Stephen Colbert uses 'Star Wars' to blast Mike Huckabee, puts him on notice

Stephen Colbert had harsh words for Friend of The Colbert Report Mike Huckabee on last night’s show. To begin with, he took offense to Huckabee using Oscar winner Natalie Portman as an example of someone glorifying having children out of wedlock. “Look, I’m no fan of single mothers either. But it’s Natalie Portman we’re talking about. That kid she’s pregnant with is Luke Skywalker,” Colbert said, mouthing think, think. “So logically, if you’re against her pregnancy that means you’ve aligned yourself politically with Emperor Palpatine. You’re alienating all of Tatooine. It’s a swing planet.” Watch the clip below.

Colbert then ran through Huckabee’s other “Huckabombs,” including him falsely saying President Obama grew up in Kenya and therefore had a different view of the Mau Mau Revolution than most Americans, and equating acceptance of gay marriage to acceptance of incest. Truly, Colbert said, his main problem was that when Huckabee visits his show, the former Arkansas governor only gives him “a steaming pile of reasonable.” Until he comes on The Colbert Report and says something that will get him unwanted notice, he’s on notice, Colbert said. Then, he slid his name on the board between Limey Squirrel Eaters and Forgiveness. “There you are, and you’re not comin’ off notice ’til you come on my show and recklessly misspeak,” Colbert said. “And I want it to be something good, Barack Obama is the forgotten Pointer Sister, or Michelle Obama is a toothless carnie who sells meth behind the zipper. And you know what, sir, if it makes you a little more comfortable, feel free to throw in a Kenya here, a Kenya there. Here a Kenya, there a Kenya, every where a Mau Mau.”

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  • Sara

    Truly, Colbert said, his main problem was that when Huckabee visits his show, the former Arkansas governor only gives him “a steaming pile of reasonable.”

    That’s my problem with him too. Whenever I’ve seen him on Stewart or Colbert, Huckabee’s been reasonable and pleasant. I would’ve considered voting for him, given the chance. I may not agree with him on all the issues, but he was able to justify his positions while being very personable. But now… *sigh* I can’t help but see parallels with McCain. Another good guy who had had reasonable, measured stances, but dipped a little too much into the crazy-juice (perhaps it was tiger blood?) when he started to become a serious contender. It’s a shame, I wanted to like them.

    • Emily

      Ok – I almost sprayed my computer monitor with Diet Coke when I read “Another good guy who had had reasonable, measured stances, but dipped a little too much into the crazy-juice (perhaps it was tiger blood?)”

      Too true though.

    • K

      I agree, although I would not have voted for Huckabee purely because he’s a bit too conservative for me. But he always seemed like a smart, nice, sincere guy who would engage with an interviewer and respond intelligently rather than deflect unexpected questions and stick to talking points. I respected him for that. But the guy is totally starting to pull a McCain. I’m still not over my disappointment with McCain – there’s a good chance I would have voted for him had he gone back to being a bit more reasonable after he got the nomination, and had he not made the mistake of taking on the baggage that Sarah Palin became. I *hate* the way politicians on both sides cater to the extremes in their parties. It sucks being stranded in the middle.

    • Tarc

      I’m sure Hitler seemed quite reasonable in person. Later on, you discover that he’s the Nazis and the Taliban all rolled into one horrific nutjob.

    • maggie

      Huckabee taylors his views to what he thinks a specific audience wants to hear. Colbert has a younger, more liberal audience, so Huckabee acts more reasonable. On Fox News, Huckabee speaks to the older more conservative viewers, and comes across as more agressively conservative. I could never vote for him because I wouldn’t know which persona was the real Huckabee.

  • Jenz

    Huckacrazy. Anyone who turns to Hollywood or tv or movies for how they should behave has been poorly raised. Just because you see someone else do it, doesn’t mean you should. And Natalie Portman is the worst example he could have used. What about Sarah Palin’s daughter? And why is he singling out the single mothers? What about the loser dads that left? Stop perpetuating that it’s only the girl’s fault for getting pregnant. It takes a man too. Love Colbert!

    • Amanda Kiwinerd

      See what happens when you believe in the imaginary magical man in the sky. You throw out all reason and intelligence.

    • maggie

      There’s also a difference between an adult with a great income, like Portman, having a baby, and an unemployed, teenage girl like Bristol Palin, having a baby. How can people like Huckabee praise Bristol and criticize Portman?

  • Jerry

    I bet there are more Pregnant Huckabees out there than there are Pregnant Portmans.

    • Katie


  • Myma

    Luke Skywalker, and Princess Leia too!

  • Leila

    Unfortunately, people like Huckabee are good at pointing the finger at others and thinking there is only one right way to do anything – their way!

  • Alyssa

    HA HA…Being a Star Wars fangirl that is what I thought ( just for fun obviously) when Natalie got pregnant- WOW her Darth Vader are having Luke and Leia for real! Love Stephen. And you know politicians have no right being compared to Darth Vader-Vader redeems himself. I have yet to see any politicians redeem their wrongdoings. So hes right they are more align with Darth Sidious/Palpatine.

    And Yeah Huckabee just showed the double standard thinking the Republicans have. If they do something wrong -like pregnant out of wedlock or even engagement ala Bristol Palin-they should get no flack. Democrats who do it should because of the mere fact that..We aren’t as religious? BS. I’m as religious as any Republican claims. I just believe in pro-choice and women’s rights to her own body.

  • Barack Palin

    The problem with Natalie Portman being pregnant persay isn’t Natalie herself its just the whole glamorization of single motherhood. 99% of single mothers do not not have the resources Natalie has to raise their children with the result that the children are raised in poverty without role models because the mother is too busy trying to support her children. Then the children who are raised in poverty fall into a vicious cycle of gangs, drugs, and violence, and sadly the mothers are just too busy to take responsibility.

    • Jen

      Natalie Portman is not going to be a single mother. Even if the “glamorization” argument made any sense, (which it doesn’t) perhaps he should choose someone who is not going to be raising her child with the man she is going to marry. This is not single motherhood.

    • Kate

      Then he needs to target those mothers, not a Hollywood superstar who has enough money to support a child on her own. Never mind the fact that she engaged to be married to the child’s father.

    • LoveBug

      Why doesn’t he use Bristol Palin as example???

      • Katie

        Republicans are too terrified of mamabear Palin to cross her. She might shoot them from a helicopter.

      • Lyle

        That is a fantastic point

    • dc

      I understand your argument, but I think you are overstating the relationship between single parenting and poverty. Certainly a percentage of single parents live below the poverty line, but more than 50% do not. Demonizing single parents as a group is irresponsible stereotyping. When it comes from Huckabee, it’s really just a chance to wave his arms and say, “look at me and my agenda!” His hypocritical faux-moral routine is wearing very thin.

    • Prunella Von Schleidlhaagen

      “…the mothers are just too busy to take responsibility.” Nice how you don’t mention the fathers in your statement at all. Also, tons of Hollywood couples get divorced. Does that mean they “glamorize” divorce, too?

    • I get it

      Huckabee’s right. She should have had an abortion.

      • maggie

        That must have been Huckabee’s point!

    • Jay

      Maybe parents should teach their kids and not Hollywood stars?

    • rick

      Right, so Abortion is bad. Being a single mom is bad. “Get married, then have kids” is the only answer? Reality begs to differ.

      • Alyssa

        Yeah and according to them, if you dont get an abortion and you have to tell the truth about how being a single mom is terrible-wouldn’t that mean eventually you have to sit down and tell your kid ” honey I love you, but according to narrow-minded people, your an accident”. Pfft. right. I dont think so.

  • garywalter

    For goodness sake people- get the facts before you rant. Huckabee did not pick out Portman- Michael Medved asked about Portman and Huckabee tried to generalize the issue. He didn’t pick on her and had no bad intentions. Don’t believe everything you here before you see the context. Judge the man on what you see- such as on the Colbert show- not on what some media clowns who want to sensationalize say he said.

    • Sara

      I can see your point, but at the same time, few of us are able to judge a candidate or potential candidate as holistically as we would ideally be able. The first time I saw Huckabee on Colbert, I was struck by how sensible his points were, and how he was able to discuss them easily while maintaining a sense of ease and humor. I looked him up on Wikipedia, and have casually followed him since. You’re right that we shouldn’t judge based on a comment out of context, but a short segment on a Comedy Central show isn’t really much better of an indicator of what type of person and politician he is.


      That being said, while I don’t disagree with his overall point (that too many women have children despite being unprepared and in many cases virtually unable to support them without assistance), if he was looking to make a general point on it, he probably picked the wrong segue.


      It’s pretty easy for us to sit back and play armchair politician, and all politicians have said stupid and tone-deaf things that they wish they could take back. I guess it hurts extra for me because I thought highly of him.

      • jc

        It’s hard to disagree with the general premise that parents should be able to support their children. My objection to Huckabee’s comments is that they are more of the same from someone who likes to talk about “problems” like gays and ‘urban voters’. He’s trying to scare people into turning social issues into moral ones, with him at the helm of what is moral or not. He belongs behind a pulpit in rural Arkansas, not on the national stage.

    • jc

      I think you’re over-rationalizing this. Whether his comments were specifically about Portman or not are irrelevant. His views on what he insists on calling “moral” issues are offensive to some people who don’t fit his very narrow view of how the world should be. He and I can agree to disagree about social issues such same-sex marriage, abortion, and apparently single parenting. When he twists those issues into arguments why, “those people are bad/dangerous/immoral/un-Christian” (my personal fav), I take issue with it. It’s intolerance and outright bigotry in some cases masked as “morality” and “family values”.

      • right on

        As a Christian, I completely agree, JC. I can totally agree to disagree with politicians or other people, but I’m not going to say they are bad people because of what they believe. I hate when people do that. Apparently, my desire for a few things to be different about this country means, in my mother’s eyes, that I do not love America and am not patriotic enough. Bullsh*t. We simply disagree about ways to do things. Calling someone un-Christian is definitely the height of absurdity though, because someone’s degree of Christianity ought to have ZERO place in the political dialogue of this country, and yet it does because it allows certain kinds of politicians to pander. It’s sick. I know a lot of great Jewish people, Muslims, atheists, and a Wiccan that couldn’t care less how “Christian” someone is, and it irritates me that “un-Christian” is seen as a problem.

    • sue

      can you put the Kenya comment in a context that makes sense? Yeah didn’t think so.

  • idviceroy

    I’m registered independent and tend to vote democrat. Eventhough I happen to be gay and I am for gay marriage, I would consider voting for a Republican IF they had a candidate that didn’t come off as a complete uneducated moron everytime they open their mouths. First Palin and now Huckabee?!? Really?!? I feel sorry for those died in the wool Republicans.

  • The Truth

    Have you ever noticed when someone supports morals and ethics that have been around for hundreds of years liberals scream bloody murder that he is crazy or draconian? But then again these are the same people who look to others to protect them and fix everything, instead of fixing and protecting themselves. Hmmm, my choices are then to either follow tried and true morals and ethics and take care of myself and my obligations,,,, or have whatever I want and depend on the welfare of others to get by. I will go with option 1.

    • MldrLvr

      The Truth is out there. Too bad it’s not in this post.

    • K

      Morals and ethics change. There are basic core values like “don’t kill anyone” that have been around for a while, but other morals adapted and evolved all throughout history. There was a time when divorce was unthinkable. There was a time when black people living in equality with white people was unthinkable. There was a time when sex with a black person was practically considered bestiality. There was a time when children were forced to labor in dangerous factory conditions and no one saw a problem with it. There was a time when it was acceptable to exterminate the native population of a territory purely to make room for colonizers. There was a time when rock’n’roll was the devil’s music and corrupting the youth of America. There was a time when booze was so immoral, no one was allowed to drink it at all for any reason. There was a time when women were seen as a man’s property, and it was perfectly fine for him to knock her around a bit if she argued with him. A 29-year-old woman having sex with her boyfriend/fiance, getting pregnant, choosing not to abort the baby, and then eventually marrying the baby’s father – in this day and age, there’s simply no moral problem in any part of that situation….and that’s perfectly fine.

      • KB

        Excellent points, K, and well said.

      • jmr

        K, you’re my hero. Too bad there aren’t more of you

    • Tarc

      Odd thing is, those liberal morals and ethics have been around just as long, and they all say your way stinks.

  • TQB

    This is probably the most appropriate response to the nonsense Huckabee and Medved spewed on the topic.

  • finnyd420

    Yet this is man is a member of the same party that wants to remove the few safety nets that are available for single mothers. What a great idea. Let’s demonize women (cause no man was involved)make it hard for them to have reproductive choices and cut any funding they may have recieved in order to help them raise healthy productive members of society.

  • DaDude

    funny thing is, I never heard him comment on Alaska’s favorite unwed skanky mother. hmmmmm wonder why?

    • jmr

      Other Republicans are off limits. Didn’t you know??

  • Shamus N.

    I don’t heart Huckabee.

  • Mary

    Order 66!

    • Alyssa

      Good one! lets see…..” I find his lack of faith(In single moms) disturbing” FORCECHOKE!

      or ” he’s as clumsy as he is stupid”

      What people don’t understand is Sidious is the true Villain of Star Wars not Vader.- he’s redeemable and was used. Besides Vader is just too cool.

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