Justin Bieber's Hair cut down: A teen nation mourns

Justin Bieber — hipster, hoopster, Canadian of the Millennium — got a haircut yesterday. Repeat: Justin Bieber has cut his famed Hair. The Hair was approximately six years old when it was cut down in the prime of its lush life. Bieber (pictured with Jay DeMarcus) made the decision to cut the cords for a video he was making with Rascal Flatts. No one has been arrested for the crime. Yet. The Hair was partially responsible for the wave of Biebermania that has soaked the adolescent masses and New England Patriot quarterbacks.

The locks will not have been cut in vain. Bieber tweeted last night that he intended to donate the fallen hairs to charity, where they will be auctioned. Even in death, the Hair will continue to be a beacon of goodness for the world. “Never in the field of human civilization was so much owed by so many to so few strands of hair,” said Winston Churchill’s great-great-great grandson.

There is the obvious concern that an open auction could allow the Hair to end up in the wrong hands. Rogue governments with not-so-secret ambitions to grow a herd of rainbow unicorns have been seeking the Hair for several years. Certainly, there are also some Hollywood record executives who would like a clone army of Biebers under their control. But it seems clear that rogue governments and record executives will be no match for 13-Year-Old Girls With Daddy’s Credit Card. It is these young patriots that will keep the Hair and our way of life safe.

God bless America (and Canada), and God bless Justin Bieber’s Hair.

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  • serena

    i love it

    • Jen

      His face looks weird. His evolution into an adult may not be a kind one.

      • kylee

        you should love justin for his music not his hair. His hair is just a plus :)

      • BrandonK

        I just realized he looks a little like Billy Bob Thornton sometimes…uh-oh!

      • PJ

        No, that’s your face.

      • Kevin

        Oh Kylee, his “music” is the reason we make fun of him in the first place… the “Penis Head” hairdo was just icing on the cake.

      • lol

        Love him for his music?? I almost fell out the chair laughing at that one. That disposable bubble gum crap will be a non-factor a few years down the line.

      • carly

        @lol, Not to mention how many times can they re-release the same album. They’ve done it three times now and now a 4th, the remixes are coming. Along with a now second version of his movie this friday it’s kind of like enough already. He still looks like a ten year old girl with the new haircut but hopefully it’ll mean he’ll quit flipping his head to the side to get the bangs right.

      • rocknmovies

        LOL to the poster who said we should like him for his music. We didn’t know he was the new Beatles or new Dylan… That new haircut is not too flattering for his baby face.

      • Hatar

        I dont think he will grow into adulthood…

      • HM

        If you’re an adult its kind of weird talking about how a young kid looks. When he’s 21 I think we can talk about it. If anything, I would like to see how his voice evolves, I mean, he sort of squeaks and when he sings and he sounds really high, nothing really full about his voice at all

    • Elizabeth

      Go Biebs!

      • jj

        That guy from Rascal Flatts is going to try and rape Justin. Rascal Flatts is GAY!

    • Typ0

      Brilliant post! Love it!

    • Charles

      Is this kid gay in the making? He appears to be feminine to me.

      • george


      • maddie

        ur a jerk

      • chelsea

        get a life dude, you’d be better off to say that in your head.

      • Brandon

        Ya I think he is gay

    • jillian

      i hate it

    • ceione

      he was so cute with his bang right

      • Sandra

        Brooke Kayal February 20, 2011 at 7:11 pm i am ur biggest fann i love eryiethvng about you. i listen to your songs everyday i got never say never book and i watched never say never movie. i know eryiethvng about you. i am your number 1 fan ever. i will always like you. i read your book 3 times. i loved it i begged my dad for the book and i wonna go to your concert so badd. luv ur music you got style justin. you rock justin. when i get older im gonna tell my kids about you!!! i love you justin bieber(JB)

    • kayley

      so hate it getting his haircut will probably lose his fans i mean i dont even like it and im a big fan

  • bat

    how sad.

    • UGH

      Such non-news.

      Thanks, EW!

      • Robby

        Obviously it’s non-news. Why do you think they wrote it in such a humorous way? It’s not meant to be taken seriously. Loosen up.

      • Ian

        You come to EW.com for news? Sad!

      • Psac

        This was an awesome article. Too bad you didn’t get it.

      • scotty1701

        I’m just curious as to what website UGH thinks they are on…It’s called Entertainment Weekly for a reason…

  • Brian K

    Now he looks more like Rachel Maddow.

    • Xy

      Haha, nice one!

      • Fauzan

        If your talking about Greyson Chance with his new hit Waiting Outside the Lines he was disoevercd by playing and singing Papparazzi by Lady Gaga and putting it on youtube, where he later appeared on Oprah.

      • Hala

        You think Justin Bieber isGAY?: He has a girlfriendBAD SINGER?: Usher and Timberlake foghut over himUGLY?: Millions of girls think he’s the hottest guy in the worldUNSUCCESFUL?: 17 years old, 29 songs, 3 albums, 9 music vids, 1 movie, 1 book, 20 awards, 2 tours, 86 shows, 40 million shows, and sold out Madison Square Garden in 22 minutes. WEAK?: He broke his foot on stage and carried on singing HEARTLESS?: Seen the video for Pray?

    • Will

      seriously…as if he didn’t look enough like a lesbian before

      • SaraS

        Exactly what I thought.. man he looks even more like a girl.
        Too bad, he shouldn’t have cut it quite yet.

      • Charles

        LOL@Will; I agree. LOL

    • Uschi

      My first thought was that his hair now looks like Perez Hilton’s.

    • Angelo

      ha ha ha! Thats sooo funny! I am not a big fan myself. so maybe you can make one your self, that way when pelpoe see it it would be like, you took the time to say you dont like him! Ha ha! You can like buy a plain white shirt, and then get a bunch of markers! or you know what would be hilarious? is if you got a shirt from like walmart that has his face on it and then cross out his face in red. or buy a shirt that says i love justin bieber and then cross out love and write hate!ha ha hope this helps you!

  • harry

    every one has to grow out of the bowl cut sooner or later.

  • leo

    who cares still looks like a monkey give it a couple of years someone else come along with different hairstyle he an idiot

    • @leo

      Ever heard of punctuation?

      • Kevin

        isnt punctuation that thing that the elite force onto the common man as yet another way of controlling us and keeping us in lockstep with the expected conventions of our supposedly democratic society I hate rules I hate order I hate being told what to do we need to rise up as one and tell our oppressors that we will not take it anymore GRAMMATICAL ANARCHY IS OUR FRIEND (The above is brought to you by the word “Satire”)

      • T-Ronius

        im with you kevin : ) damn the man please dont mind my punctuation smiley

  • Royal Canadian Mounties

    Rainbow unicorn forest in the hair? Has this been ghostwritten by Michael K or are you just stealing his stuff due to your own lack of creativity?

    • peace

      i dont like it and the “beaver” too

  • Josh

    Looks more “normal” now. Just proves that the stupid bowl cut was really irritating.

  • Lauren

    someone who is just a normal kid doesn’t sell their hair. this is just weird.

    • Taija

      he donated itto chairity. its for a good cause, not weird.

    • Meg

      I think I’d be more worried about whomever purchased the hair.

  • asdfghjkl

    Shut up about Bieber’s hair. PEOPLE ARE BEING KILLED BY THE GOVERNMENT IN LIBYA; AND AN EARTHQUAKE JUST HIT NEW ZEALAND. And all you care about is hair?

    • Kristal

      EW is an entertainment site. If I want to read about the crisis in Libya or the earthquake in New Zealand, I will go to a news site.

    • John

      I’d say that for an article based around the assignment “Hey, write something about Bieber’s haircut to get us page views”, this was pretty funny.

      Also, how dare you sit here and read EW while people are dying in Libya?!

      • dadad

        ha-ha-ha-ha that was funny!

      • TJ

        Well done, my friend.

      • JEP

        So true. You’re funny. This article is really funny. But Bieber is laughing all the way to the bank. What teenager has ever earned over $100 million during his 16th year? Will definitely double that amount in 2011. He’s still in the first half of the first minute of his 15 minutes of fame.

    • DaniCali214

      @asdfghjkl most of the people who care are between the ages of 8 and 17

    • Taija

      same here. you people need a life.

    • Nostrodamus

      Justin Beiber gets haircut, world descends into chaos. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

      • hen

        lol! love this comment!

    • Charles

      @asdfghjkl; no one care about Libya. This is a entertainment site about Hollywood actors. If you want to discuss depressing news, please post on the NY Daily News and Washington Post blogs.

  • T

    It looks great! Makes him look 17 instead of 12. Girls won’t “mourn” the loss of his hair, it’s just hair! He looks good no matter what.

    • felicity

      i totally agree with u on tht 1.and 4 the haters go 2 hell

      • sharonda spikes

        fine as hell

    • Taija

      thats so true! you guys need 2 stop hatin on Biebs!

      • Stephanie

        Then he needs to stop being talked about every five minutes. When a day goes by, and I don’t see his face, or hear something about him, then maybe I’ll stop hatin on him.

  • Ktct

    On an EW thread specifically about his hair, yes, people are talking about his hair.

  • Sonny

    Never heard of ‘em.

  • SLB

    Bout time he got rid of that stupid haircut.

    • Mary

      Good Grief. I never thought anyone could look worse….

      • Taija

        what?! ive never seen someone so hot! get ur facts straight!

  • Tim

    How sad is it that we as a society follow a TEENAGER and his HAIR! What’s even more sad is the ADULT MEN that had the Bieber hair style!

    • Brandon

      It’s not a bieber hair style its called emo and its been around for years.

    • Heather

      omg!!!! its just a hair cut people!! we have wayy bigger probems to worry bout than jb cuttting his “luscious” hair.. wow. get a life. like rly??

    • Wagner

      all those haters out there need to leave him alone bascueae your just waisting your own time. Your not bringing him down, and you need to start spreding rumors about him ! you oviouslly dont know him . You haters! They make us famous . I really cant understand the extreme hatred. He’s a good person, he has help alot of people. I know it coz I happened to have talked to on the phone once. He was such an angel, anyway guys, if you want his number is in my channel. haters cant get it for sure.

  • Jsmith

    Who cares?

    • tt

      U..because you waste your time to read and comment..

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