'V' season finale: Who needs closure? Bring on the sex, the lizards, and the death of [SPOILER]!


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To understand why the gory second season finale of V was such an exciting hour of television, it helps to consider the final image of Crank: High Voltage, easily the most existential movie to feature a sex scene in the middle of a horse race. By the end of C: HV, Jason Statham’s Chev Chelios has spent two movies suffering all manner of physical suffering and mental degradation. He has fallen out of a helicopter. He has witnessed the removal of his still-beating heart. He has been in a car crash, or two, or seven. He has fought off an entire gang, or two, or seven. Also, his entire body is on fire. Chelios stares into the camera, grins through lips that are already burnt to a crisp…. and shows the audience his blazing middle finger.

Viewers, I submit to you that ABC’s beleaguered V reboot is a lot like Chev Chelios. In theory, the show had everything going for it when it debuted in the fall of 2009. There was the nostalgia factor: People loved the original miniseries. There was the Battlestar Galactica factor: The concept was so inherently interesting that a modern-day remake actually seemed like a good idea. There was the Elizabeth Mitchell factor: She can do no wrong. But V was practically marked for death before it even premiered. It has been consistently “on hiatus” ever since its much-hyped debut– “hiatus” being a hot cable-TV idea that has worked exactly once for the broadcast networks.

As quite a few commenters have noted, new episodes of V are not available on iTunes, Hulu, or even Amazon — which might be a savvy business move for a CBS procedural or a mega-rated Fox reality show, but seems unthinkably backwards for a mythology-heavy serialized series. (Even stranger, V is on ABC — the same network that blazed the iTunes trail with Lost and Desperate Housewives.) To make the degradation complete, ABC cut season 2 from thirteen episodes to ten, according to the show’s executive producer. We shouldn’t entirely blame the network, though. The series could never find its footing. At least half the cast was functionally useless. Someone had the bright idea to keep Jane Badler in the sewer for nine freaking episodes. By the time V stumbled into the conclusion of its second season, it was beaten, battered, a mere shell of a TV show. The stage was set for a whimpering final act.

But holy wow, V just went for it, and I think it’s fair to say that last night’s episode was an absolute high point for the series. Weirdly, I think the finale was so good precisely because of all the various troubles that faced V over the last couple of years. Possibly because they were originally envisioning a 22-episode second season, the finale crammed in a massive amount of activity.

Actually, it’s worth pointing out that the finale was split into two very distinct parts. The first half-hour felt like an entirely different, much lamer episode of V. Stop me if you’ve heard this before: The Fifth Column plotted an elaborate scheme to stop Anna, and the scheme failed mainly because the Fifth Column is a confederacy of dunces utterly incapable of achieving anything. In this particular case, our beloved rebel band decided to stage a fake kidnapping, setting up Lisa to kill her own mother.

Lisa failed, because all plans are doomed to failure in the cruel V universe. Anna saw Lisa’s reflection when her daughter was holding a gun on her, and gave a passionate speech about how human emotion was actually really swell and gee gosh golly maybe we should be kinder to humans. Lisa completely bought into this, even though it ran counter to literally everything else Anna has ever said. So the scheme failed.

But that’s when things got crazy — and exciting. It almost seems as if the show’s producers suddenly realized, halfway through the episode, that they had to wrap up the season, and so the final half-hour played out as pure, unrelenting emotional turmoil. Jane Badler’s Diana was delivering a passionate speech to her children about a brighter, utopian future when, in a moment right out of Deep Blue Sea, she was cut off mid-speech — a lizard tail stabbed straight through her mid-section.

Ignore, for a moment, the fact that Anna apparently snuck up on her mother in the middle of a massive stage while surrounded by thousands of other people. That was a great, utterly unexpected twist. Even better was Anna’s killer exit line: “That’s how you kill your mother.” The death of Diana was, I think, a kind of wonderful slap-in-the-face to people like me, who’ve been insisting all season that Diana should get out of the sewers. “Okay, she’s out,” I imagine the V writers mumbling angrily, “now watch her die!”

The great thing about the death of Diana was that it wasn’t even close to being the craziest twist of the night. Immediately afterwards, Ryan decided to try and rescue his overgrown hybrid baby. The child, who now looks about 12 or 13, wasn’t too happy to see him; Anna has filled her head with anti-Dad propaganda. She wrapped her li’l lizard tail around Ryan’s neck. Ryan begged her: “Everything I’ve ever done was only to protect you.” The sad thing is, he’s right: Ryan’s whole narrative arc, his sole character trait, has always been the protection of his offspring. Which made it incredibly sad (or incredibly funny, if you’re cynical) that his only child was so utterly unmoved by his pleas. His neck made a horrifying squelch sound when it broke. If you’re keeping track, that’s a matricide and a patricide in just under five minutes of screen time.

Speaking of squelching noises, immediately after this one-two punch of character death, we witnessed the birth of Anna’s super-secret replacement princess. And, in the process, we finally received the long-promised full-body look at the Visitors’ true form. After a two-season-long tease, I was pleasantly surprised by just how interesting the V body looked. Picture a velociraptor fetus whose mother was a Na’Vi and whose father was David Cronenberg’s The Fly, and also it makes a noise that sounds like a drowning giraffe being tickled by an octopus. In short, it looked awesome.

Anna had her cohorts skin-ify her new princess so she looked exactly like Lisa, and she set one single goal for her wonderful new daughter: “Copulate with emo-boy, post-haste!” Tyler came to see Bizarro-Lisa with some serious questions — Erica had just told him everything about the Visitors. (This scene was mostly offscreen, which is probably a good thing, because now we can imagine it forever: “And that’s when me and my rebel friends had another wacky plan, which also failed miserably.”) Tyler decided to ask his lady-friend if her species was really super-evil and trying to conquer humanity. But his lady-friend was in the mood for love, and isn’t that more important than the survival of the human race?

And so, Tyler and Lisa “went all the way,” as they say in Teen-Town. Unfortunately, the real Lisa was actually trapped in her grandma’s sewer, watching the whole thing unfold on video, like that horrible nightmare where you have a twin and they’re sleeping with your boyfriend and also the room looks like it’s been built out of horrible digital effects. And then, the greatest twist of all: Bizarro-Lisa opened up her lizard jaws and bit out a hefty slice of Tyler’s neck. This was such a gleefully cruel act of narrative trickery — literally cutting down poor, awful Tyler at his happiest moment, and forcing sweet Lisa to watch it all happen — that I couldn’t help but stand up from my sofa and start cheering loudly. All hail Bizarro-Lisa, the greatest hero of all! And with three main-character fatalities, we have ourselves an official Death Orgy! (It’s so rare!)

We were getting close to the end now. On my clock, Tyler expired at approximately 9:55 PM. There was nothing left to do in the final five minutes but completely change everything. So Erica woke up in a dark room and met Marc Singer’s Lars, who introduced her to an even more secret top-secret anti-Visitor group called Project Ares. And, get this, Erica’s suspicious FBI partner and her utterly inept boss are freaking members of Project Ares. So, if you’re keeping track, every single person Erica has ever worked with in the FBI was either a Visitor or a secret anti-Visitor counter-insurgent.

Up in the mothership, Anna embarked upon her final harebrained scheme, which was literally “Use my brain to control all of humanity.” She sent her bliss out across the world. At first, it wasn’t working, but her adorable little patricidal step-daughter stepped in to help out. For some reason, that worked, and this led to my single favorite V dialogue ever, an exchange which captures everything incredibly silly and occasionally wonderful about this series. Lars was staring furtively at a computer screen down in Ares HQ:

Lars: “Something’s happening to people.”

Erica: “Where?”


And so, V ended its second season with an absolutely insane hail-mary pass. All of humanity was under Anna’s control — even poor Father Jack. (Earlier in the episode, he had talked about how much he missed looking into the sky and seeing God. Now, he was looking into the sky seeing Anna. It was pretty cool. Yes, I’m praising Father Jack.) There wasn’t even the bare pretense of resolution, unless you believe that the real story of V has been “The Rise and Rise of Queen Anna.” In which case, I like to picture an epilogue to the finale. Marcus, Anna, and now-pregnant Bizarro-Lisa are high-fiving. Anna lights up a Cuban cigar and growls, “I love it when a plan comes together.” Way to go, V-Team!

Viewers, I can understand if you didn’t think much of this episode. Especially considering the utterly insane cliffhanger, you might feel as if V was giving you the middle finger. And it kind of was. But it was a friendly middle finger, one last “Nuts to you” from a show that never received much love from anyone. It’s worth pointing out that if V does somehow come back for a third season, it might just be extraordinary. With two annoying characters dead, and with the Visitors’ intentions out in the open, it could transform into a pulpy sci-fi thriller. (I should point out that ABC wouldn’t confirm officially that Diana, Ryan, or Tyler are dead. I suppose the Visitors could use the same Magical Resurrection Machine that brought back Joshua. But let’s not spoil the moment, shall we?)

To me, this was V‘s finest hour: A twistedly funny, fast-paced good time, which simultaneously gave me what I want (bye-bye, Tyler!) and snatched all my hopes and dreams out from under me (farewell, Jane Badler.) I don’t know if V will return, but if it doesn’t, at least it went out with a bang. Or rather, with a bang, a bite, a crack, and an extremely redemptive SQUELCH.

Let me know how you felt about the finale in the comment boards, and follow me on Twitter to figure out why I seem to enjoy TV deaths so much. (And don’t forget to check out our photo gallery of the grossest moments from the episode.)

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  • sammy

    What a horrible show! Good riddance. I tried watching once but that horrible Tyler just moaned for the whole hour. Terrible writing, boring storylines, average acting. Please, end this and give Elizabeth Mitchell a show she deserves.

    • Sally

      I was going to comment, but you beat me to it. Excellent summary of why I never really got into that show.

      • Tom

        I thought this show was canceled?

      • in2win

        FUNNIEST POSTS EVER ARE ON PAGE 12 LOST IN THE MIDDLE OF ALL THE REST OF THIS. Right now they are at the top of page 12. First comment is Steve on Wed 03/16/11 9:26 AM. Then Lance and Earl attempt to write dialogue for an episode next season. Seriously, just go to page 12. Oh my!

      • Clapper

        Yes, I just got the news from the executives that they canceled the show.

      • squishmar

        in2win is correct. I went to page 12 and it is very funny. I’ve never even seen the show but I caught on quickly (unlike, apparently, Tyler).

      • Mary J. (Not PARKER)

        Thanks for the insight all above – now go back to masturbating during Greys Anatomy.

    • Jack

      So, you didn’t watch it, huh.

      It was pretty ridiculously awesome. It was odd that so much happened, finally, and yet it was still kind of slow. Am I the only one who wishes Tyler had been looking when Lisa went all ‘what big teeth you have’ on him? A little drawn out terror would have been nice after all the whining. Just sayin’.

      • brendan

        That would have been sooo great!! He was such a ridiculous and annoying little S*it!

      • brandy

        Totally agree. I WANT MORE, ABC!

      • Mozzie

        Sooooo loved the demise of Tyler, and it would’ve been great for him to see that his mother was correct about the V’s before he “bit the big one” or the other way around. I was bummed to see Diana and Ryan die (for now at least) I really wish that they could’ve used Diana more than in the sewer rat mode, but understand that (real) Lisa is the future queen and the finale battle would be a Lisa vs Lisa and the winner vs Anna. Ryan was my fave character from S1, but really had no direction to go this season and understand why he might get squeezed out. I really hope that ABC will at least commit to a 13 ep order and close out the show in style.

      • joblo

        All hail the Death of Tyler! Huzzah! Huzzah! On top of that I gotta agree with the reviewer – easily the best episode in the history of the series. I hope that it doesn’t end like another show I struggled to watch – Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, which also finished strongly after disappointing before only to be cancelled. I’d like to see where they take the show, now that a lot of the dead weight from the cast is gone and TYLER IS FINALLY DEAD.

      • Nancy

        They said they canceled it very suddenly just a couple of days ago.

      • Strepsi

        Looks like GLEE is not the only show whose writers read the fan comments! YAY!

      • Alisha

        heheh…i kept going “Look Up Tyler!!! Meet your death!!!” But maybe that would have been to mean for poor real Lisa in the cell

      • Adam

        Agreed. Considering I suffered Tyler’s existence thus far, they should have dragged out his end to let me savor it a bit longer. However, I was clapping and doing a happy dance while my wife laughed at me and shook her head.

      • Bong

        If you want to call monkeys with iPads writers, be my guest!

    • R

      ditto…Elizabeth Mitchell’s talents deserved much better than this boring mess of a show!

    • Rob

      Yup. I was just about to ask why, again, NBC opted to renew this dreck and drop Flash Forward when you covered. End this horrible V as soon as possible. Why is it even a decision they need to think about? Cancel it yesterday.

      • M

        NBC? you’ve got the wrong network

      • Tom

        If people are talking crap, we just assume they are talking about NBC these days.. Or WB

      • Sandra

        Agreed! Why keep V, but get rid of Flash Forward! I was so mad when it was canceled, and the finale was awesome!

      • Steve

        First, Rob has clearly never watched V, because if he had he’d know that it’s on ABC, not NBC. Second, FlashForward sucked. Awful, horrible acting and poor writing destroyed what could have been a great show.

    • Tom


    • thin

      The show sucked, and you’ve just displayed for everyone that you have a tiny, bigoted little mind. You should also probably look up the definition of the word “sizable,” because you clearly do not understand what it means.

    • Trenton

      Yea what thin said…cult by definition means small, otherwise it would be a church. Like yea, Mormon’s where a cult till they got a state and now they are all church like and proper, down w/ v

    • Strepsi

      The show is great! It was inconsistent I think, because it wanted to be an “A-List” show like Lost or BSG. Once it accepted the fact that it was a campy “B” Sci-Fi / Horror, it got waaaay better.

      Loved the twists! We only missed seeing Chad Decker’s head ripped off.

      @ DARREN FRANICH re: “single favorite V dialogue”, what the heck was on that machine? My hubby turns to me and goes “Oh no! They’re looking at the Bliss-o-meter!”

      • Mikey M

        V and Great in the same sentence. The writing and characters were too bland to be Great or even Good for that matter.

      • susanne

        Are you guys nuts!?! this is a great show and I definitely want to see it next season.

    • Grumpster

      Nice you mentioned the Hiatus – looks like Jeff Jenson has taken a permenent Hiatus on his LOST PART 3 recap. What a lying sack.

      • Emjay

        Haha! This should be mentioned as often as possible.

      • Mahdsh

        First thanks for pstniog this..however it did not worked for me..I even went back and used Revert widget templates to default, and now I have sign on top of my blog”TEMPLATE ERROR: Error during evaluation of all-head -content”Do you have any idea how to fix this!!!!Thanks!

    • Strepsi

      @SAMANTHA: I am gay AND a cult fan of “V” but in no way want to be connected to your tiny mind and hate speech.

    • HtcevoPre2iphone3gsipad1

      I dont believe the author is an openly gay man…plus i had change F to PH,

      Phag def conti…
      cigarette: finely ground tobacco wrapped in paper; for smoking

    • Glenn

      Please don’t use that word. Even with a cleaver “ph”

    • fiona

      You’re a bigoted idiot with bad taste in TV.

    • Nancy

      I could have sworn this got canceled.

    • Pamela

      I love how Trenton implies that the only difference between a church and a cult is the number of brainwashed members. Brilliant and sadly true.

    • Jacob

      Sure is fun to say rude things about people you don’t know, isn’t it! Maybe if we all did it, we’d be a happier people.
      Hatred is awesome! w00t w00t!

    • Nancy

      Geez, because someone doesn’t like your stupid worthless tv show doesn’t mean you have to degrade an entire segment of society. I hope they DO cancel this rotten show just to tick you off dirt bags!

    • Mikey M

      I thought his article was right on target. They gave us the middle finger and killed the best thing about the show, Diana.
      This will be cancelled and all these characters stuck in limbo with the V’s winning.
      What a way to end a show.

    • Ann

      They should also cancel Off the Map and or Private Practise and or Grey’s Anatomy. I’m really getting tired of Shonda Rimes cookie cutter and formulaic shows.

    • Joe

      You had a good point Sam, until your stupidity and bigotry took over, which made all of your comment as ignorant and worthless as you are.

  • Shh

    So is this show finally getting cancelled or not? Truly it only got renewed because it was piggybaggin on Lost’s popularity

    • thin

      The prospects for it are not good, but it hasn’t officially been canceled yet. Since there hasn’t been an announcement one way or the other, we probably won’t find out for sure until ABC announces its fall schedule.

    • Al

      You can safey assume at this point that it will be, if not today, tomorrow or next week.

  • gato

    I literally was rolling my eyes the whole last 30 mins. Good riddance!

    • Sally

      at least BSG had an ending.

      • True, but

        an ending that went on FOREVER and totally SUCKED.

  • steve

    totally agree with everything in the recap. that hybrid alien-human kid though is just one more f’ing annoying character. it’s like they go out of their way to make their characters annoying as hell.

    • Craig

      and acted by the worst actors! Why would they cast that girl? She was awful!

      • Nilla

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    • KFed

      She was terrible, but I sense if they come back she will have grown again. Then it will be NewLisa and Hybrid fighting for Anna’s love and Lisa in the dungeon wanting to kill all of them.

      • fed up

        LOL! your comment made my day.

  • Carson J Gallo

    Great article. I for one couldn;’t get enough of the show all year. Thanks for repointing out all the great parts too. And they better bring it back! I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to watch another show with a continued story line ever again, after going through Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles, Flash Forward, and 24, only to have them all cancelled in the end with a true finale. Well 24 actually u can’t count that one, cause that did get 9 seasons.

    • Anon

      Add Invasion, Joan of Arcadia, Eli Stone, Pushing Daisies, The 4400 and even Heroes to your list of shows that ended without resolution.

      • Baco Noir

        The remake of The Fugitive, Daybreak,The Nine, etc. etc. etc.

      • Baco Noir

        Oh yeah, let’s not forget Jericho. It got a second season after fan intervention and it still had a terrible wrap up. Oh another. Dark Skies. There are others. Anybody?

      • M

        Threshold, John Doe

      • M

        Threshold, John Doe, Dark Angel

      • Mystick

        Reaper, Strange Luck, Space: Above And Beyond, The Street, The Lone Gunmen(and the X-Files – with its tripe “ending”, for that matter), the Stargate family of shows, probably including SG:U, and the aforementioned Dark Angel, Jericho, John Doe, T:SCC, etc… seems to me like Fox is overwhelmingly guilty on all counts for canceling shows at cliffhangers, but the other networks are just as bad, really.

        What really pisses me off is when they decide to juggle around the schedule and move the days and times that the shows are on, then cancel the shows after people stop watching.

      • Corey

        There have been alot of great shows cancelled before their time. Invasion was a well thought out and well acted show that just like V took it’s hiatus at all the wrong times. Reaper was both funny and entertaining but was never given the network it needed to succeed and Heros just needed to let Sylar be Sylar.

      • amanda

        also don’t forget Moonlight (vampire Mick StJohn)

      • Carla in Houston

        ….Journeyman, Caprica, SGU, The Cape…

      • Anon

        I forgot about Journeyman and John Doe!

    • Ed

      You are all forgetting the greatest Sci-Fi show ever – “FIREFLY!”

      • Mike

        But it at least got a movie out of it…

      • Hannah

        Right on for Firefly!

      • anakinjmt

        “Greatest sci-fi show ever?” I’ve seen about half of the episodes and I don’t see what the big deal is. My money right now for that title would be Lost, Star Trek Next Gen or Voyager, or heck, even Stargate SG-1 which I’ve only seen about half the first season so far. although from what I’ve heard, BSG would be a strong contender as well.

  • Flyer

    I stopped watching V a while ago due to schedule conflicts, but I’ve tried to keep up on the series and figured I’d watch the episodes I’ve missed one way or the other. When I was reading in the recap about Anna controlling humanity (including Fr. Jack) through her “bliss,” I got strong flashbacks to Season 4 of Angel, when all of humanity (including Angel) fell under the spell of Jasmine’s “bliss.” And like the V, Jasmine snacked on humans too. I hope the “V” finale gets posted on ABC.com, so I can see whether or not I’m off-base in making this comparison.

    • Whedonite

      yep – very similar storyline

  • Franco

    It was awesomely juicy but I hope Jane Badler returns as Diana, and that she’s alive.

    • Tajah

      I was completely bummed out that Diana was killed like that. Lame! I wanted her, first, to get out of the sewers for pete’s sake and do some evil. Then she should have been able to challenge Anna in a fight of epic proportions, not get backstabbed by a tail. Jane Badler was so misused.

      • kennedyDC

        I am with you. I want to like V, I really do. But damn, they squandered the use of Diana. All season spent in a sewer / dungeon, and she’s out for 5 minutes and bam! So very POed right now.

      • ksun

        Which Vs get tails? Why doesn’t Lisa have a tail? Did Diana ever have a tail? Why does the hybrid kid have a tail, if only the V Queen is supposed to have one? Inquiring minds want to know…

      • Marilyn

        Agreed! Really thought they would vanquish Anna (not kill her but have her overthrown by the people), bring Diana to power under the belief that she would make things right, only to find out that she is even worse than Anna. Now THAT would have been a good storyline.

        Still enjoy the show and will be bummed if it’s not renewed, but I know the prospects are dim.

      • Tracy

        Not only the queens get tails, It’s the females that get them.
        Remember back when they captured a female and dude told them to put a strap around her so she wouldn’t get them with her tail?

        I was hoping that they would substitute the new Lisa with the old one, and put the new one in the dungeon, but apparently that didn’t happen because old Lisa would never have killed Tyler.

      • Tess

        Yeah, what a waste of Diana. There were many story lines to write of those two women plotting against eachother. I kept hoping that each episode would be the one they would really do something with her. And couldn’t the Fifth Column ever get a “win”. Every plan they had failed. In the original V you felt like they had a chance. And Hobbes just LEFT!?! What!?! What purpose did that serve? I agree that so much was done for shock value. I don’t know… I think I am kind of done with V even if it comes back. Other than Tyler getting killed, everything felt like a slap in the face to me.

  • Andy

    thought it was great!

  • arobb

    Is it wrong that I’ll be sad “if” V doesn’t come back. I mean come on, how can you beat a tail through the heart, a newborn who looks 12 snapping her father’s neck, and a fake girlfriend killing her boyfriend in one half of one episode? But really, the whole season has been pretty awesome. Skinning and cutting off a V’s tail, Anna liquifying a rat and feeding it to her “daughter”, I could go on and on. Let’s get past the fact that this isn’t some Peabody nominated, high class show to be taken super seriously. It’s a fun show that has actually gotten better over these past two seasons and should come back with all of its campy, gross, unbelievable awsomeness. (And if it doesn’t, please put Elizabeth Mitchell in something better.)

  • Jeff

    I loved tonight! I think the show deserves a 3rd season.

  • cptone

    Even if it does come back I for one won’t watch anymore. That was a horrible finale, nothing made sense and it was all just for shock value. Horrible writing.

    • Bob

      Agreed. At least have the decency to bring back John May!!

      • Maria

        i’ve been to a few NFL games but the worst was the AFC championship game last jnauary between the steelers/jets (jets are MY team! it was negative degrees outside and despite all of our careful layering we were completely miserably cold. i dont think ive ever been that cold in my life to be honest I told kev we could never do that again, LOL.Theresa recently posted..

    • Jack

      Loved it. Campy and insane. Finally.

      • 3rd season PLEASE

        I find it funny that the people who claim to hate the show so much has so much to say about it. Simple answer, TURN THE CHANNEL. I for one enjoyed the 2nd season and really enjoyed the season finale. You can tell it was a story telling show, as slow as it was. 3rd season ABC……………

      • thin

        I find it funny that some people seem mystified by the idea that people sometimes watch shows either out of habit or the hope that it will get better. I watched Heroes far longer than I liked it, just because I kept hoping that the writers would deliver on the promise they kept giving us that they’d figured out their mistakes and were going to get back to being great.

      • chris

        I can’t wait for the 3rd season. I love the way you break it down also.

  • Michael

    Awesome show! One of the best on TV… this episode had my nerves going crazy! If there will be no third season, then the V’s have won. It makes me sad just thinking about it. Long live V!

  • Darcy

    I happen to LOVE this show and hope- by some miracle (which it would be)- it will be back. Compared to the majority of the other shows on right now, this at least held my interest and gave me some surprises. If canceled, I bet they will come up with some other crap that will be off the air in a few weeks.

  • Laura

    I liked the show for the most part. Finale was not so good.

  • Mike

    I was hooked through most of it, but as the end drew near I realized that yet again Anna would win and the visitors would lose. I think the writers missed a big opportunity with the fan base. Give us a win for once. Even a small one. I am so fed up with Anna always winning, that sadly I don’t care if it is renewed. Funny thing is it was probably one of the best episodes ever. But 2 years of the underdog losing sort of kills the interest.

    • Johnification

      You don’t consider Tyler’s death a win for the fans?

      • Helenann

        Well said, Johnification. Well said.

      • brendan

        Huge win!

      • Tyler

        Hey, I was just trying to finally get some loving from my woman. Why did I have to diiiiiiiiiiieeee

      • teekay

        V is for Victory.

    • Geeshgirl

      Bring in Charlie Sheen!

      • 1984

        When will Hollywood stop trying to rewrite the past and come up with something original? This V series was a train wreck from the beginning. Totally unwatchable. They even had to bring back Marc Singer and Jane Badler fromt he original series to make it legit. But people in Hollywood don’t know how to write anything original these days, so even decent actors couldn’t save this train wreck. Hopefully the season finale was a series finale. Next up, a re-imaging of Space 1999, 240 Robert and CHiPs..

    • Marilyn

      I agree with you. Anna needed a little b*tch-slapping. She needed to be knocked down a peg, and we needed to see a little hope for the human race.

      • Carla in Houston

        @Marilyn: you just summarized my biggest complaint with this show. I love Anna’s over-the-top evil, but I got tired of tuning in each week to see the lame 5th column fail yet again. These fools were humanity’s last hope? Oh, wait, no there is this whole OTHER group a mile underground led by Marc Singer who apparently are also lame, as Anna is still (to quote Charlie Sheen) WINNING! This was a fun finale, but if by some miracle the show gets another season, please get someone running the resistance who knows WTF they are doing! That is all.

      • Ernesto

        LOVE the reply button- but hanivg one big issueThe reply button took off the COUNT feature on replies- this is really helpful for giveaways. Any idea how to make the 2 work together? When you’ve got over 50 entries (sometimes HUNDREDS), hanivg them numbered is necessary!!!Thanks

    • apjvt

      I completely agree. I thought the season finale was terrible! The writers needed to give us something! Some kind of win, even if just a little tiny thing. But Anna won everything she wanted and even more with a half-human, non-queen child who can bliss the humans! Lame. And even though Tylers character was unlikable, without him, what is Erika’s focus and goal? She has nothing left. She failed. And I think the writers failed with that finale.

      • Les

        THANK YOU! I posted a comment about this very thing but I don’t think it ever made it to the web page. They ruined EVERYTHING.

      • geo

        Aliens 2 earthlings 0

      • Tess

        Yeah, they never do ANYTHING that works!?! Well then they don’t have a chance. So why am I watching??

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