'30 Rock': The TGS woman-haters club

30-RockImage Credit: Ali Goldstein/NBCHere in its fifth season, TGS seems to have lost its way. You probably don’t even remember this, but TGS (formerly known as The Girlie Show) started as a show for women, starring women. As such, our dear Elizabeth Lemon believes the show should be “elevating the way women are perceived in society.” But it turns out, TGS can’t help but do the opposite. When Jenna ended up on the cool, feminist blog Joan of Snark, Liz discovered the post “TGS Hates Women.” (Note to all humans, JoanOfSnark.com doesn’t really exist. I tried it, and it only redirects you to this NBC page.) With Tracy gone to Africa, Liz thought the show was doing an even better job of featuring women. But all of their women-centric sketches ended with said women getting their periods. It was weird. Then, Lemon got her period and fired everyone. Maybe it’s time to rethink some things.

Lemon, who supports women so much she’s actually like a human bra, decided to hire Abby Flynn as a female guest writer. Jack opposed the idea at first, but after seeing Abby’s picture, he demanded Lemon hire her immediately. He then attributed it to Hank Hooper’s brilliant advice: “New blood is the life blood of every company’s  blood.” Abby arrived, and was a total hot mess. She sucked her thumb, dressed sexy(?), and had even mastered a baby voice. It was creepy. And while the male writers seemed to enjoy it, Lemon made it her new mission to “fix” Abby. And with Oprah’s strength, she just might do it. After talking to Abby didn’t work, Lemon dug up old footage of the real Abby Flynn (née Abby Grossman) and called her out on her act in front of the other writers. Turns out, Abby’s new identity was really to hide from her insane ex-husband. Poor, Liz. Maybe she really does hate women.

Meanwhile, Jack was working on a plan to succeed Hooper once he left Kabletown. Unfortunately, since Kabletown is a family owned company, Jack’s newest rival was Hooper’s 14-year-old granddaughter, Kailey. He tried to convince Kailey that she could live out her dream of being a marine biologist. He spoiled her with a private tour of the American Museum of Natural History with famed oceanographer, Bob (short for Bobbert) Ballard. Jack thought his plan was working, but then he realized Kailey might just be besting him at his own game. Who would have thought Jack’s greatest enemy would be a ninth grader who hates the ocean because it’s for tools? This rivalry isn’t over, kids. Kailey Hooper might just bring down Jack Donaghy. (Okay, probably not.) But only time will resolve this feud.

Other highlights of “TGS Hates Women”:

++ Ruth Bader Ginsburg has the worst celebrity beach body, according to JoanOfSnark.com

++ “I wanna roll my eyes right now, but the doctor said if I keep doing it my ocular muscles might spasm and eject my eyeballs.” –Lemon to Jack

++ “Isn’t that the guy who outbid no one for NBC?” –Lemon about Kabletown’s Hank Hooper

++ “What most people don’t know is that NBC is still a network.” –Kenneth giving Kailey Hooper a tour of the building

++ “When I first started working here, an 8-year-old Shirley Temple taught me how to roll a cigarette.” –Kenneth

++ “Who thinks that gesturing with one’s thumbs is for poor people, and is going to be the next CEO of Kabletown? This guy!” –Jack, as he gestures with his pinky fingers

++ “First of all, Steve Carell owns ‘that’s what she said.’ He owns it!” –Lemon

++ “Liz Lemon is a Judas to all womankind.” –Abby Flynn after Lemon outed her true identity

What did you think of last night’s episode? My notes were full of funny one-liners, but I obviously didn’t include them all. I don’t care if you have your period, get to commenting now and leave you legacy. You know commenting on PopWatch posts is how you’ll want to be remembered.

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  • Lou

    Great to see Chloe Moretz as Kailey, I was just waiting for her to turn on Jack and it was delightful when she did.

  • chez

    Chloe Moretz was brilliant. Looking forward to her returning. Her teaming up with Devon Banks to take down Jack Donaghy would be amazing.

    Hilarious episode. But I do wonder if there is any specific person the show was referring to.

    • Geronimo

      Why the reviewer did not mention it was Chloe Moretz (one of EW’s cover kids just a short, few months ago), surprises me.

      Talk about a coup for 30 Rock…

    • Mr. Holloway

      It’s kind of perfect that Jack’s main competition is now a teenage girl. Seeing as how Kaley was played by Chloe Moretz, I kept waiting for the twist where she would turn into a bada$$, and the schoolyard scene didn’t disappoint. (There’s a line around the block filled with teachers who will fail Kaley just so they can have an affair with Jack.)

      Also thought Christin Milioti was fantastic. “30 Rock” is pretty damn spotless with its big name guest stars, but it was cool seeing them highlight someone who isn’t as well-known.

  • AK

    That schoolyard showdown between Jack and Kailey was brilliant! Another Emmy for Alec Baldwin, please.

    • Annabelle

      I was more impressed with Chloe Moretz holding her own against Alec. Guest-star Emmy? Hope she comes back

  • Josh

    Anyone else think Abby Flynn was a thinly veiled parody of Sarah Silverman?

    • A

      When the character first came in, for a minute I thought it was Sarah Silverman, in a blonde wig. I had to rewind my DVR to see that it was just her doppleganger.

    • kennedyDC

      I actually had the same thought.

      • reng

        Same here. I even asked my husband if it was her but quickly realized it wasn’t.

      • Shannon

        Me too!

    • Woot

      Ah same!

    • Sean

      i thought it was her too but my girlfriend quickly pointed out it wasn’t…i didn’t even think it was a parody of her. could be!

    • Mae

      someone on twitter said it was similar to the daily show hiring olivia munn, but i totally though sarah silverman too.

    • Sarah

      It made me think of Lady Gaga…she’s not a comedian, but you can YouTube some of her old performances from when she was Stefani Germonatta (or whatever her last name was), and she was very ordinary looking and sang a different style of music.

      • Sina

        That’s who I thought of also.

    • Erica

      Yes on the Sarah Silverman. Not even so thinly veiled, just blonde.

  • Andrea

    Haha, Jack Donaghy vs. Hit-Girl? I’m in. Hope she comes back soon.

  • Dave

    Another great episode. Chloe Moretz was great. The schoolyard showdown was hilarious. I hope she’ll be back for more episodes.
    What’s the name of the woman writer for TGS? I can’t remember. But when Abby was doing the eenie meenie miney moe thing and pointed at her and she goes “Come to mommy!” I lost it! That was hilarious!
    And Lutz wetting himself when the UPS guy came in the room was great.

    • no cars go

      i can’t remember her name but isn’t she the one liz was talking about last season when she was like “she has a name…we call her skankovitch”?

      • Boop

        Her name is Sue. I don’t know her full name but it’s probably in the episode where Tracy adopts her into his entourage.

      • val

        Sue LaRoche van der Hout. I think Skankovitch is a Russian backup dancer. Sue’s full name comes up in “The Fun Cooker” when she gets offended by the Franco-Dutch pronunciation of “bite nuker.”

      • no cars go

        thanks val, that was some impressive 30 rock knowledge!

    • kate

      I think I heard Liz call her Sue in last nights episode.

    • Julie


    • Stephanie

      LOVED Chloe. She should be the next child actor sub-in in place of Dakota Fanning. As in, you’re watching a movie with a sub-par child actor and you say, “Pause this, let’s get Chloe in her to do this right.”

  • LOL

    Who played Abby?

    • stevenjames

      Cristin Milloti

  • Sophie

    The most wildly uneven show on television. Tonight’s episode was a perfect example. The rivalry with motets was brilliant. The guest writer storyline was just bizarre.

  • Al


  • Buffy Freak

    Another great episode. 30 Rock is killing it this season. I loved when Jenna, with a huge smile on her face, gave Liz two thumbs up after Liz had humiliated Abby.

    • llevinso

      Classic Jenna!

  • Al

    I can’t believe you caught Kaily’s “the ocean is for tools” and didn’t catch Jack’s Glengaryesque response: “The ocean is for winners.”

    • Katja

      “YOU’RE for tools.”

  • melissa

    I liked the Jack/Kailey interactions, but I thought the Abby storyline was weak. Not the best episode.

  • Strepsi

    JOAN of SNARK = a thinkly-disguised JEZEBEL.com

    • jk

      Um, duh.

  • isembard

    I really didn’t like this episode. Wasn’t funny to me at all. Thankfully, I’m still giggling over the disaster telethon ep a few weeks back, so I’m good.

    For me, the eps generally aren’t as good unless there’s a lot of Jack-Liz interaction. Frankly, if you have those two together, nobody else really matters.

  • Birdman73

    I’m not a regular “30 Rock” viewer, but I catch it here and there. There were some great moments – Chloe Moretz was wonderful and the schoolyard showdown was classic – but, from my limited experience, the real belly laughs come from Tracy. I expected the Abby storyline to go somewhere funnier.

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