Steve Carell finishes filming on 'The Office' today

Ausiello-Tour-Office-CarellImage Credit: Trae Patton/NBCSix years ago, Steve Carell was still best known for his stint on The Daily Show, plus the occasional bit part in a big Hollywood movie, where he would inevitably steal scenes out from under bigger comedy superstars like Jim Carrey and Will Ferrell. Today, Carell is one of those big comedy superstars — the sort of multi-talented performer who can play a genial everyguy (Date Night) or a slightly off-kilter loon (Get Smart, The 40-Year-Old Virgin), with the occasional furlough into animated work (Despicable Me, Horton Hears a Who!.) Incredibly, Carell has become a movie star without ever ditching his day job on The Office, which makes him a genuine rarity in the Hollywood pantheon. (Even the tragically-handsome George Clooney didn’t have a big, non-Batman hit until he left ER.) Office co-star Rainn Wilson just tweeted that today is Steve Carell’s final day of filming on the sitcom. We shouldn’t say goodbye to Carell just yet. There are still a few more episodes with Michael Scott, and the actor’s post-Office schedule is packed with intriguing movie projects. But let’s all take a moment to consider the end of an era. And let’s thank Carell for all the funny/awkward/sad Office memories — TV won’t be the same without him.

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  • Sarah

    I will really miss Michael Scott and I wish Steve all the best! I’d also love to see him return to The Daily Show, just once, as a correspondent.

    • Yngwie Mackadangdang, Jr.

      Ooh! Me too!

      • Larry

        I hate to be the one to break the news to you guys but he never was funny.

      • Jeff

        Larry your stupidity only confirms the contrary.

      • Matt

        Larry, I’m glad you think people care about your opinions but nobody really does. Everyone else who commented on this loves Steve and so do I. I guess you just have no sense of humor and live your intire life akwardly without feeling emotions.

      • Barf

        I like Steve and his movie rolls, but I have always hated Michael Scott and can’t wait for him to be gone from the Office.

      • Ian

        Hate to be the one to break the news to you Larry, but your parents hate you.

      • Andrew

        Larry is right, the guy wasn’t funny. What funny is the fact that everyone else stated their opinion and that was ok, but when he stated his opinion everyone climbed on him.

      • Ian

        Isn’t slamming Larry also giving an opinion? Apparently we’re all allowed to give opinions unless we give a negative one of Larry.

      • George

        Andrew, the issue everyone had with Larry is that he seemed to confuse opinion with fact. Oh, and that he’s a troll.

      • Tequani Zombini

        Love Steve, but really came to hate Michael Scott in the last 2 seasons and I couldn’t be happier he’s leaving.

        Feels like there’s been a real change in the writing for Dwight’s character – “impulsivity and an inattention to detail” – so hope this is both a nod to the departure of the Michael character and an indication of more faith in Rain’s contributions to come.

        Good riddance.

      • JDub

        Larry, thanks for letting us all know what’s funny (and what’s not). Without the likes of you, when would any of us know when to laugh?

      • academiamole

        Larry sucks.

      • Michael

        Larry is the Toby of this article.

      • Freak a Leak

        Larry you’re not funny you clown.

      • Darryl

        Hey Darryl and I disagree, so you are outvoted 2-1

      • McFly

        You nerds are funny.

      • Fog cue

        Larry – I’m sure your mother said that to you when you came out of her kooch.

    • somet

      who cares, for the love of Kelly Clarkson, get over it!

      • Dwight K Schrute

        You are an idiot.

      • Toby

        I, for one, this mean mean man is gone. Every time I tried to help him improve the office standards, he would yell at me and tell me I was ugly. Goodbye, Michael Scott!

    • bob

      i would love to see that as well

      • Dave

        Thats what she said

      • Ian

        Dave, that’s the worst attempt at that joke ever.

      • Dave

        Ian thats the worst attempt at .. I dont know what.

      • Wendell

        That’s what Mrs Ian said

      • Ian

        Wow. Followed by more lame jokes. The joke was old when the Office did it, and even older when Dave butchers it. Who’s Mrs. Ian, anyway? Do you think that’s a last name, or what?

      • Wendell

        All in good fun Ian… no offense intended. I actually heard “that’s what she said” probably about 1970. It was kind of moronic then, but that’s why I found it funny coming from from the somewhat moronic Michael Scott. Now it cracks me up.

      • ians mom vag

        come on in boys, you can fit at least 5 guys in here

      • Kelly

        HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Ian’s a douche

    • Mr. Holloway

      Yeah, even though the writing may not have always done Michael Scott any favors (sometimes he was too selfish or too dumb), I feel like Carell was always oustanding in the role and 100% committed to the character. (Even as Carell became a bigger and bigger star offscreen.)

      I’m gonna miss this guy on “The Office” like crazy.

      • Stef

        My sentiments exactly. I didn’t always love the direction they took his character, but on the whole I thought both Michael and Steve were wonderful. I’m really sad to see him go but I love the remaining cast enough that I’m excited to see what the future holds.

    • lubos

      Really have to say this sitcom is the best. For me even better than MASH and that is really something.

      • jay

        Better than M*A*S*H? Take it easy.

      • mash was horrible

        horrible! plus you have the be over 50 to like it

      • HeadOverHeels

        Better than MASH? Hey, you have to take the medication every day.

      • Casey

        There was a period of about 3 years where this show was up there with the best of them all time.

    • Your Queen

      PLEASE don’t do a season 8 without him.

    • amie

      That would be awesome! Steve is the best.

  • Rebecca

    I keep on forgetting he’s leaving during the season, not at the end. Can’t wait to see if the rest of the cast can keep the momentum going without him.

  • ILoveZacLevi

    aaahhh this is so depressing. I hope the show can hold it together now that he’s gone, but then again, it has been going downhill for a long time now.
    Favorite Michael Scott memory: him breaking out the dance moves on the booze cruise, season…. 2?

    • B cubed

      Best episode ever was Michael cooking his foot in the George Foreman grill.

      • JR

        B – That’s my personal favorite episode!

      • gingersmom

        “What does this look like?” “Mailboxes etc.” One of the best episodes. I think the writing hasn’t been that great the last two seasons. Michael just seems mean. Hope they can pull it back together.

  • Mae

    He is amazing. I’m glad, yet sad, he’s exiting at a good time. Can’t wait for more of his movies!

  • Skyler

    …thats what she said!

    • Charrie’

      True Michael Scott!!!!

  • Charrie’

    I am really going to miss Steve Carrell in the character of Michael Scott. There should be NO replacement because there is NO ONE else who could deliver his style of comedy. He is IRREPLACEABLE.

    • carl

      Phil from modern family could replace Michael. Phil is so funny and acts exactly like Michael. Check it out!!!!

      • Mike

        Phil is absolutely hilarious and is a bit clueless like Michael but it’s not really the same humor. Michael is amazing because he is so emotionally attached to the ppl he works with, he considers them all family and best friends, well except Toby obviously haha but hes just so infantile and naive and so stupid it borderlines on retardation and that’s what makes him so hilarious to watch. Phil has his moments in the show where he’s actually intelligent and he makes solid points, hes more of just a kid at heart, and a goof haha

      • Eric

        So, in other words, the actor who plays Phil rips of Steve Carell.

      • carl

        Dont get me wrong I don’t think you can ever replace Michael, he is just awesome but for me Phil is the closest and best hope the show has. I don’t want to say it but once Michael is gone I think the show will be over which sucks

      • Mike

        No Eric, he doesn’t.

        And yea carl I don’t see the show going much further without Michael..I mean in reality it should end anyways. Most shows don’t go past 5-6 seasons for a reason. And the ones that do are either massive hits (Simpsons, Friends, Seinfeld) or are just dragging it out cause the network has nothing else on the go. It’s at a good point to start winding down the series. It’s a new merged company with a new boss (Gabe), Pam and Jim are married with a kid, Dwight owns the building, Michael and Holly are back together. I think you wind it down now while the loose ends are getting tied and you have a great response to the show and people enjoy it for years. If you bring in a new guy for another season it just creates tension and will more than likely have so many haters because they are die hard michael scott fans

  • Linda

    Steve, you will be missed! You have played the absolutely sweetest but yet the most irritating boss ever. My boss was a female but almost as annoying as you can be….she’s the reason I retired a year before I planned to. Those of us who are fans..well continue to enjoy your roles in movies. I still love and continue to watch frequently your ‘Get Smart.’ Hugs……..

  • matt

    It’s the beginning of the end.. (well, should be anyway.. I stopped watching last season)

    • Matt W

      You never should’ve stopped. This season has been a return to the glory days – some very good episodes. Like the Valentines episode on PDA. Do yourself a favor and get the DVD when it comes out.

      • Mike

        and the Michael Scarn episode! So hilarious

      • Kait

        You’re right. Last season was so-so but this season is MUCH better!

      • Crystal Marc

        This season was just as bad as the last. And the Michael Scarn episode was the worst of them all. I will finish out watching the rest of the season, but that’s it.

        It’s sad to see Michael go, but Mike was right about it being time to wind the show down. It still makes me laugh from time to time, but all of what was great about the show is gone. It needs to end.

      • Tequani Zombini

        Agree with Crystal, Michael Scarn episode was a throw-away and it feels like they’re out of ideas. Hoping for a “Michael-less” creative flash to carry next season, but also wouldn’t be too unhappy if the whole series wrapped.

      • the office #1 fan

        crystal… u r wrong, the office is the best show on television! It is not bad! Poop face

  • Kim Morgan


  • Abbid

    nooooooooooooooooo :'( nooooooooo

  • Julian

    I want to lock myself up in m room and sob till I feel better.

    • scarn

      That’s what she said.

  • pamel harding

    I am devastated, won’t be the same,…Things that happen like this,..change everything,..and we will probably lose seeing the office, it will lose it ratings.

  • holly

    I miss you already michael!

  • Allie

    gonna miss that guy :/

  • Kevin

    Michael Scott is one of the best characters ever created for TV. (Fortunately, so is Dwight Schrute.)

    • Kermit

      I hope he can make it in films. If not, please come back to the character we all know and love~! Love you Steve!!

    • the office #1 fan

      agreed. But the office will never be the same. But maybe, just maybe it will be like MASH or CHEERS, where the show gets even better when the main person leaves. Unfortunately im afraid they probably are going to wrap the series up in the next few seasons. At least we have community :/

      • TMB

        Only problem with your theory is that Michael Scott is the equivalent of Hawkeye Pierce or Sam Malone, neither of which left their shows. That’s why it’s unlikely the show will get better after Carrell leaves. Dwight, Andy and Daryl are all characters that are better served in supporting roles – see too much of them on camera and you’ll begin to tire of them. But that’s what will be happening next season.

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