'TRON 3': How to make it better than 'TRON: Legacy'


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When TRON: Legacy hits Blu-Ray early next month, it will arrive with a ten-minute long bonus video which teases a potential TRON threequel. Read the full post.

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  • nk

    More reality is needed. The start of the film sets up the 3rd film. Gillian Murphy wasn’t there as a cameo, they were setting up the sequels villian. Dillengers son has big plans and once he finds out about the grid etc He will want to use it for the possible power. Actors where fine, what we need is more TRON in the film. This film should of been called FLYNN!

  • John Williams

    That was AWESOME! Tron 3 baby! Yeah boyee!

  • Chariot28

    BTW, in the Tron 3 teaser: The Next Day, is that Hedlund at the end or someone else looking like hedlund? I couldn’t make up my mind.

  • Isabel

    Lets et back to TRON now guys. You have to admit it was a cool movie.

  • getBent

    This article is straight from a typical A.D.D perspective. “I want everything cool, all the time”, with no appreciation for story, character development and prospect of building tobthe entrance of the cool world rather then waking up in it with an explanation that is short enoughbto fit on abroad sign. The sense of entitlement and self proclaimed snobbery based on ignorance of intelligence is laughable. Perhapsvyou shouldvstick to your video games and Michael bay moviescso you can just be sold a bunch of effectscwith no point or meaning.

  • Kyle

    I’m a big fan of super powers. Users in the computer world should have some super abilities. They hinted around it in both movies, but nothing really compelling came of it. Two users having a duel in the computer world with super powers would be epic.

    • Dude

      Good idea man.

  • Dal

    The writer of this column obviously was oblivious to the ARG. The 10 min clip explains the movement and those behind it. It tells fans there is more to come. I don’t see this as a trailer for Tron 3. Do the research, Google flynn lives, then write your column.

  • ForrestXL

    A better sequel?

    First, reveal that the system was running on a versioning file system and have Flynn Jr roll back the changes all the way to when Flynn Sr got stuck in the system, and thereby get Flynn Sr back into the real world. Next, explain to CLU about Goedel’s Incompleteness Theorem: a formal system like the Grid is either inconsistent (buggy) or incomplete, and that the emergence of the Isos indicates not defect but creativity and growth, i.e. responses to incompleteness, and so being nice to the Isos is entirely in line with his purpose while wiping them out is not.

    Oh, and have Daft Punk collaborate with Orbital and W. Carlos.

    (And Hellboy II was all about the sets.)

  • Dex Antares

    I dunno, man. All that stuff they said about the boring prologue and Jeff Bridges’ character’s speechifying, I think that helped make the movie. You can’t just leave the real world behind in favor of the Tron world, in terms of plot and writing. Everything that CLU 2.0 was planning was made even more threatening when you thought about the effects it would have on the real world. Get rid of all that and you’ve basically got a bunch of eye-candy.

  • dazza


  • jacob jherald

    ya hedlund is unsakable make it more edgy thrilling and pls be logic ful hw does a fried chicken come in a cyber world

  • Matt

    3. Leave out any references to isomorphic algorithms

    4. More Quorra

    What an idiot. Quorra IS an Isomorphic Algorithm. Perhaps you were too busy staring at her tits to notice that particular plot point.


    A sequel needs to focus on the importance of Quorra (to justify Kevin Flynn’s sacrafice) and also focus on the threat of Dillenger and his son (and possibly an MCP mk2!!!) and maybe i’m stretching it a bit, possibly KEVIN FLYNN LIVES!!! (I wish!)

  • Justin

    Tron sequel was awesome. I want more of the the real main character TRON this time. He’s the man

    • Billy

      As long as Olivia Wilde is in there even as a cameo i will see it. Otherwise… Meh… It can have a good story and all but the changeing of the different stories and stuff would be a little dissapointing. I would like to see what happens next with the new entities and all
      (I’m an example of how eye candy actually works)

  • viviennewestwood

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