This week's cover: Life after 'Lost'

EW-1146-coverYou let go. Really, you did. When Lost ascended to the TV afterlife last May, you returned to your normal life, paying those overdue bills, mowing your overgrown lawn, even resuming communication with those who couldn’t understand why you wanted to own a jar of Dharma peanut butter. But perhaps somewhere in the recesses of your brain, as you saw an Elizabeth Mitchell or a Daniel Dae Kim pop up on your flatscreen, you started thinking about our dear castaways. Where are those Lost actors now? Do you they miss working on the show? And is it true that Josh Holloway cut his hair?

Those burning questions — and more — are answered in this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly. We interviewed a bunch of cast members, including Matthew Fox, Josh Holloway, and Elizabeth Mitchell, and caught up the men in charge of the show, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, as well as co-creator J.J. Abrams. The good news? No one is currently roaming the halls of a psychiatric facility in a bathrobe, repeatedly chanting six numbers. Some more good news? Several familiar faces — such as Jorge Garcia, Michael Emerson, and Henry Ian Cusick — are plotting their return to series television by starring in drama pilots. Another has landed on the stage: Mr. Fox is currently in London, starring in a new Neil LaBute play titled In a Forest Dark and Deep. “A play in the West End of London is something I’ve always dreamed of doing,” he tells EW, noting that “it’s been my goal after Lost to get into a situation where I’m doing a film here and there and a play here and there — that broad of a structure.”

Fox isn’t the only former cast member exploring new ground in Europe: Holloway recently filmed scenes for Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, starring Tom Cruise. While he can’t spill too much about his role, he does hint, “I’m definitely doing some ass-kicking.” And because he’s down for all kinds of challenges in this next phase of his career, he’s guest-starring in the paintball-themed season finale of Community. “There’s a couple of good one-liners in there,” he says. “I hope I pull them off!” (Fingers tightly crossed for a Troy and Abed in the Morning segment with Holloway.)

For more on Lost, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands Friday, Mar. 11. For way too much on Lost, visit our Lost hub.

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  • Asha

    I am part of the hated the finale crowd. It has really marred my whole view of Lost. However, EW, it’s been a year. Let some time pass before a where are they now.

    • Yngwie Mackadangdang, Jr.

      I fully support a where-are-they-now at this point, if for no other reason than to get Community mentioned in EW. Hopefully Sawyer will bring some new viewers, who will then realize what they’ve been missing…

      • Judy

        I agree. Community needs all mentioning they can get. And since it’s a cover story AND Sawyer will be on the show, more people might tune in. That’s all I want!

      • Bette

        I am hoping that Life After Lost is going to be a precusor to Doc Jensen’s final thoughts on LOST.

      • miss k

        Community definitely needs all the press if can get. Such an underrated show but the best comedy on TV!

      • Mr. Holloway

        If you support the idea of “Community” getting more exposure, then why not push to get THAT SHOW on the cover, rather than a show like “Lost” (that I love) that isn’t even on the air anymore and isn’t celebrating any sort of milestone?

      • Rebeccah

        Joel? Is that you?

      • Aunt Sassy

        OMG – this is the first time in my 20 years of subscribing to this magazine that I’ve had to write back to back letters to the editors complaining about the cover. First the train wreck that is Charlie Sheen and now yet ANOTHER F-ing Lost cover?!?!?!?! Give me a break. The show is OVER and yes, I know it breaks all of the hearts at the offices of EW, but GET OVER IT!! If Charlie Sheen subscribed to EW I now FULLY understand his desire to do crack – it’s all these Lost covers.

      • LIGrrl

        Don’t listen to the maysayers. I smiled at my old Lost friends when I saw the cover. Nice to see them together again. Just because you didn’t love the finale doesn’t mean to don’t love the show. Can’t wait to read this issue.

      • @Aunt Sassy

        wow – back to back letters? i wish i had that kind of free time.

    • Shaw

      EW and Head Cheerleader Jensen worshipped at the altar of Lost like little fanboys. They will probably do junk like this every single year.

      • jodipo

        you know, I read through all the comments and you keep on saying “fanboy” like its an insult. Calling an admitted fanboy a fanboy is not gonna hurt anyones feelings and is not an insult. And me calling you pathetic and sad is not an insult either, just truth

      • Carla in Houston


      • Emjay

        One can only hope!

      • DGH

        We can only dream!!

      • Alan

        That is why I listen to the After Lost podcast.

    • Pete

      I agree. The Finale ruined Lost for me, so frankly a Where are They now cover is a big “who cares”.

      • Meg

        Exactly. Does anyone really care about this now? Where’s the “Where are they now” cover/story for 24? ER? Boy Meets World?

      • lefty

        I didn’t care one way or another about the finale…cuz I really didn’t care about the show (although I watched it cuz my mates always did…). But a Where Are They Now before it’s even been a year (let alone 10 or 20 years) is absolutely LUDICROUS

      • J-Mac

        Absolutely agree Pete. While LOST entertained me for how many ever years (wow, I honestly can’t remember how man seasons of LOST exists…unbelieveable coming from someone who basically worshipped at its alter while it was on..guess that shows how far behind in my mind that I’ve put it), the finale was one of the worst things I’ve ever seen on television and made the entire show a mish-mash of random ideas that were put together for effect but with no payoff. Anytime I see any of the people I cringe (except for E. Mitchell, I do enjoy V).

      • BG 17

        While I agree with Pete, I feel sorry enough for the actors involved in Lost to be concerned that they found other jobs that don’t fall apart in the end – so I will read this issue. Now if it says that Cuse and Lindelof are roaming a psychiatric ward muttering the numbers, then I would feel it was poetic justice for that finale…

      • DGH

        Meg don’t put ER, Boy Meets World, or even 24 in the same sentence as LOST! Its like compairing Taco Bell meat to a Filet Mignon!

      • Jeremy

        Pete, the Finale ruined LOST for me too. What a waste of time it all was. I tossed all previous seasons on Dvd. They need to re-shoot season 6!!

      • ps in seattle

        @DGH: ER WAS filet mignon.

      • FANBOY1

        How anyone could not LOVE the LOST FINALE shows the lack of education and taste that exists in our culture, the fact that so many people lacked the attention to notice the answers proves my point.

    • Cee

      Seriously, Asha? You let a two hour finale completely alter your enjoyment of the entire six year series? That’s so shallow… and not very intelligent.

      • J-Mac

        Wow Cee…how not so shallow of you to tell someone they’re unintelligent because they have a different opinion than you. Way to prove a point.

      • jodipo

        normally I would agree with J-Mac, but this time I agree with Cee. If one two hour episode rubbed you so wrong it ruins your enjoyment of multiple seasons of excellence you are fairly shallow.

      • Matt

        You are shallow Jmac. You are. Also, your name is Jmac.

      • J-Mac

        I refuse to call anyone names here. I think…actually…I know my statement proved my point. To call someone shallow or unintelligent because they have a different opinion than you is uncalled for. Especially over a tv show. Oh, and thanks Matt…or should I say Matthew for expressing your issues with my nickname. I hope you feel better.

      • BG 17

        I don’t know Cee – if your favorite sports team had a beautiful season and then lost the big championship game and you found out that they threw that game, would you not feel that action tainted the whole season? Would you still be a fan the next season? I agree with Asha.

    • kgb

      Best show EVER !!!!!!!!!

    • TorontoTom

      WHAT does this cover have to do with Charlie Sheen, Glee or Justin Bieber?!? (Sometimes, EW, you surprise me…)

    • JPX

      I loved the finale, what more did you want from it?

    • Color Me Impressed

      Yes!!!! After all this coverage of Glee, Twilight, Charlie Sheen and Mad Men, the staff at EW actually remembered that this phenomenal show existed! And yes, I am among the finale lovers. All those people that thought it was lame and/or a cop-out just aren’t thinking deep enough.

      • Joe

        I love Lost but wasn’t a fan of the finale at all, but regardless, I hate this line of reasoning. Just because I didn’t think it was as great as you did means I didn’t “get” it? I think the vast number of people who didn’t care for it are more than capable of thinking intelligently. In fact, when I read an argument like this it tends to make me think that the person spouting that nonsense isn’t all that intelligent themselves.

      • N

        I agree. It was a fantastic, fantastic finale of an amazing show. I still miss them, but LOST will always have that great legacy. Hopefully, all the actors know how proud it is to have been a part of it! As an actor, I can only hope to be part of a show as wonderful.

  • Luke T

    Can’t wait to see Josh Holloway on Community. Ditto the Troy and Abed in the morning hope, that would be legendary!

    • Tia

      Still love the season 1 dvd of Lost showing up in the Christmas episode. “It represents lack of payoff.” LOL! I love both of these shows.

      • Jan

        “…the idea that Christmas has meaning. And it can mean whatever we want. For me, it used to mean being with my mom. Now it means being with you guys. Thanks, ‘Lost.’”

  • Carol


    • Kim

      Me too! Lost raised the bar for me when it comes to TV shows. Nothing comes close anymore. I miss it!

  • LizzyLou

    Thank you guys for NOT putting Charlie Sheen on your cover! Can’t wait to read the issue!

    • GS

      He was on last week’s cover! I didn’t even open the magazine b/c of it.

      • DRS

        And thanks for not putting Lady Ca Ca on the cover too.

  • JAM

    I really hope Josh Holloway gets a Troay and Abed spot. comic gold

  • Lucy

    now I’m missing Lost more than ever!

  • fireislanded

    I wish a way could be found to have a Lost movie.

    • Big Walt

      I still think they could/should do a Dharma Initiative spin off show. I’d like to see it set in a “mystical” place like some Mayan ruins or the Himalayas or whatever. Have them set up different stations and have the DI project manager there someone shady who we don’t know if they’re good or evil and have the main character trying to figure out what’s happening there.

  • Derek

    EW…get over it!!! Its just a tv show, life moves on. Why are you still putting it on covers. This is a joke!

    • you first

      Why are you still commenting on a show you don’t care about? This is a joke!

  • jules

    i’m part of the LOVED the finale crowd and fully support this issue. In fact, I may have to buy it. Would love to hear what some of the other actors are up to these days, i.e. Evangeline, Yunjin, Emily, etc.

    • Mr. Holloway

      I loved the finale, and I like the idea of a “Where are they now?” (though Asha isn’t wrong in saying that it might be too soon).

      However, I don’t really like it on the cover.

      This could’ve been a cool feature on the inside of the magazine, but I don’t think it’s worthy of a cover. I’d rather see a great, under-the-radar show get cover exposure instead of a show that went off the air less than a year ago.

      PS: I’m REALLY starting to think Doc Jensen’s long-promised final “Lost” column just isn’t coming.

      • crispy

        I swear they keep a list of 5 properties to run on the cover, and they just rotate them!

      • Mr. Holloway

        1. Glee
        2. Lost
        3. Twilight
        4. Harry Potter
        5. Johnny Depp

        That seem right?

      • Big Walt

        You’d have to have an AI in there right?

      • Mr. Holloway

        Well, I would’ve thought with “Lost” off the air that “AI” would take its spot…but apparently not!

      • Karate Pants

        And of Mr. Holloway’s 5 – or 6, you throw AI in and you have a rock solid list – which of these things is NOT like the others? Easy answer, Twilight, because it’s superior. HA! No, really, it’s the one that’s actually dead. Lost.

      • Emjay

        Lost and Johnny Depp. Two of my favorite things.

      • C Men

        If only Johnny Depp would get lost.

      • Dawnie D

        I agree.

    • Justin P.

      I really liked the series finale, but I didn’t like the final season as a whole.

    • K

      Loved it all!

    • Lisa Simpson

      I loved the finale, except for uncharacteristically sappy and intrusive music over the Sideways final scene. The scene struck me as bad at the time, and it was only on rewatching it that I realized that it was the score that tainted the scene. Which is odd because I can’t think of another moment when the score wasn’t spot-on.

  • shane

    I LOVED the finale and loved almost every minute of the many years of my life I gave to Lost, I don’t regret a second and have zero time for those with diminished capacities who did not see the finale coming like 5 years ago (duh, not winning). I miss almost everybody (except Mitchell, ugh) and as much as I know Matthew would hate it, they will all always be “those characters” to me. I never see Jorge on Mr Sunshine and say “Jorge!” I say “Hurley!!”. They will always be special to me and the love I felt for the show and all it gave me will always be part of my dearest memories and thoughts.

    • RT

      Count me among those who loved the finale as well!

    • Shaw

      You prove how much of an idiot you are but using the phrase ‘not winning’. Typical Lost fanboy.

      • C Men

        I was going to say he showed how much of an idiot he was by saying he saw the ending coming 5 years ago. I bet he still thinks they all died in the first plane crash.

      • DGH

        Shaw you sure do spend alot of time commenting on something you don’t enjoy. Tell me is your life as pathetic as you make it out to be?
        LOST Fanboy

    • Kafir

      I miss almost everybody (except Mitchell, ugh)


      Behold my divine deduction skills, Watson! Not just a shipper freak, but a special brand of shipper freak who thinks “Matthew”‘s true wuv is Evangeline and they’re secretly MEANT TO BE!!!

    • Antonio

      See you in another life.

  • Em


    • TQB

      Em is over. Stop posting if you don’t care.

      • you first

        Em lost me at caps lock.

    • Anno

      I’m with Em. The show has been covered to death (and after death). There are too many shows still on the air that are deserving of a cover but haven’t gotten one yet. Focus on those shows.

    • ks

      I agree!! Move on

    • Jen

      My first thought when I saw this — Seriously EW? Seriously?? And mind you, I never missed an episode of Lost, but seriously?

    • DGH

      If you don’t pay attention to something you won’t even know its there.

      • Jan

        Agreed. I don’t go posting on things I don’t care about. If I’m that bored I can go look out the window.

    • Sue1

      I agree with Em, and especially Anno…SO many other shows that deserve coverage and EW is giving the “Where Are They Now” treatment to a show not even a year gone. Sheeesh.

      • Pi R Squared

        100 of my friends and I disagree with all of you. So there. Out numbered.

  • Angela

    I haven’t let go. I’m currently rewatching the series. I’m halfway through Season 1, and it’s a little weird to see it, knowing everything that happens. But it’s fun not being “lost” this time around!

    • Denise

      I agree, Angela. My husband and I just finished watching the entire series again on blu ray. It is different, knowing what it all means. We were sad all over again that it’s over..again.

  • iluvlost

    Does this mean the final Doc Jensen column will be in the issue?!? Please, Jacob, let it be so!

    • TQB

      Yup, that was my first thought too!!

    • Mr. Holloway

      I wouldn’t hold my breath.

      I expect that bad boy to be at least 10 web pages, so I don’t know if there’d be enough room for it in the mag. (Or if they’d let Doc geek out to the extent we know he can in the mag.)

    • Steve

      Jeff Jensen has promised that final column so many times, then failed to deliver, that we have to wonder what is going on at EW. Combine that with the loss of so many of their prominent columnists (Josh Wolk, Michael Slezak), the loss of so many of the entertaining videos (Survivor Talk, Idolatry), and the numerous website problems, it seems that the once great EW is flailing.

    • hurleybird

      Didn’t he promise that would be out by the end of 2010?

      • Emjay

        Yes. Yes he did. The liar.

  • locolukah

    A finale has never made me stop caring about a show more than LOST. I don’t think I will ever watch it again in reruns. The whole show was built towards the finale and it just didn’t come close to having a good payoff.

    • Jan

      I honestly never thought the finale would be something people would love–way back in the early seasons. Too many built-up expectations. The BSG finale nearly had me hating the whole show, but I never fully loved it in the first place.

  • Hope

    I don’t understand how anyone could hate the final….one of the best episodes ever. I enjoy watching it every few months, I know it sounds crazy, but it really got to me. It was about so much more than explaining the smoke, polar bears, etc… was much more spiritual….in fact, I plan to go watch it again tonight! LOL…I will definitely buy this issue!

    • Jan

      What could ever ever live up to the expectations people brought to Lost?
      I love Lost and still miss it.

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