Jennifer Aniston makes 'Sex Tape' for Smart Water

Jennifer Aniston could sell snow to an Eskimo, but the folks at Smart Water decided not to take any chances considering your pathetic attention span, PopWatchers. Their new “virus video” surrounds the darling actress with tried-and-true attention grabbers, like puppies, dancing babies, double-rainbows, and groin-kicks. As a consumer of water and an admirer of Aniston’s oeuvre, I’m hurt — HURT! — that Smart Water’s “three little internet boys” concluded that the purity of its product and its adorable spokesperson were not enough in this day and age. It’s all in jest, of course, and, yeah, there is something to seeing our Rachel clock some unsuspecting fella in the groin. Take a look:

Aniston had me at “Cut! … What are you going?” Good call, Smart Water?

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  • Kelly

    That was pretty funny

    • Nathan

      Yeah and nice to see the fat one from Lost is still getting work these days.

      • Coop

        That was not Hurley

      • Beepela

        Yeah, that was the actual double rainbow guy if I’m not mistaken.

    • Color Me Impressed

      Now THAT was awesome satire! Unfortunately for everyone involved in the production of the commercial, it’s not going to make me buy Smart Water or become a Jen Anniston fan, but I do appreciate awesomely hilarious satire when I see it.

  • Kara

    I’m sorry but this is not cute. She still acts like some teenager and it looks really embarassing to me. She tries way too hard to be in her 20s. Time to grow up and mature.

    • Alex

      And be uptight like you?

      • Cgi

        At least she doesn’t go around attacking people who have different opinions on some silly celebrity. Talk about an over-the-top fan. Maturity–you should look into it.

    • Dave

      In what way does she act like a teenager in this video? Did you even watch it? Or did you just see a headline with her name so you quickly came to write a negative comment about her?

    • K

      She’s really not that old, and I kind of like people with a sort of youthful playfulness. Life’s just more fun that way. (Also, I’m not totally sure how she’s acting like a teenager here – I mean, where’s the cell phone? She doesn’t even text at all in the video!)

    • Jeff

      I’m certainly no big Jennifer Aniston fan by any stretch of the imagination, but that was an odd comment. This clip was actually pretty clever and I have no idea how anything she does in it is teenage-like at all. You must be a lot of fun at parties.

    • Emma

      Just the opposite. She pretends not to know the word “viral”. Come on, grandma, get with the times! I think she’s very funny and the video is clever.

      • Floretta

        It’s called a “script” – you didn’t really think she winged the dialogue did you?

    • allie

      Oh please. If I looked like her I’d be flaunting it too. She’s adorable.

    • Jeff

      Kara – if you’re a guy, that doesn’t bother you.

    • Ana

      I think it kind of does the opposite. I mean, she is calling it a “virus”. I think the whole joke is how she’s trying to appeal to young people but she can’t because she’s like 40!

    • Cody Thaller

      pretty sure she hasn’t acted like “some teenager” at any point in recent years. nor has she pretended to be in her 20’s. which brings me to my next point: you can’t be a teenager and in your 20’s, which your comment suggested.
      Kara, maybe you should grow up and learn to keep things to yourself if you have nothing nice to say.
      me? well, i’m in my 20’s of course, so apparently i can do whatever i want.

  • Alex

    Jen Aniston rocks. That’s all.

    • SaraS

      Yes, I love her. She’s very intelligent and funny. And unlike other people, I don’t think she’s hung up on Brad Pitt at all.

    • Woot

      She does rock, but she can’t make a good movie to save her life.

  • Cgi

    Didn’t she talk about how she’s all environmentally friendly and that she only takes 3 minute showers to conserve water? Why is she taking 5 million to sell bottled water? Doesn’t she know that bottled water is one of the number one landfill polluters? And doesn’t she have enough money? I saw that she has something like 120 million dollars to her name. This woman is not cute. She’s the epitome of selfishness and greed. A serious waste of space.

    • wow

      are you seriously attacking a celebrity for taking an endorsement? your comment has to be a joke.

      • Jen

        Hey, if the celebrity is a total hypocrite, then someone has the right to point the obvious.

      • outworldarts

        I agree!

  • Dan

    they should have gotten tracy morgan

  • Dan

    no wonder brad left her

  • b

    …and in rolls the predictable Aniston hater brigade.

    • idiot

      Um, why is it so “predictable”??? She could be any other over hyped, over exposed stupid star and we would still have the hater comments. I think she is over rated. And let the “and what do you do??” or the “Must be jealous” comments commence. Sheesh.

      • Sheila

        Too true. Her overly sensitive fans think the world is falling apart if someone dislikes this untalented bad movie queen.

  • Michael

    Gahhh, I love her so much!

  • Walter

    She looks really cute in this video. Why can’t her movies be as good as this commercial?

    • RyanK

      My thoughts exactly!

      • MomC

        Me too!

  • Jeff

    There’s nothing smart about Smart water. Buying bottled water is bad for our planet. Plastic is made from drilled oil. It is not biodegrade­able. It chokes our oceans, kills our wildlife, and fills our landfills. Regulation­s on bottled water is more laxed than on tap water. Does Aniston need to do these cheezy commercials for money. She comes off as mad for money and attention.

    • Agreed

      Yep, it’s just water that helps destroy the planet. Sort of dumb water if you ask me. And rich celebrities who always sell stuff are tacky.

    • Sherry

      I , like millions, buy only bottled water. I would never drink polluted tap water. I’ve tried filters but they are known to breed mold, and need constant replacement. I still wouldn’t trust my tap water, too many lawsuits and problems with tap water in various places in the US. I’d rather drink out of a plastic bottle rather than risk a serious illness, such as cancer. If others feel safe drinking and giving tap water to their children, then by all means drink away.

      • Jerry

        Actually, bottled waters can contain plastics in them which leak from the bottle itself. These plastics can also pollute the earth as they break down, further contaminating food and water supplies. Drinking bottled water is by no means “safer” than tap.
        And, you can purchase filters or filtered water, which is what I do.

      • Sammy

        Jerry is correct. Look up Bisphenol A and plastic bottles. I personally don’t think this is a problem. But you’re the one claiming tap water can give you cancer and that bottled water is “safe”. All bottled water comes from a water source that could be polluted with carcinogens. Unless you know exactly the source of the water, how your water is treated and the testing and purity standards are being upheld with each bottle you really don’t know what your drinking.

      • RyanK

        Sherry, do you live in a hermetically sealed bubble of some sort?

      • James

        You do realize that “smart water” is tap water run through a filter, with a few fancy “electrolytes to make it look better than it is, it is not spring water. People are spending money on “designer tap water”. So, if you want to have “safe” water, buy a water filter, same thing and plastic is not involved–which is the problem really.

      • Floretta

        People whose water comes flaming out of their faucets (thank you hydrofrackers) certainly use bottled water. And I grew up drinking hard water from a local spring so if you don’t mind a metallic aftertaste, go for it. Our local water is among the best and is sand-filtered at the treatment plant – no need for special filters or bottled H2O. YMMV

    • berber

      George Clooney just asked for $30 million to let a company develop a cologne for him and him be the spokesman. His reps said it had to be that amt. of money “to make it worth his time”. The very definition of ARROGANCE!!!!

      • Jane

        Well, how much is she getting paid for her fragrance? Any one with a fregrance to me is arrogant. I don’t really like really rich celebrities who feel we need to smell like them. I respect people like Paul Newman’s family, who has a multi million dollar company and gives it all away.

      • Kelly

        How do you know that she isn’t donating a percentage? Just because some celebrities don’t have publicists that release updates every few seconds on how generous they are, doesn’t mean they aren’t generous.

      • Floretta

        Whose arrogance? Clooney’s or his rep’s? That’s the rep’s job – to get the most for his client. The company can say yes or no – it’s called negotiation. “Show me the money!”

  • Sherry

    Wow!!!I love the video, too funny. Jen is so sexy!!!

    • Pissed

      Casey you’re such a freaking MORON

  • Casey

    That was actually kind of cute.

  • Brian AZ USA God bless america

    It worked you idiots wrote a story about it and we all watched the video.

  • Jackie

    Lol, i know this is a dumb question, but what is the name of that song that was played?

    • Me

      I wona know the same?What is name of this song?Jenn is beautifull!

      • Tr nichols

        Who ever Ok’d the Aniston ad for Dumbwater showing her kicking a guy in the nuts should be fired.I buy this product for my Grand daughter,but not anymore and I’ll tell her why!I like Jennifer Aniston but I’ll tell if she did that to me I’d tear her tits off and stuff them up her nose!!!

    • michael

      Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty. I’ve had it for my ringtone for months. People ask that question all of the time.

  • SoyBombGuy

    Couldn’t care less about the product (and this commercial will not get me to drink it) but she is GREAT in this. Very funny, very cool.

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