'Castle': Was last night the best Castle/Beckett moment yet? (Yes, better than the kiss!)

castleLeo and Kate are no longer the king and queen of the frozen declaration of love. Now, if you’re getting technical, Beckett and Castle didn’t talk about how much they love each other last night (and, yes, they do) when they were stuck in a freezer storage unit where they were trapped at the end of last episode by some men who were trying to set off a dirty bomb in New York City. But as they sat there with icicles on their eyelashes, shivering in each other’s arms after having exhausted all means of escape (gun=futile) … be still my ‘shippy heart. Read for yourself.

BECKETT: Castle? You there?
CASTLE: Yeah. Oh, yeah. I’m — I’m right here.
BECKETT: I can’t feel anything. [Pause] I always thought being a cop I’d take a bullet. I never thought I’d freeze to death.
CASTLE: Hey, we’re not dead yet.
BECKETT: I just wish this was one of your books and you could rewrite the ending
CASTLE: [Pause] I’m sorry.
BECKETT: For what?
CASTLE:  For being me, going rogue, getting you into this. If we hadn’t gone rogue…
BECKETT: Shhhh. You were right. We found the bomb. We were just too late. [She leans into him.] Castle, thank you for being there.
CASTLE: Always.
BECKETT: I just want you to know how much I lo–[She passes out.]
CASTLE: Hey, Kate. Stay with me. Kate. Stay with me…

Now, readers, I have a soft spot for everything Castle/Beckett, and I was a big fan of the kiss. But am I alone in thinking this tops them all? Yes, part of me is aware this could be my unwavering love for anything that remotely reminds me of Titanic speaking. That said, I think it’s the acting and the lack of background music until the very end made this scene perfection.

Where does this moment rank among your faves, Castle fans? Clip below if you haven’t seen it. (But watch the whole episode if you’re so inclined. It’s a great one!)

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  • Scott

    Absolutely agree with you. Even the title card had the changed music. It was a sobering scene, yet a touching one as well. Really enjoy the depth these actors and writers are taking this show and this relationship. Yes, it still have the snarky moments that make us all laugh, but there’s a lot just under the top layer that makes this show more and more satisfying.

    • ylkeoo

      I guess I was the only one who thought this was over the top, cliche, cheese fest. And I love this show, but this was soooo cheesy cliche

  • Sparky

    I felt myself tearing up watching that scene last night. They both played it perfectly their emotions while trying to talk as they were freezing. Also loved the way it ended when Becketts boyfriend turned up in the precinct and you could see that it was killing Castle that he can’t be with her even though he should. Really great episode. The show started off as a kinda wimsical but thanks to the cast and writers it has become one of my must-see shows. Looking forward to what comes next…

    • Sparky

      Should also say that Beckett wanted to be with Castle to. It was very touching without being overacted or overplayed by anyone..

    • beans

      Totally agree

    • Kari

      Agreed. And I got teary eyed, too.

  • JMR

    That was a great scene. I’m tearing up a little just reading about it. And yes, I too thought it was better than the kiss. A close second was the end when Castle sees Beckett boyfriend coming and walks away and Beckett, hugging him, watches Castle walking away.

    • Leithen

      Great thing about that was that you could tell she knew that Castle had seen Josh, and that that was why he walked away, unlike the scene at the end of last season where Castle’s ex showed up.

      • Shiny

        Yeah…Stana and Nathan are so good! The subtleties they are able to infuse into their words and looks are so well done! I just watched this episode on Hulu and I’m a happy camper. Let the dance continue!

    • Heidi

      IT was so sad how he started to tell her and then saw Josh and changed what he was going to say. You could see Becketts eyes question him, as she knows him so well she caught him change before her eyes, and then when Josh hugged her from behind she realized what happened, how Castle feels about her, and maybe even how she wanted him to finish his sentence even as she embraced Josh.

      This is a couple I think who could really get together and the show would be better off for it! Don’t make us hold out for much longer!!

      • Margie

        I think Beckett has a big problem to overcome before she and Castle can get together. She doesn’t believe she can have a successful relationship as a cop. If she tries with Castle, she runs the risk of losing him altogether. She’s willing to run that risk with Josh because she ultimately doesn’t care as much about losing him. Interesting, no?

  • gah

    I liked the ending better when he was gonna ask her something but stopped cause the boyfriend (who is super hot btw) walked in and she seemed disappointed. Then she realized why he stopped. I also liked them holding hands in front of the bomb (it was very Chuck)

  • shan

    Absolutely loved this scene as well!! There are so many uber-great Castle/Beckett moments… it’s so hard to choose. Wow, their mutual attraction is both so obvious now… are getting really close to something real happening between the two? And when I mean real, I mean, actual words expressed? Not just longing-looks and stares? :D

  • Yawler

    Yes, I loved this scene even more than the kiss. But I’m really wary about the way they are upping the romantic tension. Bones did that and it’s such a mess now. Unless they’re really going to go there, I wish Castle and Beckett would just flirt and have fun.

    • Chrissy

      Per Andrew Marlowe, they are going there.

      • Carrie

        Really?! But yes, I think teasing the ship is cheap. I’m enjoying the pacing of Castle and Beckett. I don’t need them to get together right now, but I too am just wary of the contrivances that come up once a show decides the emphasize a romantic angle. And I hope they don’t forget about the rest of the cast!

    • Angikins

      I agree. Bones is really a mess now. I hope the writers at Castle watch other shows and learn from their mistakes!

      • Shaw

        Bones is a perfect example on how NOT to handle the leads romantic tension.

      • Jeff

        Exactly, Bones is a mess because they held out too long getting the main characters together – they’re still not together after how many seasons?

      • KM

        Ok stop. PLEASE, just stop. I really love Bones, and I think that the fact that B&B have taken so long makes complete sense for the characters. I honestly do. They’re both very broken people who move slowly and tentatively. You’re not obligated to agree with me, and yes, you do have a right to say whatever you want. I just wish you wouldn’t. I wish people wouldn’t go around badmouthing Bones on articles that have nothing to do with Bones! Castle fans are particularly bad offenders–it’s like you need to prove that your show is better. You’re the reason I can’t bring myself to watch Castle. I think I would really like the show, but the fans have set it up to be in competition with Bones, and I resent that. If I have to choose one of the two, it will always be Bones. But really, can’t we all just get along?

      • Carrie

        KM, you sound hysterical. This is a Castle article.

      • Rob

        Andrew Marlowe has already said he is heart, not Hart (as in the guy who created Bones) and that they want to tell some stories before they get together, but also plan on going there with them. There’s got to be enough story to play with leading up to the relationship to make it solid, and have some history, but without having it go on so long they just seem like family or really good friends.

      • KM

        Carrie, that’s actually my point. My point is that comments on an article about a specific TV show should discuss the show in question–not badmouth other shows.

      • Anei

        KM, don’t let it worry you. It doesn’t need to be a competition, and I know plenty of fans who love both shows dearly, including some of those who gripe about the romantic tension dragging too long. (They’re only frustrated because they care about the characters so much.) As a matter of fact, I don’t think the comparisons do either show any favors, since some Castle fans now complain that they’ve been ‘kept waiting’ when we’ve only had two full seasons! (Season one was only 10 episodes, and just halfway through season 3, they thing it’s too long? Lord help us! Fear that we’ll have to wait as long for Beckett and Castle as for Brennan and Booth makes people gun shy.) But without those comparisons, I doubt I’d ever have seen Bones, which I now really enjoy. I encourage you to check out Castle, too. The shows are much more different than people tend to give them credit for, and both are WELL worth watching.

      • KM

        Thanks Anei! You make a great point. I saw the episode with the kiss and liked it a lot. I really have been meaning to watch more. When people insult one of my favorite shows, I tend to get defensive, but you’re right–I shouldn’t let that stop me.

  • Jody

    LOVED the scene, love the show

  • Kate

    My God, how I love this show! The amazing Castle/Beckett moments are stacking up pretty quickly at this point, and I think picking a favorite would be very hard. Last night’s episode was incredible, as are most of them. I’m not sure how it’s possible, but this show just gets better and better!

  • Erin D.

    Absolutely Fabulous episode…… LOVED IT!!!

  • francisca

    how much I lo…..!
    c’mmon!!!!! And in the end, wth was her stupid boyfriend doing there? What was Castle going to tell her?

  • Doug

    Great two part episode! I too loved that scene. Keep the tension coming with this great romance.

  • JoyBagg

    This episode was beautifully written, directed, and acted. (Even the show’s ID card carried through the icy atmosphere with blue coloration – what an incredible touch!) Andrew W. Marlowe got us all right where he apparently wants us. (And, I am so looking forward to the eventual Kate/Josh breakup scene, but I’m willing to keep dancing along to the music as composed by Marlowe’s writing!)

  • Lisa

    I loved that scene as much as the kiss. What I didn’t love was J-boy being at the scene and Kate saying they now have a ‘chance’. I have serious whiplash here.

  • Laura

    Totally agreed!! That scene was so beautifully written, acted, and shot. Loved it!

  • Tom

    Okay, it was a nice scene. But are they teasing this a little too much? I’m willing to stick with this if there is some clarity by the end of the season, but if every week either Castle or Beckett says “I l….” and there’s some interruption it’s going to get very tired. I think the writers have pushed the Castle/Beckett relationship to a point where some resolution is required.

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