Megan Fox may join Judd Apatow's next film: Can comedy save her career?


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Megan Fox starred in two of the biggest movies ever made, but both of those movies were called Transformers, and Fox didn’t have much to do in either one besides bare her midriff and stare blankly at special effects. Fox’s real genius was in self-promotion. She had a knack for tossing out brilliantly casual soundbites (She had a crush on a lady stripper! She compared Michael Bay to Adolf Hitler!). She talked about sex and had lots of gonzo tattoos, which made her seem like the hot-zombie-resurrection of Angelina Jolie 2001. But Fox’s first major starring role, 2009’s horror-comedy-something Jennifer’s Body, was a miserable flop, and since then she’s only appeared in the terrible Jonah Hex and the equally-terrible-but-fortunately-barely released Passion Play. Which makes the Hollywood Reporter‘s claim that Megan Fox is currently negotiating to star in Judd Apatow’s next movie seem like a true watershed moment for the actress. Since Fox is currently filming a role in Jennifer Westfeldt’s comedy Friends with Kids, it’s worth asking: Can Fox kickstart her career by moving into comedy?

Personally, I think it’s a good move for the starlet. A shift into comedy has proven to be a huge career boon for plenty of overexposed stars — see, Gwyneth Paltrow guest-starring Glee or Tom Cruise in his hilarious Tropic Thunder cameo. Also, as one of the very few people who saw Jennifer’s Body, I think Fox has some yet-untapped comedic chops. Fox’s problem is that she’s already a larger-than-life personality, so it’s hard to see her casually tossing one-liners back and forth with the Apatow guys. But in Jennifer’s Body, she was basically playing a more elaborate version of her media self — vampy, foul-mouthed, gleefully aware of her cruel mean-girl hotness — and she nailed it. (Too many great lines to choose from, but here’ s my favorite: “PMS isn’t real. It was invented by the boy-run media to make us seem like we’re crazy.”)

PopWatchers, would you want to see Megan Fox make a go of it in comedy? It can’t be worse than Jonah Hex, right? RIGHT?!?!?!

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  • Mr. Holloway

    Why not?

    Might as well go for intentional laughs in her movies.

  • Alex

    I thought Jonah Hex WAS a comedy…?

    • yepyep

      wait, what Alex I am confused so its not a comedy?

      • Emilio

        I laught my guts out all throu it. It was a comedy.

  • kevin

    Jennifer’s Body was harshly underrated, and Fox was good in it. Also, don’t forget she started out on Hope & Faith!

    • Mike

      Agreed, not to mention I melted every time she was on screen. >.>

    • LIz

      I agree, Kevin. I thought she was funny in Jennifer’s Body even though I didn’t care for the movie.

    • A

      Sorry, I wanted to like Jennifer’s Body, but it was neither scary nor funny.

    • Kelsey

      The problem with Jennifer’s Body was that Fox was incorrectly marketed/positioned as its lead. Anyone who’s seen the movie and can look at it objectively will tell you, straight up, that Amanda Seyfried was the real star of the film.

    • orville

      I didn’t think it was as bad as all that either. Especially if you watched it as camp/comedy.

  • scytherius


  • therealeverton

    The problem seems to be she none of the credit for things she does right and all of the blame for films that don’t work.

    Jonah Hex was rubbish but you can hardly say that it was a magnificent movie ruined by Megan Fox’s, relatively small, role. By all, unbiased accounts, Jennifer’s Body was just awful, but again she did what she was asked to do well enough. Even this article says so. The trouble she has is that she’s treated like an A-list star, as opposed to someone who was liked for their non star part in a huge movie, and slightly less so for the same part in an even bigger movie.

    She may have missed the chance to make the A-list, for now, but I hardly think she’ll be struggling for work.

    • Mr. Holloway

      I agree with your point about Fox getting too much blame for some of the failures of her films, especially “Jonah Hex.” (Somehow, Josh Brolin is completely blameless, even though that was supposed to be a star vehicle for him.)

      However, I’d slightly amend your statement about her being “treated like an A-list star.” To me, the problem is that she’s been BEHAVING as if she were an A-list star when the only real success she’s had (beyond magazine covers) is, as you said, a non-star part in a huge movie. I think that’s probably what turns a lot of people off.

      Sure, the Hollywood media is partly to blame for treating her like a star, but it’s not exactly like Fox decided to try to duck her head and focus on doing solid work.

      • therealeverton

        But that’s the point isn’t it? YOu put her on all the magazine covers, follow her every move etc and that’s treating her like A-list, also the offers she would have been getting for movies would also fall into what i mean by treating her like an A-lister. Now she may have responded in kind, but it’s not like she ran around saying I’m A-list and the media and agents and casting people went “You are?” Blast, we didn’t know, quick here’s some magazine covers, 3 talk shows and we’ll be assigning you your own papparazi to follow you around and take pictures of you from the floor at 3AM on Saturday mornings.” I’m not a person who follows gossipy tabloids and being in England I get the feeling I’m even further removed from all the BS that surrounds “stardom”, so whilst I know she’s said some career slowing things at silly times, I haven’t developed an irrational hatred of someone who has done me no harm, isn’t some kind of a hate crime offender, or any other kind of criminal. I just think, that from where I sit, she gets demonised beyond all reason and all good surrounding her is dumb, pretty, luck and all the bad things including the weather, troubles in the Middle East and the Tsunami are her fault.

        As mentioned by others above it all reeks of “pick on the pretty girl” syndrome. Failing that why so much venom directed at an actress who has done no harm to anyone?

        Again Mr. H I take your point about her behaviour, but I can’t really blame her for reacting to what was thrown at her.

      • Mr. Holloway

        Well, I don’t know if you’re referring to me when you mention people who are directing a bunch of venom Fox’s way. Like you, I don’t believe I have an irrational hatred toward any performer. And any hatred I do have, I try to keep based on the actual work they’ve done, as opposed to whatever’s been “reported” by tabloids about their personal life.

        I haven’t seen “Jennifer’s Body”, but I’ve heard just as many good things about it as I’ve heard bad things. I actually meant my original comment at the top of this post: I think having Fox go for intentional laughs is as good a career move at this point as anything else.

        (A separate point would be if it’s a good idea to do that by aligning herself with Apatow because I think each movie he’s directed has been a little worse than the one before. But that’s a separate discussion.)

      • therealeverton

        Hi Mr H. No i really didn’t mean you at all. We’ve kind of crossed paths many times on here and I’ve never got that sense, of hate for hate’s sake from anything I’ve read of yours before.

        Might have to agree about Apatow’s depreciating returns.

    • Mike

      Hate to say it, but it’s because of her looks. If good looking people aren’t kind and cuddly in that nerdy lovable way, the nerd kingdom with all that pent up rage and frustration (probably left over from high school) that is the blogosphere tears them down. She could’ve gone the way of Charlie Sheen in defending herself, and somehow he’s not as hated by many circles because of his choices, but because she sort of just did her thing and remained somewhat vulnerable, well, the nerds know how that goes, right?

      • Erin

        She was in an ep of 2 1/2 men

    • kevin

      it seems to be the rule: when a movie fails, blame the actress.

  • elena

    I always found the issue with Jennifer’s Body was the over-the-top of EVERYTHING. The bare bones outline of the script sounded amazing, and in theory it would have been…but then all these random things kept coming in: pandering lesbian make-out scene between fox and seyfried, a lack of actual characterization for the various people…
    I never thought Megan Fox was the weak link in that movie. I thought the MOVIE was the weak link in Jennifer’s Body. I want so bad for Megan Fox to do something well. I hope comedy’s it. I mean, if Katherine Heigl can do it…

    • AK

      What was the point of bringing Katherine Heigl into this? Picking on a tired target? Because as her Emmy-winning work on “Grey’s Anatomy” shows, Heigl actually has a lot of talent.

      • jk

        How about because she was the female lead in another one of Apatow’s movies, “Knocked Up?” Also, Heigl won that Emmy for dramatic work, and Elena only questioned her comedic talent.

      • therealeverton

        Well, you’re kind of both right. There is a valid connection between Hiegl and the comment thread, but Hiegl has been doing comedy ever since My Father the Hero, including on Grey’s and she’d done it pretty well.

  • Woot

    I don’t know why Jennifer’s Body flopped so bad. It was very funny, very tongue in cheek. I think people misunderstood it. People complained that Megan Fox acting was terrible, but she was playing a dumb high schooler…It was supposed to come off as bad. The movie knew exactly what it was…a fun B-movie. I suggest checking it out.

    • A

      …except it wasn’t any fun.

    • therealeverton

      Well apart from being a movie that split audiences, there’s as many people hated it as loved it and fair few in the middle who neither loved nor hated it, the fact that it had fox in it was both blessing and curse. It was a low budget horror or horror comedy. As such it’s opening gross wasn’t that bad; but it had Fox in it so for some reason it was expected to have some huge opening. The bonus that you’d think having a well known actress in your film would bring led to unrealistic opening expectations. Worse still because of all the publicity the word gets out the the film opned “weak”, so now you have bad buzz to go with 50 / 50 word of mouth. you can often survive one or the other but both? On top of that there was one other problem. In AMerica horror fils tend to be female driven; despite appearances to the contrary the fact is that Horror movies usualy open to a higher percentage of female cinema goers than male. Despite this quite well known, in Hollywood, fact the film was marketed almost solely to men (well boys), it seemed.

  • mells


    • Buddymoore

      Right to the point.

  • memememem

    make that a hell to the no!

  • tracy bluth

    I honestly have never seen her in anything but that Kelly Ripa sitcom, that Lindsey Lohan flick, and her appearance on SNL. I personally thought she was pretty boring as an SNL host, though I guess she wasn’t awful. I’ll probably end up seeing Friends with Kids because of Jon Hamm and Adam Scott.

    • AK

      I love how you’re pretending that you don’t know what “that Kelly Ripa sitcom” and “that Lindsey Lohan flick” are called. The misspelling of Lohan’s first name was a nice touch, too.

      • Will

        That’s how pop culture junkies who don’t want to admit they are do…they always pretend to be just casually browsing a mag, or casually browsing a website, then they toss a “What’s Transformers?” or “I only remember her in some Kelly Ripa sitcom” or “Two and a Half Men is still around?”. just to pretend they are blissfully unaware of trends and pop culture. But it’s so transparent…

    • Rois, 19

      I thought she was funny in Hope And Faith when I saw it at the time. Her face wasn’t deformed back then though

  • HeadOverHeels

    She should just do porn.

  • …..

    or maybe your mother??

  • lol

    she probably better off if she returned to TV…And Jennifer Body was sort of saved from miserable flop because of its low budget that was practically doubled in theaters….anyways just be glad Judd hasn’t recycle all his actors and she is not a jew

  • noam

    she wasn’t horrible in “how to lose friends and alienate people.” not that that was a particularly great movie, but i don’t remember thinking she was lowering the cast or anything. i say wait until she’s in a role that actually asks her to do something, then judge. she’ll probably end up getting ripped to shreds anyways, but at least it will be justified…

  • Joe

    Good. She looks like something thats been passed around at an Alabama trunkstop.

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