'Dancing With the Stars': Should Tom Bergeron ask Chris Brown about the 'GMA' incident?


Image Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC; Ida Mae Astute/ABC

Tuesday’s episode of Dancing With the Stars just got a little more interesting. Earlier today, Tom Bergeron stopped by Ryan Seacrest’s morning radio show to chat about the new season of his reality show. Partway through the interview, Seacrest mentioned that Chris Brown is scheduled to perform on tomorrow evening’s Dancing results show — exactly a week after his well-publicized freakout on the set of fellow ABC program Good Morning America. He then asked Bergeron if he’s planning to mention the meltdown when he speaks to Brown on air.

Bergeron’s answer makes it sound like he might go either way. “Well, here’s the thing,” he began. “I did say to the producers that it might be to their advantage to not have me interview him, because my natural tendency would be to say something. So don’t put me in a position where you’re asking me not to say something, because I won’t really do that.” Later, he laughed and joked that ABC’s execs will probably strap him into a “Hannibal Lecter suit” to keep him from saying anything that could make Brown’s visit even more awkward.

I know what I’m hoping for… mostly because I know that if Bergeron talks about the meltdown, our own Annie Barrett will have a field day recording what happens next. What do you think, PopWatchers — should Bergeron go with his gut and bring up what happened on GMA? Or, in the face of Brown’s defensive apology, should the DWTS host let bygones be bygones and focus only on Brown’s music?

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  • LOL

    How about just not having him on the show?

    • Erin

      I agree. I thought this was supposed to be a family show. Having a person on the show who still has serious rage issues isn’t very family friendly.

      • melody

        You are kidding right? Most of the contestant on the show have rap sheet or have been drug addicts and convicts. Didn’t they want lindsay Lohan and Paris hilton. Please get over yourself.

      • susie

        Exactly right Melody!!

      • susie

        Oh and lets not forget Chris Jericho arrested and put in jail for public intoxication

      • Lauren

        @susie and how does public intoxication compare to beating your girlfriend to where she was pretty much unrecognizable? just sayin. people got pasts, and thats fine. but those two do not compare.

      • susie

        @Lauren, Guess what? Jericho did beat a woman after calling her racists name!

      • susie

        Oh wait , lets not forget Sugar Ray, You know he used to beat his wife on more then one occasion, I can keep going

      • susie

        Sorry Meant to say James Brown ( God father of soul) Not sugar Ray!, I was watching him dance as I was typing, haha

      • mira

        TO all the people bringing up other people’s pasts: NONE of these people recently smashed a chair into a high rise glass after being asked an INNOCUOUS question. I’m not saying everyone on DWTS is perfect right now, but no one seems unhinged. They all seem like their past is fully behind them.

        Chris Brown is acting like a little punk, and when you reward that kind of behavior, it justifies it. I’m not about that, and I don’t care WHO DID WHAT

      • susie

        @ Mira I consider 2 yrs ago the past!!! Roberts brought up the past, not Brown, he told her he was their to talk about the present ( his album) Not condoning his behavior, but she egged him on and kept on and on

      • JaySin420

        Really Melody? Paris and Lindsey hurt themselves….Chris Brown BEATS woman and then thinks he’s too important for it to be discussed.

        Those girls are trashy and screwed up in the head….Chris Brown is evil.

      • jared4ever

        wow, public intox, how HORRID! That makes beating up your girlfriend look like kidstuff.

      • @susie

        I suspect you are mentally deficient. Go back to school and learn how to write if you insist on posting your inane defense of this cretin here. I wouldn’t want to wish it on anybody, but maybe you’d change your tune if you had your head bashed in like Rhianna did. You’re an idiot, darling.

    • Strepsi

      I have a question for Tom Bergeron: How come when Adam Lambert kissed a guy, he was banned from the entire ABC network, but a violent offender who also destroyed ABC property, is invited to do more ABC shows? Is ABC saying that a simple kiss is more offensive than violent abuse? Why?

      • andora

        His anger issues are not in the past if a question about his pastcaused him to destroy a room.
        I didn’t lknow about the adam lambert thing – but I’m horrified that he was banned because of a kiss and this guy is violent and is allowed on.
        I will be finding out who is eliminated online – I refuse to watch the show with him on it.

    • Razor

      I agree too. I think that Chris Brown would probably act his age if he didn’t get invited on anyone’s show to promote baby’s wittle wecord.

    • shell517nj

      Chris has to be very smart. There are some who are just waiting for him to fail. sad. They really should get a life.

      • @susie

        And I suspect we won’t have to wait long–his future is behind bars, just wait a few years (or months, more likely) and see. And that hideous platinum hair just ain’t cutting it.

    • Zakry

      How about answering the question?

    • Donna wright

      Why??? Letting him on the show just indicates “it’s ok to be an “abuser” and disrespectful to women, people still want me on their shows! No, we certainly don’t! Unfortunately, Chris Brown is getting the last laugh! Unbelieveable!

  • DefunctOnlinedotcom

    Obviously, you guys don’t watch the show. Bergeron never interviews the guest performers.

    • Bugsby

      Yeah, but he may throw out one of those well-placed quips oh his.

      • S.

        This isn’t the show for that!

    • Zakry


  • TJ

    So Adam Lambert gets banned from ABC for kissing a guy while Chris Brown can beat up a woman, have a meltdown during an interview, trash his dressing room and still be invited to perform on the highest rated show on the network? Its nice to know ABC has their priority’s straight.

    • jared4ever

      well said.

    • HD

      I agree and I think ABC should explain themselves. The message they are sending is deplorable!

      • Nicole

        Totally agreed. They came off terribly already, but I hadn’t even considered it in context with the Lambert ban from a couple of years ago, which makes this whole thing even more disgusting. I’ll be watching The Good Wife on CBS and Parenthood on NBC tonight – regular DWTS viewers should consider doing the same.

  • tim

    Ask him to spell ‘interview’. Bet he can’t.

  • Abe Froman

    I also vote for not having him on the show at all. But if they must, then absolutley bring up GMA. Don’t let that douchebag off so easily.

    • melody

      Would you feel the same way about the Jonas Brother for trashing a Posh hotel. Leave this young man alone. He isn’t the first young celebrity who have issue in his life. Look at Paris Hilton she got away with carry cocain in her pruse and store robbery Lohan. We can name names all day long. So stop trashing young Chris Brown. Hateful mean people would only try to hurt a young man still growing.

      • susie

        That is whats wrong with our society, instead of trying to help people, they continue to want to bring them down. As for myself, I am looking fwd to watching him perform

      • mira

        no, what’s wrong with our society is that we continue to let entitled little popstars act like they are above the law. We are not doing them any favors, because the only way people learn is to be held accountable.

        The best lessons I learned in my life were also the hardest. If Robert Downey Jr. was still being sent to rehab instead of the JAIL TIME he got, I doubt he would be as stable as he is now.

      • Nicole

        @Mira – Well said – and I’d like to add that another problem with our society is women and girls who are willing to overlook the violent treatment of women when the perpetrator is ‘cute’ or has fun songs. There are plenty of other people worthy of your admiration and energy.

      • Mary

        Melody, are you serious? Chris Brown violently beat a woman, he then kicked out a glass window. I repeat, he beat a woman. If he beat up your daughter would you still be supporting him?

    • deedee


  • aleanor

    This is ridiculous since when the host interview the artists who perform on the show..OMG LEAVE THE MAN LIVE

  • Missy

    Lucky y’all deleted what I said first… but leave dude alone

  • Jaymi

    Should Tom refer to the GMA incident? Not unless DWTS is ready for redecorating the studio-otherwise, no.

  • Joe

    I am so disappointed in ABC. First they decided not to press charges even though smashing that window could have seriously injured someone walking on those busy Times Square sidewalks. Now they are rewarding him by allowing him to further promote his CD. This is just wrong. Where are the consequences for this horrible behavior?

    • JHF

      Exactly! And it’s so disappointing to think that ABC will probably be REWARDED (with a spike in Tues’ DWTS ratings) for not taking a stand against his behavior and un-inviting him. I won’t be watching, but I’ve got to admit that it’s tempting, like trying not to take a peek at a train wreck right before your eyes.

      • susie

        So if Chris Brown isn’t on, you would watch? But yet it’s ok to watch Chris Jericho who was in jail for DWI

      • jodipo

        yes susie, it is. Jericho is a jerk and could have hurt someone, but Brown intentionally hit his girlfriend in the face with his fist repeatedly. There is a wee bit of a difference between a dwi and domestic voilence

      • susie

        @jodipo No Jericho intentionally hurt a woman, punched her straight int he face after calling her a racial slur so whats the difference? Both are wrong but yet one is accpeted and the other is not

      • Zakry

        Jericho was HIT by a female fan, but he never hit her, he went after her beligerent boyfriend. You can watch the video and commentary on YouTube. Tell the whole story please, Judgemental One.

    • melody

      You want to name, names of big grown Celebrity that didn’t get the bill for doing what young Chris did. Charlie drug addict sheen.Leave Chris Brown alone. I wish someone would bring up all the wonderful things young Chris has done. Like being involed in the many Cancer Research charities involing children. He put together a fundraising Concert for Haiti and the food bank of VA, He also a sponor of the Buddy foundation for mentally challenge children in which he performed the National athem in Washingtion DC, Also he develop and supports Symphonic Art foundation for supporting Art for the youth for which made a music video called the matrix which all proceeds funded the foundation. You can check it out on Youtube. I supported it.Listen stop being hateful mean spiteful people. Stop judging him and look at his accomplishment since 2006. This is a young man that is trying his best to prove to you that he want to stay in your good grace. Give him the chance.

      • susie

        Amen Melody!!! Unfortunetly ppl would rather see and talk about the bad. They can’t see what good ppl can do.

      • ali

        so just becomes someone is getting away in some ways (he’s making money, but he lost his job and his kids), doesn’t mean we should REWARD bad behavior? What is wrong with you guys?

        So what he did good things, some child molesters are great pillars of the community. Im sure there’s a bank robber who also coached his kid’s softball team. What about the wife beaters across the country who comes off as charitable and charming?

    • B

      To add insult to injury,ABC/GMA are waiving the window replacement cost as well!!

      What a wonderful message they’re sending to the public. Let’s ban someone for sexuality,as in Adam Lambert’s case (cause we never see it at all from the female popstars **eyeroll**) and we’ll reward violent behavior!

      Way to go ABC!!

      • Cooper

        Adam Lambert didn’t get banned because of sexuality. He was banned because he put a guy’s face in his crotch during family primetime. There is a line that was crossed. I think if it were a female, it would be the same. Chris Brown should not be on DWTS because his past and present behavior do not seem to represent the values that ABC pretends to portray to its largest demographic. If Chris Brown appears on the show, I am done with ABC, DISNEY and any sponsor affiliated. It will be a challenge but people have to stand up for values even if it is inconvenient.

  • Holly

    Could not agree more, TJ!

  • Laura

    There is no proof that he smached the window ppl are so naive to judge him based on what they read. Nobody asks Eminem or other celebs past when promoting their music..even yesterdy they did NOT Britney about her past ..drugs or why she shaved her hair..i think its racial issue LEAVE CHRIS ALONE

    • susie

      Thank you!! I am so sick of everyone judging Chris Brown, what he did was wrong but this kid is 21 yrs old, 19 when it happend, he is a kid!!! No one else judges this “older” celebs ont heir past!!,

      • susie

        I agree Melissa, But I am sure if Mel Gibson was on they wouldn’t have anything to say about it.

      • to susie

        Mel Gibson lost his role in the hangover 2 BECAUSE of his bad behavior. And oh yeah, he hadn’t even been charged with anything yet.

        It’s not a race thing, Im a Black woman. I just don’t like foolishness.

    • LL

      Speaking of shaving heads Chris Brown needs to shave his. that ugly blond dye job is horrible

      • Mellissa

        I think plenty of people are irked at Mel Gibson’s behavior as well. What’s his excuse, as he certainly wasn’t a “kid?”

      • Mellissa

        That was supposed to be a reply to Susie.

    • melody

      You are so right. They are so selected about who they ask about their past.I wonder why they haven’t ask the Jonas Brothers about how they trash a posh hotel in London or televised it. The way they did Chris. I’m glad that Chris isn’t the only young celebrity with a past. Because I will be holding American media accountable for some young celebrities not being asked about their past. So DWTS need to watch themselves if they choose to interrogate Chris. I love DWTS but should be fair and let Chris Brown do what he love. Which is entertain.

  • Little Nama

    He shouldn’t be on the show. Period. With at said, since I know that isn’t going to happen: bringing it up might give us a show to remember beyond the dancing. I say, “Tom, let it rip!”

  • Larry McD

    Adam Lambert kisses one of his dancers (briefly) on the lips while performing on the Grammys and ABC bans him from ALL ABC shows… Chris Brown beats the crap out of Rhianna, gets his charges reduced, has a restraining order against him, melts down and breaks a window in the ABC NYC studios and… Robin Roberts apologizes and says she’d welcome him back AND he’s doing a guest shot on DWTS. Fair much?

  • jim

    He should not be on the show . He needs to be accountable for his actions and maybe he will grow up and know what kind of oppurtunity he he being given

    • susie

      He was accountable for his actions, he paid for what he did to Rihanna ( not saying what he did was right, but he paid his debt) but ppl like yourself won’t let him forget it, no one is saying to forget, but for crying out loud time to move on which Roberts could not, therefore while he was there to talk about his ALBUM she kept pressing the issue, ( yea real adult of her) Let this young man do what he loves to do, perform. My God he was 19 yrs old when it happened (not making excuses) but he was young he is TRYING to better himself and ppl wont let him be!!

      • JHF

        And how old was he when he picked up a chair and broke a window, endangering anyone who might have happened to be walking below? What does he have to do in your mind in order to be held accountable for his actions, kill someone?

      • susie

        Not much older!! and yes he needs HELP!! , Help, Not ppl who want to continuesly bring this YOUNG man down. Roberts knew exactly what she was doing and shame on her.

      • Mellissa

        So, people can’t ask him about his past? Pretty boring interview if all he was asked to say was, “My album comes out today. Buy it.”

      • susie

        Well that was the ONLY reason he was doing the interview!!!!

      • to susie

        susie, the media is a 2 way street. That may be the only reason he was doing the interview, but it’s UNDERSTOOD that it’s supposed to be a 2 way street.

        If he can’t handle that small amount of stress, what’s he going to do if his new girlfriend acts up? Put her through a window? Well, maybe he will stick around this time instead of leaving her on the street. alone. bloodied and battered.

      • Erin

        Some things are not forgivable.

  • MIMI

    Why are you inviting on to the show, you are rewarding him for bad behavoir.

    • melody

      What reward. He is doing his job. Which is performing. If you are not a fan turn the channel. I won’t. I and many others will be tuned into watching Chris Brown perform. I guess you can find something else to do.

      • Mary

        Looking at the postings there are two girls who must belong to the Chris Brown fan club. Beating a woman is unforgivable, any guy who beats a woman should not be invited on a family show. I repeat ANY! That includes Charlie Sheen AND Chris Brown

    • MissVampireDiaries

      You don’t have to watch. The show wont miss you.

      • Willis

        LOL, missvampire! ABC wil not miss any of you who choose not to watch! They know what they’re doing….it’s all about ratings! Chris Brown is not the only celebrity with domestic violence issues…David Hasselhoff, Eminem, Charlie Sheen, just a few, who don’t get asked the same questions over and over about their pasts. Let’s move on. Rihanna has clearly moved on, she approved of relaxing the restraining order. So don’t watch, they don’t care!

    • tanya

      This is too bad that susie and melody get it.if rhianna have oked the judge to lift his restraining order why then are the rest of you evil people still condeming this young man,charlie sheen is white and we all know his past present etc yet everyone said thats charlie being charlie the double standard here is because this isa black young man.i wonder what we would see if we look under tom bergeron all you other haters skirt

      • @tanya

        Your obvious illiteracy reflects your basic stupidity and negates any of your ridiculous comments defending a slathering madman who certainly does not belong on a prime time TV show. Come back when you learn to read and write.

      • AS

        People keep putting Chris Brown’s actions as ‘past’ but he demonstrated on GMA that this behavior is clearly not in his past given he still cannot manage his emotions without damaging something.

        Secondly, to this day, he pretty much shows little to no remorse. Doesn’t he have PR people? Or maybe he doesn’t listen to them either.

        He is in the public eye, people in the public eye will forever be up for scrutiny. So if he can’t handle something so trivial as being asked questions he wasn’t fond of, what would happen if he was in a really heated situation. The way I see it, he is definitely a train wreck waiting to happen. Best of luck Chris Brown. And such a shame because you are so handsome and talented.

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