Kirstie Alley and George Lopez's Twitter feud continues. Could this hurt Alley's 'Dancing' chances?


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Start placing your bets: Round two of Kirstie Alley v. George Lopez has begun! As you know, earlier this week, the TBS late-night host compared Alley to a dancing pig. Alley, naturally, fired back via Twitter, writing, “Just remember what happens to the big bad, drunk woolf …falls in a boiling pot of vodka. Piggy laughs.” He quickly tweeted an apology saying he “misjudged the joke,” but the damage had already been done. But wait! There’s more! Instead of letting bygones be bygones, Alley tweeted at Lopez that she didn’t need or want his apology. “I want your kidney dude..on behalf of ur X and all the women uv insulted…give it back.” (Alley was referring to Lopez’s ex-wife, who famously donated a kidney to her then-ailing husband. Harsh!) She later tweeted that “I want ur Kidney dude” will replace “here’s your ring back!” Is it just me, or will that one not pick up steam?

I’m all for drama on the dance floor. (I give it a Len Goodman seh-ven!) But will Alley’s drama outside of the ballroom help or hurt her DWTS chances? Fans tend to love the bigger-than-life personalities on the show, but could this venom-laced back-and-forth just make the charming frontrunner look… catty? Then again, she didn’t break a window, so maybe fans will just chalk it up to celebrities being celebrities. After all, it looks like this feud is coming to an end: In what appears to be Alley’s final tweet on the matter, the Dancing star wrote, “take life as lightly as u can and then move on …even u George ….u are forgiven…..:)….”

What do you think about the feud? Does it make you love Alley more for standing up for herself? Or do you think her replies to Lopez were just as insensitive? Sound off in the comments below.

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  • Karen


    • susan

      Kirstey called her self a PIG on her reality show “Fat Actress.” Now she’s whining because somebody else said it? Please. She’s just looking for publicity. She wants the fat people to feel victimized and vote for her.

      • llisa

        Susan you’re a dipshiit!
        George “started it” and Kirstie will finish it! She may have made “fun” of herself but he wasn’t, he was only attempting to seek ratings by hitting a fan favorite below the belt… and sadly, it worked… he has traded temp attention for a world of hate and deserves all the shiit that follows.

      • Anon

        Seriously? Because she said it about herself it’s okay for someone else to say it? Is it okay for another person to discipline your kid too?

      • comedy

        Ricky Gervais is a million times more meaner than George. I Love George.

      • Mellissa

        I believe that it is okay to make fun of yourself, but it is not okay to make fun of others. It reference to the “pig” statement, it is thus fair of Kirstie to say it herself, but not for others. She should’ve left it at that.

      • Mel B

        I’m going to call attention to controversial and demeaning word, the one recently edited from a historical body of literature, that some dudes, who think they are the bomb, call each other because they think it enhances their bomb-ness. But if you call them this same word, you’re racist. So Susan, your argument is irrelevant.

      • Dirk

        Just wanted to point out, Fat Actress was not a reality show. Kirstie played a comedic version of herself in much the same way Jerry Seinfeld or Larry David did. It was a scripted sitcom, centering around a fictionalized version of Kirstie Alley’s life.

      • B

        Comedy, your name is a joke. Ricky Gervais may be meaner than Lopez, but at least he’s funny and on point sometimes. Lopez would never do a Tourist joke in the hopes that Johnny or Angelina would come on his show.

      • argo

        Careful Susan. All the fat pigs will pick on you now.

    • LOL

      Alley should have taken the high road. EVERYONE thought Lopez was wrong. But now, Alley has decided to wallow in the mud with Lopez. They both lose.

      • Keith

        wallow in the mud….lol!!!!

      • jenny

        LOL wallow in the mud. Good one!!

        She IS a fat pig. If she wants the media attention participating on a national show, she has to take the media scrutiny that comes with it too.

    • dave

      I don’t think this will hurt her chances as much as being 100lbs overweight will.

      • Clifford

        I hope her weight doesn’t hurt Kirstie as much as your limited IQ has hurt you.

      • dave

        I do quite well thank you. How does my prediction that someone with a weight problem will fail at a very physical activity lead you to believe I have a “limited IQ”?

      • Housewife in the Desert

        Gee, dave…how are things up there in your world of perfection? Judge much? Did you watch Kyle Massey in the last DWTS? Not a skinny man, yet he still made it to the finals. Oh, wait, maybe that was the issue…an overweight MAN should be encouraged, laughed at (Sam Kinison, John Goodman, Kevin James, etc.) but an overweight WOMAN? Well, she is just a fat, pig loser, right dave? What a tool you are…

      • Jules

        Kristie moved beautifully on the dance floor. Lopez was a jerk and now Kristie needs to let it lay and move on.

      • lade

        Shut up! She is doing well for a woman her size. Better than some of the other skinny chicks. George always makes fun of people but his comedy sucks a**!!!

    • Tracey

      wow @ melissa “more meaner” eh? LOL At least Ricky Gervais is witty and intelligent; George Lopez is a has-been (oh wait make that a never-was) hack.

    • Christian

      Kirstie Alley is a pig c|_|nt!!!!

      • Mrs Thurston Howell III

        Do you talk to your mother with that mouth?

    • Samantha

      Stop yelling Karen, you disgusting cow.


    what you see is what you get…i like that in a person. I am sick of these facking people

  • wendy

    If anything, it helps her, because it will fire up people that are on her side but that might not have otherwise had DWTS on their radar.

    • gil


  • John

    Damn! She went for the kidney! Stay down George and wait for the ten count.

    • lade

      @ John
      Lol that’s funny

  • Brett

    Love Kristie Alley. Say what you want about her but a) She is a beautiful woman. b) She is VERY talented in everything she does, c) Has a great disposition.

    So what if she has a few pounds. A person can always lose weight. Lopez on the other hand is like Calvin Klein Eternity. Because he’s ugly. Forever.

    • Wendy

      Ugly or not … he’s an idiot forever.

    • lade

      I totally agree with you

    • gil

      YES Kirstie has such a pretty face, in fact she’s got several of them!

  • dirk

    I had a liver transplant in 2001….What Alley said was wrong and people should be upset….It was a bad joke and George did say he was sorry for it and she should have accepted his appolgy….what she said was very out of line

    • Brett

      Shut up Dirk.

    • bob

      Relax and have a drink.

      • ger


      • Yurie

        Let’s see 30 min on the Elyptical while maintaining the aprprpoiate HRfull body lifting routine unless I see something more interesting to do.Ending with 100 body squats I love it when I it’s difficult to sit downTotal 60 minute w/o I’ll report back tonight when I’m done. Thanks Joe I love this sight and your motivation and inspiration!!!

    • susan

      Yeah, it’s wrong to call someone fat, but OK to make fun of a kidney transplant? And Kirstey called George a drunk, but she was a coke addict. Hmm…glass houses. They both need to let it go.

      • Zach

        Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire.

      • LL

        Yeah… Kirstie should have just taken the “high” road.

    • Zach

      What does your liver have to do with George’s WIFE’S kidney?

    • Paige

      Her comments to George were meant to imply “Hey George, how about giving that kidney that your X wife donated to save your life back to her since you are a lowlife drunk”. That’s why she left him, because he was drinking and abusing his body, after she could have died donating a kidney to him. Read her comments again to George and you might “get” what she is saying.

    • Immaculate

      I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE. Thank goodness!I never watch DWTS, but chaugt Ralph completely by accident I’m hooked for the season for him. I also did not realize he is 49 I could have sworn he was younger than me! (Looks it, but that’s another matter.)Go Ralph and Kirstie! Go Sugar! Go me!

  • stu

    Kirsty=funny lady.
    Georgie=not funny.cancel show.

    • Housewife in the Desert

      stu – that’s the best thing written on this board…thank you!!

  • JohnT

    Good for Kirstie for pointing out what a douche Lopez is. If he can`t stand having his own dirty laundry aired he should never have insulted Kirstie Alley, everyone knows she isn`t afraid to stand up for herself and fire back. Reap what you sow.

    • Fog cue

      Looks like she needs the Massengil more.

  • Vinnie

    Lopez has never been funny and his digs at Alley proves my point. He’s the pig not her.

  • Karate Pants

    Hurt her?!? By being bullied by Lopez, she’s gained the sympathy of people who didn’t care a bit about her before. It will help her.

  • bob

    george lopez is at best a raceist and I can’t find the words to describe how he treated his wife after she saved his life. He’s a real turd and I hope there’s a place in hell for him.
    Kirstie,when a person of such low class and intelligence gets on you just turn your back and ignore him. See if he has the guts to dance. Bet he doesn’t

  • Art Ghecko

    George is a comedian, he made a joke. Kirstie made a joke back. Stop trying to make mountains out of molehills, and everyone can go back to being friends. It’s just showbiz after all…!

    • Di

      That kind of comedy isn’t funny, it’s hurtful. And it isn’t just hurtful to Kirstie-it’s hurtful to other people who are over weight and struggling to get or stay normal

    • Mellissa

      Trading insults are never funny.

      • Fog cue

        You have too many L’s in your name, you extraneous ho!

  • Danny

    George Lopez has never been funny. Why does he get work? Because he’s Hispanic? Kirstie does have a weight problem. Watching an overweight person dance is a bit odd. But that is no reason to be rude and call her a “Pig”. Lopez is a hack and always has been a hack.

    • Zach

      “Watching an overweight person dance is a bit odd.” Um, welcome to America??

      • Sue1

        I’m not sure Danny knows what odd means.

      • sparkle

        do u know how many overweight people hide in thier houses,are afraid to go out an try to do what everybody eles in he world has the right to do. because they r stared at, mocked, ridiculed as odd. if u knew the heartache u would cheer them is the only acceptable discrimination.

      • pastafarian

        thats what happens when you self medicate with food. Put the burger down and slowly step away..

  • KD

    I’m with Dirk; I donated a kidney to save a family friend. Alley with her ignorance and cruelty called for his death with the kidney comment.

    • batman

      I don’t think she called for his death. She was pointing out that his wife gave him a kidney and saved his life, and he repaid her by dumping and divorcing her. Now that’s a POS.

    • gil

      I agree. George Lopez didnt ask for his illness, and has gone through extremely tough times fighting to stay alive. Kirstie on the other hand chooses to eat herself to an early grave.
      I tend to see fat people for what they are; greedy selfish destroyers of life and the planet. EAT UP KIRSTIE, MAKE SURE TO HAVE PLENTY OF GREASE!

  • Art Ghecko

    Speaking of ShowBiz, they can make lemonade out of lemons by having George Lopez demonstrate his dancing chops versus Kirstie’s on his show. George will get a lesson in humility, his ratings will go up, and he’ll have a learned a valuable lesson; “No publicity is bad publicity!”

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