The Glenn Beck Network. Yes, it could happen.


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Oprah has a network. Ted Turner launched several networks. Martha Stewart has a network (or at least hours of face time on the Hallmark Channel). And now it looks like Glenn Beck might be getting a piece of the dial, too. According to a story in yesterday’s New York Times, if Beck leaves Fox News when his contract runs out at the end of this year, one of the options he’s considering is fronting his own TV channel. Already, the Times notes, Beck has been staffing up his independent media company, Mercury Radio Arts, and churning out pay content for the web — which has brought in $4 million. How big a step would it be for him take it to the next level, launching The Beck Channel on cable? 

Preposterous? Possibly. But just think of the groundbreaking programming The Beck Channel could offer viewers. How about a game show based on The Book of Revelations? How will the world end today? Earthquakes? Plagues? The Twelfth Imam? Spin the Apocalypse Wheel and see where it lands. Maybe Christine O’Donnell could host. Or how about a Saturday morning cartoon, drawn entirely on a chalkboard, that takes kids on an ACORN hunt through the entire U.S. Federal bureaucracy. That could make conspiracy theories fun for the whole family! Michele Bachmann and Sharron Angle could do the voices. There’s got to be a thousand ideas out there for shows to put on Beck’s cable channel. How about suggesting a few, PopWatchers?

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  • LOL

    Fox is all lies. Do we really need a 2nd network to do the same thing?

    • Huh?

      A 2nd network to do the same thing? We already have several such as CNN MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC if you think Foxnews is the only one that lies apparently its the only channel you watch.

      • andy

        Agreed… end of story

      • Skip182


      • Rowzdower

        Take your pic: Faux News or Fox Noise

      • ruby

        Well said!!

    • William C Lindsay

      Sorry, you feel that way. FOX is the only true network in the business. You should be a FOX viewer than you might learn something.

      • P. Nguyen

        You should watch a network other than FOX, then you might be able to know the difference between than and then.

      • DRG

        ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks William for the best laugh I’ve had in a long, long time!

      • huh?

        What are you talking about? There are literally dozens of channels on TV that air fictional programs just like “Fox News”.

      • realdeal

        Than maybe you could spell, too. Hard words, like ‘then’.

      • LOL

        I hope you were being funny

      • john

        watch out man, you might get attacked by people like “LOL” and “huh?” and “ROTFLMAO” for having your own opinion

      • Kevin

        “…than you might learn something…?” Obviously, grammar is not one of the things taught on FN… Sometimes, you people make it SO easy…

      • Jon D

        Fox = douchebags

      • fiveagainstone

        The only I learned from Fox is that they hate anyone that isn’t white, Christian, male, WASPy, drooling over the American flag, gung ho for war, treat women as slaves or sex objects, treat other races like second class citizens, and worship the rich.

      • Josh

        Is there a government subsidy for all these sheep that the left breeds?

      • P.F. Bruns

        William, you’re technically, factually, and grammatically incorrect. If by “true network,” you mean that FOX has multiple affiliate stations broadcasting on the same frequency, then you’re technically wrong, of course; in addition to NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, NPR, and the CW, there are “superstations” like WGN that still have terrestrial affiliates. If by “true network,” you mean “network that broadcasts true things,” you’re completely off base. FOX News broadcasts falsehoods all the time and suppresses real news that doesn’t fit its narrative. If by “than you can learn something,” you mean “then you can learn something,” you’re grammatically out of touch.

      • Katyo

        Actually, studies show that people who rely on Fox news for their major source of current events are more misinformed than those who primarily watch any other network. So… yeah.

      • jeff.92677

        If people watched Glenn Beck very often, they might learn some history, economics, and politics. He gets emotional, so big deal, his efforts are to save the country from these left-wing socialists who apparently aren’t happy with the USA as it is, they want to make it a new socialist utopia, a goal that others have tried, and all it produces is death and destruction. Look at USSR, Cuba, China, N. Korea, the evidence isn’t created by Beck, it’s simply reported by him.

    • richard

      hey…………….you sound like bill mayer. Are you gay?

      • Bill Bruce

        And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds. Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching.

    • Theresa

      You’re too much of a moron to even give a full-fledged reply to this remark. A moron who watches network news and MSNBC and thinks they tell it like it is. I guess that Morons can only like liars.

      • @Theresa

        I guess you must like Fox News because you sound like a moron.

      • Bernice Tennant

        @ Theresa,
        If that is your name. You don’t know the truth. You use hate instead of logic. You are stupid. You can’t fix stupid.

    • jeff.92677

      How about some examples of “Fox is all lies” ?? Or is this just a copy/paste comment from some other whacko website?

    • Bernice Tennant

      Glen Beck doesn’t lie. He backs up what he said. Fox won’t be the same, and I likely won’t follow it after Beck is gone. I hope I will still see Glen Beck. He is a good man.

    • Ben B. Ng

      Fox backs up their statements w/proofs. Other netwrorks are just full of innuendoes and personal insults by way of pseudo comedians who are not funny at all. If you are speaking the truth there is no need to insult.

  • Eli

    Everyone should help come up with a name for Glenn’s channel.

    I’m gonna go with the obvious: Cryfy.

    • Buffy Freak

      Well done! lol!

    • emmabean

      Douchebag Network?

    • tj

      hahahahaha – niiiiice! can’t think of anything better than that!

  • ks

    Lets put all the ya hoos on one station….. Rush, Glen, Sharon Sarah…hey this might work

    • wizard62

      They already are…’s called Fox News.

    • JeffNY

      I think the yahoos were on the same network, Chris Mathews, Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, The Ed Show, etc., the same liberal whacko comments hour after hour. MSNBC wins the prize for being the most ridiculous network followed closely by CNN.

      • nevo Cicero

        What are the ratings at the leftwing channels? (MSNBC, CNN, et all) Who watches that mierda?

    • jonno

      THEY ALREADY ARE Jeff you hit it right on target. We sit here in Australia and laugh our ass off at the FOOL Obama and his minions. BECK at least alerts Americans that will listen.

  • BP

    But we already have Comedy Central…

    • anne

      I wish it were funny–but it’s not. He’s an embarassment to himself, his viewers and television itself.

      • huh?

        actually his viewers are an embarassment to this country!

  • anne

    Beck’s channel would be CITV–Certifiably Insane TeleVision. I hope he gets some mental help before he embarasses himself any further.

    • JeffNY

      And where do you put Rachel Maddow, or Keith Olbermann (who’s gone thank God) or The Ed Show? I’d say Rachel and Keith win the prize for the best job licking Obama’s boots followed closely by Chris Mathews and that thing, whatever it was, running up his leg (his comment, not mine). Left-wing media fails because most Americans are conservatives, the next election will make that even more evident than 2010 did.

  • Terri

    Oh NO. Turn Beck OFF!

  • Superstar

    Yay! Give the anti-christ a shiny pulpit.

    • alienclay

      i’m thinking canidate for ‘false profit’ of revelation

    • Ellen Tracy

      I’m so glad to hear that someone else thinks this guy is the AntiChrist.

    • Hi

      Anti-Christ? Seriously?! You obviously have NO idea what/who the Anti-Christ is supposed to be. Please don’t comment on things that you’re clearly ignorant on.

      Why is every public Republican who has the (insert adj here) to actually speak their mind the Anti-Christ?

      If you actually knew ANYTHING about the Anti-Christ you’d know he’s exactly the opposite of a right-wing, Christ-centered, opinionated Republican. He’ll be VERY centered, left-leaning, tolerant, excellent at public speech without ever actually saying anything…oh wait, we have one of those already. His name rymes w/ go mama

      • Teenygozer

        That’s actually more a description of Jesus than the anti-Christ. Very centered, left-leaning, tolerant, excellent at public speech without ever actually saying anything (c’mon, “blessed are the peacemakers”? What’s that supposed to mean! “It’s easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man to get into heaven”? I don’t get it!)

    • phil

      The antichrist already has a shiny pulpit…its called the oval office

  • Max

    Glenn Beck seriously needs to be locked in a rubber room for the rest of his natural life. His own channel, if he did get one, would contain nothing but ravings and rambling of a complete racist and insensitive madman.

    This is the same individual that said the people of New Orleans suffered hurricane Katrina because of their sins. Basically he said the same thing about Japan and their catastrophe. That God did it to them.

    Its ironic that he believes in God so much. I don’t think God really believes in him…

  • wizard62

    How about AHC…the As*-Hole Channel? Then no one can complain that there isn’t sh*t to watch on TV anymore!

  • Kerri

    You can joke about the ridiculous shows that would be on that network, but some of them are not out of the realm of possibility. The nutjobs that believe in this man are numerous and frightening.

    • Alan

      Yep, more of us than there are of you. Ignorant must be going out of style.

  • kate

    And the whacked out morons who cry & whine because they can’t stand to hear the truth as FOX reports outnumber Beck’s followers….you and those ahead of you in the posts are proof positive of that….idiots, every last one of you. Keep kissing Obummer butt…you’ll deserve the bad taste left in your mouths when his sorry behind is kicked out of office in Nov. 2012!

    • anne

      What a sweet disposition you must have–and such a mouth! Think they should monitor comments a little better. Keep it clean, remember? Talk about someone who can’t stand the truth—–

    • huh?

      are you surprised? Beck supporters are the worst of our society. They think they are so clever, but all of their posts just demonstrate how ignorant the collective bunch is.

      • Anne

        You can kiss my educated by Glenn Beck arse.

    • KEITH

      Are you serious? Or just crazy. Why do you think Fox wants him gone? Because his viewers are down in numbers by a third and falling.Even Fox viewers don’t like him. I watch both Fox and CNN but i can tell when i am being told a lie.

  • sam

    It’s obvious none of you actually WATCH Glenn’s show. There is a reason millions of people watch the show, and no, it’s not all crying and nostradamus…if you watched, you’d see the guests he has of ALL races and religions share their opinions…the liberal bias in the media is why Fox is on the map…people are sick of the left-sided bend and need to hear all sides. The playground mentality of your comments shows how immature and out of touch they are with what is really happening in this country…if you’d watch the show, you might gain a different perspective, but the liberal media hates Beck, and all they report on is the negative…so if you want the truth, just watch the show for yourself…for a week…without basing your judgments on what others say…you might understand why millions of viewers connect with Beck and have chosen to fill themselves with knowledge by researching current events and history…you cannot learn from the past by keeping your head in the sand…I know I’ll have lots of comments, but I don’t care what you people think…you need to do the research for yourself instead of listening to the media…

    • Jeff

      He is a circus act and nothing more. People that watch him either like a good laugh at the absurdity, or like getting spun up. He’s good at marketing. What’s amazing is how many people actually take him seriously…. No chance he isn’t just full of hype and trying to make money, is there…

    • huh?

      Millions? Beck’s ratings are dropping faster than Palin’s popularity. Fortunately, both are circling the toilet!!

      • Tom ward

        To you Beck critics out there; You plainly don’t watch his show very often. Racist? Furthest thing from it.
        His tremendous success in the beginning brought out the “sharp knives” from the far left and from the right. His popularity was just too threatening to other talk shows with lower ratings (most of them) and to politicians who were so afraid he might run for some political office and outshine them.
        I do hope he stays somewhat visible. Watching his show on Fox ( and previously on CNN), reminded me of the lessons of history that I was taught in school, lessons that are no longer taught in our schools.
        His warnings of coming events should be heeded. No I don’t say he is any kind of a profit in the usual sense it’s just that he seems to be able to see things more clearly than most of you and is able to put two and two together to get four instead of whatever you hope it should be.
        Now Beck’s fans and critics alike are going to have to start thinking for themselves and try to figure things out. It will now be a little harder.

      • Margie

        I wouldn’t say too much about Glenn’s ratings. His show alone puts the left in the shade. He doesn’t have to go against the left. He shows there own videos, full content against them. He happens to be the best. Sorry for the left, you’ll be gone soon.

        shows shows

    • LOL

      The reason FOX gets viewers is because they are the only right leaning…well far right station. All the other stations and news networks split the rest….add all these “liberal” programs and they crush fox!

    • pastafarian

      If, as you say, “the media” only reports on the negative, then please share some positive things Beck has done.

      • RK

        I am glad you asked. You see I, along with many others, attended the 8/28 rally this past year. It was one of the best moments of my life because it was truly inspirational. What I really like about Beck, however, is that he truly cares for America. How many Liberals can say that? He is a great man, very personable and carries the spirit of America that most of us have lost.

      • KJ

        @RK- “It was one of the best moments of my life because it was truly inspirational…” Really?

    • kiefer

      Fox news makes mistakes like any other news channel. However, their fundamental principles are outstanding. And they’re making an impact or you folks wouldn’t be screaming ……… Take an honest look and you may b

    • kiefer

      Fox news makes mistakes like any other news channel. However, their fundamental principles are outstanding. And they’re making an impact or you folks wouldn’t be screaming ……… Take an honest look and you may be surprised. Being a retired Army colonel, I’ve got my fair share of experience with leaders from both parties. Fox is the most fair.

    • Religion is an IQ test

      Nothing would erode Beck’s fan base quicker than a little study on their part. Most of what he says about the Founders and their intent is demonstrably false, if you check the original sources (that is, their own letters). Just reading the propaganda he assigns is not doing the research for yourself…sorry.

      • Dan

        I have actually read many of the history books Glen quotes, and he does them justice. We live in such a self asorbed sick society today it is difficult to understand intent from the late 1700’s… but my understanding is very simliar to his comments.

      • Heidi

        I guarantee I have read far more of the Founders original work than you, and I challenge you to provide one example of Beck providing invalid information. If he makes a mistake, he corrects it. After all, he is human…the jury is still out on you.

    • Bill

      Stupid much??

    • jeff.92677

      I’ve watched Beck for about 2 years, he reports what liberals say, shows what they do, excerpts quotes from liberals and socialists parading around as democrats. The negative comments here about Beck are simply reactions to the truth in his observations about liberals – they are intolerant, pompous, and sarcastic. Most of us who are conservative understand the nature of left-wing views, negative posts here are simply a collection of clear examples of what’s wrong with liberals and their method of dealing with those who disagree with them.

    • R

      Good for you! Well said!

  • dianne

    I hope and pray he stays. He is very controversial, and I love his show. Noone else has been successful at their own channel.

  • Go USA

    This is Great stuff!! Keeps America Strong! would you rather live in Lybialand. We need all the nuts we can gather to prepare for hard times. FREEDOM RULES

    • KJ

      Please give a full account of “Libya” (yes that is how it is spelt, last I checked it was not spelt “Lybia”)and also show where it is on the map (just so you know it is actually on the map, a world map, in case I was not clear), just so I know for sure you are not stupid and that you have more information on the world outside of the United States.

  • Ronald W

    I have read as many of the comments as I could. Hate seems to be a theme, along with the silencing of free speach. What is wrong with someone speaking plainly about the perceptions of what is right and what is wrong? Maybe, we should re-read the declaration of indepence or review the constitution. Most comments are as bad as the Westboro church members in Topeka, KS

    • JC

      You are right, the sooner he is off the air with his hateful attitudes and transparent lies the better off we all will be.

    • Peter

      Well seeing how his conservative stance is all about taking rights away from other people (gays, women, and other minorities) I find it funny you bring up freedom in regard to Glenn Beck.

      • JeffNY

        How about some evidence for your allegations? I don’t recall Beck wanting to take away rights from gays, women, etc., where did you get those ridiculous ideas?

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