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If you haven’t seen the season finale of Top Chef: All Stars yet, DO NOT CLICK AHEAD! After Richard and Mike opened their own full-fledged restaurants — Richard’s pegged to modern spins on classic dishes (shocker!) and Mike’s an ode to Italian flavors (also a shocker!) — the finalists duked it our for the ultimate culinary crown. And now that the results are in, your very first Top Chef All-Star is (SPOILER ALERT)…

Richard Blais! Check out our full recap as well as Gail Simmons’ blog, in which the judge sheds light on their decision, and the irony behind Richard’s confidence. In the meantime, tell us your thoughts on Richard’s final victory in the comments below!

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  • tracy bluth

    YAY!!!! Blais was my favorite from his season as well as on All Stars!

    • darclyte

      I bet going back and fixing the foie gras ice cream helped to put him over the top. Realizing that an adjustment was needed and then executing it probably showed again what a Top Chef should do. Mike’s dessert wasn’t very good (but better than Richard’s original dessert) yet he didn’t think to have someone listen in to the judges to see if anything needed to be tweaked. As Richard predicted, Mike’s confidence and c0ckiness could have been his undoing.

      • henrietta

        @darclyte – I think you’re absolutely right. I was on pins and needles…thinking that somehow his tweaking his dessert was going to be against some arcane rule or other…but he prevailed! Poor guy…if he didn’t take a 3-week nap after that finale, hopefully he’s taking one now…(he looked wrecked even on WWHL). Eek. And yay!!!

      • Lee

        Richard’s lucky he had Spike eavesdropping for him. This was a long and frustrating season because of the unfair challenges. However, the right man won. I was rooting for Richard, Dale, Jen and Angelo. I’m glad Richard won. He definitely deserved it. He proved what a true artist he is.

      • Richard (not Blais)

        At Richard’s restaurant, Flip Burger Boutique, they have a fois gras milk shake which is actually quite good so I am surprised that his ice cream missed the mark. I wonder why he didn’t just serve up the milkshake instead. I am glad he won. He should have won his season. He is an extremely talented and innovative chef. I’m going to go have a fois gras milkshake this weekend to celebrate.

      • HTC

        I am glad he won, too! I was convinced it was going to be Mike based on the interviews during the show, but yay!

        @Henrietta, I agree he definitely needed a nap. He and his wife have a new baby at home, so I’m assuming that’s part of the reason he looked so tired on WWHL.

    • Murray

      Yayyyy! Blais went all the way!!!

    • RK

      Now he can get back to making me burgers at Flip.

    • Ray

      I’m SO disappointed. I couldn’t stand Blais throughout the season and was really rooting for Mike. Blais was sour, rude and a terrible sport when he lost challenges. Oh, well–at least we got to see Carla again.

      • allie

        I actually will never watch another top chef ever. He was a poor sport and others were more deserving. If his food was the last on earth I’d rather starve.

  • stevenjaba

    woo hoo! so glad I don’t have to break up w/ Top Chef now.

    • Elisha

      I agree. I was getting nervous toward the end, but so very happy that Richard pulled out the win! He was my favorite in his season and again this time. I am so tickled for him.

  • Ruth Moore

    I really thought Mike Isabella was going to win. I liked his attitude. Richard was a total mess at the end. I’m disappointed but I feel the top chef judges are fair & I love the show.

    My fan favorite is: CARLA!!!

    • Frazz

      Hootie Hoo!

    • MoHub

      Carla needs her own show, and she needs it now!

      As long as it doesn’t take her away from Alchemy for any long stretches. We also need to keep her on the home front.

  • Pat

    Yay!!! I see that all is right and just in the world (of reality TV anyway). Blais has also been my fave since his season and I’m so happy he finally pulled it all together!

  • enabler alert

    Phew! I didn’t love his constant insecurity in the last few episodes but he is so much better than Mike! I don’t think I would have been able to stand it if Mike had won!

  • Amy

    YAY!!!!! I’m so happy. It’s about time Richard won Top Chef. Now, all is right with the world.

    • anon

      Yeah, except for war on three fronts – everything’s fine and dandy now that Blaise won… No surprise to me.

  • Ruth Moore

    I wanted Michael to win!!

    My fan favorite is: Carla

  • bridget

    of course he won – he should have won his season but they needed to give it to a woman…

    • Angie

      Even Richard admits that he choked during the season 4 finale. Stephanie cooked the best that day – thus, she won. It had nothing to do wtih gender.

    • Angie

      Even Richard admits that he choked during season 4 finale – thus, he did not win. It had nothing to do with gender.

      • wereyouwatchingthe

        every time richard talks about his season, he says he lost b/c he chocked, not b/c stephanie is the better chef. what a jerk.

    • G

      Stephanie won just as many challenges than Richard throughout their season and was in the top 3 more than him.

    • Jane

      I am happy that Stephanie won her season. She was consistent and cooked well. I liked that season the best.

      However, this was Richard’s season and he deserved this one. Glad he got a second chance and he held it together. I stopped watching after Hosea won, so this makes up for that mess.

    • Lily

      Post-Top Chef Season 4, here’s the current stats:
      Restaurants opened – Richard 0, Stephanie 1
      James Beard nominations – Richard 0, Stephanie 1

      Not saying Richard isn’t a good chef or wasn’t deserving of his win this time, but to say Stephanie only won because she’s a woman is ridiculous. She won (and is so successful currently) because she’s an amazing chef.

      • KD

        Well, she also won money from winning the title that helped her open her restaurant, I’m sure. Richard will be opening one now!

      • henrietta

        @lily – I’m confused. Doesn’t blais have a hamburger joint? (restaurant)? I thought he had one in atlanta, but at some point during judging colicchio said he had FOUR (huh?) & that isabella was “an executive chef” – anyway, your saying that richard has “0” restaurants opened has me stumped.

      • Alex

        @lilly-Blais opend Flip Burger Boutique in Atlanta. There are 3 locations, 2 in Atlanta & i in Birmingham, Al. Doubt he would get a James Beard for a burger joint. Flip is awesome-get the vodka battered onion rings and nutella & marshmellow shake.

      • Bmc9999

        The onion rungs are fantastic and so is the captain crunch shake with peanut butter foam!!!!

      • Richard (not Blais)

        Correction: Richard has opened 4 restaurants (with a 5th coming soon), and I know at least 3 of those have been since Top Chef

      • Lily

        Richard’s company opened those restaurants, not Richard himself. He isn’t a chef at those burger places, whereas Stephanie is a chef at hers.

    • Dort

      Tell that to Stephanie Izard who cooked her axx off that season.

    • A

      Season 4 was a toss up between Stephanie and Richard. They both basically dominated the season, but when he choked (and he did choke) in the finale, it became obvious that it would be no-brainer to give it to Stephanie. Either way, Steph and Richard (in that order I think) are the two best to compete in the show, in my opinion.

      • tomspuppets

        stephanie outcooked richard. stop talking about how he chocked. she’s a better chef.

      • tnsmoke

        I think Michael Voltaggio and Richard are the 2 best chefs to ever compete on Top Chef. So gald Richard won. Mike’s dishes sounded good (don’t get cable anymore), so, was worried that he won.

      • SR

        @tomspuppets – You are right, he didn’t chock. He choked. Otherwise he would have left Stephanie in the dust.

  • MsDaisy

    Thank goodness. He would have had a nervous breakdown if he lost.

  • jennifer krewer

    I am so glad Richard won!! He deserved it. He has been my favorite since the jump.

  • Diane

    Oh Thank God. I think I would have thrown something at the TV if Mike won

  • margaret


  • Kana

    Yay Richard. Well deserved and well earned win!

  • C James Tournbleau

    I am happy Richard won. If Mike were the winner I would never watch Top Chef again! After taking Richard’s idea, Tiffani cooked the entire Louisiana challenge while Mike walked around acting like a giant ass. Then he received accolades for cooking his Grandmother’s recipes. What does he really bring to the table? He should have been eliminated after taking Richard’s idea.

    • joyce

      Richard was my favorite from the beginning. I knew Richard would win. Great job. Bring it on home to Atlanta. I thought Mike should have already been gone.

  • Jim

    Richard always seems depressed. Like he is going to swan dive off a balcony if he doesn’t win.

    • nbflowers

      The right guy one…that having been said Isabella had a great season

    • Jean

      to Jim
      Richard looked worried, especially towards the end of the competition. It’s unfortunate that he wasn’t “man enough” to be unconcerned about his wife during her last trimester of pregnancy. I,for one, am thankful he is a great chef and terrific family man.

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