'Dancing With the Stars': Eliminated contestant is....

Update: Annie’s recap is liiiiiiiiiiiive!

Don’t click through if you don’t want to know! After an hour full of the usual filler jazz, Chris Brown performing twice (with neither incident nor an interview with Tom Bergeron or Brooke Burke), and something terrifying and foreign called the Dancing With the Stars Troupe (?!?!?!), the contestant twirling off the planks and heading home tonight is…. “Psycho” Mike Catherwood and his professional partner Lacey Schwimmer.

Wendy Williams and Sugar Ray Leonard joined Mike in the bottom three.

Check out Your Hidden Gems of Week 2 right now, discuss tonight’s results, and come back later on for my full elimination recap (update: here it is) and “The Host’s Leaderboard,” our new weekly feature with Tom!

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  • Madd

    At least Mike had a good attitude about it.

    • RaRa

      The poor guy never had a chance. Carrie Ann kept telling him not to point his feet inward, but I don’t think he can help it without surgery! His legs are bowed and he is pigeon-toed. I wonder if a physical therapist could help with that or would it require surgery to fix?

    • George Lopez Sucks

      George Lopez is a pock-marked pig.

  • Becca

    Wendy is next…betcha!!

    • RaRa

      Followed closely by Kendra, I hope. It’s an embarrassment to have her on the show. I saw her movie – it’s XXX. Is that what we consider a “star”? People in this country have lost the whole concept of “shame”. It makes me really worry about our society.

      • deeannek

        Like she is the only person who ever had a sex tape. I don’t think she is on because of that anyway. She was on Girls Next Door and she has her own reality show on E! I like Kendra and I would rather have her than a Kardashian.

      • Esme

        If someone’s X-rated movie is what make you “really worry about our society” when we’re involved in 3 wars and people are losing their jobs in droves, you need to take your head in for servicing.

      • Esme


      • cg@RaRa

        You SAW her XXX movie. Lololololol. Shame????????I can;t believe I just read your post.

      • jury’s out

        She made this movie before she was famous. I’m more disturbed that she didn’t sue to stop it from being sold like Brett Michaels did, instead she agreed to it so she could get the profits from it like most people do. Anyway, her dancing is pretty good and she seems like a nice enough person, so it doesn’t bother me that she’s on.

    • mama

      I certainly hope so. As for Kendra… who cares, what starlet or young ‘star’ has not done raunchy stuff these days. It’s the way it is unfortunately. This should be based on dancing skills. Who has more fans from TV shows… Wendy or Kendra? Time will tell.

    • It’s a Shame

      Mediocrity and crass behavior has become the norm, as evidenced by the five mediocre slackers above.

  • rea

    was chris brown really singing or was he lip sinking??? anyone know

    • ESQ

      Lip syncing. Very, very bad lip syncing.

    • MissVampireDiaries

      What the hell is lip sinking? lol
      It’s a dancing show, they always lip sync.

      • Zakry

        No joke. Who cares?

    • Ilene

      Not only was he lip syncing But both his numbers were PRE- TAPED!!!! Shouldn’t ABC have told the viewers this info? After all it is advertised as LIVE!

      • jmm

        It’s been common knowledge for years that the big production musical acts are pretaped earlier in the day with the same audience. There is no way they can clear the stage etc. and do the live results show. None of the big acts have been live over the years.

      • RaRa

        I don’t have a problem with pre-taping some segments. The only part that has to be “live” is the performances of the contestants, IMO. If you pretape it, you can get it the way you want it (and the way the fans remember it).

      • cg

        They could have at least had his lips move when his voice was singing. But he was fantastic!

  • rea

    i’m so glad Kendra got to stay…. you go girl!!!!

    • jen


    • RaRa

      I think she’s bad for the show. I want her gone. Sorry, I’ll quit preaching now.

    • deeannek

      I like Kendra too! She is doing a good job dancing and as long as she does she should stay.

      • mama

        I agree… it’s about the dancing. Or if we vote out the person with the worst boob job, that is easy too. Bye Wendy.

  • DC

    Too bad it was Mike… at least he was nice to look at! I think Wendy’s going to wear out her welcome pretty quickly. And I already don’t like the idea of the “troupe”, although I’m sure it’s a sort of planning for the future, with the producers hoping that the troupe dancers will become well-known enough to replace the pros when they leave. That’s my theory, at least!

    • Heidi

      I think Mike and Lexie’s dances were way too sexual. I’d get it in the cha cha or paso doble, etc. but the quickstep and the jive? They were grinding on each other, she pushed his face into her breasts… it was too much and she’s to blame as the choreographer. She should be trying to get him as far as possible but instead she just wanted to push the envelope WAAAAY far of comfortable. Which is sad because he seemed to be a good dancer in the few elements he was able to show.

      • Madd

        Well, they’re both extremely attractive (that’s right, I think Mike is extremely attractive! And Lacey is as well, even with the skunk hair).

      • Zakry

        Meh. I think Lacey was more attractive when she almost won So You Think You Can Dance.

      • RaRa

        I hate it when the dances get tawdry. Like when Julianne Hough had her boyfriend as a partner. It was borderline vulgar. I always wanted to say, “Get a room!” ;-)

      • cg

        Who the heck is Lexie. And RaRA I thought you said you were done preaching?

    • avab

      Yea, DWTS is clearly planning a succession here with this “troupe” thing.

  • Katja

    Sugar Ray was in the bottom three?!?! But I LOVE him. He seems so sweet that I want him to last several more weeks so that he has time to improve and feel good about his progress before having to leave. No offense to Wendy Williams, but I’d rather she had gone and that Mike guy stayed. He was more entertaining to me.

    • LAGAW

      @Katja. Sugar was part of the “bottom 3″ for the result show, but it does not necessarily mean that he had the 3rd lowest combined score. Technically, we don’t know how any of the couples ranked when they add in the viewers’ vote (except for Mike who had the lowest score and was sent home).

    • Madd

      Agree, Katja…I find the clips of Wendy Williams they show on The Soup hilarious, but I find her kind of unlikable here. Mike, on the other hand, was funny and really did seem to be trying.

    • RaRa

      Count me in. I love Sugar Ray. He is such a class act! In the same class as Arthur Ashe. He always comports himself as a gentleman and I find that elegant, even if he hasn’t yet gotten the hang of that footwork.

      • Energysuck

        Yes people are class acts and seem nice while others are annoying…. but isn’t this a dance show and not a popularity contest. Everyone flipped out when lousey dancers were kept around ala Bristol Palin. Sugar Ray although he seems like a terrific person can’t really compete with say Hines, Ralph, or even Kirstie!!

  • jasmine

    i’m still upset i missed last night’s episode (mainly because of the hidden gems game lol). i wanted mike to stay! i kind of liked him and thought he would improve, i really thought (and hoped) wendy was going to leave. I liked chris brown’s performance, but did anyone else think he lip-synced both performances? i also really liked the dance troupe….but thought it was weird that the brother-sister duo was dancing/kind of grinding at one point together. and on a final note, i squeeled a little when a commercial for activia came on and jamie lee curtis was on tv! i think someone has noticed the hidden gems game!

    • RaRa

      I had the same thought about JLC appearing on an Activia ad during the show!

  • Betty

    I know Brooke wears a lot of bad dresses, but there was something extremely ugly about the dress she was wearing during the results show.

    • Dommerdog

      Yes, Brooke’s dress looked like a bath mat. Had they attached a toilet seat cover to her left hip, she’d have managed to recreate her look from last week when she wore that black dress with the attached party platter. Who dresses her? He or she should be fired!

      • Shar

        I kept waiting for her to stick out her lower lip and blow those hideous bangs out of her eyes!!

    • RaRa

      It looks to me like what the Bible would call “swaddling clothes”!

    • RaRa

      Oh lord! I just now saw the close up of the dress. The bottom half is hideous! Very reptilian or something. *shudder*

    • pancake

      When I first saw Brooke’s dress, for a minute I thought she was wearing a dress made out of mattress pads.

    • PIMB

      It looked like an exploded tampon.

  • Newbomb

    Lip “sinking”? Really? I weep for our nation.

    • Kat

      Overdone melodrama? Really? I, too, weep for our nation. ;) Seriously, though, “synch” is a weird word. I’m not saying people shouldn’t know how to spell it, but it’s not like the person misspelled something more mundane and obvious. I don’t mind expressions of disapproval over another person’s possibly-shaky grasp of the English language, but let’s not get carried away!

      • jk

        Sorry, Kat, I’m with Newbomb. No excuse for confusing “sinking” and “syncing” if you’re out of grade school. And for future reference, it’s sync not synch.

      • Mellissa

        I’m with Newbomb here as well. It’s just as bad as people spelling “spoilt” (spoiled), and asking how people got casted on a show (cast).

      • RaRa

        I’m afraid to reply now. Yikes! Tough crowd tonight!

    • @

      Passing the kleenex Newbomb. It’s unbelievable isn’t it?

  • Linda

    Good for Tom and Brooke not interviewing Chris…and Wendy shoulda went home!!! Mike is nicer to look at..

    • LeeHung

      I agree Linda!!!! I voted for Kendra…But Mike was nice to look at! He co-hosted with Kelly on Live with Regis and Kelly and did really well. I hope they consider him when Regis retires!!!!

      • RaRa

        Am I the only one who has a problem…. wait, sorry, I said I wasn’t going to preach anymore about Kendra. It’s just so insane to me! It’s like the elephant in the room, that no one is talking about.

    • Christy

      Brooke would have done it if she could have. She’s been pimping his performance for two days on twitter.

    • It’s people like you who are the reason this show has WTF winners/finalists. Desperate housewives voting for guys they find hot rather than the best dancers or the dancers that have improved the most.

  • Goober

    We don’t know that Sugar Ray was really in the bottom 3. They announced when it was down to 2 that they were not necessarily in the bottom 2. The producers like to keep us guessing. They may have had low scores from the judges but we don’t know how they came out after the public voted.

    • Katja

      Ahhh, you’re right. I wasn’t watching tonight (a certain spouse of mine spent the entire evening playing Ocarina of Time) and somehow after umpteen years of this show, I’d forgotten that little bit of deviousness they do when it comes to the 3 people “in jeopardy” not necessarily being in the bottom. Thanks for the reminder and reassurance, Goober!

  • bonnie

    Kinda surprised, actually thought Wendy would have went, am really more disappointed in DWTS having on Chris ~~~~ Bad behavior should not be rewarded :(

    • Rebeckah Faith

      Agreed. Wendy should have been eliminated, and it was a bad decision to have Chris Brown on the show.

      • RaRa

        Yes, I think it sends the wrong message to younger viewers. Hopefully the kids who watch the show don’t know about Chris or Kendra’s “infamy”. That’s the only way I can rationalize putting them on this show. I feel like it’s still too soon for Chris to be “celebrated” in the literal sense of the word “celebrity”.

    • Daniel Webster

      @bonnie – It’s not, “..would have went,” it’s, “… would have gone,” or, “…would have been eliminated.” Geez!

  • Helen

    I’m really sorry that mike and Lacy are gone. I saw much improvement over week one, unlike Wendy and Tony. I think they should have hit the road. Most likely next week for them.

    • Heidi

      I’m betting that people found Lacie’s choreography to be a bit too risque. Too bad cause Mike had potential

  • Jerry

    Mike seems like an ok guy. Lacy has a great tush and is incredibly sexy. I think next season Tyler Perry should Dance with Ru Paul.

  • Shell

    I have been a loyal viewer for all the seasons but will not continue after you showcase an abuser!

    • Chikago11

      You are not God! Get over it! Seriously. He has paid his debt to society. Would you say the same thing about Charlie Sheen if he appeared on the show and did stand up comedy?! Really people.

      • jen

        huh?? Shell may not be God, but she has every right to choose to not watch a show because they showcase an abuser of women. You clearly do not have a problem with people who are violent towards women. That is not something you should be proud of.

      • Zakry

        She’s going to watch. She’s just one of those people who like to pretend she hasn’t done anything wrong in her life, so she can look down her nose at a celebrity. Easy to do from the safety of your computer. People like her should be ignored, especially since DWTS will be broadcasting for her television next week as sure as I have a nose on my face.

    • MissVampireDiaries

      So everyone who gets into a fight is an abuser? Wow. Thanks for changing the definition. You probably think he’s a wife beater as well, even though he was 19 and not married.

      • allie

        you don’t have to be married to be physically abusive. And yes, if a male beats up a woman that makes him an abuser. I too chose not to watch just as I chose not to listen to his music. I don’t support Sheen either – sometimes it doesn’t matter how much talent a person has… it is just a matter of doing what is right.

    • ReallyGetOverIt

      Shut UP!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please

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