Charlie Sheen kisses Jimmy Kimmel on his very moist lips

Last night a Charlie Sheen tornado ripped through the Jimmy Kimmel Live set during a segment with Mark Cuban. The… actor? performer? let’s just say “self-promoting celebrity subject of international intrigue” stormed out to uproarious cheering, hugged Cuban, gave Kimmel a big sloppy kiss on the mouth, then tossed t-shirts to the audience emblazoned with various Sheenian slogans, like the kitty-cat “Tiger Blood” shirt, and a Sheen portrait with “winning” written underneath (Cuban grabbed one of those for himself). Then, after giving Kimmel a coffee mug with pictures of cartoon foxes pasted onto it, the warlock was off again. “I have a show to write, dammit!” he told the disappointed crowd.

Heck knows what’s gonna happen to this guy’s career after all this insanity. But it sure seemed like he had that Kimmel crowd eating out of his hand last night. Video below.

UPDATE: Kimmel posted the following to Twitter this morning: “legend has it that if @charliesheen kisses you at midnight, you turn into a whorewolf.” Last night, after the show, Kimmel tweeted that he’d had a “very very famous surprise walk-on guest tonight,” noting that “my head is still spinning.”

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  • L

    Oy. I wished he’d go away…preferably to inpatient rehab.

    • Tom

      Him and Lindsay Lohan!

      • James

        Although Sheen’s a mess right now, Lindsay doesn’t merit being in the same sentence with him. She had One Good Role, in One Movie, as a teenager, what, 7 or 8 yrs ago (that seem much longer)? Been nothin but a bimbo since.

      • bb

        Charlie is laughing all the way to the bank. Say it ain’t so.

      • Bette

        Just gross. Jimmy, you have no idea where those lips have been.

      • LAJackie

        I agree Bette. When I saw this the first thing that I thought was ugh, to be kissed by that mouth. Makes my stomach churn. And his breath from all the smoking must be vomit inducing.

      • Babydoc

        Right. Bette and LA Jackie are real picky. In real life all he would have to do is ask and both of you would put your mouth where he asked.

    • Laundry

      Who is this Charlie Sheen whom we hear so much about?

    • Sir Mixx A Lot

      Winning…yet again!

    • Tom

      He is most certainly winning at this point. It would have been better for everyone if they would have simply let him go back to work, and be done with it. But now, woah. look out!

  • Jen

    So the Fox mug is supposed to represent Charlie going to the FOX network?

    • Brenda

      Or crazy like a fox.

      • Tye-Grr

        Or both.

    • Tim

      Thats right honey, and M at McDonald’s means Murdoch, as in Rupert Murdoch! You forgot your meds again Jen!

  • jason.

    This is starting to give me pause…is this all some sort of weird, Joaquin Phoenix-esque performance piece? Is it some sort of amped-up viral marketing piece for something?

    Or is he really as damaged as he’s been coming off?

    • John dough

      My thoughts exactly. He seems much more composed and with it in this video. I am now thinking this is all one well orchestrated act. I don’t think the CBS thing was orchestrated. But I think he’s leapfrogging from that to some very smart, modern day marketing.

      • Mandy

        This man is NOT together dur ing this segment!! Guess you don’t know many who do cocaine on a regular basis.

      • Pam

        There’s no way someone would put on an act that put keeping his kids in jeopardy the way this guy is. If it’s an act, he’s still nuts.

      • Shannon

        I agree with you, Pam.

    • Dave

      Yeah, this is a totally brilliant move on Charlie’s part. It’s like he’s mooning the world and showing the truth about our celebrity obsessed culture. The man is a genius.

    • Pam

      No sane person would put on a “performance piece” that involved social services stepping in, arrests or people losing jobs the way his had.

      • Shannon


    • Tom

      I don’t see damaged. I see someone who is unlike the yoga, hybriddriving, soy non-fat latte drinking masses that represent Hollywood. He is what old Hollywood looked like after you broke a contract with your leading actor for a studio project. But how would anyone today know what that looks like anymore? Let’s just blame the actor for everything.

    • Carla

      At this point I’m going with D)All of the above.

  • Janiska

    Ohhhhhhhhhh how cute lmao.

  • Jenn

    there’s a John Locke quote from LOST that comes to mind: “Crazy people don’t know they’re going crazy. They think they’re getting saner.”

    • Bobby F

      I like that. That should be MY life slogan lol.

    • Joel


  • paula

    You Go charlie.. you never lied about what/who you were.. You Go for it and the very best to you.. I fully support you!!!!

    • Ken

      You said it so well, Paula! Charlie Sheen tells it as it is. Go Charlie!

      • tad

        He tells what “as it is”? What do you mean?

    • tvfan

      I hope that he comes back to 2.5 men. Really love that show!!

      • JFWilder

        They’d have to rename it 2.01 men…with him being the .01. He’s not half the man he used to be.

    • Lisa

      Paula, feel free to accompany him on the crazy train to lala land… he is certifiable and I for one havve enough “crazy” in my life without seeking it out in a wierdo like that. It is like watching a car crash – I don’t do it if I can help it because it is none of my business.

    • akdaba

      so paula, you really think he is a warlock and drinks tiger blood?

    • LAJackie

      You fully support him being a drug addict when he has children in his home? Way to go.

  • paula

    It’s about time someone takes on the “big boys” You go Charlie..

  • JB

    something about sheen that ain’t right anymore, there’s about to be nothing funny about him.

  • Jeff

    I’m also starting to wonder if this is some sort of Joaquin Phoenix-style hoax just to prove that people will forgive celebrity’s crazy behaviors….

    • Rob

      It’s not to show people’s forgiveness. It’s to show the media, psychologist, nosy people’s ignorance. Every psychologist that came on the news making declarations about Charlie’s mental health without ever meeting the guy are now looking like total morons. All the executives at CBS are now looking like morons for making decisions based on media reports instead of fact. I see motive all over Charlie’s actions in showing the world how retarded our “moral” judging of people in the media has become.

      • Linda

        You don’t have to be a doctor to believe that Sheen is bi-polar. All you need is to have had a bi-polar person in your life. The grandiosity and persistence in extreme actions without regard to consequences are very telling.

  • wholesalekk

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  • Denise

    YOU and SHEEN both need to get a dictionary. A WARLOCK is an evil male witch; it has NOTHING to do with battle or combat. SHEESH!

    • Boosh

      is that the smell of parental basement coming from you?

      • EJ

        I hate it when the 12 year olds post more frequently than the adults.

    • HarryPothead

      Thanks for info, NERD

    • MIke10

      Denise, you’re an ediot!!!!!!!!

      • Charlie

        Read it an Weep, Idiot Mike (oh and learn how to spell! Moron.)

        war·lock (wôrlk) KEY


        A male witch, sorcerer, wizard, or demon.

    • Mandy

      That is exactly what a warlock is – a male witch.

      • MIke10

        Denise and Mandy obviously don’t get it. The Warlock thing is nothing more than gag to get people talking about the Warlock that he’s not.

      • Charlie

        No. they get it. Sheen is the one that needs a dictionary. He keeps referring to himself as a “warlock”.

      • MIke10

        Charlie, what makes you an expert on witch craft? You must be a Harry Potter want a be……

      • Margaret

        Sure Charlie knows what he’s saying with the “warlock” does he not have millions of us under his spell.. Agreeing with him or calling him crazy..we r all here reading what his last episode was!

  • sarah

    This guy is fascinating well yeah he is quite eccentric and maybe a little manic-depressive (but i have a scoop for you bashing media columnists or bitter pathetic posters; in Hollywood lot’s of people are like that..they just hide it thanks to their publicists)
    He plays the medias like a big master manipulater like any other celebrity was able to do and he is right.
    They smugly bash him, he doesn’t freaking care and plays all along this making him lot’s of money in the process (not that money is the solution but at least he gains something on all the drama he is the center) Iam just a little worried for him about his weight, he is very a little Charlie please !

  • adam

    Charlie is the man. Finally someone in hollywood who isn’t a slave to the studios

  • elmo

    Come on Paula. ‘Taking on the big boys’? Dumb ass, he was paid nearly 2 million an episode to be a clown. He didn’t write the work. He was well compensated. Shut up and work. Damn. A lot of lesser mortals lost a job because of this clown.

  • whatevs

    Disgusting. Where has that mouth been.

    • Shiny

      Mega ewww. And true.

    • EJ

      I hope Jimmy sees the doctor today.

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