'Dancing With the Stars': Hidden Gems of Week 2!

Studies have shown that Hidden Gems of the Week, EW.com’s collection of reader-submitted ridiculata, is the best way to enjoy Dancing With the Stars without ever having to turn it on. It’s a visual feast of sparkles, fringe, and flesh. Ready to go down the rabbit hole? Behold this bountiful smattering of Visible Gems!

“I kind of hate to actually admit this, but all night I was mesmerized by the bright white sparkly glow of Brooke’s left nipple. I couldn’t NOT look there.” –Jem Ho

“Not sure what it was, but during the opening lineup, either Jericho decided to sniff it or Cheryl’s got some really great conditioner!” –LAG Award Winner, endorsed by Melissa, Suzanne, Tracie, Caryn

“Tom’s adorable, and might I say jaunty, little sidestep move just before introducing Kendra. He also did a nice little back lunge thingy just before Romeo’s intro. I like to think these are secret signals just for us gemhunters.” –Jem Ho, endorsed by Madd, Jen P., avab, nicknak

“WHOA! After Kendra’s critique, there was a flash of an audience member who either fell into a vat of the spray-tan fluid or is part Oompa Loompa.” –Electronic.Neko, endorsed by Kristie D, PIMB but Maks is My Husband, KellBell NYC, and Mae, who kindly pointed out the Oompa Loompa in question was actually newly pregnant Mirrorballus alum Mel B.!

“Chelsea’s polka-dot bloomers!” –Amy in Pittsburgh, endorsed by Aggie, Gemologist, JMM, Karen

“Was that a cardboard music arcade in the room where Chris Jericho & Cheryl were rehearsing?” –Rebecca, endorsed by MLM and Xorp

“My first hidden gem of the season. At :41, Sugar Ray’s head was lined up with Hines Ward’s hat and his hair looked like that track guy Carl Lewis! Big geometric wedge flattop thingy!” –mccliza, endorsed by chopchop

“Bruno licking his lips when Petra was on the judges’ table.” –duranmom, endorsed by Tia, Call Me Daphne, Electronic.Neko, Katja, Jem Ho, EPK, tkemoses, Ally, Peachy, JB13760, Lindsey, Tina, Kelly, Alison, BA, Winnie 50, Potato Bug

“While Tom is introducing Kirstie & Maks, there is a girl behind Tom’s left furiously chomping on gum. Or possibly hay.” –Kevin M. Kawa, endorsed by Soda Float, IMissKristi, naynay

“Did I just see Marlee Matlin’s interpreter (and star of the latest InsideTV podcast) Jack Jason sitting behind Kelly?” –Elizabeth, endorsed by Courtney, Bugsby, avab, orville, LAG Award Winner, Alison, KLH, and EW.com’s Fringe Fairy

“I liked the sparkly treble clef in the background of Romeo’s interview about his dance “progress”…such a musical tribute!” –tango2, endorsed by sarahj

“Hidden Gem: that one random woman in the front row rocking out to Romeo’s dance who kind of looked like Professor Trelawney.” –Madd, endorsed by avab

“OMG. Miss Blankenship is in the audience clapping for Romeo and Chelsea!” –mccliza, endorsed by Madd (“She played Ralph’s mom in The Karate Kid!”)

“Nice wall sconces in the pinkish room- like a partial octopus or something. Perhaps in light of Mirrorballus — I should note, even the walls are spewing out sequins and diamonds — as if the diamonds are growing and ready for picking. Just reach out and grab it, Wendy!” –Call me Daphne

“Hidden Gem: There was a older woman wearing a zebra top with a flower in the center who was counting Wendy Williams’ steps. She was so intent on her feet it cracked me up!” –Liz, endorsed by avab, Lorie, iggy, Jem  Ho, Xorp, Jaime, Long Time reader, first time gem-mer, Smileyteach, popculturedrandoms, Zach, glenn, MLM
“What was great was on the other side of Wendy and the woman was a young girl in blue clapping rhythmically but with a complete look of boredom on her face, hoping she could be anywhere but the Ballroom. So we had a kind of Yin and Yang of DWTS — Intense FootSpotter and Bored Teenager.” –LAG Award Winner, always ready to put things in perspective

“Hidden Gems: the cityscapes during Hines and Kym’s dance – a rare glimpse at the outside of Planet Mirrorballus?” –JessicaH

“For a second there during Kim and Hines interview, I was afraid Mark was frozen as a sad mime. Just staring off in space. It was freaky.” –Freakinfatone, endorsed by iggy, JB13760, Kristie D


“This one may be a sign that I need to step out of the gem mine for awhile… but as Brooke talked to Tony, that silvery quilted stuff on the wall in the celebraquarium over Petra started to look like a pair of eyes with ever changing fuchsia lips below.” –Jem Ho

Thank you, DANCMSTRs old and new, one and all, for a fabulous heap of gems!

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  • Jon

    The hair sniff was classic Jericho shtick. He has an off-beat sense of humor that was on display in his WCW and WWF/E days.
    He was in the last generation of wrestlers who learned the art of developing their owns characters and “cutting promos” improvisationally rather than strictly following a script. Jericho was always one of the best in the business at that, and I can’t help but hope it serves him well on DWTS.

    • Katja

      I’ve never followed wrestling (I mean, I know who The Rock and Hulk Hogan are, but that’s about it), so I was wondering about that bizarre story about a Viking blacksmith wizard he made up. It seemed off the cuff, but I didn’t know if he was just naturally that weird and funny or was actually working hard to try to be funny. I thought that bit was hilarious, so I’m glad that’s an actual talent of his; I look forward to more completely random aural gems from him!

    • LAGAW

      @Jon. Agreed, Jon. Think he trained with the Harts up in Calgary, so he knows his wrestling stuff. Plus, if you ever saw him on VH1’s “I Love the ____”(decade) shows, he appears to be intelligent and good with a quip and one-liners. Plus, he’s probably the only male contestant ever on DWTS to wear LESS in his regular day job than what he wears on the show!


      • katie

        Totally agree! Jericho has been around WWE for ages and has always been one of my favorites. He’s got a great sense of humor and personality that I think will serve him well on DWTS. Walls of Jericho!

    • zee

      On a related note, DWTS is really feeding my obsession for chunky male bums…

    • J

      Break the walls Dooowwwwwwnnn!!!!


    No, thank you, Annie and Gemologists!!

    • Jem Ho

      First, love that you are using LAGAW now. :) You may be the original LAG Award Winner, and I can never take that away, but I’ll admit I’m psyched got the LAG of the Week! (LAGOTW) Woohoo!

      • RaRa

        OK, what is LAGAW? And what is PIMB, while we’re at it?

      • RaRa

        Okay, I figured out LAGAW. I haven’t visited the gems in a while, so I didn’t notice the LAW caption at first.

      • LAGAW

        @RaRa. Used to have a real screenname until the Fringe Fairy chose my Hidden Gem as a “Life Affirming Gem” a couple of seasons ago, and then I became “LAG Award Winner.” Jem Ho called me LAGAW in an earlier comment, so I now use it.

      • Mellissa

        PIMB is short for Pasha is my Boyfriend. If you watch SYTYCD, you’ll know why Pasha should be everyone’s boyfriend (he’s the Max of that show).

      • RaRa

        OK, thanks, now I’m up to speed again. Drop out of something for a while and life just passes you by! Never miss a recap, but I’m not real dedicated to looking at the gems every week.

      • RaRa

        And I do recall “Pasha is my boyfriend”, but I didn’t remember it ever being shortened to an acronym.

    • Enthusiastic Comment Lady

      @ LAGAW – I geeked out so much that day, I actually printed the screen that showed Annie giving us the first LAG!! Ridiculata Rules!!!

  • HTC

    These had me cracking up! Can’t wait till next week. Annie, you are the best!

    • RaRa

      Some of them were a bit of a “reach”, but there were several that were truly gems this week!

      • Lola


  • Jem Ho

    Love it love it love it!! :) OK, I don’t want to admit it, but I don’t know who Professor Trelawney is so I don’t get that one (hope that doesn’t ruin my pop culture cred irreparably), but there’s a gem within a gem… get a load at the creepy fake looking eyes on the guy to the left of Romeo there – yikes! My favorite of this gem crop is Sugar Ray’s Carl Lewis hair – LOL! That’s some quality gem spotting there. Nice work everybody! Thanks Annie!

    • avab

      Hey Jem Ho, Prof Trelawney is a teacher at Hogwarts from the Harry Pottert books.Don’t worry, ur pop culture cred is safe here ; )

      • Madd

        Yeah, don’t worry about your pop culture cred with us, Jem Ho- you got LAG of the Week!

    • RaRa

      Creepy guy on left indeed, Jem Ho! His eyes actually glow, on my laptop screen anyway.

    • mccliza

      Thanks Jem Ho! That was mine, and now I’m hooked on this game of Gem Hunting!

    • Mellissa

      I was noticing creepy eye guy too!

    • juju

      Creepy Eye Guy deserves a gem of his own.

  • fringles

    In the Professor Trelawney gem the guy on the left looks like a. hes holding the spotlight and b. freaky intense look on his face!

  • avab

    Yay, I scored a few HG mentions. Thanks Annie, for making my Mondays and Tuesdays so much fun. Until next week Hunters!

    • shaye

      I’m happy just to be mentioned as an endorser! Looking forward to the day I find my very own gem ::sigh::.
      Always an endorser, never the original hunter :)

      • jmm

        shaye – I’m with you! I was so excited to see my screen name there! LOL

  • Madd

    It makes me way too happy seeing that Annie posted one of my Hidden Gem mentions! As well as one of my comments on a Hidden Gem!

  • Electronic.Neko

    OMG, I got on two weeks in a row!

  • Megan

    A late Hidden Gem- but when Chelsea and Mark danced he had their official DWTS photo tucked in his hat.

  • bee

    I have an injured shoulder and it hurts to laugh. I was laughing so hard over the frozen mime gem I woke my husband up. Probably re-injured shoulder too!

  • RaRa

    I noticed the shining nipple was in two separate pictures. Now that Jem Ho pointed it out, it’s all I can look at every time Brooke is in the shot.


    I’m surprised that nobody nominated the woman sitting to Len’s right (our left) who looked exactly like Valerie Bertinelli.

  • paisley

    I think the “bored teenager” to the left of Kelly Preston in the tenth photo is Kirstie’s Alley’s daughter, Lilly. I recognize her from Kirstie’s reality show last year (Kirstie’s Big Life, I think it was called).

  • duranmom

    Yay! My second gem in a row!

    Good gem hunting everyone! You all make me laugh so much! See you next Monday! :)

  • CoolWhipLite

    Some of these gems were truly hidden! Thanks to all of the eagle-eyes gem hunters who found them and gave me a good laugh!! :D

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