'American Idol': The Top 13 perform. Read our live blog here!

top-13-idolImage Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty ImagesUpdate: Annie’s recap is live

Tonight begins the American Idol finals, that time when we begin supporting our favorite contestants through even the most horrible performances, and start unloading irrational hatred upon robotic 17-year-old hopefuls whose biggest crime was… you know, I have no idea what exactly David Archuleta ever did wrong, yet, clearly, I still somehow manage to resent him for existing on the Idol stage. (And, apparently, I’m still stuck in 2008. Fauxhawks are awesome, guys.) But anyway! We’re tuning in tonight to find out who will soar — and who we’ll abhor — during “Songs By Your Musical Idol” week. Live blogging at 8 p.m. ET with us will be People‘s Aaron Parsley, who’ll give us his two cents about Idol‘s future musical idols. And as always, be sure to check back later tonight for Annie Barrett’s recap of the episode. Like J.Lo, her write-up will shine. Click the jump to read our live blog!

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  • bruce

    i love lamps.

    • Lamps

      @bruce: i love you back.

      • IAA Lamps

        Funniest. Reply. Ever.

      • Maybelle

        Lampssssssssssss, is this THE LAMPS?

    • Candacetx

      punny… you don’t seem like such a bright bulb.

    • Tom

      When does this show get canceled?

    • Darcy

      Hate Casey A.

    • Suit

      The Problem with Kate Ward is she wants to Fcuk Casey Abrhams so bad that she hates his main competitor. That is a sign of a bad writer.
      She should not write reviews if she hates other contestants and make it WELL KNOWN in her writings.
      Not everyone wants to have to sex with Casey Abrhams, Kate.

  • Rebekah

    So far, Lauren, Pia, Haley and Jordan (is that the rock guy?) have been the best. I like Paul and a couple of the others, but they didn’t pick the right songs. Though, I have to say, I am ready to fall asleep. Why is everyone picking such snoozers to perform? Also, why the judges being so nice? They are seriously sugarcoating everything. C’mon, JLo, tell it like it is!

    • Rebekah

      Oh yeah, Casey was great too! How could I forget him?!?

      • Kay

        I forgot that big tub alooooooong time ago.

    • Faz

      Yea, it’s very annoying.

      • Faz

        My comment was supposed to be under the one about the judges.

    • Mel

      Totally agree!! The contestants will go to bed thinking they were awesome then be devastated when they are kicked off! Also, how many times is Randy going to mention he’s been on the show for ten years!? Dawg, we know, we know!

    • VoteForTheBest

      No one blew me away tonight. But my favorite overall is still Casey – I’m always excited to see what he’s going to do next.

      • Maybelle

        The Rock guy is James NOT Jordan. James rocked it out again tonight and he was by far the best vocal of the night!!!


    scotty, do your thing. it is working. the 13th person should have been robby

  • JeffRey

    It sucks. And the fact that it is not a live, live show makes it even worse.

    • MrsDolly

      Maybe they should not have put through so many J Lo fans.

  • she cheats

    This week Karen did Selena…..next week she is going to do The Macarena!!!!!!!!!!

    • idolbethejudge.blogspot.com

      I think Karen is in some trouble. I think her performance tonight could be the end for her. I felt she was that bad. She really was the only one that all 3 judges agreed that she wasn’t good at all. I say it’s either her, Ashthon, or maybe Thia or Paul. Paul seems like an awkward kind of guy. Not sure if America will get him.

      • um

        Scotty and Paul are the 2 most popular on twitter. Just sayin

      • Heidi

        I wanted Hollie to be in the top 24 instead of Tatynisia or Karen. I think Hollie would have gone far. I do like Karen’s personality though. Missed Colton tonight, and Jaycee but in general I thought everyone is a far cry ahead of last year (excepting Crystal of course)
        To me, James killed it. I love that kid. Judas priest one week, and Paul McCartney the next. He’s awesome.

      • Maybelle

        I agree with you Heidi!!!

  • benefit of the doubt

    something must be wrong with the acoustics onstage tonight. EVERYONE seemed to be off key. Ironically, the only one close to being in tune was the usually offpitch JDurbin

    • Kevin C.

      Either that or something’s wrong with the contestants.

  • juju

    If I were going to vote, it would be for Naima and/or Casey. For me, for you, they were the only ones who didn’t seem fakefakefakefakefake. And there was a whole lotta pitchy going on with several of the uberpimped, like James and Jacob.

    • etw

      Naima was a train wreck. I don’t know what you were watching.

      • Snsetblaze

        I have to agree. By doing that song, she dropped what I liked about her … her soulfulness.

      • TK

        You’re crazy! Naima was amazing tonight! The girl is fearless and takes on anything and does it well! She’s the Idol choice of adults with a knowledge of music…

    • FromChicago

      Naima was great, she brought some flavor to the show….and she admitted it was hard to sing and dance….but the others were boring singing slow sad songs…Naima killed.

      • Brit

        I like that she took a chance. Everyone else seems to pick such slow songs b/c it’s easier…I applaud her for bringing some energy even if she didn’t have the stamina to sustain it.

      • etm

        I like that she took a chance too. It gets boring to hear the slow songs all the time.

        Also, I can’t watch the country boy. I can’t stand the faces he makes and I ff through his performance each time.

      • Faz

        Yea, I get that to a degree, but she was so flat that it made it hard to listen to.

      • arnie

        Naima is the ugliest woman in the world

      • bootsycolumbia

        Arnie, you need to get your eyes checked. Naima is absolutely gorgeous.

  • Michael

    What a waste of frick’in time your live blog.

    Get a room folks

  • keith

    To Rebekah…you are way off my friend. First off James is the rock guy not jordan. Lauren was good last week but fell short this week. Also Haley sang a boring song, and was not that good. Best ones of the night were Casey, James, Pia, Jakob and Scotty. Ashton should be going home tomorow night hopefully, never liked her. Although Karen was a huge dissapointment so will have to rely on her fans to pull her through

  • james

    Rebekah I totally agree dont know what the judges were hearing but what I heard didnt think many of them did a good job this year seems too be the worst year yet

  • Sam O

    Best: James Durbin
    Worst: Paul McDonald
    But let’s be honest, Karen sent herself home by singing Selena.

    • oh please

      You’re a joke! Paul rocks!

      • well

        The fact is: Paul is the lead singer of the band The Grand Magnolias. Their album is #29 on the itunes rock album chart. What about James?

      • agreed

        Seriously, at least Paul has music experience. What music experience does James have?

      • Heidi

        Don’t have to throw James in to the mix. He’s awesome. He’s got near perfect pitche and he gives his all every time. I like Paul’s quirky dancing and great smile but I don’t see him as a solo artist. I still think he should stick around awhile

      • Eolra

        Paul may “rock” in general, but that performance did him no favors. I’m not saying he’s not a wonderful person, or a wonderful musician, but that particular vocal was not good.

    • lguess

      sadly i agree. the song is not an easy song never heard anyone do justice to it. even so VIVA SELENA !!!!!

    • Ariel

      how many get sent home tomorrow?

    • Anonymous

      Karen was pretty bad – but that might galvanize Latinas to vote in droves for her. Its better to be truly bad then unmemorable, like Ashthon (who I believe was actually wearing one of Diana Ross’ dresses circa 1978. I do remember seeing a picture of Diana in that exact same dress.)

    • morgan

      Paul is unique in style and voice, unique being very, very good……that said, tonight was not his best, but talent will out in the end.

    • Joy

      I totally agree. James rocks, and I never liked Paul, Karen or Ashton.

  • clay

    You have to earn the right to wear a USMC dress blues jacket. You might be singing on American idol, now think about all the Men and Woman who gave there lives to wear that. “Very disrespectful” one of my favorite not anymore

    • gataroo

      I missed it, who wore the jacket????

      • passion

        Quit hating! Paul is full of passion

    • Sandy

      I didn’t know a Marine jacket was red and army green. I thought it was navy blue.

      • Stephanie

        Marine Corp dress blues jacket is red and black the pants they wear are navy blue. He wore their jacket he just did not put the medals and chevrons on it. His jacket was the Marine Corp jacket it was NOT red and army green

    • Angie

      not a marine jacket u better check your facts

      • Sandy

        Clay needs to check his facts. He is the one that made the comment about a Marine jacket.

      • Stephanie

        My husband is a United States Marine he was wearing the jacket. All he didn’t do was wear the medals and chevrons

      • jenna

        And your so sure because…….?

        Fact is, you need to earn the right to wear the dress blues jacket, otherwise you come off as a douche.

    • Stephanie

      Well said

  • etm

    Pia has a beautiful smile and was great tonight. The kid who sang Stevie Wonder was horrible. He looked like he was having a seizure on stage.

  • alain

    vote for Paul;;;; he is the best

    • Nethan

      Ah, actually, he’s NOT.

  • jpratm

    Stop trying to sing Selena if you can’t !!!!

    • Maybelle

      She sang Selena because she thinks being Latino would help her and plus she is trying to kiss Jlo’s azz. I think she forgets that Jennifer isn’t the one voting now.

      • brutus

        Agree. She needs to start packing and getting ready to hit the road – back home that is. And, Paul’s annoyoing dancing and weird spastic habits are starting to grate BIG TIME.

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