'TRON 3': How to make it better than 'TRON: Legacy'


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When TRON: Legacy hits Blu-Ray early next month, it will arrive with a ten-minute long bonus video which teases a potential TRON threequel. Read the full post.

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  • Tarc

    Just a note to Darren: in #3 you say no more isomorphs, and then in #4, you ask for more Quorra. Since Quorra IS an isomorph (as plainly stated in the film), which is it? Secondly, #3 was half the point of the film – if you didn’t follow along, it’s unsurprising that you didn’t like the film much. Finally, it was pretty much made exquisitely clear that The Grid 2.0 spontaneously generated isomorphs. When Flynn rebooted the Grid to 3.0 at the end – a clearly much more complex, more Earth-like place – it’s supposed to indicate that that grid will be populated by a new set is isomorphs. Man, people do not follow along in movies – geesh.

  • mzzkzzm

    I enjoyed Tron Legacy a lot. I think the film suffered from what I would call a “28-YEAR GAP”. It’s kind of hard to re-generate interest in a film franchise after such a long absence. Most people who saw this film, did not see the first film. I did, and I appreciated all the Easter eggs that were given to us Tron “mythology-heads”. So stop hating and appreciate the beauty of the film. Oh and yes, Cillian Murphy will definitely make the next film more awesome.

  • kim

    I think “Legacy” was really hard to follow because the effects were soooo amazing that when there was downtime/exposition in the story you just felt like “where’s the cool effects?!” I enjoyed the music waaaaay more than I thought I would.

    Did the end piss anyone off? It felt like bad ’80’s/”Mannequin” ending. The whole riding on the motorcycle with the non-real girl thing…

    • billy

      I just wish that olivia had a better scene at the end

  • Walker

    Just create original and interesting story. Simple!

  • Jake Bean

    They need to show some serious TRON Penis. We still have yet to see the effects of the digital world have on genitals. I would love to see a Digenital fantasy world of amazement.

  • seye

    Chris Pine would have been perfect.

  • MarQ

    Qurroa had to come from somewhere and in the first film, Tron and Cindy Morgan’s chacter in the Tron Universe were in love, why not bring back Cindy Morgan as Quorra’s mom? Plus Morgan’s real world charter made the lasar, which was destroyed at the end of Tron 2. Obviously need her to get back.

    • Patrick

      Actually no, Quorra didn’t have parents, that was the whole point of the ISOs, they just spontaneously appeared. And even so, they’ve never said anything about programs being able to have offspring.

  • Jim

    What?! 90% of Tron:Legacy is in the Grid. They spend like 10 minutes of the movie in the real world.

  • Stephen

    THe next one does look heavy on th real world. But the attraction to tron is the digital world. How many of us have wondered how computers work? at the same time though light cycles and disk battles can become tedious. The advantage of the near 20 year gap was an evolution in technology so the film visuals can evolve so bringing one out so soon after may take from it. but at the same time There is more to encom Kevin Flynns legacy so seeing more of the real world may help the story develop the characters which is needed as all we know is hes a game developing hippy who rides motor bikes. MORE OLIVIA WILDE

  • numb3r5ev3n

    If the writer of this article wants a two-hour Daft Punk video, may I recommend “Interstella 5555.” Other than that, I hope that the fine writers and filmmakers who worked on Tron: Legacy never see this article. Seriously, how they they ask for “moar Olivia Wilde” in one sentence, and recommend the writers “leave out all references to Isomorphic Algorithms” in the next sentence? Glitch, please.

  • numb3r5ev3n

    Looking back over that article…sheesh. I think that what I should do is just make a YTMND with shots of Olivia Wilde and Beau Garrett interspersed with shots of random light cycles and disc throwing and Castor doing air guitar with his cane to the tune of “Derezzed.” The writer of that article can just watch that while we await our next Tron sequel with its plot and mythology and spirit intact.

  • Brendon

    My first impression of the movie was bad. Then I watched it again, and again and still…again. My 2nd impression is wow, this is a really great movie. The music is fantastic and the visuals spectacular. The story has so much potential just waiting to explode forth. I say Roll the next film.

    • Acton_Yid

      Why did it take you three attempts at watching this movie to finally decide it was ok ? I mean, how did you watch it the first time and think anything other than “this is a great movie” ???

  • Geoff

    Daft Punk has to return…HELL…they could expand their roles a bit. I can just guess how much money they drew in with their soundtrack. I agreed with most points of the article. As for my own thoughts, I want the Dillingers in this one. Start out with Jr, then have daddy come in and take over midway. I’d rather see David Warner be the ‘main’ villain in the end than Cillian Murphy. If anyone has a reason to harbour a large, raging grudge against ENCOMM and all of its employees, it would be his character. Also, more TRON (please). More Ram/Popcorn man. Less Sam, he is a bad actor.

    Also, less ISO stuff. Please oh please oh please let the Dillingers’ evil plans NOT revolve around those. Let the son mainly be the anti-Sam, have his grudge/jealousy of Sam, then Warner’s character can basically try to bankrupt or buy out ENCOMM. It’s not really that difficult of a premise to nail down. End the series with the Dillingers in jail or deported or stuck on the grid. Tron 4 isn’t necessary. Peace.

  • dscbigeagle85

    I was very excited about Tron: Legacy and actually drove two hours to see it in IMAX. I, like many I have talked to about the movie, thought the effects were great and the plot was slightly lacking. I think it is a good springboard movie though. I wasn’t even born yet when the original Tron came out and a vast majority of people my age didn’t know the back story. We now know the story and this gives the movie the ability to jump forward into many great directions. I would love to see a “third” one and agree that the author’s suggestions should be taken into account.

  • Chariot28

    I enjoyed Tron Legacy and overall was a good movie. The problems with it, as I see it, purely stem from the script writing. The overall plot of ‘Son goes to save Dad and Escape from the Grid’ was a solid idea. However, some of the more philosophical arguments in the movie didn’t come across smoothly and so it felt too cheesy:

    1. Kevin Flynn’s character was flawed. He kept fluctuating between ‘defeated serious wise strategy man’ to ‘hippy dude’. I don’t recall Jeff being such a hippy in the original TRON and although I can understand that years of losing to CLU made him a cynical person, his wide fluctuating character wasn’t natural or believable.

    2. Kevin Flynn was trying to make the ‘perfect’ system but it went wrong. The problem with this plot is that the ‘perfection’ idea has been done before so many times that it’s boring. If you’re going to use this out-dated idea, you need to sell it to us in an interesting way. Look at Avatar – A single person learns the honourable ways of a supposed enemy and leads the rebellion against the nasty human oppressors. This is a well-tried idea but they sold the idea to us in an interesting way. TRON, on the other hand, failed in this respect.

    3. The ISO-morphic algorithm plot was very complicated and needed better explanation and visualisation in order to sell it to us. Let’s compare with other movies: In the Matrix, the idea that we live in a virtual world was clearly explained. In Inception, the dreamworld was clearly explained. In both movies, we understood and became emotionally invested in the concepts. In Tron Legacy, we are told ISO’s just appeared on the grid like humans appeared in Earth evolution. We are then told ISO’s existence was important to human understanding of how the universe works. However, it was not explained how exactly do the ISO’s change the world and so their importance to us has less impact. I, for one, was not emotionally invested in ISO’s and so not emtionally invested in the overall movie.

    These little problems kept me from fully engaging with the movie. Let’s hope TRON III improve on these things to make the plot seamless and fully engaging!

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