'The Bachelor' season finale: And the 'winner' is...

Do not click through if you don’t want to know the outcome… Seriously folks, last chance… For the rest of you rose lovers, let us discuss Brad’s new bride-to-be…

EMILY! Faulty spoilers be damned! I don’t know about you folks, but I am actually kind of happy about this outcome. What about you? Stay tuned for my full TV recap later tonight. (UPDATE: Click the links for Kristen’s Bachelor season finale recap, as well as Chris Harrison’s Bachelor blog and the revelation of the new Bachelorette.) In the meantime, celebrate or mourn Brad’s choice in the comments below, and be sure to check out our truly ugly rose-ceremony dresses gallery — it’s a feast of hideousness for the eyes!

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  • Dani C

    Yea! So happy he picked Emily!

    • LOL

      No one should watch this garbage.

      • Jeffrey

        So right!

      • Al

        So bored with you…..

      • Ronnie P.

        Don’t diss guys. I think it’s beautiful. I hope they will stay together forever.

    • Elmo

      No way in hell they will last one month. He looks way too old for her. Anytime the word “temper” enters into the conversation you can bet they’re done. Awkward.

      • Benilda

        Good for Emily!! She absolutely does not want to raise her daughter in a family where everyone has to walk on eggshells! It takes a long time to regain trust after a person has repeated temper tantrums.

    • james

      I thought Emily was the right choice, but I don’t think any bachelor has ever picked so badly — just from their fight before he made their choice, he professed that he wanted to be with her and for her child and she would just not shut up. They are just starting out, it shouldn’t be this much work. Emily is subconsciously making this relationship not work because she doesn’t want to get hurt and Brad — is just too blind to see it. So frustrating.

    • Jackson Five

      Emily is a nice girl, but i didn’t find she & Brad had any chemistry. Chantal, on the other hand, oozed chemistry & love for Brad. I think his decision was made by his family. Picking Chantal would have given him the best chance at what he truly wants, which is love & marriage. I think Emily likes him, but doesn’t love him. Same with Brad. I actually her daughter had as much to do with him picking Emily over Chantal. Chantal has moved on, but sadly, she’d probably go back to Brad immediately if he’d ask.

      • Rachel

        I watched After the Final Rose and I thought, THANK GOD, he didn’t pick Chantal, she is better off. Emily is too, they def. will not make it

      • Ida Red

        Couldn’t agree more.

      • bianca

        You spoke my words exactly Jackson Five.I totally agree with you.

  • LorLor

    Wow this is typically one of the most spoilerific shows on tv and they were wrong. Go Emily, one of the most level headed chics ever to be on this show actually came out on top. Shocker indeed.

    • Mel31602

      Actually realitysteve corrected himself two weeks ago and said Emily was the pick

      • T2

        too little, too late.

  • Casey

    Now let’s see how long it lasts.

    • Jeffrey

      Until the next paid reality show gig.

    • melissa

      Yeah… really don’t think it’ll last very long. I doubt they’ll get married.

  • Ella

    Happy that Emily got picked!

  • Kate

    I was kind of rooting for Chantal, only because she seems so real world and would have definitely picked up everything for him and moved to Austin, and given their relationship the best shot possible. But he obviously had stronger feelings for Emily so I guess he did the right thing.(I hate that I think so much about these things!) It doesn’t look like it’s going too well with Emily now though–he may be wishing he could pull a Jason!! I am happy Chantal has moved on, but sad that she will not be participating in other bachelor-related events for our continued amusement and laughter.

    • Mellissa

      She’d probably be boring though, if she’s happy with this non-bachelor dude. Our continued amusement and laughter needs to be directed strictly to Vienna and Guard and Protect your Heart Kacey.

    • K

      Me too. I feel bad for her because it does feel like Brad just played her. She was clearly the most into him of anyone on the show. Meanwhile, Brad consistently showed he was feeling multiple girls over her again and again. A thoughtful person would have spared dragging her through week after week – especially after she flat out told him that if he couldn’t pick her over a few of the other women, he should let her go.

    • mary

      He just made a big mistake. Chantel was the one who he could be his real self with and she was really a better choice for the long haul.

      • starbbycat

        their lives definitely fit better too

  • K

    The weirdest part of the show was how insulted Brad got when Emily asked what being a father meant to him and whether he understood was he was volunteering himself for. The girl has to protect her kid! But he was all just how dare you question me?!?!?!

    • Kate

      yess…I was thinking, who are you, Jake Pavelka? So weird and a red flag.

    • j.mellon

      I completely agree! That was so bizarre of him. And probably a guy thing. I don’t think they like to doubted at that stage, like she still didn’t have a choice to reciprocate.

    • jenny

      He just professed without a doubt that he wanted to be there for her child — and she goes on and ruins it by asking if he is sure — that it’s not that easy — i mean seriously Emily, what the hell? I would be furious and that to me was the sign that I would not pick her.

    • Jujubee

      I was thinking the same thing. That whole scene totally bugged. But I think they both handled it badly. He needed to be more understanding about her protectiveness of her child, & not just get mad at her for questioning. But she needed to not treat him like he’s an idiot. I hate to defend Brad, but of course he knows it’s not all fun & games with a kid.

    • Tiffany

      Yes! That bugged me to no end. Of course she’s going to make sure you’re serious about it when you say something like that, Brad.

  • Lulu

    I am watching the AFTR on TV, these two are NOT going to make it, I don’t think she really loves him…jmo…thoughts?

    • Jeffrey

      He looks bored with her.

      • Mellissa

        Well, considering that he’s as plastic as her, I’d think they’d be perfect.

      • starbbycat

        agree with Mellissa – they both turned out to be phoney baloneys

      • Pinaiah

        Brad will not be bored with her big white smile dentures!

    • jones

      I think she just likes all the attention. She is not that into him.

      • TorontoTom

        ATTENTION – that’s the only reason ANY of these people go on these kinds of shows. It’s not about falling in love – it’s more about WINNING. I get to be on magazine covers! I’m famous! Yeah ME!!!

      • Jeffrey

        There doesn’t seem to be any chemistry between them. I think he and Jake are more suited for one another. There’s your next Bachelor twist the return of Brad and Jake: Coming Out Of The Closet. Watch for it.

    • Meg

      I’m flipping back and forth between AFR and Bethenny. I caught the part where Chris asked about getting married–they so aren’t going to last. I give them a couple months, but it’s just not going to work out. If she can’t really commit now and give Chris a solid answer, it’s not going to be good.

    • lorraine

      disappointed he picked Emily…

      watching after the final rose ceremony and they are proving they are not going to make it

      • mich

        Agree, very disappointed. She is not into him. Has anyone noticed she’s not wearing her beautiful engagement ring and they’re supposedly engaged???

    • etm

      I just watched a few minutes of After the Rose, and it seem like Emily is putting the brakes on the relationship – slowing it way down. She just said she doesn’t want to get married right now and isn’t moving to Austin either. I definitely don’t think they’ll make it. Also, I prefer Emily with the lighter hair.

      • Meg

        I also think once she saw the episodes and what was happening when she wasn’t around/behind her back that maybe she wasn’t aware of during taping, it gave her warning signals. Or maybe she’s jealous of all the attention Mole-Hair got?

      • Ttt

        Emily looks great with the more natural hair color and the new cut. She also looks so not into Brad.

    • Nerwen Aldarion

      Two people use a reality show to find love…and they aren’t going to make it! I’m SHOCKED I tell you SHOCKED!!!

    • jkay

      It they would stop rubbing each other down and get some good christian counseling they might make it.

    • jnine

      when she said something about his temper. And something about needing to back down and say “no, you’re right” to him…oh the red flags that came up. Run, Emily, Run!!

    • mich

      why isn’t she wearing her engage. ring. she definitely doesn’t look into him. I feel bad for Brad.

  • mojo

    Totally agree. He’s way more into her than she is into him. I give it a 2 months at most.

    • Rachel

      Agreed! This is just like Chantal and Brad. She loved him, he didnt love her, now he is getting bit in the arse

  • L

    I actually am feeling kind of bad for Brad right now, Emily is struggling with her feelings for him. At least she is honest. I hope that they make it

  • etm

    Brad’s twin is really hot. Like a cuter Jake Gylenhaal.

    • Mellissa

      It’s wierd, they look exactly the same, but yeah, the twin is hotter. Maybe because he has a personality.

  • TorontoTom

    AWKWARD. Watching these two strangers try to articulate their feelings is like pulling shards of glass out of your eyeball. They are just game show contestants trying to pretend that they are “in love”. Adult Barbie Doll Dinner Theatre ends for another season. Stay tuned to US Weekly to see how many weeks they last.

    • Alicia

      Adult Barbie Doll Dinner Theatre???
      Freaking genius!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • L

    I hope that Brad & Emily make it, they actually seem like the most real couple yet, honest about what it feels like to be in the situation that they are in

  • Jeff

    I’m watching the after show, and he is totally in love with this woman. And she is totally NOT. She is being almost mean! Yet another bachelor couple that bites the dust… She didn’t even seem taht happy when he proposed.

    • etm

      Yeah, I didn’t think Emily came across well at all!

    • Glowbug

      Emily is finished with Brad—he should have figured that out when he professed to be a good husband and father to the child and she shot him down—Love is blind? Chantal really was into Brad at the final rose—and Brad seemed to really enjoy her family—its a silly reality show

  • Jeffrey

    There doesn’t seem to be any chemistry between them. I think he and Jake are more suited for one another. There’s your next Bachelor twist the return of Brad and Jake: Coming Out Of The Closet. Watch for it.

    • L

      way too funny, I would watch that

    • Jill


  • L

    Emily has to come to grips with the process of the show, and what it takes to get to the end

    • Jeffrey

      Emily needs to wake up to the fact that she’s dating an ego-maniac, who lives for publicity and it all likelihood is gay. He wouldn’t be the first Bachelor contestant to be gay … It’s time to match them up.

      • !

        Every cute guy who has commitment issues isn’t gay. Every cute man in Hollywood isn’t gay. Wishing doesn’t make it so.

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