Jon Cryer plays Ellen DeGeneres' receptionist in sketch: 'I needed the work'

Take a look at that, eh? A different Two and a Half Men star has made a headline! After a week of nothing but Charlie, Charlie, Charlie, Jon Cryer (a.k.a. the one without warlock wings) has stepped into the spotlight, appearing in a sketch that will air on Thursday’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show that pokes fun at his currently unemployment. (Following Charlie Sheen’s combative radio interviews, CBS shut down filming on the final eight episodes of the season.) In the sketch, Cryer plays DeGeneres’ new receptionist: “I needed the work,” he shrugs, shortly after DeGeneres applauds his work ethic by telling him, “You do the work of two and a half men!” Tune in today to find out if the two dance enthusiasts pas de deux to “Try a Little Tenderness.” Watch the clip after the jump.

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  • shelby

    I love Jon Cryer.

    • Erin

      Me too!

      • Brett

        Me three!

      • Liz

        Me four.

      • Mitch Logan

        Me two and a half.

      • Kate


    • Sheila G

      Exactly what I was thinking! Jon and Ellen doing the Duckie? I’m in.

    • Misha Lauenstein

      I always thought of him as a poor man’s Matthew Broderick.

      • Kendall

        screw Broderick, other than Glory and Ferris Bueller, he ain’t done jack

      • Alan of Montreal

        Don’t forget Election and The Freshman!

      • Mitch Logan

        “The Famous Teddy Z” reference = WINNING!

      • nick

        and War Games. and a ton of grade-A broadway fare including The Producers. to say broderick hasn’t done jack is idiotic. cryer’s swell, but broderick’s had the better overall career.

  • Pete

    I’m not surprised he’s having to do odd jobs. He’s about as unfunny as they come.

    • Bluto

      Oh Pete, you should know!

    • UGH

      Well, he IS working with Ellen….

    • Brett

      Unlike your mother’s face?

      • UGH

        Wow. Who let their 4 year-old on the internet?

      • UGH

        Your mother.

        PS. UGH– your last name’s Ly, right?

      • UGH


      • Brett

        Pls forgive me.
        I am so UGHly. And dumb.

  • dm

    “you do the work of 2 and 1/2 men” – LOL. true, true.

    • Strepsi

      He did basically carry ALL the comedy acting for that show, given that Angus Jones, Holland Taylor and Conchata Ferrell just pop in with like 3 lines each per episode these days.

    • Cris

      That’s ’cause he has Tiger Blood and Adonis DNA

  • A

    It’s “current unemployment,” Kate, not “currently unemployment.” The grammar police strike again!

    • Strepsi

      This site has become absolutely Editor-less recently; there are errors in almost every post. Are these “journalists” taught English and proofreading, or do they just vomit up unedited blog posts like amateurs?

      • Liz

        Dude, every publication is short staffed because all of you freeloaders want content and you don’t want to pay for it. You GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. And in this case, you paid nothing, so stop moaning about grammar.

      • cruzilla

        I support the important work of police everywhere, especially the grammar police.

      • Bill

        Right now, while reading this post, I’m also viewing ads for Xfinity, Hyundai and Groupon, so yes, I am helping to pay for this content. It’s not too much to expect that people who are paid to write also take a few moments to proofread their work.

    • Jennifer

      Still not fixed. I really don’t like typos that make me re-read something over and over trying to figure out if I am misunderstanding something.

  • Paula

    I have always like Jon Cryer and mourned the disturbing loser straight-man 2 & 1/2 Men turned him into. I hope he finds something worthy of his talents. I think this is a good thing for him – really hard to leave a successful show even when you are underappreciated.

    • Billy

      “I hope he finds something worthy of his talents.” You mean like flipping burgers?

      • Brett

        Yes, next to you and your mother flipping burgers at Micky D’s.

  • tickles

    You know if more people would admit the truth they would say they watched the show for Charlie. I can’t stand Alan Harper and I do think Jon Cryer is the poor man’s Matthew Broderick. He will never be the leading man and he is not that funny.
    I might have thought better of him if he was not so quick to jump on the bandwagon of bashing Charlie. Seems to me Jon Cryer owes the last 10 years of his success to Charlie Sheen.

    • Dav

      No, he owes the last 10 years of success to CBS, Chuck Lorrie and the writers. He owes his current unemployment to Charlie Sheen.

    • Brett

      John Cryer is a poor man’s Matthew Broderick? Hope you wiped your mouth after you finished talking sh!t.Matthew Broderick is a has been. John Cryer is all about the now.

      • Sal

        LOL…Jon Cryer is a never-been

      • Brett

        So is Sal.
        A never been.

    • Al

      Charlie Sheen owes his resurgence to Michael J. Fox getting Parkinsons. He would have no career now if he hadn’t landed Spin City.

      • Terry

        Well, even if he’d done Spin city, if 2 & 1/2 Men hadn’t happened, he’d have probably already been on Dancing with the Stars and Celebrity Rehab.

    • Cricket

      I never heard Jon Cryer bash Charlie…never. What is it that he said?

  • Sharon

    I have no particular love for Jon Cryer – I remember Duckie with great fondness but I’ve never been a fan of 2 1/2 Men. However, let’s pause for a moment and think about what this poor guy’s work environment must have been like for the last few years – makes having to put up with the annoying guy on the other side of my cubicle pale in comparison.

    • dargo

      I see your point, but the difference is Cryer gets paid more an episode than most of us will get paid in a year (or two, or three).

      So, let’s just say I don’t feel sorry for him…

    • Brett

      That’s ok, no one has any love for you either.

  • Sharon

    He should have his own show. Who needs that egotistical manic Charlie anyway! CBS give him his own show!

    • rick

      He’s had many shows of his own, they all failed. And, to be fair, Charlie Sheen wasn’t exactly in high demand before Two and a half Men either. Together, with the right co-stars and writing, they have a chemistry that created a successful show. That doesn’t mean either of them can carry another show on their own.

    • tickles

      So when he get his own show I will check back here on the recaps to see how many are you loyal fans of Jon Cryer’s are watching. I am sorry. I just don’t think he is that funny. To be truthful my favorites on the show are Berta, Charlie’s mother, Rose and Chelsea’s 2 dads. I would watch a spinoff with them. (Jake can visit grandma now and again!)

    • Lisie

      Finally, there is someone else who thinks Charlie Sheen is a jerk

  • bruno

    so stupid.

    • Brett

      Is that what you got tatoo’d on your forehead?

      • Sal

        No, he was reading what you got tattooed on your butt

  • kristine

    love Jon Cryer.

    also, really, EW? “currently unemployment?” really? you can’t proof read before posting things?

    • K. WARD

      Lady, proof read your D**N COMMENTS. The nerve.

  • Scott

    Jon Cryer has always been funny, it’s cool hes having fun during Charlie little media spree.

  • John

    Love John Cryer! We miss ya bro! Get back to work!

  • stevebrick2

    I always wonder about these “stars”. Huge incomes for years…. on the balls of his ass in days. Will he be Ellens needy, dumb or possibly gay helper. Who knows with him. The truth is, 2 1/2 men is done.

  • Kay

    I’m not a fan of Two and a Half Men–never found it very funny. I do think Cryer is talented, though, and better than the crappy character that was written for him on this show. Here’s hoping he proves me right!

  • Pat

    I think he is better than Charlie Sheen and I think the kid, Mother and Housekeeper could be the show with out him. Just like in Everybody loves Raymond. Ray Romono was good but the show was more of the mother, father, brother and wife.

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