'Red Riding Hood': How is it like 'Twilight'? Let us count the ways.


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Red Hiding Hood (in theaters now), is an updated fairy tale about a young woman named Valerie (Amanda Seyfried) who is caught between two suitors — idealistic Henry (Max Irons) and bad-boy Peter (Shiloh Fernandez) — in a town besieged by a blood-thirsty werewolf. It doesn’t have a single vampire. There’s no high-school-is-hell subplot. And Hood is set in an old-timey village that looks like it was probably fossil-fodder by the time Twilight‘s Bella (Kristen Stewart) was born. And yet, it’s hard to watch Red Riding Hood without having an odd feeling of Twilight déjà vu. Can’t put your finger on the cause? Let’s break down the similarities:

1. They’re both directed by Catherine Hardwicke. But that’s a gimme, so moving on…

2. Werewolf alert. Still too easy. Next!

3. Lines like “One bite… and you’ll be like me.” This is getting ridiculous. Let’s try to think of a hard one now. Like, how about…

4. Identical dads. How’s this for a weird coincidence: The guys who play Valerie and Bella’s dads might as well be cousins they look so much alike. Crazy, right? Wait, hang on a sec. They actually are both played by the exact same actor? Come on. This isn’t even fun now.

5. Gloomy, woodsy town. Okay, here’s a good one: Hood takes place in a forested, gray-skied village that might as well be a medieval version of Twilight‘s Forks, Washington.

6. Brooding boys. Shiloh Fernandez and Max Irons (yup, Jeremy’s son) would be perfect opponents in a brow-furrowing doubles match with Twilight‘s Rob Pattinson and Taylor Lautner.

7. Love triangle. Valerie’s heart is torn between loyal Henry and dangerous Peter both of whom are prone to making woozy declarations of their love. They might as well be wearing their own Team Jacob/Team Edward shirts under their tunics.

8. Hot-blooded heroine. Hood‘s Valerie and Twilight‘s Bella might not know which guy they should choose, but that doesn’t stop them from having steamy moments with each of their suitors — in a strictly PG-13 sense, of course.

9. Cloak chic. Looks like Valerie and the Volturi went shopping at the same branch of Hood Depot. I mean Cape Town. Cowls R’ Us. No wait, I’ll think of a good one…

10. Goth soundtrack. Both movies are scored with pulsing, hurts-so-good emo music. Which is fine, but we would’ve picked something more along the lines of this.

Okay, we’re spent. But there must be more similarities, right? Head to the comments to let us know which ones you found!

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  • Meredith

    For the record, high-school-is-hell is a metaphor from Buffy, not Twilight. It’s insulting to Buffy to make that mistake.

    • Nelly

      Buffy sucks and it’s highly overrated so who cares.

      • Nelly

        I forgot. Its whinny loser fans care LOL

      • jodipo

        its whinny fans? goode speling Nelly

      • jenna

        smart people care

      • Rob

        No it was actually a really good show, especially compared to much of what is on now. People slam on Whedon and sometimes I get why, but most of his shows are entertaining, witty and gems in whatever genre (from Buffy to Angel to Firefly) they’re in. No one is making or made you watch it. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.

      • Tagger

        Nelly’s babblings are as trivial and self-serving as so much magic marker toilet graffiti.

      • ChelSY

        You know something? YOU SUCK.

    • wtf

      Here’s one way they are NOT alike: Twilight is a billion dollar franchise and a SUCCESS. Red Riding Hood BOMBED, and only made 5 mil on their opening weekend Friday. They’ll be lucky to scrape by w/ 15 mil for the opener. Mega FAILURE.

      • barnhillism

        That depends on your definition of success. See, I see Twilight as the mega failure just because of the general concept; not to mention the actors, the script, the annoying fan girls.

      • Alli

        i could not agree more. no matter what people say about twilight all they have to do is look at just how much money they have made and the millions of fans who will back them up!

      • Myke

        Would you rather be loved by millions of morons who don’t fully understand why they love you and probably will pass you over for the next fad, or loved by a few decent, rational folk who actually value you as a person?

      • Dana

        As far as I’m concerned, the reason for Twilights successful opening is the work up given by the novel critics. I read the novel and it was fantastic, but when I watched the movie I considered it quite a let down. The acting seemed quite poor. I think Red Riding Hood could have done just as well if it had as good advertisement as Twilight.

    • Jonny

      Are you friggin’ kidding? Whedon fans are such nerds. If they went out of their basements once in a while they would know that the “high school as hell” metaphor is as old as there’s been movies and teenagers. I bet they also think that Firefly invented the cowboys in space trope.

      • Stephanie

        1) Of course Whedon fans are nerds. And we’re proud of it.
        2) Meredith never said Buffy invented the metaphor. It’s just typically known to be from the show because the original plotline is based around the fact that Buffy’s high school is ON a hellmouth.
        3) Your stereotypical assumption that we “nerds” don’t get out is as old as there’s been movies and teenagers. Get a new argument.

      • Lex

        Agreed, Stephanie. And seriously Jonny I’d suggest you watch what you’re saying… Traditionally the nerds are on the receiving end of the high-school-is-high stereotype. Major contradiction there.

    • BatmansKiss

      The original 90210 had the School Sucks attitude before Buffy. It’s not a new idea.

      • Yina

        A million shows say high school sucks… But what made Buffy great was it played with the concept. What if the mom living through her daughters youth switched bodies with her and stole her youth frat parties where girls are fed to monsters ect… It was taking what was scary about highshool and setting it to monsters. I don’t think everyone understood that the initial poster was talking about the high school hell metaphor not just hating high school

    • Yina

      So true. Noone did high school is he’ll anywhere near as cleverly as Buffy.
      Ps Nelly what in the world are you talking about?

    • Katyo

      High-school-is-hell has been around long before Buffy or 90210. Try a John Hughes movie from the early 80s, for example, and I’m sure there are more before that.

      • Yina

        Again no one is claiming Buffy created the concept. What is being said is it played it out metaphorically better than other shows. It took the bad and scary parts of highs cool and played it out with monsters. For example evry girl fears after she sleeps with her boyfriend he will change or be a jerk. Angel became a soulless monster after sleeping with Buffy

    • seymour

      Nothing that this article mentioned is unique to Twilight. I wonder if the “author” has read a book or seen a movie that existed before 2005.

      Seriously, the guy suggests that werewolves, love triangles, school-sucks subplots and “hot blooded heroines” are distinctly Twilight. All of those subplots have existed for hundreds of years, so you can’t really accuse Red Riding Hood of copying Twilight because it shared those attributes.

  • Jeff Silvey

    I’m glad that I have nothing to add, since I haven’t seen either of these movies. Wait- I did see Twilight- **facepalm**

  • Hannah

    Agree with the list and also agree with Meredith. To be honest, I don’t see a “high school is hell” subplot in Twilight. If it were that bad, why the HELL would the Cullens be perpetual students? Don’t mistake Buffy’s actual “high school is hell” subtext with Bella thinking she’s too good to be there.

  • jj6

    well i definitely won’t be seeing this. Why can’t lame heroines with sad face boy troubles please go away. I wanna see a girl kick ass. A few boy issues are fine but that can’t be the be all end all of a story. Why aren’t Tamora Pierce’s books movies. Put Alanna on the big screen and I will be there at midnight to see it!

  • Lisa

    Must agree with Meredith and Hannah.
    Buffy is the original. Twilight high School seemed fun to me. I honestly see nothing hot blooded about Bella.

    • wtf

      Then you’re a corpse. Anyone who can watch that sizzling first kiss between Bella and Edward, and not call those actors hot-blooded, is a one of those jealous lunatic cat lady haters who sleep w/ Edward pillows. lol Grow up, buy a vibrator.

      • Mike

        If you thought those actors were ‘hot-blooded’, you have to watch better movies or TV. You’ve just scene the tip of the iceberg.

      • Wil

        @wtf: are you insulting Lisa by calling her a corpse? Last time I checked, you seem to think Edward’s actor is a “hotblooded actor” and Edward is most definitely a corpse…

      • Meg

        That kiss was not sizzling. It was awkward.

      • dayjolie

        Oh Lord another crazy Robsten shipper.
        When will you delusional idiots realize that people who aren’t obsessed with those awful films and their actors, who you imagine being in real relationship and not just a PR stunt, don’t buy it?

        I’ve never seen two people looking so off when pretending to care about each other like that miserable spoiled actress and the sparkley vampire.

      • Lex

        Haha “wtf” THAT kiss was sizzling? It’s fine if you think so, but I have to say that’s pretty far-fetched. You should watch Lost. Or, if you want to compare to something within the high school genre, My So-Called Life. Those characters sizzle WITHOUT even kissing.

  • parajunkee

    Yeah where is Bella hot blooded? I guess she wanted to boink Eddie in some of the later movies but otherwise she was the epitome of prude. I was hopping she would at least get some play with Jacob, she should have to take her mind off being dumped.

  • JL

    I honestly don’t see the point of this article. If we wanted to see the ways Twilight and Hood were similar all we had to do is read the review of Hood which is NOTHING but ways those two movies are similar. In fact, as a review, it’s practically useless, but it’s basically a longer version of this article. Just saying, EW, you could have spent more time doing something else if an editor had just caught the redundancy of posting both of these.

  • Sam

    You missed an obvious one- the “forbidden love” plot devise. The whole “I have to leave you so I can protect you from myself!!!111″ idiotic spiel. Where have I heard THAT before?!

    • ashley

      lol, buffy!!!! twilight’s edward/bella is buffy/angel…except buffy and angel had depth.

      • Yina

        I love both (guilty pleasures) but must say Edward/Bella are a knock of Buffy/Angel

  • Sam

    Oh yeah and their both terrible movies. Does that count?

  • Jen

    How about the main boys in both movies are huge douche bag tools? I seriously wanted to punch that retarded look off of Peter’s face. He was ugly as all hell too. WTF.

    • lala44

      thank you…my thoughts ,exactly. I didn’t see any love between LRH and peter…both guys where soooo lame

  • Rebekah

    Ok, so basically all this list proves is that Red Riding Hood doesn’t have these all in common with just Twilight–it has these in common with several films before it that touch upon genres of romance and drama, especially when mixed with the supernatural. That is why they are called cliches. My point is: there is nothing new under the sun. All books, movies and songs have something in common with others. There’s no escaping it.

    • @Rebekah

      There’s a difference though between films having similarities, and a film like Red Riding Hood cynically copying every major detail in order to draw in similar fans.

      • barnhillism

        Yeah I agree. Every TV spot started with, “From the director of TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!”

      • Rebekah

        Good point. With Hardwicke at the helm, I can see why there were so many similarities.

  • Vanessa

    Their both badly acted and written.
    There’s another similarity.

  • Kate

    And, also, they both suck. Does that count as a similarity?
    (Apologies to Amanda Seyfried, who deserves better.)

  • Pete

    Seems like a futile exercise this article. OK, next we’ll have one on Battle Los Angeles and Independence Day. In a year of record number of remakes and ripoffs, there are bound to be any number of opportunities to write such articles.

    • Shobug


  • Kamaray123

    I didn’t like the buffy TV series, I was a Angel fan however. I HATE Twilight and if this is even remotely like that garbage – no thanks.

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