Donald Trump roast: Snoop Dogg kills, The Situation gets booed


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Last night’s Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump had its highs (Snoop Dogg) and its lows (The Situation). The Jersey Shore star got in trouble early when a joke about fellow roaster Whitney Cummings received less laughs than Cummings’ pity clap to break the silence. (Never rely on a grenade joke, Sitch, if you think there’s a chance you might bomb.) From there, it got worse, with plenty of shots of the audience cringing (my favorite being Ice-T after the Situation said it’s okay that Trump keeps firing people because he’s completely let himself go anyway). The crowd booed loudest, however, when the Situation started a joke about Trump’s hot wife. “The best part is, she married you for love … Yep, she loves money.” Roast vet Jeffrey Ross had to jump up, tell the audience to let the Situation do his thing, and bare his own belly. Watch the excruciating and definitely NSFW video below.

That’s not to say Trump’s love life was off limits. Roasters just had to be more creative, like when Snoop made an X-rated joke about Trump’s ex-wives and his bodily fluids. Snoop’s biggest laugh came when he got political: “Donald says he wants to run for President and move on into the White House. Why not? It wouldn’t be the first time you pushed a black family out of their home.”

But his whole routine was solid. To the Situation: “I gotta say a few more things about my girl Snooki over there. Oh, that ain’t Snooki? Oh, my bad. I’m sorry. All white people who act black look alike to me.” To Cummings: “I roll blunts fatter than you, but you’ve been passed around a little bit more.”

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  • Mr. Holloway

    That Ice-T reaction shot is just like that famous Brendan Fraser reaction shot…only the exact opposite.

    (Speaking of which, The Situation desperately needed someone to splice in clapping/laughing Brendan Fraser at the end of each of his terrible jokes.)

    I’d heard this was bad, but watching it was somehow both worse and more wonderful.

    • hob

      Yeah, this Situation character was pretty pathetic. He tried to get some cheap applause by earnestly saying Trump should run for president, but the audience wasn’t buying it. I’ve never seen Jersey Shore, so I didn’t know anything about this weirdo. Of course, I’ve seen Snookie in some of her media appearances, but not her boyfriend. With a handle like the Situation, I was expecting him to look like Arnold or something. Not Michael Cera with a high and tight.

      • jack


      • Bleu Lorax

        The Situation is not Snooki’s boyfriend.

    • anne

      Get the h*** of this site and peddle yourself elsewhere.

      • Paul

        last comment was brought to you by “”The Sitch!” lol….Poor bastard!!

    • Jason

      I know! I wasn’t going to watch his part cause I find him so mind-blowingly unnecessary but when I heard how bad it was I had to. And it’s worse than I thought. I thought they had people help write bits? His clearly weren’t all written by someone else. They lacked structure.

      • Tim

        Lol it didint just lack structure man….It LACKED intelligence lol

      • Bleu Lorax

        Tim and Jason – You two Einsteins don’t know the meaning of the word structure and you two sure as hell don’t possess any intelligence. Duh.

      • Israeli king

        you know , they could of got a better person for the roast than the sitch to name a few , steven hawking , quarky from touched by an angel , no for real i wold of had daniel tosh instead of the sitch

    • Long Island Guido

      after watching the Sitch, I’m ashamed to be a meatball…

      • Bleu Lorax

        Hey Long Island Guido – You should be ashamed to be a meatball anyway.

      • I like tacos

        So Bleu Lorax, are you trying to turn this comment post into your own personal roast? If so, you have a lot of time on your hands.

  • mac

    Being funny is not easy nor can it be done effectively by unworldly, uneducated, lazy, narcissistic (sp?), untalented, freakshow reality TV “stars” whose 15 minutes are up. Want evidence watch the replay of Trump’s Roast.

  • ERIC

    I found his material worse than Gilbert’s jokes about the tsunami. Can we fire “The Situation” from show bidness?

  • Brigid

    I can’t believe that guy made $5 Million dollars last year.
    Way to go, America.

    • UGH

      A nation of idiots are to blame for supporting reality idiots such as the losers from his show and the Kardashihoes.

      • dislikek

        Yes yea yes I agree.. I Cant stand those kardashians,
        they should just be in the porn business and have their
        mother Chris be there pimp, manager and director…
        she us disgusting and uses are kids to make money.
        there’s no talent, just big asses in more ways than one.

        PS. did u see the pix of snooki in a bikini?
        another waste of humanity.

      • Israeli king

        you know , i sorta likee sitch , he sends the message that no matter how untalanted you are , you can still be famouse

      • Israeli king

        the kardashians are so untalanted , quintin tarentino wouldnt hire them

  • binkie

    I agree with mac – it goes to show that doing stand up is not as easy as it looks. But some of the roasters are way too predictable now.

    • Tim

      How can you even say it’s not as easy as it looks….Try and come up with a 10 min routine, that can get continues laughter every joke. You haved to be pretty brillint to do so…

      • dave

        What are you trying to say? Binkie is saying its not easy doing stand up. Why so hostile?

  • Cris

    As much as I hate the guy, I was actually feeling sorry for him, he was tanking so badly. How exactly do certain people get picked to be on these Roasts?
    Snoop was excellent, Marlee Matlin was great, and Lisa Lampinelli’s “goofy baby with the football-shaped head” had me laughing so loud I woke up my sleeping kids upstairs.
    Aside from that unfortunate “Situation,” it was a pretty solid show. And a nice debut from whatshisname, Anthony Jeselnik.

    • A

      Don’t feel sorry for him. He made $5 million last year for being a talentless, egocentric, braindead wh0re.

      • Israeli king

        don’t forget an alchoholic

  • Goat

    I feel bad for the situation, he really should of had someone write his jokes for him, just like snoop dog.

    • SoyBombGuy

      he should HAVE or SHOULD’VE had

      • mickyeggs

        wher would we be if not for spelling teachers reading websites? actually in the bronx we say should of

      • teachertoo

        You really shouldn’t be correcting grammar or spelling when discussing the situation or a roast of any sort.

      • Bleu Lorax

        mickyeggs is right. I’m so sick of living in a world of illiterates who butcher the English language when speaking and in writing. You should all be ashamed of your lazy, sorry asses.

      • aaron

        so Bleu Lorax what excuse do you have for butching my native tongue? I’m english your American your the butcher dude.

      • No Name

        Aaron: It’s “you’re” not “your”.

      • Israeli king

        apparently the same place as mickeyeggs , you spelled where wrong

      • Wade Wilson

        PRetty @#$%ing sad when people are too stupid/lazy to speak/write the OWN NATIVE LANGUAGE correctly, then cry like it’s your fault for pointing out how @#$%ing brain-dead stupid they are for not knowing the difference about something millions of people do without ever thinking about it. If knowing the difference between your and you’re, and should/would/could of and should/would/could HAVE, then you’re a complete @#$%ing uselss stupid peice of @#$%. Please kill yourself. You will never contribute anything to this world.

    • Mr. Holloway

      I’m pretty sure someone DID write those jokes for him. Unfortunately, it turns out that The Situation also should’ve hired someone to deliver them for him as well.

      (In fact, it probably would’ve been best if he didn’t show up at all.)

      • Ed

        I agree, Mr. H…I just wish that The Situation (and, do I feel dumb for writing that out and capitalizing it) had the half brain to give them the classic “hey, I didn’t write this $*#!” line that all bombing hacks deliver.

      • Jac

        HAHA agreed

      • Cris

        @Mr. H, there are times I agree with you, and times I flat-out disagree with you … but I gotta say, every single word you just posted there is the pure gospel truth.

    • I like tacos

      I’m pretty sure Snoop did most of that himself. He was on an improv show before and he was hilarious. Besides this what good rappers do.

  • right

    Wow. That was awkward! The situation failed b/c he actually believes the things he was saying and doesn’t understand human relations. I thought the jersey shore was about young italian americans living it up on the beach. Is he the creepy uncle?

    • Goat

      Very true! And they were making fun of Trump’s ego…

    • Erica

      Haha. He’s gay and is trying to hide that fact.

      • Israeli king

        man sitch is so far in the closet he’s seeing christmas presants

  • LOL

    Why was The Sitch there anyway? What’s the point?

    • mikey

      His presence was very meta. They were roasting a media wh*re more famous for his bombast, delusional ego and cartoonish appearance than any worthwhile skill. Who better illustrates that point than the so-called Sitch.

    • Israeli king

      now , just like they can’t be racist when it comes to picking roasters , they had to seem fair and they had to find the most mentally hadicapped person so they found sitch . you remember carlos mencia’s routine about the kid the down syndrome boy makes fun of , i think he was refering to the situation

  • A

    You knew it would be bad the second he got to the mic and said, “Thanks, Jeff” to Seth MacFarlane. What a f***ing moron. And he doesn’t even realize his mistake even though everyone starts laughing at him.

  • jim

    WOW I cant believe the producer couldnt see this train wreck coming!! Sorry replacement for the funniest ever Greg Geraldo…I bet he is rolling in his grave…RIP dude, its not your fault they ruined the reputation of the show you built!!

  • Barb

    Isn’t his 15 minutes up yet? My watch must be slow!

  • Linda

    Pauly Shore really bombed, oh wait that was the Situation ?

    • Leo

      @ Linda- wow, finally someone sees what I’ve been seeing..the fact that this clown is a spitting image of pauly shore! I don’t understand why no one else has mentioned this before?!

  • Eric

    If you want to make that roast funny you need to bring in Ricky Gervais

    • Jaddi

      I AGREE!!!! Ricky Gervais is awesome!!!!!!!!

  • Po Shmo

    Proof that these “jersey shore” waps have no talent, other than partying in front of a camera

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