Wonder Woman's new costume: Better with red boots? Or still needs more improvement?


Image Credit: Richard Beetham/Splash News

Reactions were mixed when NBC released an early photo of Wonder Woman star Adrienne Palicki in a shiny, shiny costume that, among other things, flaunted decades of tradition by ditching the superheroine’s iconic red boots. Now, based on some photos taken of Palicki on the set, it looks like the costume designers have tweaked the outfit a little bit. The blue pants are no longer made of a shiny fabric; instead, they’re a darker shade of blue. (And now that we can clearly see the gold stars running up the side, the pants look sort of like they’re from an old-timey military outfit.) Even more intriguingly, the blue high-heeled boots have been replaced by vintage red flats. Some intriguing changes…but do you support the alterations? Think the new outfit is better than the original one, or worse? Check out the two costumes side by side, and vote in our costume poll below:


Image Credit: Richard Beetham/Splash News; Justin Lubin/NBC/Warner Bros.

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  • Skip182

    It’s actually gotten worse…

    • Fingerlakes Dave


    • LOL

      I feel bad for Palicki. They’ve made her into a clown.

      • J-Bolt

        She knew she was helping screw it up, so don’t feel bad for her. There are actors/actresses with integrity that are more respected than those that just take the job, no matter how badly an iconic character gets screwed up. DC/Warner needs to do the character and not screw it up again, such as they did in the Cathy Lee Crosby version from the 1970’s… and that one badly failed too. Nobody will recognize this as Wonder Woman, so a lot of money will be down the tubes.

    • Mr. Holloway

      Reactions were “mixed” when NBC released the first photo?

      Mixed between what? People who hated it and people who really, REALLY hated it?

      • Katja

        I read so many comments under the CNN article about the costume…and most of those people LOVED it. I couldn’t understand it at all.

  • Lisa Simpson

    Well, it certainly shows how much photoshopping was done on the first one.

    • henninggirl

      No kidding! Her boobs look like they’re in zero gravity in the orignial picture. Jeez Louise!

    • Steph

      Exactly what I was thinking! I hated the first picture. Seeing this one next to it, in addition to the new costume that makes much more sense, it’s stupid how stick thin they made her arms and legs look in the earlier photo. The on-set picture looks like someone who might actually be able to kick some ass.

      • Meghan

        I wholeheartedly agree!

    • Katja

      It makes me so sad that a woman who looks like Palicki in the photo on the left is apparently still too thick and must digitally be made to look skinnier for the official photo. The real woman looks so much better suited to be WW than the creepily proportioned one on the right, and I actually still think she could do a little more beefing up and muscle toning. I’d love if they could make those cups come up about a half inch higher as well, but I know that’s a lost cause. It would really look a lot cleaner and more flattering though, even though it would mean – gasp – covering up a bit more boob.

    • Teenygozer

      Wow, that was exactly my first thought! Photoshopped like crazy!

  • Joey

    They should just do a Wonder Woman movie. This looks silly.

  • Jeff from Jersey; yes New Jersey

    Calling Dr. Gunn. Dr Tim Gunn. Fashion emergency at Wonder Woman site. Stat. Need you imput. Uniform not working. Calling Dr. Gunn

  • Jobless

    The costume looks so cheap.

    I just can’t see how this show is going to be successful.

  • Brett

    It’s gone from a stripper outfit to a wrestling outfit. There was nothing wrong with the accepted costume from the 1970’s series.

    • Brent


    • Molly

      I love that no one thinks the 70s costume was “cheap” or “stripperish,” though it covered much less and Lynda Carter’s boobs defied gravity! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE ME some Lynda Carter-Wonder Woman costume, but a lot of the criticisms of this costume are equally applicable, if not more so, to Ms. Carter’s portrayal. The 70s costume was cheezy in its own right. . .and let’s just all go ahead and admit that we loved, loVED, LOVED it, cheese notwithstanding. It was perfect! But if I want to enjoy the new series (which I hope I can), I just have to accept that Adrienne Palicki will never Lynda Carter be, and accept that, and move on. . .

      I just hope she spins around to turn into Wonder Woman. That wasn’t cheezy at all and made total sense!

  • Kristen

    the biggest improvement is that they lost the red lipstick. NO ONE LOOKS GOOD IN RED LIPSTICK EVER! (If you say it looks good on you, you’re fooling yourself.)

    • Chu

      I actually like girls with red lipstick…

    • Ugh

      That just might be you in red lipstick Kristen – but it is a matter of finding the right red lipstick

      • Amanda

        I’ve had lots of people tell me I look great in red lipstick. And I’m naturally blonde, green eyed and fair skinned.

    • Molly

      Oh, Kristen, if you say it DOESN’T look good on you. . .you just can’t wear red lipstick. Sorry.

  • Brittney

    Glad the red boots are back, but the boots are too short and they need to be high heels! Still think the pants are awful.

    • Billiam

      It would make no sense to fight crime wearing high heels.

      • Mara the Most Awesome Person to Ever Comment on Any Entry Ever Posted

        Buffy the vampire slayer fought crime in high heels.

        Also…it’s Wonder Woman. You’re willing to suspend belief for an invisible plane, but not women fighting in high heels?

      • Ace

        Wonder Woman might be able to fight crime in high heels, but it’s sort of cruel to expect Ms. Palicki to do so. It’s a broken ankle waiting to happen. I’m glad they changed the boots. Now if only they’d give her some straps for that top…

      • Erik

        In the original series, when the actress had to run, she was wearing flats. It was one of those things we were supposed to ignore, or it could be fan-wanked to assume they are magic boots with heels that automatically turn into flats when WW is running! I’m sure she’ll be wearing the high heels for non-action scenes.

      • Ricky

        I agree she needs the heels. As a die hard Wonder Woman fan I’ve always felt that she looked better in heels. They don’t need to be stilettos but a 2″ heel adds to the silhouette.

      • Kat

        I love the flats. I think she looks much better prepared to kick ass in them. Plus heels create a longer, slimmer looking leg – and I want WW to have thick, muscular-looking legs. Also, I have an arguably silly feminist beef with the idea of putting female crime-fighters in heels. It’s stupid and it reinforces the idea that women should totally wear heels whenever possible, and to hell with any worries about foot and knee problems. It’s all about looking good, not being comfortable and healthy and agile! I’ve never seen Buffy, but I’ve always heard it’s great…and I’m pretty disappointed to hear that she does it in heels. Like how the women of Star Trek always wore high-heeled boots with their uniforms, rather than the same style of shoe as the men. People like Captain Effing Janeway, who had their feminine moments but were generally tough as nails and not fussy about their looks, still wore heeled boots with their uniforms while running away from the Borg and exploring new planets and whatnot. I like wearing heels sometimes, but only as decoration for special events. Never to work. Work requires practical shoes, yet practical shoes frequently look unprofessional to people because they’re so used to the idea of women in heels. Aaaand now I better end this rant, before I start getting more dramatic and revealing more of my nerdy interests. (You never saw Eowyn wearing heels, thank god! She didn’t sport a cute peep toe while stabbing the Witch King of Angmar in the effing face!)

      • Rasheed

        Jul08FashionCloud I can’t beevlie they actually fit m, i have huge issues with zara jeans normally :/They exist in red too and look amazing alsoxx

  • JK

    Amazing what photo touch-ups can do! Forget about the outfit changes, she doesnt even look like the same person. Im guessing the person in charge of the photoshop is a boob man.

    • elr

      That is exactly what I thought when I saw the pictures side-by-side. The shape of her face is even different from one picture to the other.

  • Marie

    If it’s winter where ever she is, does she still wear the same thing or does she get a coat?

  • daisyj

    Well, it’s certainly better– looking at the first one all I could think was how much her legs must be sweating. And seriously, no one needs that much shine on their thighs. The new one is still kind of silly-looking, but short of a total revamp I don’t see how they’re going to get away from that. I think this is just one of those iconic comic book looks that doesn’t translate very well to real life.

  • ®ustymustdie

    holy photoshop! either she has he monthly visitor or they did some serious retouching. look at the upper arms! this show is going to suck. total waste of film & time.

  • V

    I feel really bad for whoever is styling Adrienne Palicki. She is so pretty, and nothing we’ve seen is even remotely flattering.

  • Quirky

    What I want to know is if they’re going to have the invisible plane? I always thought that was the silliest thing in the comics. I’m curious if a TV show could pull that off without it being cheesey.

    • Fingerlakes Dave

      The whole thing looks cheesy from the outfit.
      The outfit from the 70’s show looked better.

      • Warner

        Glad they made the boots red, if we can’t have the original outfit then I guess this one would do.

    • Vince

      Oh c’mon its a comic book show after all, I like that plane

  • Soap On A Rope

    The big boobs are great, but she needs to watch out for camel toe. Those pants look tight.

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