Charlie Sheen admits first 'Sheen's Korner' sucked, dedicates second episode to dead pug Betty

charlie-sheen-ustreamCharlie Sheen has admitted via Twitter that his inaugural live Internet broadcast “Sheen’s Korner” was “treasonous to the movement” Saturday night. He said it was “my bad” and promised that a “video solution” would be coming soon. EW’s Chris Nashawaty sat through the 50-minute event and dubbed it, “a sloppy, self-indulgent bit of cringe theater that felt more like cable-access snoozefest than a cogent broadcast.” Sheen, Nashawaty reports, took swipes at Dr. Drew Pinsky, praised Sean Penn, quoted Wall Street, and showed photos of cats beating up dogs. Ten minutes in, the number of viewers, which had climbed to well over 100,000, began to decline. Perhaps Sheen earned a little respect for the writers of Two and a Half Men… 

He tried to erase that failure to entertain with a second episode of “Sheen’s Korner,” in which he blamed the first episode’s shortcomings on him trying to fit into a pre-existing format, referred to the telephone as “the weapon of the trolls” (and that was before he kept getting disconnected), waxed poetic about pain, and told the person on the line who suggested Sheen show people both sides of him that he only had one side. “And it’s me, and it’s gnarly, and it’s crazy, and it’s more than they deserve, it’s more than they can process,” Sheen said.

Is anyone else confused about whether Sheen actually wants us to listen to him at this point? “All I’m gonna give them is the f—in’ truth, and I’m gonna deliver it in a way that’s violent and focused and not like they’re used to ever because they’re high on vaccines, and McDonald’s, and US Weekly, and TMZ and every other f—in’ shitty brand of food that they consume…. So I’m just gonna write my sermons. I’m gonna deliver them like truth torpedos and people are gonna f—in’ take it or leave it. We know they’re gonna take it ’cause they can’t process it, so they must condemn it. If they can’t condemn it, they’ll f—ing like turn me into a God and worship it and then realize I’m behind them cutting their throats and their children [abrupt cut].” What?

Sheen continued blabbing for a total of 13 minutes, the last of which were spent lamenting the passing of his 11-year-old pug, Betty, who shared his birthday and therefore had a special bond with him. “Betty was the s—. Betty was f—in’ cool as hell. But she’s dead, and now she’s in another dimension flashing her razor fangs, making her owner, her master, proud,” he said. “That’s how it goes. People die. Dogs die. What are you gonna do? What are you gonna do? Bring ‘em back. Good luck. You’re not me.” The episode was dedicated to her.

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  • KC

    more like Charlie Kardashian am i rite?

    • UGH

      That vid cap looks like it was taken by his penis cam.

      • Wha’ever

        He looks haunted on this picture…

  • BigBOO

    Didn’t he pick the Steelers in the Super Bowl? LOSER! Ha-Ha!

    • concerned

      Just pull it together Charlie.. it is never too late, and anyone can turn things around.. You have so much to be grateful for, so shake yourself straight and move on.. and so will your fans.. We love your show, but you need to help yourself.. good luck..

    • Rhonda

      Now that was not nice~ there are more steelers fans out there. Play nice

      • Rhonda

        this comment was for BigBoo not you ~ sorry ~ hit the wrong reply spot! OPPS!

  • Kiki

    I have no interest whatsoever in watching anyone self-destruct before my eyes and that is what Sheen is doing. He’s aged 30 years in the last 3 months and is well on his way past playing the CryptKeeper to becoming the contents of the crypt.

  • shane

    Has anyone explored the possibility that this is just a “Joaquin Phoenix” type of performance, engendered to rack up publicity and exposure and hype?
    I’m just speculating….it seems like he is just way too crazy!

    • Teri

      I don’t know. Phoenix’s family was in on it from the beginning. Sheen’s family seems pretty sad about the whole thing.

    • emily

      I honestly don’t think he’s a good enough actor to pull it off.

      • shane

        Yes, good points both Em and Teri.
        It just seems almost too outrageous to be true.

    • Di

      I’ve heard that speculation, but honestly I don’t think so. I think that Charlie is in the middle of a very sad psychotic break with reality. If he’s acting he deserves an Academy Award

    • Big Walt

      If it weren’t for the kids I’d say yes. I still think he has people writing material for him. You don’t just spout the tiger blood line out off the top of your head.

  • April

    Listening to the updates on The Today Show in the morning is enough.

    • done with this

      Yes, GMA is doing a daily update too. It’s gotten old and everybody is probably over it now.

  • Mason

    Maybe he’ll begin to get a glimmer that he doesn’t create his silly show; it’s the writers. They create his public persona, because he’s not very good at being charming. I watched part of the “show” and all I could think is the guy has way too much time on his hands. Not good for anyone, but especially not good for an addict.

  • colfrmb

    Charlie Sheen is a narcissist. He thinks he is smarter and more relevant than he is. He can’t hold a conversation that isn’t scripted. I say let him continue with this stupid “talk show” so that he can finally get fired for being a bad actor. All he can do is play himself. That isn’t acting, its just reading a script.

    • C Men

      Like Melissa Leo. She didn’t deserve an Oscar for basically portraying herself.

  • bob

    He’s pathetic. I’m over it, and him. He is talent-less..

  • Swagger


  • Stephon

    Charlie’s episode truly didn’t come one, but many tine tanies. He said, to that all – but not the writers of the episode.

  • corrine

    kappa-chow, Stephon!

  • Tee

    He looks like he is suffering from a brain tumor or some other form of cancer that makes you gaunt. It’s sad. I don’t think he’s long for this world. Too bad because I thought 2 1/2 men was silly funny.

  • Tom

    He does make a few good points, mingled in with all the rabid drooling.

    • Trini

      Yeah, but so does Sarah Palin. (And we know how deep she is.) It’s like if you put enough monkeys in front of typewriters, you’re bound to get something intelligent. That’s all Sheen brain blips are.

  • anonymous

    For all I know, “Men” is cancelled for good. I am just annoyed about Sheen’s breakdowns.

  • kele64

    The line between Charlie Sheen and Gary Busey is getting smaller and smaller every day!

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