been on instead… I didn’t even bother watching this crap.

    • Jackie

      I totally agree. I flipped to Fox at 9:00 so I could see ‘Bones’, and when I saw that ‘Bones’ wasn’t on, I changed the channel.

      • Em

        That’s too bad – you missed a fun show!

  • BLM

    I don’t know about California, but where I live, you have to get a marriage license first, which is then signed by the officiant of the wedding. Hopefully, this “wedding” was null and void and the girl will get the ceremony she wants later. However, I bawled like a baby at the proposal–I loved the use of Everlasting Love (that Chris Brown song, not so much…).

    • Ann

      It is the same in California, I looked it it up after the show! Would have been fun to see them tell her she wasn’t really married! Oh well at least she will get to do it right.

  • Angie

    I agree, I thought the wedding was a bit tacky. For a proposal, it was really fun. I know it would’ve taken away from some of the spontaneity, but they should’ve let her have given her a chance to pick a dress and fix her makeup – sheesh, they could’ve had a 2nd flash mob performance while walked down the aisle.

  • JimmyH

    Leslie, just curious, why were you mortified? You didn’t experience any humiliation when her dress wasn’t buttoned.

    • John Berggren


      • JimmyH

        Empathy I understand. But, to feel mortified means that you were humiliated, embarrassed, etc. Leslie was not.

      • John Berggren

        But if we’re going to play the symantics card:

        : the action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and ******vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experience of another****** of either the past or present without having the feelings, thoughts, and experience fully communicated in an objectively explicit manner; also : the capacity for this

      • Bergie

        Dude….how many comments have you posted on this show? Let someone else participate. And stop ripping the show if you clearly watched it and then spent your entire next day commenting about it. Damn…..get a life, dude.

    • Leslie

      OK, let me clarify. I was embarrassed for her—because I don’t think a bride would want her wedding (real or no) dress to be half on and unbuttoned as she’s walking up the aisle. I felt bad for her, empathetic.

  • Sara

    I’m a sucker for watching big proposals, but I would be hella pissed if I was her that her fiance and Howie hijacked her wedding day. I hope she has a another ceremony or a reception that she gets to plan. She looked terrible in that dress and smeared makeup, and she was clearly a very pretty girl. That would annoy me to no end.

    • Kate

      That was where they lost me was pushing the wedding, because every girl I know treats her wedding photos like prized possessions so no matter how fun the day was the photos will show her in an oversized dress with make up running down her face! I think it still could have been great if they had given her a second to actually put the dress on and collect herself before the wedding rather than rush her right through it. Although as I said above, I don’t think the marriage was actually legal in CA so hopefully Fox helped her do it right later!

  • Gigi

    If I were her, I’d insist on another wedding that is actually real. She definitely gets points for playing along, but seriously? Between the cheating drama (I about died) and the impromptu wedding in a frumpy dress, that is just not a girl’s dream of her wedding day

    • bkwurm1

      My thoughts as well. I kept thinking she was going to kill her “husband” for not letting her even pick out her own dress. But yeah, how could it really be legal? Even if it was, he owes her a real wedding.

  • AlyssaG

    I love a good flash mob, so I tuned in. Discovered within the first 30 seconds that (surprise!) Howie Mandel is the worst human that ever lived. The worst.

    How little do these Producers think of the audience? The wedding? The fake-out cheating? It’s as though every now and then, no matter how far it has come, Fox has to remind us all that it’s Fox.

  • chris

    I was more concerned about that size of that chick’s arms! Holy!

    • Leslie

      That comment is just so unnecessary. She is a beautiful girl.

    • JimmyH

      Personally I thought she was beautiful.

  • ST

    The first half of the show I didn’t really care for. I didn’t want to see them review the video he submitted, and plan the spot, etc. That was a bit too much. The actual even itself though, was good and I enjoyed it. The girl seemed to enjoy it too (which was a big part of it, imo). She was nice to play along with the wedding and i was glad they flew her family and friends in (also a nice touch) but it seems like the producers were hoping that some part of this would go wrong (either she would say no to the proposal or the wedding) so it would make for bigger TV. I wish they would have just stuck with the proposal but maybe if this gets picked up for an actual series, they’ll tweak it. And by tweak, I mean leave Howie to America’s Got Talent.

    • dharma swan

      I agree, the first half of the show was boring and unnecessary.

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