Oscars: Melissa Leo drops an f-bomb, Kirk Douglas hams it up

The Academy Awards got off to a lively start with the third award of the evening, Best Supporting Actress. First, acting legend Kirk Douglas vamped up a storm as the presenter, first flirting with co-host Anne Hathaway — “Where were you when I was making movies?” — and then prolonging revealing the winner to comic lengths with an extended riff on how Australian Hugh Jackman was laughing at Douglas’ schtick, but Brit Colin Firth was not. “I don’t know why everyone in Australia thinks I’m funny.”

Finally, Douglas revealed The Fighter‘s Melissa Leo had won the Oscar, her first win after being nominated two years ago for Best Actress in Frozen River. “Yeah, I am kinda speechless,” Leo said, looking up to the third balcony of the Kodak Theatre. “When I watched Kate [Winslet] two years ago, it looked so f—ing easy!” The ABC time-delay censors were quick on the trigger, however, and all the national viewing audience heard from Leo was silence, followed by the roaring laughter of the audience and Leo’s stunned expression. But the Oscar winner soldiered on, thanking the Academy for acknowledging great work, holding her statue triumphantly in the air.

UPDATE: Backstage, when asked about the f-bomb, Leo said, “I had no idea. Those words, I apologize to anyone that they offend. There’s a great deal of the English language that is in my vernacular…. I really don’t mean to offend, and probably a very inappropriate place to use that particular word in particular.”

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Melissa Leo drops an f-bomb, Kirk Douglas hams it up
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  • pjs411

    OMG!!This is the worst Oscars I have ever seen. James Franco looks bored and is obviously just reading off of the prompter; Anne Hathaway is at least trying. What genius thought Kirk Douglas presenting was a good idea? It was absolutely painful, not to mention, what a ham he still is. Melissa Leo must have drunk from the same “ham koolaid”, again absolutely painful….have been cruising other channels until they were off the screen. Just hope Franco & Hathaway pick up the pace.

    • allie

      it is horrible. the worst ever.

      • A Forgettable Oscars

        I agree that Franco looked bored, staring off in the distance. Melissa Leo seemed pretentious. Billy Crystal showed in his few minutes on stage that he should be the one hosting the Oscars – he was funny, witty, and had a great story to tell, please bring him back. The intro to this Oscars was incredibly flat

      • A joke

        I thought Melissa Leo was so fake and hamming up the surprise. And Kirk Douglas lost some dignity on stage, he came off as a fool, he should take a note from Reagan and live out his days in quiet and leave a legacy untarnished

      • Charles

        I thought Kirk Douglas was dead. I didn’t know the man was still alive.

      • Mike

        Same Charles, and “A joke” – Reagan was the President, and had Alzheimer’s. Kirk was being himself, and enjoying what could possibly be his last public event. He was fantastic, and I salute him for putting on a show after having a devastating stroke that rendered him mute, until he went through physical therapy. “A Joke,” that you are.

      • Jethro

        The entire concept of going a “young demographic” back-fired. Firstly, can someone tell me why it looked like Franco’s eyes looked shut the whole time? Agree that Douglas was a HUGE MISTAKE, where were last year’s supp winners presenting this year’s winners? Tradition should have never changed!

        Hathaway made the show watchable but her goofiness off of Franco’s boredness just didn’t click, their commercials leading up to the Oscars were funnier!

        Leo showed me she is nothing more than a skank throuhout this awards season. She has been crass, rude and obnoxious, from her For Your Consideration slogans to her acceptance speeches and then the “F” word showed she is as obnoxious and vulgar as her character. Thankfully it’s all over, until next year!

    • TD

      @ pjs411 – Kirk Douglas is a legend and a survivor of a debilitating stroke – how dare you stupidly criticize him.

      • V

        So agree with you, TD!

      • jbo

        Amen TD. So many think they can just let loose their mental diarrhea on these comment lists and that it’ll be worthwhile to the rest of us. It’s amazing the vitriol and jealously of the pathetic.

      • pjs411

        I was NOT CRITICIZING him because of his disability, I do think it has been heroic that he not only survived his stroke, but has done so well given what he has been up against. What I am commenting about is the way he hammed it up…obviously, given the title of this article, I am not the only one who thinks this way. Kirk was hammy before the stroke & he is still that way…NOTHING TO DO WITH THE STROKE!!!! I stand by my opinion that he hammed it up and dragged out his 5 minutes and I would say that about any actor who did the same thing!!!

      • JD

        I agree – how dare anyone critize this man – think of his past greatness and the courage it took for him to come out like this. He is 93 years old. You who are critizing him – I’d be surprised if you could do half as well at age 20, or whatever your selfish age is. JD

      • Mike

        pjs411, your rationalization is still nothing short of sad. Grow up kid.

      • pjs411

        Hey Mike……start reading feedback from other sites and actually this article that started off this blog; they back up my opinion. I am not rationalizing anything; Kirk Douglas was inappropriate by dragging his antics, as well as, the announcement out. I would say the same about any other presenter that acted the same. He shouldn’t get a pass because he is 94 or had a stroke.

      • pjs411

        How dare you not allow me to express my opinion without you attacking me? A blog is supposed to be a way of people expressing their thoughts about a subject and being allowed to do so without being personally attacked for having views that may differ from other bloggers. I find it very sad that some bloggers, like you, Mike,TD, V, jbo, JD, snab will respect my right to have an opinion that does not match yours/theirs. I have had to defend myself which is ridiculous since I am allowing everyone to express themselves without attacking their point of view. No personal attacks because your point of view doesn’t match mine.

      • pjs411

        Meant to say:I find it very sad that some bloggers, like you, Mike,TD, V, jbo, JD, snab will NOT respect my right to have an opinion that does not match yours/theirs.

      • Jay

        It was cruel and tasteless to put him in front of millions of people in his condition. Allow him to maintain his dignity. They used him like they use everyone. Hollywood does it once again.

      • Janig

        Kirk Douglas saved the night! He is 94, a legend and so, so funny. How could you not enjoy his presentatiom? For gosh sakes he was funny, Billy Crystal was funny — that was it the rest of the evening — horrible

      • Angelo Barovier

        Snab said nothing of the sort pjs411. Snab merely disagreed with your opinion.

      • Chris B

        I agree. In our society we try to hide away our old people, especially if they’ve suffered something scary, like a stroke. I loved Kirk coming out front and center.

      • CMP

        Totally agree – it showed incredible courage and actually ….a sense of the possible for him to even go on stage after a stroke like that.

      • D.

        Kirk Douglas showed a lot of class. I hope the younger generation learned something about the toughness of old Hollywood stars. You show up physically not via internet.

      • Afrizal

        I am impressed, I must say. Really ralery do I discover a blog that is both educative and entertaining, and let me tell you, you’ve hit the nail on the head. Your post is outstanding; the matter is something that not many people are talking intelligently about. I’m very happy that I stumbled across this in my search for something relating to this.

    • Snab

      I disagree with your comment about Kirk Douglas. He reminds us of the greatness that Hollywood once was. However, his presence also highlights how vulgar modern Hollywood is.

      • pjs411

        “Kirk Douglas looked swell. Really, I mean it. But the Academy shouldn’t have done this. Disagree with me, fine, but this is my opinion. Here’s what happened behind-the-scenes: breaking with tradition, neither 2010 winners Mo’Nique nor Christoph Waltz presented the Best Supporting Actor/Actress categories. Mo’Nique refused to be a presenter even though she was repeatedly asked, while Waltz is overseas filming. So Douglas was selected. Unfortunately, it was painful to watch and listen to. And, no, I’m not ageist.”

      • Orac

        As much as it pains me to say this, I have to agree about the modern vulgarity. Kirk’s facelift is just painful to see… and so unnecessary.

      • Dinjab

        Who the hell is Nikki Finke and why is her opinion important?

        Kirk Douglas was the most entertaining part of the whole show.

      • Dean

        Agreed Dinjab. It was so nostalgic, and great. Anyone who criticizes simply lacks a heart, understanding and patience. Those people will never have anything special in their lives.

      • pjs411

        Thank you, snab, for being objective in your blog and expressing civilly and not by personally attacking me for our differing points of view on this issue. I made a mistake in a previous blog by including you with those bloggers who have made slurs about my character and called me names because my opinion does not match theirs. You set an example on how to express this difference in points of view.

    • stu

      like this trailor trash didn’t know she would win. she deserves tat oscar w/ kirks drool all over it.

      • JD

        Who do you think YOU are, something special? I don’t think so! What award have YOU ever won??

      • Veronica

        Stu, sweetie, don’t critique people when you can’t spell properly.

        But, having seen The Fighter, I agree that she deserves that Oscar, drool or no drool.

      • Watcher

        You might even learn how to spell trailer some day.

      • Yellowbelly

        Stu – When you win an award of this magnitude and then must get up in front of your colleagues and an audience of millions I think then we’ll all see what person people think is “Trailer” trash, I honestly can’t belief the grief she’s gotten over a slip of the tongue. We’ve all let a foul word come out at the wrong time (not having any children, and now having a 4 year old god daughter has me constantly trying to not let an F-bomb slip out” and if anything I think it makes her seem more like a regular person. As for Kirk, it was great to see him in such good spirits….yes, he dragged it out a little long, but this could very well be the last time we ever see him. I thought Franco was like a robot. Hathaway did her best with the script she got (and at least tried to put some energy into it), but my biggest complaint is the same as always….this event is to honor the actors who had a great year in film, yet after 60 seconds the violins start playing. These are once in a lifetime moments and yes sometimes it might be boring hearing them read a list of people they want to thank, but so what….they’ve earned it. I’d rather hear a winner finish their speech then have so much time wasted on the forced humor that the hosts and presenters read straight off of the teleprompters. Anyhow….till next year.

    • Sue

      I completely agree with you, Kirk was there to be a PRESENTER, NOT a stand up comic or host of the show. He took up way too much time and was rude to the women who were nominated and deserved to hear the winner.

      • pjs411


      • Jjn

        Pjs, chill the $#%^ out. Are you a carbon copy android, or do you dislike humanity and spontaneity? Hows that job behind the register at office max?

      • pjs411

        Jjn, how narrow minded you are, no one is allowed to have an opinion that differs from yours without you making inappropriate & inaccurate assumptions? No, I don’t work behind a register, but how prejudiced and mean-spirited you are to belittle those people who do hold what you obviously consider menial occupations….shame on you.

      • 2kool

        I so agree. Way too long. Also, if show was trying for a younger audience, the 1st presenter was 94 years old! Geez.

    • bob

      have you seen all the oscar shows to judge this the worst ever?

      • pjs411

        I have seen many, many Oscars and in my OPINION it is the worst I have seen….a blog consists of people’s opinions, or maybe you were unaware of this? Also, many people who have posted here are also disappointed in tonight’s telecast. I will predict that tomorrow’s assessment from EW, Eonline, (you can name any of the hundreds/ thousands of sites that cover Hollywood) will not be complimentary or rate this show up there with the best AA over the years.

    • ugh

      Worst hosts EVER!!

      • jule

        Sorry, ugh…the worst ever was David Letterman! By far!

    • stephenKC

      Yes, it is the worst Oscars ever. But don’t blame the incredible Kirk Douglas, and frankly I wouldn’t blame the hosts. They can’t improve on horrible material, horrible pacing, and no suspense in the awards themselves.

      • pjs411

        He wasn’t the entire reason this show bombed, but his segment certainly added to it. As someone else commented, because he has an ailment, it doesn’t give him a pass from being critiqued. I suggest that you read the post I made with the comments of Nikki Finke and also the comment by Sue, both of whom expressed my sentiments, too.

    • SaraJ

      Took the words right out of my mouth. The longest 15 minutes of the night belong to Kirk Douglas and Melissa Leo’s ridiculous speech (not to mention horrific dress).

    • LOL

      Having Kirk out there was an awful idea.

      • Clueless Trekkie

        Yeah, dude, it should have been Picard. Totally.

      • jule

        Kirk Douglas still has a sense of humor, is still very much alive and has as much right, if not more, than any of those fly-by-night actors or actresses who will never make even one film to compare to his portrayals of Van Gogh, Spartacus and dozens of other great movies. Who would you put up against him, or Gregory Peck, Burt Lancaster, Gary Cooper, Cary Grant, or Humphrey Bogart?

      • hartford5@verizon.net

        It was painful to watch. So sorry for his fading, last days in the sun, but really … he should have been given the hook like they do (with no mercy) for too long acceptance speeches.

    • Here & There

      To PJS: Totally agree with everything you said. I’ve been watching the Oscars since the middle 1950’s. This was one near the bottom.

    • Chris B

      Melissa Leo has no class. She’s gross. Her game is to pretend that she’s so “shocked” that she won. She pulled this same loser behavior at the Golden Globes.

    • Shay

      I see you’re insulting everyone who finds your comments rude, idiotic, or otherwise. Maybe rather than being defensive and attacking everyone, you should sit back and reflect on whether your views and cognitions are less than human. You strike me as a nasty little pr-ck without empathy or compassion. Perhaps I am wrong, and you are just a kid with a nasty streak and thin skin. I hope it’s the latter.

      • pjs411

        You have proved the point I have been trying to make in each entry I have made. I expressed my opinion about the Oscar telecast, some people have agreed, and some have not and have personally attacked me & those who have not agreed with the views of the responding blogger. I have NOT CALLED ANYONE NAMES OR ATTACKED THEM PERSONALLY AS YOU HAVE DONE TO ME…AND ALTHOUGH I COULD RETALIATE BY SLINGING SLURS & INSULTS BACK AT YOU, I WILL NOT STOOP TO YOUR LEVEL. As I have stated time and again, everyone who blogs should be allowed to express their opinions without being attacked/slammed personally. I have also stated that I do appreciate the heroic recovery of Mr. Douglas, however, I believe he overstepped his role as presenter and I would say that to any presenter who acted the same…it has nothing to do with his condition or age (again, many people agree with me who have blogged on this site). I suggest that it is you who should reflect on the motives of your actions, I do not know you and have only expressed my opinion and do not deserve to be verbally abused by you because you do not agree with my views.

    • maiv

      Yeah….was disappointed in that James F. looked like he really didn’t want to be there. Anne looked like she was having fun though.

    • I Got Your Back

      I find it ironic that the ones saying you lack compassion and empathy are displaying that which they are criticizing you for. You stated your opinion. You were not rude or disrespectful at all. All of those personally attacking you need to relax, and realize that one’s view of entertainment is purely subjective.

      • pjs411

        I Got Your Back,
        Thank you so much, I have been disturbed by the fact that so many bloggers on this site do not understand that everyone has a right to their opinion, everyone’s opinion should be respected, if you do not like the other person’s opinion….agree to disagree…but do not attack anyone personally, it takes the fun out of blogging. Blogging is just a way to exchange ideas and make connections (hopefully positive) about a subject people are interested in. I have been so amazed at how these people in glass houses think nothing of casting stones while not realizing what they are doing. Again, thank you for your understanding & supportive words, I really appreciate it.

    • I Got Your Back

      I find it ironic that the ones saying you lack compassion and empathy are displaying that which they are criticizing you for. You stated your opinion. You were not rude or disrespectful at all. All of those personally attacking you need to relax, and realize that one’s view of entertainment is purely subjective.

    • Koozebane

      Kirk is Da Man!

  • Riley

    That was completely inappropriate. I do not buy that she momemtarily forgot where she was…I am offended as is most of America.

    • Lol

      You think most of America was offended? Is it 1910?

      • Trippre

        Seriously, Riley is such an effing D-Bag

    • @riley

      oh pull the stick out of your butt will you

      • kip

        Yeah, how dare someone with values voice their opinion on inappropriate language. Thanks for saying something vulgar to really drive the point home!

      • @riley

        Oh F- Bomb your “values”. Go lick an unwiped A-bomb hole.

    • DeliciousStrawberryFlavoredDeath

      If “most of America” was offended by a *word*, then “most of America” needs to grow up.

      • rockgolf

        In Canada, CTV let the F-bomb through without censorship. The overwhelming reaction across Canada was, meh, we’re over 10, we’ve heard the word before.

      • DFSF

        CTV shows boobies too. heh, heh…

      • rockgolf

        True dat. In Canada, when they show Big Bang Theory, Penny is always topless. Ratings are HUGE!

      • nezzo

        Finally! Someone explains how Big Bang Theory is so popular here in Canada. That’s such a s#i++y show ugh*

    • Wes Sovis

      build a bridge and get over it..

      • PartyArty

        He should jump off the bridge. Everyone on this site would agree that the world would be a far better place if Riley was dead.

    • trellis

      A word is a word is a word. If she had said, “bleeping” or “freaking” or even “incredibly”, it would have all meant the exact same thing. The fact that the word offends you is all in your head.

      • Kat

        Precisely, trellis.

      • Angelo Barovier

        Unfortunately, most people come attached with heads, which are in turn filled with notions and sensibilities. How dare they have a sense of propriety?! Foolish mortals! It’s not like words communicate ideas, thoughts, or emotions. They’re JUST words.

    • Lenore

      If the f-bomb offended you then you haven’t been watching any movies anyway so why would you be watching the awards for them?

    • jesse

      Are you kidding? Have you watched any movies or television since the 1940’s? Do you realize that shows like Jersey Shore are on the most popular list nowadays? I’m going to agree with taking the stick out of your butt!

    • LarryT

      F-Bomb You Riley. You stupid piece of rotting dog S-Bomb

    • Edie Falco

      What? The F-bomb? Imma hafta just pray a bit harder tonight and get awl that Devil talk outta mah head! Think of the chilrens!

    • Snab

      Hollywood used to be glamorous. Now it’s just vulgar. And people wonder why the oscars are losing their luster.

    • Snab

      I was not offended. I laughed. Hollywood is a dump truck.

    • jodipo

      please dont speak for the rest of us. Your not smart enough

      • blizzack

        Says the person who can’t properly use the word your. Seriously take a S-Bomb and F-Bomb yourself in the A-Bomb with it

      • Justine McKenzie

        Please don’t speak for the rest of us; you’re not smart enough.


    • Ana

      I can understand you being surprised or shocked but why would you be offended? It wasn’t intentional nor was it directed at you. People make mistakes.

    • abadstroller

      Seriously, not offended. In fact, it was refreshing to watch someone who is genuine and very much herself, not styled and Botoxed within an inch of her life. It just popped out in a real moment of disbelief. If you’ve never said it or thought it, you should be on the fast track to canonization for sainthood. She’s a grown woman with personality and heart. A real “broad”, as such a gal used to be referred to in the “old Hollywood”, back in Kirk Douglas’ day. On behalf of aspiring broads everywhere: Melissa, you go girl.

    • SoyBombGuy

      Riley, you absolutely don’t speak for me OR for America, so don’t presume that you do, you a$$hat

    • tracymmo

      I loved it, actually. And I wish the people who do freak out over swear words would just relax. Canada is hardly the only country that can handle curse words on television. I watch a lot of British and Irish comedians and tv shows, and they regularly make fun of how much gets bleeped on US tv. We deserve to be made fun of.

  • Melanie

    They weren’t that quick on the trigger, I heard the f bomb. I had to rewind to make sure I heard properly!

  • canuck1975

    It wasn’t censored in Canada. I guess we’re not as sensitive as our American friends.

    • Phil

      You censored a 30 year old song by Dire Straights…..how much more sensative could any country be?

      • Ian

        Dire Straits suck..nothing more to be said.

      • Zakry

        mmm no, a lot more needs to be said! Bands are banned due to suckiness… you had the Hooters, remember?

  • V

    Let the snarky-ness begin…

  • Elliot James

    Kirk is Hollywood royalty! It was great to see him present. Nominated three times got zero.

  • @riley

    the censors didn’t catch it in the U.K.

  • Taylor

    James Franco is definitely high and Melissa Leo looks like Elvis.

    • John

      Stoned or drunk.

  • rod crombie

    if you are in canada watching on ctv every thing went through. best moment of the night so far.

  • James

    Once again everyone will overreact, and I’ll think it’s funny, typical America…

  • Joe

    It wasn’t that big of a deal.

    And pjs411, you mean…as opposed to all other Oscar presentations? They’ve always been super lame and unwatchable.

    Stop whining or change the channel.

    • pjs411

      Again, Joe, this is a blog…all of our OPINIONS (what a nitpicker you must be)…I am definitely not alone in thinking that this was one of the worst AA ever…the reason I did not change the channel was because of enjoying the few moments that were great, like Colin Firth’s win & acceptance speech. No whining, just expressing my assessment of the show, as I am allowed to do on this blog.

      • Angelo Barovier

        You’re rather fond of trumpeting your right to be heard, sir/madame. You want to just consider that for a moment.

      • pjs411

        Angelo Barovier, I trumpet everyone’s right to be heard and not be personally attacked/criticized for expressing their opinions. Disagree with points of view, but keep it civil.

    • SaraJ

      That’s just not true though. Alec and Steven were hilarious, and I also remember really enjoying Chris Rock and Ellen.

  • AussieFatGuy

    They didn’t hit the button here in Australia despite transmitting 1/2 hour behind realtime and it being 1pm in the afternoon. Offended? More amused.

  • Bob Phillips

    cripes, the F bomb was nothing, in Canada we have TV shows on prime time that use it 30-50 times in 1/2 hour, Trailer Park Boys etc. America has to get over it’s fear of tits and bad language on tv lol

    • ih8jamesfranco

      canada needs to get over its fear of manhood, take celine dion back

      • Canadian

        We got rid of Celine Dion because we fear her manhood?

      • Rock Golf

        It’s all coming back to me now…

    • Angelo Barovier

      Um, Bob, we don’t have a single major broadcast network in Canada that does what you say. Cable and broadcast standards are different. We also don’t have a rabid, fine-happy FCC breathing down our necks. Labeling all of America as fearful is both erroneous and rude.

  • momo

    hello – ABC missed the delay – the F bomb heard round the world – what an idiot!

    • Joe

      I’m in Texas, and they didn’t air it.

    • Zakry

      They didn’t miss it here in Colorado, it was caught.

  • Sqq

    I couldn’t understand Kirk Douglas! I think the woman from kings speech thought SHE won?!?

    • jCo68

      I think she was just really pleased for Melissa Leo.

    • Jeremy

      you are a baffoon. Her name is Helena Botam Carter she is Bellatrix in Harry Potter Mrs Potts in Sweeney Todd married to TIM BURTON go soak your head you live in a hollywood cardboard box stupidity.

      • pjs411

        Jeremy, why do you have to personally attack this person you are replying to? Calling the other blogger names is ridiculous…why not just give your input without debasing yourself? I cannot believe how many bloggers on this site cannot allow people to express their opinions without being critical of the person themselves because they don’t agree with their opinions….very sad.

      • Victoria

        Jeremy, before you call someone a name, learn to spell it first. The word is “buffoon”. And it’s Helena BONHAM Carter.

    • Zakry

      I couldn’t understand him either. I get he’s a legend and all, but… it felt wrong to be the man in that position. Kirk looked just delighted to have the stage to himself, but he must have been so disappointed in his body that couldn’t keep up with his mind. Just my opinion.

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