Rebecca Black on 'Leno': Viral sensation talks 'Friday,' performs hit

Often, seeing a viral video star make an appearance in the mainstream media is like seeing a dog wearing clothes: confusing, jarring, and a little sad. Nevertheless, infamous “Friday” songstress Rebecca Black was perfectly likable on Leno last night. The 13-year-old told Jay the now-familiar story of how she got involved with Ark Music Factory, how she felt when she first read the nasty criticism “Friday” has inspired (“I was like, oh, the world hates me, I’m gonna die! … Now I don’t even read them, so they don’t bug me”), and what she’s going to do with the ridiculous amount of money she’s made off the song (it’ll be donated to Japan earthquake/tsunami relief). Leno went pretty easy on her, probably because he knows what it feels like to be the target of harsh words.

And then Rebecca had to perform the chorus of her song. Watch the interview below.

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  • Al

    I’m glad something positive came out of this.

    • LOL

      Rebecca Black > Bon Jovi

      • Tye-Grr


      • Tagger

        A few years from now she’ll suddenly realize she was sitting next to Bradley Cooper and barely looked at him because she was too busy babbling about Bieber and Ryan Seacrest. Who looks at Jay Leno when Bradley Cooper is sitting right behing them? Yeesh.

    • Rush

      Regardless of what you think of her song or singing ability, you have to admit she’s adorable. She could be the next iCarly.

  • Boodle

    She needs to learn how to lipsynch better. At times her lips didn’t match up with her voice. Also a tip: if they play the music louder than your vocals that usually means that they’re trying to drown out the flaws in your song. Not a good sign.

    • Boodle

      Also, save some of the money for your schooling. I doubt that you’d probably need it since your parents could afford the fees for the song but this is a one hit wonder sort of thing. I doubt very seriously that you’ll still be getting attention a year from now. Even Tay Zonday isn’t getting the attention he once was and he can sing rings around you with his eyes closed and a gag in his mouth.

      • Clark

        Thats no joke Boodle, I tried singing once with my eyes closed…damn near impossible

    • Jay

      You are so educated, very wise, Who are you? What do you do? are you a life coach?

  • Clark

    Who lets a 13 year old in a car driven by another 13 year old? Who lets a 13 year old drive? Who even watches Leno?

    • jp

      Fo rills!! I don’t dislike this little girl, but she needs a better publicist. Leno is dead to me.

  • Em

    OH BRADLEY COOPER! Awkward. Leno’s a mess.

  • Vinny

    People who like this song are clearly uncultured.

    • man in black

      People who hate on 13 year old children are uncultured.

      • 4realz

        No one is hating on a 13 yo. They are hating on a song! Jeeze, are you deaf??

  • jodipo

    some of you people are seriously hideous human beings. She is a little kid. She didnt write the song, she didnt beat your dog, she didnt kill your grandma so why not try and be a decent human being and give her a break.

    • shawnnyd


    • Annie


    • Chris

      But she did kill my ears. And I hardly think thirteen qualifies as being a “little” kid.

      • Joe

        Ok, what would you do if I told your daughter to F*** off in front of your face? Yea, that’s what I thought

      • @Joe

        what does that even mean?? Again, no one is making fun of her personally!!! But SHE put it on YOUTUBE. SHE put herself out there. SHE wants to be a singer for the PUBLIC!!! Not like some innocent person who was singing in a private area

    • Robert

      don’t use the “little girl” excuse. There is a way to be a little girl not on a public level. If she’s going to join the very cruel and critical world of entertainment she needs to be able to handle it. If she sucks, then she needs to hear it or go back to anonymity like the rest of the teenagers.

      • will

        But why do you care? Why is this so upsetting to you?

      • @Will

        Why do you care?? You are on here like the rest of us. No one is upset. It sounds like the kooks who are calling her a “little girl” are the people who are upset. She isnt a little girl, she is a teenager who put herself out for the public. This “little girl” seems to be just fine. You on the hand…

  • Buddymoore

    This song truly is horrible, but hilarious at the same time so I’m not surprised it’s got the attention it’s gotten. However, she really seems like a great person and truly excited to be where she’s at and I don’t think she deserves a lot of the ridiculously harsh criticism she’s received.

    • Annie

      I completely agree with you!! :)

  • Steph

    She’s a nice kid but honestly, it bothers me that she’s so ok with the fact the song is so awful, lyrically and musically (and no, at 13 she’s not suppose to be some music genius) my point is, she’s so excited with the success, it seems all she wants is some fame.

    Although my biggest problem with all this: Ark Music Factory.
    Yeah factory that exploits kids for a quick buck.

    The girl seems very nice and sweet…but I’m hoping we don’t get a Disney Show called “Friday, Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun. Backseat. Adventures ” anytime soon.

    • Seth

      She she she she so excited, she so excited

    • Michael

      What is she suppose to say? “Pull it down from youtube! PULL IT DOWN! Get it off of Itunes!! Off!! Stop the influx of money!! NOW!”

      And wouldn’t any 13 year old teenager want to have fame?

  • bob saget

    this stuff is terrible.

  • Patrick

    She’s only 13. What have any of you ever done at 13 or even now. Let her enjoy it. it probably won’t last…Remember, 13…nufsed!

  • potato

    I like brownies

  • Peter

    i love how they autotuned an autotuned song live, lip synching she still hasn’t convinced me she has talent but then again even beyonce uses auto tuning and backing tracks in studio and live shows. Wanna listen to real music with no auto tuning and can actually sing anywhere listen to rock or metal, real music since the 60’s with people that will never be forgotten, rebecca black, beiber, lil wayne all the untalented garbage thats out there will be forgotten in a few months time till some other garbage comes along that people who don’t know what good music is will enjoy. I’ll have my led zeppelin, black sabbath, kiss, metallica , stones , beatles etc etc and you can have this crap.

    • LOL

      You are making us rock fans look bad with your poor English. Proof read and use punctuation. Rock on.

      • Peter

        i left the punctuation out on purpose, CBF , each line i was making is a statement, i CBF writing fullstops and capital letters at the beginning of each sentence but you got what i meant.

  • caroline

    She handled herself pretty well for a thirteen year-old. But she just can’t sing that well…
    At least the atrocious lyrics weren’t her fault.

  • Cat

    Her 15 minutes aren’t over yet?

  • Kenny

    The song was absolutely awful! The lyrics were crap and the music video was even worse. However the vocals of Rebecca Black were decent, with some proper singing lessons she may have a bright future in the entertainment business, but it still is crappy piece of music.

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